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Time for Time
Written by MN   
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Turn, turn, turn. 1965. Timeless and full with time. Composed in the 1950's and recorded in early 60's: Pete Seeger. Catapulted into #1 Billboard hit time in 1965: Roger McGuinn and The Byrds. Skyrocketed into featured song 1994 Academy Award time: Forrest Gump.

Adapted entirely from Ecclesiastes: King Solomon time. Nearly word for word. Except for last line.

Time for change. For upgrade to electronic times which bolt us down to keyboards and desktops.

Time to write a new line.

Time for sentiment. Six months offline. A time to end, a time to begin. To strike again. Again and again. Time for friends and readers. For anticipation again. Like time web journey began. Time long ago six years. New Comic Book of Life time. Life time ago.

Lake Kineret | Photo Album

100 years ago. Eastern shores of Galilee. Timeless outdoor home of great Nazerene messiah. Dead shores drowned in swamps. Jewish immigrants planting Eucalyptus forests.

50 years ago. Eucalyptus trees drink swamp water like bottomless pit. Blackless hole. Big thirsty trees drying swamps away. Shores rising. Raising life from the dead by the Galilee.

Time swamps are dry but no one comes. Too hot under fire.

Time for snipers. Bullets. Syrian Artillery raining on Galilee shores. Not safe time.

35 years ago. Yom Kippur war of atonement time. Shooting high for Golan Heights. War for peace over Galilee shores. Time for fire to cease. Bullets to stop. Artillery to end.

Time for safe and secure by the sea. People coming out into the sun again. People by hundreds clearing shores from dry swamp vegetation. Young and less young in dance of hope with the land.

Time for Kineret. Sea of Galilee lives again. Like Nazerene. One more time.

Naftali's Place | Photo Album

30 years ago. Time for Benjamin Naftali. Benny from Golan Heights. Descending upon the shore with ice-cream cart. Ice-cream to the people.

Time the years go by. Ice-cream cart becomes refreshment stand. Becomes grocery store. Music pub. Night and day. Time for Naftali to spread wings. Refreshments to the people. Naftali's Place on Dugit beach. People come by thousands. Most visited beach on Galilee. Favorite folder by the Sea. Home for young and old. Home for peace. For tourists. For stray dogs and cats. Home for new life. For would-be messiahs.

Time to write a new chapter.

Portraits to the People | Photo Album

Two years ago. Time then drawing Yoni by the sea that died.

7 months ago. Time for outdoors again. For life by the sea of salt. Time for Ein Gedi.

6 months ago. Time for change again. For life to move on.

Go north old man.

Time to write a new book.

To walk the talk. Tell stories. Leave memories. Thousands coming to Galilee music festivals. So many, like sands and stars. Power to the music.

Time now Yoni also comes north. To Naftali's place. Wants another drawing.

Hey Michael! Good to see you here. Still drawing? Can you draw me again?

Time to draw. Make portraits and tell stories. So many and to each a drawing. To each a story. One after one after one after one. Again and again and again and again. Drawing by the hundreds. Portraits to the people.

Wow that's awesome. Who did it? How much does it cost? That old dude over there. He drew Yoni. I asked and he drew me too. Doesn't cost anything. Maybe he's rich. Awesome. Why's he doing it for free? Just give him a cigarette. Doesn't have any. I want one too. Used to draw comics in America. Doesn't look rich. Everybody wants one. You should hear him talk. Knows everything. Talks about old science and new atoms. That's deep, man. Lots of people in line. He's really smart and nice. Looks homeless. Nobody knows everything. That's bull. The dude drew Spider-Man. Has a wife and 5 kids in Ofra. Says the Earth is growing. He's the Messiah. Is he religious? Lives in that tent over there. Draws Batman too. The way he talks about Rabbis and the Bible. Scary. It's Jesus come back to where he come from. Looks like Moses. Not just Earth. Says the whole universe grows. Doesn't look religious. Looks like Elijah the prophet. My brother says he did an Israeli comic too. Just told me on the phone. I saw him on the internet. It's all true. What he says about religion is right. Never heard anyone say it that way before. Says comics are changing the world. He's fun. The Earth can't grow. That's stupid. Rabbis can learn from him. Never saw anyone draw like that. The universe expands, so maybe it grows too. God! He looks like God! Hasn't stopped drawing since morning. Says we're gonna save the world from here. From this beach. Let's get him a sandwich and coke. Oh yeah. We'll all put on Superhero costumes and go for a swim to save everybody. And get the Messiah a pack of cigarettes.

Painterly Emil | Photo Album

Time for Emil Vely. Born into Israeli Golan Heights. Descended upon Dugit beach since youth. Opened horizons in India. Became Rastaman. Operations director of Naftali's Place. Likes buzz from portraits to the people.

You're the most popular guy on the beach. They're coming from all over to get a drawing. But why the talk about religion? In a place like this?
It's important to Israeli youth. They want to make sense of it. I listen and try to impart from my experience. Religion, politics, science. Doesn't matter. They're all connected.
You know, Buddhism for example, doesn't believe in God.
Why then, in Buddhism, if one does something bad, then something bad happens to them?
Karma returns good for good. Bad for bad.
Karma then, is God of Buddism.

Just don't let what they're saying go to your head. You're not the messiah.
I'm a simple man. To the people, I'm whatever they think of me. Same with you. With everyone.

Time to fill time. Something to do between times people come to the beach. Times place is quiet.

That Marley painting is old and faded. Would you like to redo it? Maybe a different type of character.
Like who?
I don't know. Someone else our crowd identifies with.
Let's keep the original pose and design. Homage to the artist.

Time to paint. To climb ladder and spread new pigment. New look for new time. Transform Bob into Emil. Naftali Rastaman.

It's gorgeous. I posted photos in progress on Facebook. Group is excited about the new look. This place can use a lot of redecorating.
You need a sign. Carlsberg designs bury the name. Hard to see.
All for it. But how about that other wall first. Maybe a nice beach panorama.
Maybe a panorama with a sign above it. Big and bold.
Let's do it.

Time for a sign. Painting a sign of the times. Sporadic comers engaging in new life at Naftali's Place. Helpers helping make it new again. Time for home players to have a place on the beach. A campfire in the panorama. Emil, Sahar, Beno, Moran, Shmuel. Even the artist by campfire. Time for gorgeous girl standing by the old lady. Placing hand atop rock on the beach which looks like seal playing with ball in the water. Without the ball. Beno calls it "the old lady".

Everybody loves what you're doing to this place.
Something to do in the free time. Between parties.
A Rasta colored spiral would look good in that corner by the door. Red, green and yellow. And there's that star of David with cartoon dancers. They could also use Rastas. It's just bland and dull. Needs a redesign.

All yours to do with as you want.

Time for Ayala | Photo Album

Shahar Naftali. Son of Benny. Overseer of Naftali's Place. Optimistic. Smart. Sense of humor at the speed of light.

You've done wonders for the place. My wife Fanya also loves it. We're about to have our first baby. Wants to make her room special. Maybe you can talk to her.

Fanya. Something magical. Light filled eyes. Life filled soul of a woman soon to give life.

I was thinking of a fairy. Maybe a big mushroom and flowers. Lots of empty space and soft colors. Oh, and maybe a doe running off in the background. We've decided to call her Ayala. You know, like Bambi. But you can't tell anyone till after she's born.

Time for acrylics. Smooth clean paint for a smooth clean baby about to come home. Two days time in Golan Heights with the Naftalis. Shahar and Fanya and Benny and Fanny and Moshe and Nissim and... All in the family. Remembering family. Children chuckling and gardens blooming and barbecues burning. Moms and dads and friends and neighbors gathering to welcome new life. Baby coming soon to remind us it's her world. Time tomorrow belongs to Ayala.

This fairy tale's for you little angel.

Time for Liesure | Photo Album

Time for time off. For summertime winding down. To take time and wander off with Matan and Erez into mountains and valleys. Natural springs. Discover the land again. Again and again. To relax by the Galilee. Take time off for time. Shoot some pool time. Catching up with a world trying to pass us by.

You were right. Never thought Obama could get elected.
His ideas were elected. People want change. The Comics Creators' Party. Same ideas. 4 years ago everyone said Americans aren't ready for that message.

Hah! Creators' Party platform slips into Obama and sneaks through to White House. Quite a stretch, no? But will he deliver?
He's not free to do what he thinks best. Already discovering how difficult to bring substantial change. Beholden to same financier resources who managed Bush policies. Remember Clinton.

Always been this way.
Economy runs society. Political ideologies differ, but they all owe allegiance to the same big guns coordinating policy behind scenes. Times are difficult, talk of peace and prosperity and change is popular again. Easy to sell. Good for the economy. Good for heavy dealers who benefit from crisis. Good for giving the people something to hope for.

That's history. Revolutions becoming promises waiting to be broken.
Comics creators are different. We don't think in terms or controlling people or the economy. Rather inspiring good in society through the medium. Showing the world will become better through people becoming better. Not another revolution.

It's what comics have always been about.

Time for Comics | Sketch Album

Trinity by the Galilee. Super wonder bat time. Father and son and holy super heroes by the ancient shores. Saviors by the sea. Time remembering whence from they come.

No-charge heroes not for hire. Sketches not for hire. Work not for hire. Art not for hire. Life not for money.

These are really nice. Can't you sell them somewhere? On the internet? Make a little something, send home to the family?
Artists sell sketches like this all over. Art commissions. eBay. Takes work, listing, promotion, bargaining. It's not the same as just doing it for the sake of it. Or how it affects people when they get something like this with no strings attached. No apprehension of giving something in return.

That's nice and well but you have to take care of the family.
We get by... but think of it this way. Look at the state of our world and where it's all brought everyone. Falling in step with a system that's slowly sucking the last drop of good left in us. In the long run, not a good way to true security.

You really think this will ever change? That what you're doing here will have any effect on the big picture?
Not up to me or what I do. But we have children to think about. What world are we leaving them? What hope can they have for tomorrow if they see their parents giving up?

Can't walk down two roads in different directions at the same time.

Time summer winds to a still. Time alone. Family memories rip longing heart. Good woman and children wondering. Waiting for dad to come home.

Not much to do here anymore. At least until next summer. Any plans? Like seeing the family or telling more stories on your web site?

In due time.

Photo Albums:
Lake Kineret
Naftali's Place
Portraits to the People
Painterly Emil
Time for Ayala
Time for Liesure
Time for Comics

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Mikael Bergkvist  - Thanks     |2008-12-28 02:00:09
I like you, plain and simple.
Just wanted to let you know.
MN   |2008-12-30 16:07:09
Good to hear from you Mikael. Many Thanks.
Elayne Riggs  - It's about time!     |2008-12-30 16:07:57
Welcome back. I've missed reading you. Still no further progress on Our
Project, but at least I have gainful employment now, something far too many
people around here can't say.
MN   |2008-12-30 16:10:21
Miss you and everyone. Good to hear you remain employed in these times. This
project appears to be as timeless as the story it seeks to tell :)
Tim   |2008-12-28 18:41:06
Wonderful photos, Mike. I can now see why it took you so long to do this post!
MN   |2008-12-30 16:12:14
Now how about some photos for that family portrait?
Alan Kupperberg  - Stick Around     |2008-12-30 15:22:27
Michael, I was starting to worry about you, dude, where you were, etc. Very
glad to see you animated and art-ing. Love from all of us to all of you.

MN   |2008-12-30 16:14:10
Good to hear from you. Much love to everyone, speical one to Alan and

Email coming soon.
Anna Gerzman  - Dear Michael   |2008-12-30 16:06:18
How is your winter in Dugit? I miss you and the place. good paintings! I felt
like we were sitting on the bench on Naftalis again.

Hopefully will meet again

Happy x-mass!!!!
MN   |2009-01-04 01:25:57
Miss you all and Dugit very much Anna. Looking forward to seeing you sometime
soon there. Happiest holidays.
Mark McConnell  - Glad to see you still around!   |2008-12-31 21:10:07
I'm glad I kept your site's RSS feed going. I hadn't seen or heard from you in
awhile. This latest post is incredible! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with
us all!
MN   |2009-01-04 01:25:08
Glad it didn't pass you by, Mark. Thanks for good words.
Will K  - Hey Mike   |2009-01-04 05:53:43
I recently checked up on you here and was surprised that there wasn't an update.
Glad to see you back in action on paper. Happy 2009 !!! Stay safe.
MN   |2009-01-08 00:18:24
A fine new year to you, Will. Wonderful to hear from you.
John Mundt, Esq.  - Welcome back!     |2009-01-10 07:17:37
I've missed you...or, well, I've missed your frequent updates and poetic heart
(it's not like we've ever actually met or anything). I'm so happy to see that
you're still working, still believing, still dreaming. Keep it up, my friend!
MN   |2009-01-19 18:39:34
Can't imagine why I missed this, John. Comments cannot usually evade me for 10
days. We might have never met in person but it seems our souls have spent some
time together, otherwise it's difficult to explain how familiar we are one to
the other. Thank you for the nice words. Your blog also looks active and the
dead hero series is a fine idea. Best wishes and hope to connect with you soon.
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