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Autism Awareness and Assistance? There are Apps for That!

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I changed my hair color this month to support autism awareness. What will you do?

I’m lighting my hair up blue this month for Autism Awareness! April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month and I’m excited to see businesses and even the Empire State Building lighting it up blue to raise awareness! I do what I can to keep people informed about autism issues too, from how to deal with holidays to teaching a child or an adult with autism on the health benefits of weighted blankets or weighted vests.

One thing we’ve not talked about here is how technology can be a tool for people with autism. Autism Speaks, one of the leading organizations in promoting autism awareness, has a complete list of apps you can use to help develop a variety of skills. Here is a list of some of the more popular apps for autism we have seen suggested:

-Injini: Child Development Suite - With seventeen different games and plenty of levels in each game, this application can keep a child educationally entertained for hours. Plenty of motor and visual skills are tapped in this game, so it will help your child learn some basics while they are having fun popping balloons and feeding frogs!

-Talking Larry - Larry likes to talk. And sing. He will sing along if you play the piano for him, but he will also repeat words you say to him, encouraging the development of language skills. You can interact with Larry by feeding him for a reward, or poking him, which he is not a fan of.  You can also explore other animals and characters out there that have similar traits, like cats, dogs, and even Santa!

-ABA Flashcards - This is a very popular application for language development. It covers both visual and auditory learners with incredible graphics and compelling music, keeping the child’s attention and reinforcing what they are learning. They offer a wide variety of different categories, so you can focus on one lesson at a time. The best part? For the month of April,, the maker of these app, is offering all their apps FOR FREE!

Look in My Eyes 1 Restaurant -Eye contact and connecting with people can be difficult for some people with developmental disabilities. This game uses faces and eyes as a background for children to play the games and earn points. Those points are used to buy items to make their own restaurant!

Dr. Panda, Teach Me! - “We feel games should teach kids about life and the world in a broader, deeper way. “ Dr. Panda games, of which there are quite a few varieties for parents to choose from. They know that educating children is easier when they are having fun as well as learning.

Proloquo2go - If you have an autistic child or adult in your life that has difficulty communicating, this is a great application for you. It offers a variety of simple icons to start off the conversation as well as offering a vocal component. You can customize it as well, making it even easier for teachers and students to use.

If you do not have a child with autism, these are still amazing educational apps. You can find more help with technology and apps at Autism Speaks, an incredible place to find information on autism, autism awareness, and materials that help people with autism.

Are there applications or other technology that you find are helpful for educating people with autism? Let me know on my Facebook page! Thank you for all of the support, and light it up blue!

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