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Berkeley, CA.  Berkeley Bowl Marketplace.  Departments include Asian Foods, Bulk Foods, Caf� Gallery, Dairy, Gourmet Kitchen, Grocery, Health and Beauty, Lily Pad, Meat, Produce, Seafood, Wine and Beer.  Lily Pad is a privately owned flower shop.

Asheville, NC.  Celtic sea salt is a very coarse type salt harvested in France by hand.  Products include: Celtic sea salt accessories; pantry items; oils, vinegars and mustards; fruit and nut butter spreads; sea veggies and sea veggie products; fermented foods; teas; gift packages; candies and snacks; sweeteners; therapeutic medicines and health enhancers; body ecology products; accessories and equipment; bread; aromatherapy and relaxation products; beauty care; books, cassettes and videos; specials and packages.

Austin, TX.  HEB- Central Market.  Seven stores throughout Texas.  Departments include: produce, seafood, market, wine and beer, healthy living, specialty foods, bulk foods, bakery, deli and cheese, caf� on the run, catering, floral, gift baskets, and a cooking school at the Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio stores.

Freedom, CA.  Diamond Organics.  Since 1990, Diamond Organics has been the nation's premier source for farm fresh organic food, with guaranteed overnight delivery of organic food and organic produce to every address in America.

Organic bodywork mats, treatment room mats, futons, pillows, meditation pillows, herbal filled heat packs.

Burlingame, CA.  Earthbeam Natural Foods.  Sell only organic grown produce, no refined sugar products, no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, no RBGH treated dairy products, no refined oils, no chemically treated produce. Store opened in 1971.

Asheville, NC.  Earthfare.  Products are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, antibiotics and growth hormones, hydrogenated oils, cottonseed oil, bleached white flour, irradiation, artificial sweeteners.

Los Angeles, CA.  Erewhon Natural Foods.  Committed to kosher products; departments include produce, grocery, dairy, gourmet, macrobiotic, sushi, nutrition, bath and body, and full service deli.

Philadelphia, PA.  Essenes.  Philadelphia Area's largest selection of organically grown foods.  Deli and caf� are also available.  Bakery on site.  Natural foods store since 1969.  Christina Pirello and Denny Waxman teach at Essenes regularly. Denny and his brother Howard are the originators of Essenes.

Flaxseed Oil has many great nutritional benefits for your body and health. Visit our site to learn more about flaxseed oil, ground flax, and much more including health benefits versus side effects.

San Diego, CA.  Frankly Natural Bakers.  Natural bakers and natural foods; 30 products sold in 1200 stores in 49 states.  Started about twenty years ago.  No additives or preservatives used in any of the products.

San Diego, CA.  Gold Mine Natural Food Co.  Gold Mine imports Ohsawa brand traditional, handcrafted macrobiotic foods from Japan.  On line shopping is available; shipping and delivery costs apply.  The company has one of the most extensive selection of cookware, macro products and other specialty items existing anywhere.  Many of their products are not available in most health food stores in the US, and they are truly of the finest quality.  Prices may be higher than other competing mail order houses.

Viola, WI.  Jolanta Sonkin and Amelia Kirchoff.  Macrobiotic treats, macrobiotic bars, macro gifts and macro gear.  Dedicated to macrobiotic quality.

Indianapolis, IN.  Good Earth Natural Food Co.  Established in 1971.  More a natural foods and products store than macrobiotic.

The health and well being haven; we gather together everything that is good for you. Delicious foods to help you eat healthily, fitness foods, organic foods, vitamins and herbal remedies, fresh foods, cruelty free toiletries and eco-friendly stuff. If you are on a restricted diet don't feel left out, we have 1000's of foods for you, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and other special diets foods. Shop here and we deliver it to your door. At GoodnessDirect it's healthy shopping made easy.

Emeryville, CA.  Mochi, and amazake in   different flavors.  No oils or animal products are used; salt and natural flavor concentrates are kept to a minimum.  Only organic whole grain brown rice is used; no milled rice.  Since 1979.  Dairy free, gluten free, cholesterol free.


Asheville, NC. Great Eastern Sun.  Originated in 1981 as sales and distribution arm of American Miso Company; Misos, vinegars, Rice and Barley Malt, Raw Cane Sugar are certified kosher; check web site for other kosher certified products.

Teri Gault, founder of the grocery game,  one of the world's largest providers of incredible grocery savings in the UK.  Coupons and grocery coupons by The Grocery Game UK. Top 5 reasons for why YOU should use coupons.

San Diego, CA.  Nana’s Cookie Company.  Nana's cookies have no refined sugar, no dairy, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, no eggs, no added salt, no cane or beet products.  Organic ingredients are used wherever possible, and expeller pressed canola oil.  All Nana's cookies are certified kosher by Kosher Supervision of America (KSA)

Sydney, Australia.  Iku Wholefood.  5 stores in the Sydney area.  Iku wholefood is created using the principles of macrobiotics. The ingredients we use are mostly organic, grown without man made chemicals, and biodynamic, using natural preparations to enhance their nutritional value. We use no animal or dairy products, cane sugars or synthetic preservative or flavors.

Kitchen aid; Find your next stand mixer at Kitchenware Direct

Seattle, WA.  Larry’s Markets.  Over 100 different organic produce items.  Departments include: Market Caf�, Meat, Seafood, Produce, Wineshop, Cheese, Bakery, Floral, Gift Baskets.

St Martens Latem, Belgium.  Lime Products.  Foods include grains, pasta, at breakfast, rice cakes, snacks, syrups, bread spreads, beverages, desserts, condiments, specialties, baby food, fresh products, bread.

Richvale, CA.  Lundberg Farms.  Quality brown rice and brown rice products since 1937.  Long list of kosher certified products include rice, pasta, rice syrup, rice cakes, drink rice, elegant rice puddings, quick brown rice, hot cereals, and one step entrees.

Macrobiotic Cooking School of Salt Lake City, UT.  Exclusive internet distributor of Silit Sicomatic pressure cookers and frying pans.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Deshima International Macrobiotic Mail Order Price list and Order form. Deshima mail order is a service of the Kushi Institute of Europe  25 varieties of rice; 250 Japanese specialties, 1000 other organic products and 500 book titles in 5 languages.

Prepared to the highest quality organic macrobiotic standards.  Items include rice balls, vegetarian sushi, miso soups, healing salads, healing desserts and roasted almonds.

Akron/Solon, OH.  Mustard Seed Market and Caf�.  Two stores in Akron and Solon, OH.  Mustard Seed: Ohio's first certified organic market and caf�.  Largest retailer of natural and organic products in Northeast Ohio; since 1981. Food standards include:  No foods with artificial flavoring or coloring;  No meat or poultry raised with growth hormones;  No harmful chemical preservatives;  No saccharine or aspartame;  No irradiated food; Cruelty-free cosmetics.

Berkeley/El Cerrito, CA.  Berkeley Natural Grocery Company.  All organic produce; no commercial items.  Store items include: amino acids, antioxidants, aromatherapy, bath and body, beverages, books/magazines, bulk/packaged bulk, children's body care, children's formula, coffee/tea, cosmetics/facial care, dairy, dental hygiene, digestive/fiber, essential fatty acids, flower essences, frozen/refrigerated foods, greens, grocery, herb combinations, herbs, homeopathy, house wares, lo-carb, meal supplements, minerals, pet products, snack foods, specialty groceries, specialty products, sports nutrition, vitamins.

Asheville, NC.  Natural Lifestyle Center. Mail order since 1989.   Natural Pantry includes: grains, beans, miso, sea veggies, and other macrobiotic items.  Silit enamel and other cookware are featured.

The home of wholefood nutrition resources in Australia.  Cookware, books and DVD's, housewares, personal care, digestive health, fitness and yoga, clothing.

Meal service, 1 - 7 days per week, up to three meals a day plus snacks. Menus are completely individualized to accommodate your food preferences and special dietary needs.

Richboro, CA.  Organic Provisions.  Products are organic, kosher, macrobiotic, unique and hard to find, environmentally friendly, cruelty free; 2,000 items in catalog.

Puget Sound, WA.  Puget Consumers Co-op (PCC) began as a food-buying club of 15 families in 1953. Today, it's the largest consumer-owned natural food co-operative in the United States. There are eight stores in the Puget Sound region, doing business as PCC Natural Markets. PCC is owned by nearly 40,000 members who shop (along with thousands of non-members) in our neighborhood locations

Pillowcrafters.  Eastford, CT.  A complete selection of sizes and shapes of buckwheat pillows and pillowcases for the home, office and massage table.

Hooksett, NH.  Simply Natural Foods (Formerly Natural Import; formerly Macrobiotic Company of America [MCOA]).  Large mail order house featuring macrobiotic foods, kitchenware, cookware, medicinal concentrates, juicers, water filters, stainless steel cookware, crock pots.

Franklin, ME.  Maine Coast Sea Vegetables.  50,000 pounds of sea vegetables annually.  Dulse, kelp, alaria, laver, dulse flakes, applewood smoked dulse, Chinese sushi nori, bladdewrack, sea lettuce, sea seasonings, sea chips, Maine Coast crunch, sea pickles, Irish moss.

Donegal, Eire.  Quality sea vegetables.  This range of high quality Sea Vegetables is harvested and processed in Co Donegal, Ireland. providing a source for the freshest and tastiest products.  Products include sweet kombu, sea bath, dulse, wakame, kombu,  sea salad, carragheen, sea spice, special 7, sea spaghetti

W Bridgewater, MA.  Shaws Supermarkets-Wild Harvest Natural Foods.  Employing approximately 30,000 associates in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont. Wild Harvests organic produce has  NO artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings
• NO hydrogenated or cottonseed oils
• NO artificial sweeteners
• NO phosphates or chlorine

Southern Brown Rice.  Weiner, AK.  White basmati rice, Brown basmati rice, long-medium-short grain rice, southern wild blend, brown and wild rice, brown rice cream, brown rice flour, rice bran.  Products are kosher U certified.

Petaluma, CA.  Spectrum Naturals.  Cooking oils, artisan oils, olive oils, cooking sprays, coconut oil and shortening, vinegars, mayonnaise and spreads, salad dressings, flaxseed oils, flaxseed and fiber, fish and specialty oils.

Turkey.  Tohum Natural Foods.  Tohum creates unique seed projects of sustainable living, combining traditional lifestyles, organic farming and food processing practices, environmentally conscious tourism and the practice of the healing arts.

Tucson, AZ.  Toole Ave Market.  Food coop warehouse since 1974; all produce is organic or pesticide free.

Austin, TX.  Wheatsville Food Coop.  Wheatsville carries a full-line of organic, traditional, pesticide-free and transitional produce.

Austin, TX.  Whole Foods Market.  185 stores; founded in 1980.  Departments: bakery, catering menus, Allegro coffee, gift cards, grocery, meat and poultry, prepared foods, private label, produce, seafood, whole body, wine and cheese.

San Antonio/Austin, TX.  Sun Harvest Market.  5 stores in Austin, El Paso, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and McAllen, TX; owned and operated by Wild Oats with 99 stores in 23 states and Canada.  Produce includes organic and conventional items.

Austin, TX.  Whole Foods Market.  185 stores; founded in 1980.  Departments: bakery, catering menus, Allegro coffee, gift cards, grocery, meat and poultry, prepared foods, private label, produce, seafood, whole body, wine and cheese.

Boulder, CO.  Wild Oats.  Wild Oats Natural Marketplace, Sun Harvest, Henry's Marketplace and Capers are part of Wild Oats chain.  Natural foods supermarkets throughout the United States with departments similar to Whole Foods.

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Marsha Rueff, Atlanta, GA.  Cooking classes, bed and breakfast, macro day spa, home remedies, health consultations by Warren Kramer; cranial sacro treatments by Tsunenori Fujimaki, pot luck dinners.

Macrobiotic Foundation of Central Florida.  Orlando, FL.  The Macrobiotic Foundation of Central Florida is an organization dedicated to providing information, support and activities for its members and the community on the macrobiotic way of living. This begins with a reorientation of everyday eating using natural foods, and continues through accepting responsibility for keeping our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives in harmony with ourselves, our families, our community, and with society and nature.

Portland, OR.  The Christopher Center of Healing.  Christy N Carl.  The school is dedicated to helping people walk a path of whole person healing.  The programs are designed to guide people to the heart of their healing and to support them in finding the modalities and lifestyle that bring happiness and well-being.

Lisbon, Portugal.  Instituto Macrobiotico de Portugal; Portuguese Macrobiotic Institute.  Seminars, courses, consulting services, summer camp, cooking  lessons, movement, articles, news.

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Francois Roland. Cleveland, OH.  Macrobiotic Center of Cleveland.  Health consultations, shiatsu massage, cooking lessons.

Kiental, Schweiz.  Kientalerhof.  The Kientalerhof, Centre for Wellbeing and Creativity, is an inspiring educational centre and a vacation hotel in the Bernese Oberland and the seat of the following schools and trainings: International shiatsu School; International School for Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy; School for Music Improvisation; Comprehensive Continued Education Program for Therapists; School for Personal Development and Creativity.

Dallas, TX.  Macrobiotic Center of Dallas.  Offers Basic Macrobiotic Food Kit (the deluxe food kit includes a pressure cooker and vegetable knife, professional and caddie knives; group and private cooking classes; color therapy kit; macrobiotic dietary counseling; and, a bed and breakfast.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The Kushi Institute of Europe.  The Kushi Institute of Europe offers classes and instruction in macrobiotic theory and principles, macrobiotic cooking and meal preparation, and associated lifestyle topics. It is dedicated to cooperating with the medical and scientific community, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to create a healthier, more peaceful, more sustainable world.

Beirut, Lebanon.  Salam Center.  The only complete macrobiotic educational experience available in the Arab world.  6 day course to learn macrobiotics.

A collection of macrobiotic resources and services in Belgium.  A summer camp that includes macrobiotic study and a week of joy.

Antwerpen, Belgium.  East-West Center in Belgium.  We organize activities all over Flanders. Since 1996, we have established a residential centre near Orval. We rebuild an ancient farm, Bois-le-Comte, into a place of ecological learning and residence centre -- Educational organization for natural living and transformation.

Palo Alto, CA.  Peninsula Macrobiotic Community.  Primary activity is to put on gourmet vegetarian dinners every Monday night.  60 to 100 people attend every week.  Takeouts are available.

Singapore.  Macrobiotics in Singapore is not active at this time.  A series of difficulties and lack of interest has reduced the macro activity to individual people's homes on occasion.

Bob Carr. East-West Center of Cleveland, Ohio. Macrobiotic health consultations, cooking lessons, shiatsu massages, seminars.

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Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.  Ionia is a small scale multi-generational village environment located on 100 acres of spruce forest.

Near Glacier National Park, Montana.  Development Center for Health and Awareness.  The purpose of the group is to build from scratch a macrobiotic community in the wild near the Canadian border in Montana.  Natural foods, healing arts, conscious development, organic gardening, t'ai chi, permaculture, macrobiotics, fun.

 international macrobiotic directory offering community membership benefits.

Use websites related to shiatsu, macrobiotics, natural food, and health & medical concerns.  Organized by the International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society.

Stephen Starkweather.  Monthly potlucks and social group in Santa Rosa, CA.


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Kaare Bursell; Albany, CA.  An anthroposophical-macrobiotic web site.  The site presents many educational aspects of macrobiotic practice with no clear purpose other than providing a service for an interested public.  Subjects discussed include: yin and yang; the human being; the ginger compress; disease of the month; food and you; general dietary recommendations; personal info about Kaare.

Lidia Kuleshnyk. Toronto, Canada.  Apona Healing Arts offers Wholistic Health Services in Reiki (laying-on-of-hands), Macrobiotics (healing foods), and Wholistic Counselling/Coaching

Bill Tara offers lectures, seminars, and health retreats.  His connection with macrobiotics dates back to the early pioneering days of the 1960s when he made his first public presentation of macrobiotics in 1967.

Melanie Waxman, Philadelphia, PA.  Melanie designed this site to help mothers make positive changes to their lives. She offers support and encouragement to new mothers, pregnant women, those who are thinking of starting a family and to grandparents, parents and children everywhere.  The website includes articles, products and services designed to assist in the guidance, feeding and raising healthy children.

Simon and Dragana Brown; John and Maria Brosnan; London, England.  Organic health foods, wines, supplements, cosmetics, books and natural house cleaning products.  The caf� serves organic juices, coffees and teas, snacks, cakes, soups and meals.  The clinic provides shiatsu, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, herbs, macrobiotic consultations and nine star ki readings.

Christina Pirello, Philadelphia, PA.  Books by Christina Pirello: "Christina Cooks; Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Whole Foods,"  "Glow, A Prescription to Radiant Health and Beauty," "Cook Your Way to The Life You Want," "Cooking the Whole Foods Way," “Glow,” and her latest “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Whole Foods But Were Afraid to Ask” and Christina Cooks Magazine.  "Christina Cooks," is now in its eighth season on national public television, airing on as many as 135 public television stations nationally. The series also airs daily at 4:00PM, on Comcast's CN8 Network; and in over 50 countries internationally on The Discovery Health Network.

Craig Sams.  Hastings, UK.  Craig is an author of macrobiotic books, an entrepeneur creating various products over the nearly forty years he has been following the macrobiotic lifestyle.

Uzma Mazhar, St Louis, MO.  Subjects covered on the web site include: family matters, wellness, diet and nutrition, psychcorner (mental health, domestic violence, violence against women, etc). Heal the world and spirituality.  There is a list of library sources dealing with many Muslim issues including health and healing.  The web site is a personal one not supported by any business, commercial enterprise or political organization; just Azma doing her own thing.

David Sniekus; Newton, MA.  David offers Macrobiotic Counseling, Macrobiotic Coaching, Community Meals, Macrobiotic Cooking Lessons, Shiatsu Massage and a Catering Service

Yuka and Andrew Fukada, Seattle, WA.  Yuka offers Birth and Postpartum Doula care, macrobiotic counseling, Macrobiotic healing workshops, macrobiotic cooking classes, healing homestay, vegan/macrobiotic private home cooking, energy work and intuitive readings.

Pillowcrafters.  Eastford, CT.  The purpose and mission of this site is to bring together awareness of the many ways of accessing and strengthening that wonderful and vital force that we all have within and around ourselves.

Phyllis Parun, New Orleans, LA.  Ms Parun offers macrobiotic consultations, meditation and breathing practices, self massage, tranquility practices, and Qigong.  Foundation for the Macrobiotic Way formed in 1987.  Includes recommended self study readings and consultations.

Edward Esko, Becket, MA.  This site features articles by Edward Esko and associates on macrobiotics and related topics. There are also free downloads and podcasts. An assortment of books, CDs, and DVDs are available to purchase.

Jon Sandifer, Feng Shui practitioner.  Teddington, Middlesex, UK.  Feng Shui consultations, macrobiotics, oriental diagnosis, author of 8 books, very impressive background.

Dr Annemarie Colbin, New York, NY.  Dr Colbin offers classes, courses, workshops, and speaking engagements; one on one nutritional and wellness consultations; writing; integrative medical practice consulting; wellness and nutrition consulting for businesses--staff and management.  Author of four books: "Book of Whole Meals," "Food and Healing," "The Natural Gourmet," "Food and Our Bones."

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Jim Caola.  The site includes: bulletins, basic principles of macrobiotics, list of books, commentaries, community, cooking for the season, homework help for kids, letters and dialogues, Macro Chef reprints, menus for four, native people pages, news, recipe index, resources, techniques, the organic food pages, tributes and obituaries.  There is a list of 19 articles written by Jim in Macro Chef, and another 9 articles for Christina Cooks, the new title of this magazine.

Mary Martha McNeel, San Antonio, TX.  Gentle Wellness is the art of taking care of yourself using the time tested methods of dietary therapy, self realization and energy enhancing exercises.  Gentle Wellness cultivates inner awareness to promote personal growth and wisdom.  Gentle Wellness adopts healthy life styles to prevent disease and promote a long and fulfilling  life.

Jan London.  Let Food by Your Medicine.  Author of a book entitled Coconut Cuisine Featuring Stevia.  Personal chef and instructor to discerning clients world-wide for 23 years.  Macrobiotic cooking instructor for seminars and retreats.

Meredith McCarty, Marin County, CA.  Website offers a line of products, consulting, books, lectures, classes and recipes.  Products include pressure cookers, grain mills, knives and water purifiers.  Books include the four cookbooks authored by Meredith.  Three lectures include Healing Cuisine, Sugar free desserts, and nutritional support related to breast cancer.

Greg and Michelle Samples, Knoxville, TN.  Tuesday night cooking classes, lecture series, personal consultations, shiatsu, "reconnective healing"

Jessica Porter, Los Angeles, CA.  Hypnotherapist, macro counselor.  Wrote book: "The Hipchicks Guide to Macrobiotics" published in 2004.

Don Beckett. This site deals with macrobiotics and the Law of Attraction; reikik and Johrei.

Gabrielle Kushi, MN.  Services include cooking instruction, counseling sessions, chef services, recipes, kitchen feng shui, macrobiotic, seminars, lectures, Corporate consulting; New book: Embracing Menopause Naturally.

Ilanit Tof, Melbourne, Australia.  Little Tree Publishing; Treatise on the Imagination; Snapshots of Life; Voices for the Animals; Psychophysiology; Just Jeans; The Travel Bug; Time Immemorial; Musings; Obtusities; Textualities; Young Minds; Food for Thought; Narcissism; Cosmetics without Synthetics; E books; Simply Natural Food: online Shopping; Cloud Nine Pillows; Lox box; the first home smoked salmon maker; the energy egg.

David and Cynthia Briscoe, Oroville, CA.  Study courses offered by David and Cynthia include: Steps to Health course at the Briscoe study house; Getting Started section for those just starting macrobiotics; Macrobiotic Personal Consultation for self healing plus Personal Health Sessions for those preferring a gradual change to healthy eating; Counselor training on line starts Jan, Jun and Sep 15. The web site also includes articles by David and Cynthia, recipes.

Leah Zinn.  Macrobiotics for Everyone.  Our mission is to teach people how to eat well and how to feel great through Macrobiotics and remedial therapy. Leah offers macrobiotic consultations, workshops, catering and cooking lessons.  She also specializes in Shiatsu massage.

John Kozinski, Becket, MA.  Since 1976 macrobiotic education and counseling for vital health and well being in the united states and internationaly.  Though not shown on the web site, John teaches at the Kushi Institute in Becket, MA.  Macrobiotic and lifestyle consultations, shiatsu, Chi Gung.  Video consultations by mail and telephone consultations are also available.  Services are available in many locations.

Leslie Ashburn.  Honolulu, Hawaii. Services provided include private and public cooking classes, as a macrobiotic lifestyle coach, as a personal chef, for hosting social events like potlucks and dinner parties.

Linda Wemhoff, Monterey, CA.  Linda has been a Macrobiotics chef since 1985. She studied at the VEGA Institute in California and the Kushi Institute in Boston, served as a personal chef to Michio and Aveline Kushi, apprenticed at the Swedish Macrobiotic Healing Center and was a head-chef at the International Macrobiotic Institute in Kiental Switzerland.  Linda has also taught thousands of students at macrobiotics schools, summer camps, cooking classes and on her cable television program


Sharlene Rough: London, England. Sharlene shares her daily insights about eating and living macrobiotically by updating her blog every day about her macrobiotic lifestyle.

Simon and Victoria Barayev.  Atlanta, GA.  One-on-one and group cooking classes;  kitchen organization; shopping guidance; healthy meals to go; cooking at your home with your counselor’s recommendations; catering.

Warren Kramer, Boston, MA.  Cooking classes and lectures, monthly community dinners, health consultations, pot luck dinners.  Warren travels widely so check his web site for upcoming events.

Meg Wolff, South Portland, ME.  Breast cancer survivor stories, general macrobiotic information.

Gene Perla.  Personal insights about the macrobiotic diet and Gene's gradual changes in coping with this new way of life.

Dr Ronald Parks, Asheville, NC.  Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry.  MacroHealth Medicine is the name of Dr. Parks’ comprehensive and holistic consultative and treatment services. 

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Marian Bell, Houston, TX.  Cooking classes, nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, planned hikes, clutter control.

Marlene MacKenna.  Recovered from fourth stage cancer with a macrobiotic lifestyle.  Author of a very inspiring book describing her recovery.

A wealth of information about the connection between diet and a healthy life, about macrobiotics ... and much more.  Meg is a very healthy, two-time survivor of cancer – bone and then breast cancer.

Michael Rossoff, Asheville, NC.  Macrobiotic counseling and teaching, traditional acupuncture.

Michio Kushi, Brookline, MA.  This site details all the books, honors and other data related to Michio Kushi's past and current schedule.  For more information regarding the Kushi Institute, see the web site:

Mina Dobic.  Carlsbad, CA.  “My goal is to help you discover how easy it can be and how quickly you can apply macrobiotic principles to your own individual needs; while at the same time, achieving your goals and getting your health back. As you take charge of your life, I will guide you while you continue to more fully realize and satisfy your desire for freedom and happiness.”

Nadine Barner, Los Angeles, CA.  Macrobiotic  counseling, cooking lessons

Sabine Martens.  Health consultations, private macrobiotic cooking classes, group cooking classes, weekly lunches, monthly pot luck dinners, and "all about your health" weekend in February, a year long course about healthy cooking and healthy living.

David Snieckus and Margaret Arndt, Newton, MA.  David, a graduate of the Kushi Institute has over 25 years experience counseling individuals in the most practical and easiest way to live. David and his partner, Margaret, host community dinners, retreats in Maine & New Hampshire and weekend workshops in Newton, MA. David cooks delicious macrobiotic meals and consults on health issues.

Rosanna Martella and James McCaig, Cherry Hill, NJ.  The art of preparation with Sufi philosophy and Macrobiotic balance.

Simone Parris.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Simone has been cooking professionally for about 15 years.  Her objective is to create healthy delicious meals that nourish the body and soul. Her favorite food types include vegetarian, macrobiotic and ethnic.

Susan Krieger.  Long standing Macrobiotic Counselor, Acupuncturist.  Ki-Shiatsu-Acupressure Practitioner.  She presents health and healing seminars and lectures in New York City and throughout the US, is on the faculty of NYU and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Susan opened the first Macrobiotic Restaurant in England in the 70's, produced the Ki-Shiatsu Instructional DVD which is available from her office and the Kushi Institute Store, MA.  Her web site clearly explains her work and dedication to spreading health and well being throughout our world.

Susan Marque.  Los Angeles, CA.  Food coaching services.

Sheri DeMaris, Philadelphia, PA.  A TV talk show for the transformation to a healthier lifestyle.

Tim Burness, Brighton, England.  A musician with a strong interest in macrobiotics.

Bob Carr. East-West Center of Cleveland. Health consltations, cooking lessons, shiatsu massage, seminars.

Virginia Worrell.  New Britain, CT.  Virginia's Touch offers reflexology, natural foods classes, meals to go, and natural foods lifestyle coaching.

Jamie and Kasia Travena, Island of Ibiza.  Yoga  Massage Diploma Courses for Beginners and Advance Students.  Wellbeing holiday retreats.  Macrobiotic cooking.  Shiatsu and Thai massage.

Rebecca Wood; Boulder, CO.  Author of two books: "The Splendid Grain" "The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia."  Offers kitchen coaching, cooking classes, access to an extensive recipe library.

Gayle Stolove.  Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Wholly Macro; Macrobiotic Educators-Personal Chefs.  Customized personal meals, private consultations.

William Stanton.  Marshfield, MA. William currently maintains a practice in acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Whole Foods Dietary Practice, and Essential Oils.  Dennis currently studies Yang style Taijiquan with Yang Jwing-ming in Boston where he has earned the rank of assistant instructor. He has also studied Xingyi, and Baguquan with Liang Shouyu.

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Alex Jack, Edward Esko, Becket, MA.  Amberwaves is a network of concerned friends, families, farms, and communities devoted to preserving natural and organic rice, wheat, and other essential foods from the hazards of genetic engineering (GE).  All work is done on a voluntary basis.

Hooksett, NH.  Besides a long list of health related products, this excellent web site provides recipes, macrobiotic and other health related articles, a forum for macrobiotic and other health related subjects, and a listing of links to macro sites around the world that is one of the best on the internet.

Wellness Studio, Margo Marver, Portland, OR.  Yoga and exercise, reflexology, shiatsu massage, ginger compresses, macrobiotic cooking classes, catered meals

Food for Thought, Rafi Munz, Givat Ada, Israel.  Courses include: introduction to macrobiotics, feng shui, and lessons in understanding the present.  The website is filled with Rafi’s artwork; well worth seeing.                

George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, Carl Ferre, Chico, CA.  Web site includes a list of book publications for sale, Macrobiotics Today magaziine, and information about the French Meadows Summer Camp held every July in the Sierra Mountains of California.

Institute for Health and Happiness, Maui, Hawaii.  Wellness vacations and health retreats, macrobiotic education and cooking, lectures, meditations, yoga, massage therapy.

The Natural Healing Clinic, Sydney, Australia.  Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, counseling/psychotherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, iridology, ketosystem weight loss program, kinesiology, massage, macrobiotics, natural fertility management, nutrition, osteopathy, reflexology, women's health, ultra lite weight loss program,  Naturopathy, massage, yoga, pilates, natural health and fitness,  cellular health analysis.

Website based on the best selling book The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack.  We offer a variety of  articles, books, and services, including macrobiotic counseling, view of life guidance sessions, and informal MacroChat conversations in person, on the telephone, or via fax or email.

Jamie and Kasia Travena, UK.  The Macrobiotic Guide is at the heart of the macrobiotic community online and is a particularly useful resource for new people, travellers, schools, doctors, health-care professionals, caterers, food manufacturers and the international media. Hundreds of people each day are using the guide and it is full of informative articles, recipes, and featured interviews.

One World Summer Festival.  Surrey, England.  Over 200 workshops and lectures throughout the week with separate activity programs for teens and children of all age groups.  The teachers are dedicated and experienced in a range of therapies, natural movement and dance forms, exercise for physical and spiritual development, holistic health, arts, crafts and sports as well as specialist areas such as Natural Cookery.  Each day there are three meals served, made from the highest quality whole foods, mostly organically grown.

The Online International Macrobiotic Directory.  (Same as  Bruce Paine, Gary Miller.  Directory to everything macrobiotics; opportunity to advertise anything about your activities or services, and/or to use this web site as your personal site.  Quality Natural Products; these include: Mitoku, Clearspring, Lundberg, Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Suzanne's Specialties, Eden Foods.

Macrobiotics Canada.  Wayne Diotte.  Almonte, ON.  An education, health, healing retreat and counseling center.  Macrobiotic shiatsu massage, cooking instruction, yoga and Do-In, consultations and counseling; summer accommodations and retreats; teaching seminars.

Website is devoted to recipes.  This web site is dedicated to healthy and natural living, through a holistic approach.  Macrobiotic recipes include: soups, cooked grain dishes, bread, vegetable dishes and "pots", vegetable pies, stuffed vegetables, salads, sauces, beans and other vegetable proteins, fish and seafood, cakes and other sweets.

The Orange County Macrobiotic Potluck Club.  Potlucks every month in different communities in Orange County.


Alternative therapies.  Maidenhead, England.  Patrick, your Master, is also a Karuna and Seichem Master (other methods of healing).  He is also proficient with the European form of Psychic Surgery.  Correspondence courses in Massage, Anatomy and Physiology  are given worldwide through the computer.  Patrick teaches aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, macrobiotics, oriental diagnosis, emotional freedom therapy, Indian head massage, psychic development, and Reiki.

Food is best medicine.  Ray Tolaymat.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Macrobiotic health consultations by internet or in person.

Tulsa, OK. We want to foster high quality health care, education and research.  Integrating acupuncture, oriental medicine and nutrition with good habits of daily living into the American health care system.  Through these urban retreat centers and medical spas, we can bring together health and beauty with prevention

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Macrobiotic Caribbean cruise normally starting at Ft Lauderdale, FL; at Miami in 2014, featuring many of the world’s top macrobiotic teachers.

Jamie and Kasia Travena, Island of Ibiza.  Yoga  Massage Diploma Courses for Beginners and Advance Students.  Wellbeing holiday retreats.  Macrobiotic cooking.  Shiatsu and Thai massage

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Los Angeles, CA.  Dr Kaslow focuses on overall factors in his examination and treatment of his patients.  Macrobiotics, therefore plays an important role in his personal and comprehensive care.


Sydney, Australia's most comprehensive natural health and holistic medical centre.  Its mission is to support people who are striving for  healthier  minds, bodies, and spirit through education and  empowerment, and to provide a safe and secure environment where individuals, families and groups can work together with nurturing and empathetic practitioners.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  Dr. Neal Barnard.  Founded in 1985, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a nonprofit organization that promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research, and encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research.

Platelet Disorder Support Association.  a non-profit corporation founded in August, 1998 to provide information, support, and encourage research about ITP and other platelet disorders.




for information regarding macrobiotics.

The Prevention Medicine Center provides resources and information on conventional, alternative, and complementary medicines, advice on whole foods/high fiber approaches to healthful nutrition including macrobiotics, cooking classes, and lectures. The Preventive Medicine Center is dedicated to promoting a realistic, supportive, holistic approach to health - achieving disease prevention and reversal, where possible, through a combination of innovative, traditional, and alternative methods.



Los Angeles, CA.  Features contemporary macrobiotic cuisine using whole natural foods prepared with great taste.

The Casa de Luz is a gathering place for people seeking wholeness and integration in diet, exercise and experiences. Casa's campus participants offer activities, services and meetings to nourish the mind, body and soul.   At its core lies the Casa de Luz Dining Room where organic food is used as much as possible to bring balance to the body.

Real Food Daily.  Ann Gentry.  Los Angeles, CA.  Menu includes starters and small plates; soups, breads and spreads; salads; sandwiches; seasonal entrees; Real Food meals; basics; beverages; desserts; weekend brunch.




Wikipedia encyclopedia. Definition, history, philosophy and many other interesting data related to macrobiotics.


The skeptics dictionary.  A collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, and dangerous delusions.  Although this website downplays anything alternative, unusual or unconventional, it makes interesting reading.


Macrobiotics Internet Resources.  The website contains macrobiotics WWW Links, extensive information and meta directories, national/international organizations, practitioner databases, web-based discussion forums, general interest pages, education and training, and publications.

This website is a quick reference guide that will help you keep a happy and healthy balance between the many variables on this complex but awesome adventure of life on planet earth. It includes tips on diet, a holistic approach to physical and emotional health, relationships, education and practical spirituality for personal growth.

Carefully selected natural products, including Water Filters - Sink Top, Under Sink, Shower & Whole House; a Bookstore, a Holistic Resource Center with articles and research facilities, and many other resources.

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Anais Luna. Find a culinary school. Worldwide cooking schools directory.

Concord Institute for Integral Studies.  London, England.  Concord Institute is dedicated to developing and promoting an integral model for health that takes into account nutrition, bodywork practices, communication and self-expression.  The intention of the Core Curriculum is for people to break free of familiar but unrewarding patterns of living and become open to the larger currents of evolution.  An Advance Curriculum is also available.  Bodywork, and a dining club for evening macrobiotic meals are also provided.

The Monadnock School of Natural Cooking and Philosophy.  Peterborough, NH.  A two-year intensive and apprenticeship study for mastery in natural foods cooking, cosmic theory and philosophy, restaurant management, restaurant design, culinary visualization, natural and organic gardening, and holistic healing through natural foods and natural lifestyle. offers a wide variety of culinary courses for everyone from the aspiring professional chef, to the backyard grill master.

Cindy Cullen. An unbiased and updated list of every school that offers a culinary arts program in the US. This site is currently (October, 2010) being developed.

The School of Strengthening Health.  Denny Waxman.  Philadelphia, PA.  Consultations; Author of "The Great Life Handbook."  Site includes a list of upcoming lectures; no details are given about Denny's school.

Fortunate Blessings Foundation.  William Spear.  Litchfield, CT.  Bill Spear is the author of the book: Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing your Life With The Ancient Art of Placement.  The course can be of particular benefit to people coping with life-threatening diseases or the after-affects of traumatic experiences: social workers, physicians, nurses, hospice workers and other health-care practitioners who deal with life and death on a daily basis in their professions.  Bill Spear has been a macrobiotic counselor for many years and this training and experience makes its way into the study programs indirectly.

Nicola and Marina Daniele. The Basic workshop in natural feeding allows anyone to learn the fundamental rules for a complete nutrition, both according to the knowledge of the essential nutrients and also in the light of a balanced and correct coupling of ingredients.
*Introduction to a the balanced menu. *Whole-meal cereals, the cooking and proprieties. *The vegetables proteins: legumes, seitan, the derivatives of Soya beans (tofu, miso, shoju). *Vegetables and seaweeds. *The natural pastry.
The Terapy workshop will focus on prevention and healing of diseases, from the most serious to the most common, relying only on natural remedies. We will make use of oriental medicine; visual diagnostics (the capacity to recognize problems by the observation of the face); macrobiotic philosophy (yin and yang) applied to cooking, with recipes in harmony with the seasons and with our physical condition; inner remedies based on herbs, roots, propoli and clay; external remedies based on packs and poultices.

Health Classics Productions.  Lawrence Cooper.  Santa Barbara, CA.  Complete line of books [macrobiotic and related fields], John Bradshaw audio and videos, body care, cookware, Health classics audio and videos, gift cards and bags, homeopathy, and Nana's cookies.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  New York, NY.  The school offers professional training programs that inspire the evolution of health, happiness and freedom through education about dynamic, cutting-edge health practices.

Belgium and Holland.  The courses are constructed to teach you how to cook healthy colorful and tasty meals.  The core ingredients are mostly vegetarian and you learn how to replace meat and dairy products with healthy alternatives.  You study the Western approach to nutrition as well as the Yin-Yang philosophy from the East.

Heaven Studio & Heaven on Earth Yoga InstitutePierrefonds, QC, Canada.  Yoga lessons, macrobiotic cooking lessons, retreats, workshops.

Kushi Institute.  Becket, MA.  Education for Planetary Health and Peace.  The KI's mission is to teach, guide and inspire individuals towards greater personal freedom, health, happiness and peace by using the principles of Kushi Macrobiotics.

Lenore Baum, Weaverville, NC.  Lenore’s Natural Cuisine is a cooking school featuring international vegetarian cooking. Oriental medicine/macrobiotic principles and live foods form the basis for the recipes. Every class is jam-packed with indispensable information and includes a complete, organic, non-dairy meal.  Author of two cookbooks: "Lenore's Natural Cuisine" "Sublime Soups"; Lenore's Kitchen since 1991.

Carbondale Center for Macrobiotic Studies.  Fred Pulver.  Carbondale, CO.  Fred is available for counseling by email, telephone and personal appointment to help you design a Macrobiotic program for your unique requirements. He is also available for Macrobiotic presentations in your area.

The School of Natural Cookery and Life Energetics.  Montse Bradford.  Bath, England and Barcelona, Spain.  A comprehensive study of the energetics of foods, the healing power of cooking and the transformative qualities of a natural life style.  Intensive introductory weekends "A Return To Nature"; specialized seminars: "Our Children--Our World"  "Food and Emotions" "The Alchemy of Cooking" "Creating Inner Balance" "Strengthening Our Immune System"; a comprehensive teachers' training course is also available.

The School of Natural Cookery.  Joanne Saltzman.  Boulder, CO.  Students learn vegan, vegetarian cooking in a unique curriculum where the art of healthy cooking for all diets includes nutrition energetics and living foods cuisine. We call it the 'Language of Cooking,' only available at SNC. Cook intuitively with whatever ingredients are at hand as a professional or for yourself.  The Language of Cooking unique to SNC explains cooking without measuring or using recipes and provides structure for creativity in all cuisines.

The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts.  The school offers healthy vegan and vegetarian cooking classes, guest lectures by some of the country's leading health consultants, and informative seminars for people interested in an alternative approach to food, nutrition, health, and healing.

Natural Gourmet Cooking School; Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health.  Dr Annemarie Colbin.  New York, NY.  Specializes in mostly vegetarian cuisine, including whole, fresh, natural, seasonal food as well as fish and organic chicken.  Annemarie Colbin is the author of several (nearly) macrobiotic cookbooks and many awards for her unique school.

Austin, TX.  Morgan Jones.   Macrobiotics, bau-biologie, sustainable building, vastu science, permaculture.  For deeper learning, we are working to build residential schools set in self-supporting eco-villages: one in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and one in Austin, Texas where our students can "live their way to a new way of thinking."

Self healing Australia macrobiotics.  Deals with items: What is macrobiotics; the seven principles of the infinite universe; yin and yang; the five element theory; guide to nutritional balance; yin and yang foods.

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Jamie and Kasia Travena, Island of Ibiza.  Yoga  Massage Diploma Courses for Beginners and Advance Students.  Wellbeing holiday retreats.  Macrobiotic cooking.  Shiatsu and Thai massage.

International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society.  Shizuko Yamamoto, Patrick McCarty.  New York, NY, Orlando, FL.  Founded in 1986, the International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society (I.M.S.S.) is dedicated to spreading natural complementary and alternative healing techniques to maintain and to regain health.  Books written by Shizuko and Patrick are available online.

Belgium and Holland.  The complete curriculum is a four year program though most students complete the studies in three years.  The school provides a structured program for people who want to become shiatsu therapists. The school is internationally recognised with a total of seven campuses in Europe and America.

International School of Shiatsu.  A group of independent schools located in Switzerland, United States, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.  The curriculum reflects the school’s founder, Saul Goodman's background in traditional shiatsu, Zen shiatsu, macrobiotics, shin tai--life force recovery.  Courses include foundation level, practitioners level, special workshops, professional teachers training.  Also offers continuing education courses for certified massage therapists.

The International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society details their activities, a newsletter, recommended books and a description of macrobiotic shiatsu.

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A skeptic's guide to numerology

A detailed explanation of numerology reading techniques without glitz or glitter.  Includes a description of the following topics: Destiny Number, Destiny Number One, Destiny Number Two, Destiny Number Three, Destiny Number Four, Destiny Number Five, Destiny Number Six, Destiny Number Seven, Destiny Number Eight, Destiny Number Nine, Destiny Number, Eleven, Destiny Number Twenty Two.

Dr. Peter Filis.  Numerologist, palmist,  Tarot interpreter, accurate psychic readings based in Sydney, Australia.



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Starstell offer Astrology Birth Charts, Horoscope Predictions, Ganesh Pooja, Gem Stones for Sale

John Douillard\'s Ayurveda Clinic, located in Boulder and Denver Colorado, offers an ayurvedic medicine, panchakarma, ayurvedic remedy, herbal and educational products for health, fitness, skin care, weight loss, depression, anxiety, and well-being, also offers classes in Ayurvedic massage, Panchakarma, and at the LifeSpa School of Ayurveda

Custom made covers for all hot tub and spa types any shape new or old.

How to use food guide pyramids to eat healthy.

An art link network.

Delivering fitness and entertainment products to families, children, and wellness conscious customers.

Types of Massage, Benefits Of Massage, How To Give A Good Full Body Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Prenatal Massage and much more.....

Ron Ray.  Ron offers live psychic readings for clear answers to the questions you may have.  Ron Ray also teaches Energy Work / Meditation and has developed an instructional course on CD that is an easy to follow guided Energy Work/Meditation that will help you empower yourself.

Appetite Right is a specialist healthy lifestyle and healthy weight loss program. They use a unique blend of psychology and nutrition to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Mesothelioma movie clips. Clinically oriented information for mesothelioma and asbestos.

Organic babe and children's clothing store.  A world of beautiful baby and children's wear.  Free Australia wide delivery

Searching for a spa or hot tub? Spa Depot offers a wide range of hut tubs, spas and Jacuzzis at great prices. Browse our online store and find the best prices on everything hot tubs today, at

NY Area yoga, spa and wellness related resources and information for stress management, personal growth, nutrition, and wellbeing.

Teak tables.   Outdoor Furniture Sale. Teak Furniture, Patio Furniture, Garden Furniture shipped to you. Outdoor Teak tables, chairs, benches and garden wood available.