Official: Flakes fell like snow after first Fukushima explosion — “It was like a movie”

Published: February 12th, 2012 at 1:07 pm ET
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Title: Futaba-machi Mayor on March 12, 2011 Explosion of Reactor 1: “Insulation Materials Falling Like Large Snowflakes. I Knew We Were Finished”
Source: EX-SKF
Date: Feb 11, 2012

[...] On March 12 [...] the first hydrogen explosion took place. There was a dull “thud”. 

“Oh no, it finally happened,” the mayor thought. After a few minutes, small debris that looked like glass fiber insulation materials came falling down from the sky like large snowflakes. “Big ones were this big”, the mayor puts his thumb and index finger together to form a circle.

Futaba Kosei Hospital is only 2 kilometers away from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. About 300 people, including municipal workers, doctors and nurses, watched the flakes of insulation materials fall like snow, stunned. The mayor thought, “We’re finished.”

The mayor looks back and says, “That was a very, very strange sight. It was like a movie”. Not knowing what to do, he just dusted off his clothes with his hand. [...]

Read the report here

More about the mayor here: Mayor near Fukushima: "I've lost almost all body hair from chest down" -- "Nosebleed hasn't stopped"

Published: February 12th, 2012 at 1:07 pm ET
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37 comments to Official: Flakes fell like snow after first Fukushima explosion — “It was like a movie”

  • Sickputer

    He is only partially right…they were finished (dead people walking) ONLY if they stayed in the danger zone.

    What an intense attachment to home, jobs, and possessions that people would stay after witnessing such an event! Some people did not stay and they may live much loner with their families who fled. The people within 100 miles of Fukushima who have stayed for nearly a year must be a biological mess internally. DNA destruction is slowly killing them all…some have already died.

    We need some investigative reporters interviewing the mortuaries in Fukushima Prefecture to get a sense of how quickly this tragedy is progressing. The death rate must be snowballing.

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    As we know, there is a tight lid on information, and I bet lots of places like mortuaries and hospitals are on strict orders to suppress any information that might ‘disturb the public peace.’

    Recall that the Japanese and almost certainly most governments are operating under on-going/effectively permanent national emergency (the USA definitely is) and that under emergency, government’s first duty is to ‘preserve the public peace’ and the only ‘law’ is the Law or Doctrine of Necessity which says that all’s fair in war and other emergencies, and lying to the public/concealing information is acceptable if it helps to ‘preserve the public peace.’

    Remember the recent post here to the effect that the Japanese govt. is considering outlawing the use of geiger counters?

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    Most people are financially unable to leave their jobs.

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  • Mack Mack

    —–> Breathing in those glass-like particles can’t be good for the lungs.

    Were those nuclear power plants built with asbestos insulation? Some in the U.S. were.

    Asbestos and mesothelioma —>

    “Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen.”


    —–> Asbestos apparently was found in the air in Japan:

    “Inside the chunks of slate and wallboard smashed and scattered by Japan’s tsunami hides a health risk that has been overshadowed by contamination from a leaking nuclear plant- the odorless and nearly invisible threat of asbestos.

    Activists have found the cancer-causing, fibrous material in the air and debris collected from the devastated northeastern coast.”

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  • What you didn’t see will kill you in the end !

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  • Mack Mack

    This blog gives an excellent assessment of why people stay after a nuclear meltdown.

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  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    My concern is that the meltdown will eventually leave all containment barriers and travel down to the water table which won’t be far considering the fact the plants are right on the shoreline. My question in what would an explosion from this look like, God forbid it happens. Would it be like what we’ve already seen happen or is it going to be like a full fledged nuclear explosion? Isn’t water already in contact with the corium puddle?

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  • Jebus Jebus

    Utah’s Nuclear Past
    By Mary Dickson

    Utahns know first-hand the human toll of atomic testing. The ranchers, housewives, teachers, doctors – all ordinary people who suffered countless medical problems caused by radiation exposure. The strange tumors, cancers, miscarriages, birth defects, immune system disorders and, always, the endless stories of death. Survivors talk about playing in fallout that landed like snow, of sand that melted like glass, of hair that fell out in handfuls, of lambs born with hearts outside their bodies, of school children dying of leukemia, of entire families being stricken — while a government told them not to worry.

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    ty Aftershock & Luke, for kind comments re the ‘on-going emergency’; and Mack – good post.

    Just on the very practical level – there is a world-wide recession going on (which most economists who tell the truth are predicting will become a long-lasting hyper-inflationary depression) and jobs are scarce. Many people have little in the way of savings.

    So realistically – pick up your family, move, be out of work, living on slim savings, putting your kids in new schools, trying to make it in a new community and a sluggish economy, be shunned by people because you are ‘contaminated’?

    And in Japan right now, moving might be like changing your name from Joe S**t to John S**t – even more in Japan now than in that article to which Mack posted a link – about people not moving from TMI because the nuclear nightmare potential is everywhere and can’t be gotten away from.

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    I do believe that the Japanese govt.(and the international nuclear establishment) are well aware that they are sitting on a powder-keg here, not only in terms of the ‘ticking time bomb’ disheveled reactors (I mean on one level this is black humor taken to what would have to be its highest levels so far on this misbegotten planet) but in terms of KEEPING THE PUBLIC PACIFIED.

    I see next to nothing in print anywhere on this subject… but the govt.s of all the nuclear countries, and their nuclear partners in crime – I mean, can these heads be resting easy on their pillows at night?

    If the public ever wakes up, I wouldn’t give a nickel for the lives of the responsible people. If the concepts of ‘crime’ & ‘justice’ & ‘social responsibility’ have ANY meaning at all, we are looking at capital crimes.

    What is saving the high level perps’ derrieres (and maybe lives) so far, I think, is tightly controlled information, the international WEB OF COMPLICITY, & a seriously APATHETIC PUBLIC, sadly – a public so dumbed down & conditioned to the double standard under which their/our rights & freedoms are ever more restricted/infringed, while those at the top are above the law & all we can to is mutter & grumble & say ‘tut tut’, & ‘boys will be boys’.

    We (collectively) are that WHIPPED!

    We ACCEPT that those in power regularly commit high crimes, engage and cooperate in all sorts of corruption, and nothing is done.

    We have been reduced to the equivalent of a cud-chewing herd that lacks the ability to reason from observed data, to evaluate this and call it the HUGE CRIME that it is.

    I am amazed really that nowhere in the comments (not here, I am speaking generally) about this, even by anti-nuke activists, etc. do I see this point brought forcefully home – the topic even broached.

    I think people are intimidated, afraid to ‘go there.’ Which just shows how ‘whipped’ we all are by ‘Big Brother.’

    ‘Been down so long, it seems like up to us…

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    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @Bleep: I enjoy your writings and perspective, but I can’t wholly agree with this one. I don’t think we are all nothing more than a cud-chewing herd, especially those of us here at ene. So please excuse me for saying I just don’t know, any longer, what to do. In many years of activism, I’ve shouted, screamed, written letters, demonstrated, refused to pay war taxes, organized with Sane/Freeze, the MOBE, Nuremberg Actions, and many more.

      I regularly write to Obama and insult him by telling him he does not have a full liberal arts education which might enable him to understand the evolutionary process in which we are engaged.

      I had hope in OWS, and perhaps it will pull itself together, realize the mistakes it made, and go in the needed direction which is REGIME change.

      But I’m not feeling very optimistic. Even those of us who are not members of the cud-chewing herd, are at a loss to figure out what to do, how to be effective. And repeatedly, even here on ene, I have seen the same problems which have aided in destroying movment after movement—I refer to ego and the need to be right. I have watched this juvenile need play out in movement after movment in 50 years of activism.

      I understand your frustration; I share it. I hear you, but please realize that many of us are very aware, have tried very hard to bring change, and are still looking for better ways. Thanks for listening.

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  • Gotham

    Not knowing what to do, the mayor just dusted off his clothes with his hand. [...]

    People who react like this and people who say “there is no place to run” remove themselves from the gene pool and are automatic nominees for the Darwin Award – see

    A Darwin Award is a tongue-in-cheek “honor” named after evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin. Awards have been given for people who “do a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the Gene pool”, i.e., lose the ability to reproduce either by death or sterilization in a stupid fashion. According to Wendy Northcutt, author of the Darwin Award books: “The Awards honor people who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion.”

    There are five requirements to meet before an award can be given,

    Nominee must be dead or rendered sterile.
    Exhibits astoundingly stupid judgment.
    Is cause of one’s own demise.
    Is capable of sound judgment.
    The termination of life event must be verified.

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    Gotham, that melt-down link did not work for me.

    Well, the human race has just been ‘Darwin-Awarded’.

    There are some very funny stories, true ones I guess, about some of the Darwin Award recipients.

    I haven’t checked it out for a while will go there. It is good for some laughs.

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    Will check it out.

    Didn’t recall that so many of the Darwin Award recipients were killed. All of them were on the 2009 award page I read. Definitely black humor.

    In a way, fits right in here at enenews

    All these nuclear developers deserve Darwin awards. Maybe a special category should be created for them. Destroying most or all life on a planet takes some doing and is kind of ‘special’.

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  • PattieB PattieB

    There will be two more Japan residents who will take first place.

    They jumped in their car.. no masks, much less suites… and drove to Fuku Daini site… to check it out! The last 40 miles in, both counters they took with them were bleeping away! They had to walk the last part, as roads were washed-out… the got to within 1/3 mile of it, with over 140 cpm reading on meters!

    They posted their trip on You Tube!

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  • bfly seems to be another anomaly taking place currently. Do you think this could be the boron they have been injecting into R-2 this week? Remember the video a little while back of the possible Gamma rays caught on the Tepco cam? Could that have been these “snowflakes”?

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    Rule of Law is Dead!


    Very interesting, thanks for sending the link. Here is something else about the ‘rule of law’ being dead. (and the huge MF Global rip-off of customer accounts, which will be even up in the billions, and NOTHING is being done about it (by govt., regulators, the law)

    This is a dynamite interview. Puplava has a lot of good stuff on his FINANCIAL SENSE NEWSHOUR.

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    Hard to figure out/fully understand the in-progress economic meltdown, but I do know that the elites have methodically, over the years, structured the economy to be very exploitative/ predatory of the people.

    Basically, it’s simple – the labor of the working masses creates all wealth, & governments end up being the ‘instrument of plunder’(of the working masses)of choice.

    This financial debacle has been deliberately created & we are in a kind of ‘apres moi,le deluge!’ phase now – huge crash coming, planned, & when they pick up the pieces, they hope to have a global fiat currency in place, aiming for cashless society; two-tiered – large lower class, small ruling elite class, under them the professional class who will be a little better off than the proles.

    But right now the elites seem to be having a feeding frenzy – kind of like a fire sale, all bets are off, just get in there & grab the goodies because mayhem is just around the corner.

    The operating principle seems to be ‘do unto others before some other smart guy beats you to it.’ It’s open season on us the sheeple & what remains of our wealth. Government & the big money/big banks are really the same, or in bed together, & govt seems increasingly to be ‘standing down’ & allowing the rip-off of the masses – but NOT standing down in terms of a police state to control the masses. Fascism=big govt+big business in bed.

    Now, however, the survival of the planet is in question, so what happens just remains to be seen.

    With so many radio-nuclides circulating the globe, & more being emitted ongoing from the ruined plants, so many toxic spent fuel rods sitting in cooling pools all over, not just Japan, so many old reactors still in use, so much stored nuclear waste that’s leaking out etc. like at Hanford, I just don’t see how Armageddon can be averted.

    And there are other big, serious environmental problems, as we all know – depletion of resources, poisoning of the biosphere – including…

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    …chemtrails…. and Morgellon’s. All tested so far have the Morgellon’s fibers in them. Check out Clifford Carnicom, also – something on Morgellon’s just recently. GMO nano-critters. In us!

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  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Smashing Atom mandated evolution of consciousness. If we do not adapt to this mandate, we die off as a branch of evolution, and take many other species with us.

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  • StillJill StillJill

    “something on Morgellon’s just recently. GMO nano-critters. In us!”
    Very true again ‘Blades’. I have numerous friends with lab tested Morgellon’s. Truly,….YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! (No one would believe you-TRUST ME!) :-)

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