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Duel to the Death for Life
Written by MN   
Monday, 04 April 2005

The Christan CoalitionI understand that all ye supporters of the Christian Coalition truly believe you are performing a great service to God and humanity by organizing to bring about the legislation of what you perceive to be a higher morality onto a society you believe has gone astray with its liberal standards.

The comic book industry has long been a prime target of your persecution, ridicule and attempts at censorship of its publications, as part of your efforts to enforce what you believe to be Christian morals on the American people. You are, however, very wrong about all this - and you commit this persecution in the name of The God of Heaven and Earth and his Only Begotten Son, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I turn to you now in order to warn you of the catastrophe you bring upon yourselves and upon all of mankind with your pompous arrogant ways.

The ComicsIn your misguided holy pride, you've all been led astray by the true oppressors of this world, the true evil-doers in society. The hypocrite religious authorities of our time, whose predecessors are the same oppressors who crucified the Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Yes, it was the religious institution of his time which condemned Christ to death and this is exactly what the Christian Coalition will do to him today when he returns, with great power and glory, to deliver you from the dismal apocalypse you bring upon yourselves and the world with your evil self-righteous vanities.

Neither The Lord God, creator of Heaven and Earth, nor his Only Begotten Son, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have ever condoned the political legislation of a moral standard on society as you are doing today. Isn't this why all people have been given a free choice - which you, in your holy arrogance would purport to take away? This is how we know that you are the children of Satan himself, parading in sheep's clothing and leading the world astray with your religious arrogance.

The Christan CoalitionImagine, such a corrupt liaison as you've become, manipulating the even more corrupt oppressors in congress, all the other hypocrites and thieves who've sucked the life and the blood of the American people through their seat of power in Washington, which the people gave them. It's fitting that such a band of thieves as you've become, would seek a partnership with the political manipulators and social oppressors running the United States of America today. It's fitting that the wolves seek out other wolves - and together they plot to devour every prey which comes into their way. Washington is a fitting place for the manipulative tyrants, such as you've become.

I recently heard your Pope issue a warning to the world, that the advent of The Anti-Christ is near and that he will rise through the secular liberal front of the Western world. Why, he even said that The Anti-Christ is a vegetarian who will espouse the standards of humanism, freedom of choice and social compassion. The Pope must have very good friends in the firey pits, if he's discovered such personal matters about the Son of Satan, who has not yet been revealed to the world. Sadly, however, his understanding of The Anti-Christ is about as true as his understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ himself, whom he pretends to worship.

The ComicsNeither the Pope, nor all his priests - nor the millions of Christian worshippers throughout the world, have understood the legend of the Anti-Christ for what it truly is. None of you, in your holy arrogance, can bring yourselves to accept the simple fact that the The Christ and the Anti-Christ are one and the same man.

Look at yourselves and behold your shame, the shame of the Christian Front in America today. Why is it that you so anxiously await the advent of the Anti-Christ? Is it not so that you can kill him when he completes his mission of bringing peace and prosperity to the world? Is it not so that by killing him, you believe you will pave the way for the return of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the world?

Pope Benedict XVIHow is it that the children of peace, such as you purport to be, have become such blood-thirsty killers? Could it be that you never truly were the children of peace and that you have led the world astray with your pompous arrogant acts of pious worship? Do you not understand that God is not moved by your theatrical ceremonies and that he knows what's in the heart of all his children? Do you not see how your ignorance and misunderstanding of the scriptures is leading you to shed the blood of your savior once again?

Arrogant blood-thirsty killers is what you always have been, all you self-righteous supporters of the Christian Coalition. The stink of your persecution of the world - and the comics - has risen to the Host of Heaven and your day of judgement draws near. I will expose you to the world for the killers you truly are.

I shall give you what your hearts desire - to spill the blood of lamb one last time.

My body, a temple offering for the salvation of all you corrupt.

Destroy it, to the eyes of your entire world.

After three days, I'll raise it up again.

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