Map of Active UK Biogas and Anaerobic Digestion Plants

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This map shows operational anaerobic digestion plants in the UK (excluding those in the water industry*). Plants can be filtered by the following categories:

  • Agricultural – an anaerobic digester exclusively using slurries, manures, crops or crop residues produced on-farm
  • Community – an anaerobic digester predominantly using food waste, collected from multiple sources
  • Industrial – an anaerobic digester used to treat on-site waste, such as brewery effluent or food processing residues

Each of these categories can be further filtered by the end-use of the biogas:

  • Heat and/or Power (CHP) – an anaerobic digester generating biogas which is burned on-site to generate heat, power or both
  • Biomethane to Grid (BtG) – an anaerobic digester generating and upgrading biogas, to derive biomethane for injection into the national gas grid

To have a digester listed on the map, or to update details on an existing facility, please complete our map request form and we will consider your request. We only list operational AD plants and we do not include water industry AD plants. The map is populated by data provided from WRAP and NNFCC.

To enable progress in the AD industry to be monitored, data on the status of UK anaerobic digestion infrastructure was captured in Sept 2011 for the AD Baseline Report; progress will be reported formally on a quarterly basis thereafter, with update reports published here.

Last Map Update: January 2015


* Water Industry

Water industry AD plants are not included on the map, but are included in the AD Baseline Report. Below is a summary of the number and capacity (dry tonnes per year) of water industry AD plants in the UK (Source: Water UK).


Water Company<5,000 t 5,000-10,000 t 10,000-20,000 t>20,000 t Total
Anglian Water Services Ltd. 3 2 0 3 8
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water 11 1 1 0 13
Northumbrian Water Ltd. 6 1 0 1 8
Severn Trent Water Ltd. 16 7 2 5 30
Southern Water 8 2 2 0 12
South West Water Ltd. 8 1 0 0 9
Thames Water Utilities Ltd. 9 4 1 1 15
United Utilities Water Ltd. 10 7 3 2 22
Wessex Water Services Ltd. 3 1 1 0 5
Yorkshire Water Services Ltd. 15 1 4 0 20
Other 2 1 0 1 4
Total 91 28 14 13 146