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The Malkishua Drug Rehabilitation Center lies on the summit of Malkishua Mountain in the Gilboa range, with a breathtaking view on all sides. We are within "the green line" and close to the border between Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan - it’s the most southerly village on the Gilboa, with kibbutzim Maale Gilboa and Meirav as our neighbors.

Malkishua was established jointly by the Anti-drug Authority and the Beit Shean Valley Regional Council. In the Malkishua Village there is an adult and a youth community and a community for religious youth; all three communities are supervised by the Ministry of Welfare. The adult community was established in 1990, the youth community in 1995, and Kedem, the community for religious youth, in 2002.

The association "Amutat Neve Malkishua" runs the village and also various other frameworks outside: hostels for adults and youth, the "Snunit" Hostel in Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin and the "Ayala" Hostel in Kibbutz Tirat Zvi. It also provides drug rehab instructors to work with prison inmates.

Our village accepts drug addicts after they have undergone detoxication and were referred to Malkishua by hospital wards, agencies treating drug addicts, probation officers and lawyers. Personal requests are also considered.

We consider drug abuse an affliction, destroying the lives of many people and their families, and adversely affecting society.

Malkishua's mission is to provide support for detoxicated addicts, helping them acquire healthy and coping patterns of behavior and the lifestyle of independent persons, interacting positively and constructively with their environment. The Malkishua community sets an example for them and gives them hope that after rehabilitation they will be able to start a new life. Its activities contribute to the prevention of the expansion of drug abuse in society.

Do you need help?
How can you enter Malkishua for treatment?

Call the village at 972-46488222
or send a fax to 972-46584007
You can get all the necessary details by phone.
Prayer for peace of mind

God grant me
the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,
Courage to change
the things I can,
and Wisdom to know
The difference.
Address for contact:

Amutat Neve Malkishua
D.N. Gilboa, 19170,
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