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AnonNet, an anonymous IRC network, exists to enable the free flow of ideas and communication without fear of third party interception, monitoring, intimidation or coercion. We believe in freedom of exp ression, and we want to help you make your voice heard.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Provide reliable communications facilities to projects and/or groups with a human itarian objective.
  • Provide unmoderated, unmonitored lines of communication between users.
  • Store only information required for operation of the network.

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It is a sad day today as I inform you all that Rick will be retiring on the 9th of August. Rick has performed his duty well for us since he joined the team in January 2009 and we hope he enjoys his new position AS A FUCKING PAPERWEIGHT.

DDOS Attack 3rd Jun

AnonNet is currently believed to be experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. Please stand by until the netsplits are over.


At around 0000GMT on 16/12/2009, we'll be moving some servers around which will ultimately improve the stability and reliability of the network (more distributed hub system, basically). This is also going to involve switching out the ircd on each serv... more will be going down friday morning for extended maintenance. Any users who connect directly to rick are requested to use the round robin until it is back online (shouldn't be more than a couple of hours).