Work well together

Bring your workflow, tasks, team, and discussion together on projects.

There’s many kinds of done

Task tracking with Stack helps you manage all of them. Customize your project’s columns to suit your workflow, then move your tasks along them to show progress. When you’re ready, mark tasks as closed so they're out of your way.

Sweat the details

Use to-dos to break larger tasks into bite-size pieces, and discuss details of tasks with your team in real-time.

There's no I in team

Great task management means working well with your team. In Stack, you can assign tasks to team members, upload documents, set tags, and due dates. Important tasks are highlighted for others to see.

Find things fast

Quickly view tasks assigned to you in your dashboard, or search tasks by content, tag or assignee.


One easy price

  • Per user, per month
  • Unlimited projects and tasks

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