Advancing religious literacy


Biblical Studies Websites

American Schools of Oriental Research

Biblical Archaeology

Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA)

Into His Own

Jesus Seminar Forum

A Synopic Gospels Primer

New Testament Gateway

Society of Biblical Literature


Progressive Christianity Websites

Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity

Faith and Reason

Jesus Database

Lay Forum, Australia

Living the Questions

Modern Church, UK

Open Christianity Network, Ireland

Progressive Christian Alliance

Progressive Christianity (U.S)

Progressive Christianity Network (Britain)

Progressive Christian Network, Victoria, Australia

Progressive Christianity Network, South Australia, Australia

Progressive Christians Uniting

Radical Faith, UK

Snowstar Institute

St. Mark’s Centre for Radical Christianity, UK

Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship


Progressive Religion/Spirituality Websites

Centre for Progressive Religious Thoughts, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Centre for Progressive Religious thought, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Eremos – Exploring Spirituality in Australia

International Association of Liberal Religious Women (IALRW)

Pluralism Sunday

Process and Faith

Progressive Spirituality Network. Brisbane, Australia


Religion and Science/Environment Websites

Evolution Weekend, The Clergy Letter Project

The Great Story

Season of Creation (liturgical), Australia

Web of Creation, Australia


Atheist Websites

American Atheists


Humanist Websites

American Humanist Association

Council for Secular Humanism

International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)

Sea of Faith Network, UK

Sea of Faith Network, New Zealand

Sofia (Sea of Faith in Australia Inc.)


Miscellaneous Websites

50 Top Christian Colleges

Center for Inquiry

Foundation for Contemporary Theology

Freedom from Religion Foundation

New Thought Centers for Spiritual Living

Open Spirit Center for Spiritual Living

Raven Foundation

Spiritual But Not Religious

St. Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion & Society, New Zealand


Progressive Faith Community Websites

In a recent survey, Westar members and friends most frequently indicated that they were affiliated with the following religious organizations.

Episcopal Church

Presbyterian Church

Unitarian Universalist

United Church of Christ

United Methodist


Westar Fellows Websites

Marcus Borg

John Dominic Crossan

Don Cupitt

John Shelby Spong on the News and Christian Faith