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Janet6 Launch

Janet6 is the name given to the project to build the next generation of the Janet infrastructure.

Built to the requirements of our users, Janet6 has been designed to ensure the capacity, resilience and flexibility for research and education, across the UK, for the next 5 to 10 years.

The new Janet6 infrastructure will provide continued support for the UK's knowledge economy whilst ensuring best value for our customers.

This event celebrates the launch (and switch-on) of the new Janet network.

Who Should Attend

Please note: This event is open to invited guests only.

Booking Information

This event is not yet available.


For booking cancellation please contact: Wendy Salmon, Events Coordinator on Tel: 01235 822236 or email:

You are welcome to send a substitute if you find yourself unable to attend this event. Please contact the Events Coordinator with the name of the substitute.