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Everybody Loves Raymond's Sawyer Sweeten commits suicide at 19

Sawyer Sweeten, who appeared on the hit show Everybody Loves Raymond, has died of an apparent suicide after shooting himself while visiting family in Texas. read

'Rogue trader lived in the suburbs as faster internet there gave him split-second advantage over City dealers worth millions of pounds'

Suspected rogue trader Navinder Sarao (circled) lived in his parents' modest home in West London because it gave him a split-second advantage worth millions of pounds, it was claimed yesterday. read

Enfield Poltergeist made MICHAEL HELLICAR believe in the supernatural

Michael Hellicar was sent to report on the 'Enfield Poltergeist' in 1977 - a malevolent presence which was witnessed terrorising the Hodgson family by some 30 people over the course of that summer. read

'Ed Miliband will bring back uncontrolled migration' warns David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has made a passionate plea to Ukip voters not to risk letting in a Labour government that will allow ‘a return to uncontrolled immigration’. read

David Cameron plans English income tax rates within 100 days of Tory election victory 

The Tories are publishing a separate 'English manifesto' for the first time. David Cameron will today pledge that a top priority, if re-elected, will be to deliver effective 'home rule' for England. read

Tories take four-point lead as Lib Dem numbers continue to drop

The Conservatives have opened up a four-point lead over Labour with 36 per cent of the vote compared to Ed Miliband's party's 32 per cent, an exclusive new ComRes poll reveals. read

Second spectacular volcanic eruption in Chile covers cities in ash

A second spectacular blast from the Calbuco volcano (pictured) in southern Chile has covered nearby towns and villages in a thick layer of ash following the first explosion in over four decades yesterday. read

Man shocked by woman's botched NHS 'Michelin man' surgery awarded £9k

Julie Ronayne, was awarded £160,000 after the bungled hysterectomy at Liverpool Women's Hospital. Her husband Edward was given £9,000 due to the shock of seeing his wife's appearance. read

Apple smartwatch on sale from today... but not on the high street: Customers will have to wait until June to take delivery after ordering online

Although the Apple Watch is officially going on sale, none of its stores will have them in stock - instead, consumers have to pre-order the watches online and wait for their arrival until June. read

Semi-detached suburban Gordon Gekko: The hound of Hounslow, a mafia man holed up in Uxbridge and 007-themed swingers' party prove that Good Life style suburbia is a myth, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

John Betjeman would have loved the Hound of Hounslow, the suburban shares trader accused of crashing the Wall Street stock market from his bedroom in a West London semi. read

Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus gets two years probation at sentencing

The former U.S. Army General, whose career was destroyed when the affair with Paula Broadwell emerged in November 2012, was also fined $100,000 at the hearing in Charlotte, North Carolina. read

The judge is right: we parents must lay down the law (even if your kids think you're a vile old cow) writes LIBBY PURVES

Judge Sir James Munby, president of the High Court's Family Division, is right! Of course parents should tell children where to get off, and sometimes 'make them do things they do not want to do'. read

'Disabled', but fit for 191-mile hike: Walker who told of trip in newspaper report ends up in court after saying he couldn't walk 200 metres when applying for parking badge

Paul Gregory, 51, of Bedford, has been fined £795 for having a blue badge, claiming he could only walk 200 metres, when in fact he was a keen walker who enjoyed hikes in Cumbria and Wales. read

ISIS killers hug men accused of being gay before stoning them death

The shocking images were taken in ISIS-held territory in the province of Homs and show the two accused men being savagely executed by up to four jihadis. read

Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman guilty of electoral corruption

Lutfur Rahman had 'driven a coach and horses' through local authority law during the May 2014 mayoral election in the east London borough, an election judge found today read

Legacy of hope from tiny Teddy: Nearly 2,000 people sign up to be organ donors following tragic story of newborn whose kidneys and heart valves were transplanted when he died 100 minutes after birth

Nearly 2,000 people have signed up to be organ donors after Jess Evans and her fiance Mike Houlston, from Cardiff, revealed how their son Teddy saved a life when his kidneys were donated. read

Sorry sisters - getting drunk DOES make you more vulnerable, writes JAN MOIR 

We cannot shy away from the fact that alcohol has a part to play in the safety of young women. To keep denying this only puts more girls in harm’s way, writes JAN MOIR. read

Cruise diner is cleared of GBH in argument with two elderly passengers over rudeness at the dinner table 

Graeme Finlay (pictured) went on trial after retired engineer Ron Phillips, 70, and his wife June, 69, were knocked unconscious in the incident outside their cabin on board the Thomson Celebration luxury liner. read

Barholm Castle in Scotland renovated by couple over eight years 

Barholm Castle, in Dumfries and Galloway is on the market for £695,000, which means owners Janet and John Brennan will lose a six-figure sum after spending thousands on renovations. read

Bill Cosby confidential: Disgraced comic files papers to prevent release of his sealed deposition in 2005 sexual assault lawsuit settled out of court

Tamara Green - who has accused Cosby of sexual assault - is suing the comedian for defamation. She is demanding that his sealed deposition could contain bombshell evidence in her favor. read

Three new women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault: Alleged victims say they were drugged by star in claims that bring total number of accusations to 38

Janice Baker Kinney, Marcella Tate, and Autumn Burns held a press conference on Thursday morning in Los Angeles, California, to announce their claims with their attorney Gloria Allred. read

How Lenin's corpse looks better with age: Scientists reveal experimental embalming methods used on the Soviet leader

The revolutionary's body, which is on display in a mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square, is immersed in a bath of glycerol and potassium acetate for 30 days every two years. read

Too much time indoors damages children's eyes: Lack of natural sunlight thought to be driving up rates of short-sightedness among the young

In China, where four in five teens are shortsighted, some schools are using translucent classrooms to expose children to more sunlight, after research showed it helped combat the condition. read

Images of Ebola outbreak take top prize at Sony World Photography Awards

American John Moore's poignant photographs of the outbreak in Liberia were praised by the judges for illustrating with compassion how people's daily lives were destroyed by the disease. read

Bulgaria's resorts named cheapest in Europe for bargain breaks

Resorts on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast offer the best value in terms of a meal out and other essentials, according to a study which used an 'imaginary shopping basket' of typical holiday purchases. read

Model reveals tricks used to break controversial runway weight laws

Former model Jennifer Sky, 38, from Brooklyn, New York, claims models are being asked to stuff their underwear with sandbags so they can clock in at a 'healthy' weight. read

Experts confirm a visit to IKEA could spell doom for your relationship

A psychology expert warned that shopping at IKEA causes serious friction between couples, particularly when it comes to building one particularly unit known as the Liatorp, which retails for $1,199. read

Global warming has slowed but our climate models are WRONG

Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina based their study on 1,000 years of temperature records and compared it to the most severe emissions scenarios by the IPCC. read

Eritrean woman in iconic picture of dramatic migrant shipwreck

Wegasi Nebiat, 24, from the African country Eritrea said she's thankful to be alive after she was rescued by a Greek man when the migrant ship she was travelling on crashed off the coast of Rhodes. read

Kate Upton's body attained by cutting alcohol, bread and processed carbs

Kate Upton, 22, has one of the best figures in the world, which she keeps trim on a very strict diet and exercise regime. She avoids alcohol, only eats certain fruits and has five smalls meals a day. read

Transport for London boss says commuter trains are 's***'

In a Management Today interview, Sir Peter Hendy picked out Southeastern and South West Trains for special treatment in a rant that will be music to many commuters' ears. read

Auschwitz guard Oskar Groening couldn't imagine prisoners getting out

SS Sgt. Oskar Groening made the revelation while answering a question from attorneys representing Auschwitz survivors at the third day of his trial at the Lueneburg state court. read

The '30 Janner victims': More come forward after peer escapes charges amid claims file on him is among 114 lost by Home Office

The new alleged victims have come forward as Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, dared her opponents to challenge her decision not to prosecute Lord Janner in court. read

On St George's Day, ROBERT HARDMAN joins Nigel Farage as he battles for his political life

Raising a pint to the patron saint of England, Nigel Farage is himself the toast of a considerable chunk of the electorate in Thanet South, writes ROBERT HARDMAN. read

Labour would cost every family £1,000 a year more in taxes

Taxes will be £12billion a year higher under Labour than the Tories, independent experts warned yesterday – equal to £1,052 for every working household. read

SNP-Labour deal would leave familes £350 worse off, George Osborne claims

With polls showing no party will win an overall majority, Mr Osborne claimed it would spark a 'constitutional crisis' if Scottish nationalist MPs held the balance of power in the UK government. read

Conservatives target the Lib Dems in the West Country by Quentin Letts

Pow by name, Ka-Pow by nature. Rebecca Pow, pictured, Tory candidate for marginal Taunton Deane, is as pink and springy as forced rhubarb, writes QUENTIN LETTS in the West Country. read

Unite union boss says Labour has 'been built to serve us' 

Union boss Len McCluskey has told his members that their policies 'our now within our grasp' claiming that the rich and powerful have their own party in the Tories, claiming a vote for Labour will 'restore decency and justice.' read

We will never walk away from EU vows Ed Miliband

In a rare foreign policy speech, Labour leader Ed Miliband will today pledge to ‘restore our commitment’ to the European Union and other international groups such as the United Nations. read

David Cameron uses selfie stick during local radio station tour in Cornwall 

Prime Minister David Cameron used the device after spending eight-hours on a sleeper train from London on a campaign visit to Cornwall where he announced the Conservative's plan for the south west. read

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Dominic West and his wife forced to sell family castle 

The Wire actor Dominic West and his wife Catherine Fitzgerald (pictured) are reluctantly selling her ancestral home in West Limerick for £4.6 million because of the cost of its upkeep. read

Leeds teenager dragged from bus stop and brutally raped breaks her silence

The 18-year-old was hit over the head 20 times with a rock and dragged into a nearby garden where she was raped by the man and left for dead in the Beeston area of Leeds last month. read

Rape 'victim' who took her own life gives evidence from beyond the grave

A jury at Chester Crown Court was shown a video-taped interview which the woman had given to police two days after the alleged attack. Masood Mansouri, 22, from Saltney, denies charges. read

Swedish cops on vacation in New York stop a brutal assault on subway

Marcus Asberg, along with Erik Naslund, Samuel Kvarzell and Eric Jansberger, subdued an enraged homeless man who was viciously beating another rider on the train. read

Coroner calls for Bednest Bed Side Crib to be withdrawn after baby death

Seven week old Grace Joy Roseman died after she managed to move herself over the edge of her cot and a 'safety' ridge cut off oxygen supply to her brain, West Sussex Coroner's Court heard. read

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson with a suspicious 'cigarette'

The One Direction star, 23, was photographed in London with a roll-up and a box of a green leafy substance as he partied. Tomlinson was previously videoed joking about drugs. read

Drill Hatton Garden raiders used to break through wall to access deposit boxes

The power tool was used by the gang to cut a hole into the basement in London's jewellery district, where they raided 72 security boxes before escaping with wheelie bins full of precious gems. read

How to beat men's problems: Why men MUST seek help if their love life's falling flat 

Around 40 per cent of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction and while the cause may be psychological, it's important to get treatment as it is 'very often' a warning sign of serious health problems. read

How to beat men's problems: Cancer ops don't have to ruin your sex life 

The good news is there have been significant advances over the past decade in treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer, says Professor Roger Kirby, who is one of the world’s leading prostate surgeons, trustee of Prostate Cancer UK and secretary of The Urology Foundation.’ read

How to keep your crown jewels safe: The things you should look out for and why you should check them once a month

Men should get used to checking their testicles once a month, a testicular cancer survivor has said, preferably after a shower. It's a focus that young men especially find uncomfortable. read

Teaching assistant suspended from primary school after she is found with amphetamine in her bag

Lisa Heath, 45, an assistant at Willowtown Community Primary School in Gwent, was caught with Class B amphetamines after another member of staff found them in her handbag and called police. read

Top Gear Three reunited Clarkson, May and Hammond hold talks with producer Andy Wilman as he quits the BBC

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond were pictured together for the first time since Clarkson was axed - prompting speculation that they are planning their next career move. read

Has This Morning really gone too far this time? Show set to feature segment where women rub semen on their face as a beauty treatment

Bosses at the ITV show emailed agents asking for volunteers to test the unusual beauty treatment, saying: 'It involves using their partner's semen, so we'd need them to bring a sample.' read

How drivers see their insurance costs soar after no-fault accidents even if they don't claim

The policy, adopted by the majority of car insurers, means that cautious drivers end up paying for the mistakes of other more careless drivers through their car premiums. read

47stone Bettie Jo woman reveals how her husband STOPPED her losing weight

Bettie Jo, from Houston, Texas, tipped the scales at 47 stone (660lbs) but found it difficult to lose weight without the support of her husband Josh, she reveals on tonight's My 600lb Life on TLC. read

Pictured: The controversial moment contestants on Bear Grylls survival show The Island killed protected American crocodile

The male contestants slaughtered the animal after two days without food, while the show's producers believed it was a more common species, only to later discover it was endangered. read

Surrey village swamped by cardboard signs begging for forgiveness

One hapless Romeo or Juliet appears to have resorted to desperate measures to apologise to his loved one after a series of hand-written cardboard signs appeared all over Milford in Surrey. read

White House says US killed innocent Al Qaeda hostages in US drone strikes

American Warren Weinstein (pictured) and Italian national Giovanni Lo Porto, hostages held by al Qaida, were killed in a January operation in a border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. read

Matt Dunford who harassed ex-girlfriend ordered to do 120 hours unpaid work 

Matt Dunford, 30, of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, bombarded Amanda Branco with up to 50 messages a day and tried to blackmail her out of £5,000 after their relationship broke down. read

Twitter rolls out twice-daily tweet 'Highlights' digest to help users catch up

The San Francisco-based social network said its 'Highlights' service will initially be rolled out to English speaking users who use Twitter on an Android phone. read

Hairdresser who bit another woman's ear off over homewrecker comment jailed

Victim Shelley Williams accused Kate Temple (pictured), of Seaham, County Durham, of having an affair with her partner. Temple bit off part of Miss Williams' ear after getting into a scuffle with her. read

One Hillsborough hero identified after investigators launch appeal to track fans seen helping dying and injured who may have vital evidence

One of the Hillsborough samaritans sought by investigators has come forward after an appeal was launched to identify fans who tended to the wounded as they lay dying on the pitch. read

Goldsmiths University 'anti-racism' rally bans white people from attending

Bahar Mustafa, the Welfare and Diversity Officer at Goldsmiths University student union in south London, told white and male students not to come to the event aimed at 'diversifying the curriculum' read

Dermatologist known as 'Dr Pimple Popper' has become a YouTube star

Dr Sandra Lee, from Upland, California, has nearly 60,000 people subscribing her YouTube channel, in which she posts videos of herself extracting her patients' pimples and cysts. read

Why Shakespeare could help Birmingham take off around the world: City's airport may be renamed after the bard to attract tourists

Paul Kehoe, chief executive of Birmingham Airport, said a re-branding in China had helped to pull in more tourists, but there were concerns not enough Americans would know the famous playwright. read

Malaria vaccine that will prevent millions of young children catching disease could be available within months after trial results find it reduces number of cases by half

The drug, known as RTS,S, has been developed by British firm GlaxoSmithKline over 30 years, and tests show that it could prevent millions of cases of the disease in very young children. read

Nasa beefs up its 'alien hunters' team as they close in on extraterrestrial life

The alien hunting team, dubbed Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (Nexss), will include scientists from 10 universities including Stanford, the University of California and Yale. read

Handsworth residents baffled as speed camera is pointed at a house 

Mystery surrounds who has moved this bright yellow speed camera to angle it directly on the front door of this semi-detached property in Handsworth, Birmingham. read

Girls as young as 16 are risking their health in tight corsets 

While preparing to take ten GCSEs this summer at one of Britain’s most elite girls’ schools, Gabriella, from Godstone, Surrey, is wearing a tight corset in an attempt to whittle down her already tiny waist. read

Northampton sinkhole causes traffic chaos in town centre

Witnesses described a scene like 'something from a disaster movie' as the gaping chasm opened in the street in Northampton at about 2pm - just hours after part of a London pavement collapsed. read

Shareholder who spoke for Britain at Barclays AGM 

Barclays shareholders were angered at the generous pay packages handed to hundreds of its top traders. But chairman Sir David Walker (pictured) said the bank had to attract the best talent. read

Oil and gas drilling has caused earthquakes across the US study reveals

The US Geological Survey found man-made quakes jolted once stable regions in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. read

Homeowner ordered to chop 50ft fast-growing leylandii trees

The leylandii trees in Elizabeth Wilson's garden in Uddingston, Lanarkshire, were branded an 'eyesore' and a 'danger,' by neighbours who have fought for eight years to get them cut back. read

Dr Mohammad Ali Jawad who treated Katie Piper 'molested patient in surgery'

Dr Mohammad Ali Jawad is alleged to have molested the female patients at his Nip n Tuck surgery in Marylebone, central London, when she attended an appointment for her facial scars. read

Welsh doctor caring for thousands after his partners retire fears for patient safety

Dr Arfon Williams is now the sole GP covering two rural practices in North Wales after his last partner retired in March. He has warned it will be difficult to provide a 'safe service' for his 4,300 patients. read

Deutsche Bank forced to pay $2.5 BILLION fine to US and UK regulators

German banking giant Deutsche Bank will pay $2.5 billion in fines for its role in a vast multi-year conspiracy to rig LIBOR interest rates, US and British authorities said on Thursday read

Singing their way out of sorrow: The inspirational story of the women who lost men at sea and found solace by forming a much-acclaimed choir 

Jane Dolby set up the Fishwives' Choir (pictured) to connect with other wives who had lost husbands and family members at sea, following the death of her beloved husband Colin (inset) in 2008. read

West Midlands Police smash down door on booby-trapped cannabis farm

This footage shows the moment West Midlands police officers smashed their way into a booby-trapped home while carrying out a drugs bust in the area. read

Have we finally cracked the identical twin code? Heat treatment reveals even the most subtle differences in the DNA of siblings

Researchers from Huddersfield University discovered that by heating DNA until its bonds break, subtle differences between two strains can be identified. read

'Did my son eat himself to death?': Mother's heartbreak as 'lonely' obese teenager dies at just 18 - after years of gorging on junk food and playing computer games

Shaun Appleby's heartbroken mother Satish said her son's lifestyle should be a warning to others. The teenager, from North Tyneside, had been bullied and had no friends, she said. read

Salford schoolboy with rare illness is subjected to racist abuse over brown suncream

James Creag, from Salford, is so sick of being taunted that he has stopped putting on the special cream - meaning that it is not safe for him to go outside. read

Cigars 'are worse than cigarettes': Warning after consumption doubled in a decade thanks to range of flavoured brands 

The risks for cigar smokers of dying from oral or lung cancer are at least as bad as for cigarettes, a new study claims. The news comes as cigar use rises in the US, where the research was carried out. read

Holidaymaker went to Cyprus to celebrate promotion but sacked

Paul Armstrong, 26, from Sunderland, who jetted off to Cyprus to celebrate his new job was sacked before starting after returning with a stun gun, baton and knuckle duster in his luggage. read

New trailer shows Johnny Depp transformed into gangster Whitey Bulger

The first trailer for upcoming film Black Mass was released on Thursday, showing actor Johnny Depp taking on the role of Boston gangster James 'Whitey' Bulger. read

Judges open the door for even higher parking fines: Court rules private firm's £85 charge is 'not excessively high' 

In a landmark ruling Barry Beavis from Chelmsford, Essex, has lost his High Court challenge over 'unfair, unlawful and disproportionate' parking charges on private land. read

The holiday hordes home in on Skeggy: Lincolnshire town among most popular resorts for people to own a holiday home 

The Lincolnshire resort (pictured), famous for its giant Butlin's holiday camp and donkey rides, joins picturesque places such as St Ives and Windermere in the top ten league of towns for holiday property. read

Autistic man beaten by thugs walking home after buying chocolate in Truro

Gareth Blanks, pictured, was targeted by the group of three men and a woman because he suffers from autism according to his family. The 31-year-old from Truro in Cornwall was repeatedly punched and kicked. read

Royal Mail issues new set of stamps to honour Anthony Trollope, father of the British post box, 200 years after his birth 

The Victorian novelist introduced post boxes to the UK in the 1850s while working for the Post Office. He had seen them in France. They were initially painted green to blend in with the landscape. read

Living near busy roads 'can raise dementia risk': Exposure to sooty particles alters structure of the brain 

Exposure to small, sooty particles, mostly caused by traffic fumes and factory emissions, alters the structure of the brain according to US researchers who examined more than 900 people. read

Cow in India gives birth to calf with ten lips that ALL open when he wants milk

The baby bull, who has been called Nandi, has a distorted head (pictured) with one mouth at the front and four others at the sides. He is being celebrated by local Hindus near his farm in Narnaul. read

Crime figures rise after 30 per cent surge in reported sex attacks

A surge in the number of sex attacks reported to police has fuelled the first rise in recorded crime for more than a decade. read

Hospital warned about Andrew Hutchinson's behaviour YEARS before conviction

Andrew Hutchinson raped two patients while they were under general anaesthetic at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford where he worked in the A&E department between 2011 and 2013. read

Share of homeowners who believe next 12 months is the time to sell reaches four year high as confidence in price rises grows

More people could be tempted into putting their homes up for sale in the coming months amid strong expectations values will continue to rise, a confidence survey shows. read

Female Auschwitz guard and 'merciless' Nazi will 'never face justice'

EXCLUSIVE: As the 'Auschwitz bookkeeper' Oskar Groening goes on trial for WWII atrocities, three female death camp guards who revelled in Hitler's Holocaust will never face justice read

Aldi customers queue for 10 hours to get a free TV in Derbyshire

Eager customers have waited up to 10 hours overnight to get their hands on prizes including 21inch TVs at the opening of a new Aldi store in Avlaston, Derbyshire. read

Farewell Poldark. We men certainly WON'T miss you: NEIL TWEEDIE on why he and husbands around the country aren't sad to see the back of the Cornish hunk

After eight weeks of near constant brooding against the Cornish skyline, there will be two kinds of sigh in the living rooms of Britain on Sunday night: those of longing and those of relief, writes NEIL TWEEDIE. read

Alison Saunders defends decision not to take Lord Janner to court over child sex allegations

Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, said she was 'not afraid' of a legal challenge because the Labour peer is not fit to plead because of his dementia, read

South Yorkshire police accused of missing 'opportunities' over child sex grooming

A host of failings left gangs free to rape, traffic and sexually abuse at least 1,400 children in the town (pictured) between 1997 and 2013, an inquiry by the National Crime Agency (NCA) concluded. read

England star is charged over sex acts with girl, 15

Adam Johnson, 27, who plays in the Premier League for Sunderland and has represented his country 12 times, faces a lengthy jail term if he is convicted. read

Dominatrix claims she shared 'hot, deep kiss' with Prince Harry on Vegas trip

A dominatrix who claims she shared a 'hot, deep kiss' with Prince Harry during his infamous party night in Vegas three years ago says she felt 'overdressed' at the time. read

Bikram yoga raises body temperatures and heart rate to 'dangerous levels'

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse found the body temperature of some class participants reached 40°C/105°F putting them at risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. read

Southampton schoolgirl's water bottle spiked with hydrochloric acid

An investigation has been launched at Hounsdown School in Southampton, Hampshire, after a classroom prank in a science laboratory left the teenager needing medical treatment. read

Native American extras storm off set of Adam Sandler's film The Ridiculous 6

The new Adam Sandler film ran into a huge problem on Wednesday when a group of Native American extras stormed off the set because of offensive jokes about their race. read

Manuel Valls says France has foiled 5 terror attacks since Charlie Hebdo massacre

The chilling revelation by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls' follows the arrest of a 24-year-old student who was allegedly preparing to storm Catholic churches in Paris with an armoury of weapons. read

Identical twin tells of heartbreak as brother dies in high-speed crash

Benjamin Townsend said he had lost his 'best friend' after his identical twin Charlie was killed when the car he was travelling in veered off the road and collided with a tree near Newbury, Berkshire. read

Surgeons extracting Yamini Karanam's 'brain tumour' discover embryonic growth

Yamini Karanam, 26, has dubbed the tumour her 'evil twin sister', adding 'she's been torturing me for the past 26 years'. She underwent surgery at the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles to remove the mass. read

Women with BRCA1 gene are less likely to die from breast cancer if OVARIES are removed

Scientists at the Women's College Research Institute in Toronto found the procedure, known by the medical term oophorectomy, was linked to a 62 per cent reduction in deaths from breast cancer. read

Middle Eastern high school student suspended after strapping fake bomb to himself as part of promposal gone wrong

A Washington teen who strapped fake explosives around his body in a stunt to ask a date to the prom has been suspended from school. read

Google's billionaire chairman earned nearly $109 million last year...while the tech giant's stock slumped

Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt also pocketed a $1.25 million salary, a $6 million bonus and perks valued at nearly $1 million. read

Annuity firms slash rates to worst level EVER after pension freedom

Annuity rates have collapsed to all-time lows within weeks of pension freedom reforms, which removed the need to buy the unpopular products to provide an income for life. read

LaGuardia Airport baggage handler performs push-ups on the runway

NBC journalist Jeff Rossen filmed an airport worker at LaGuardia Airport in New York doing push-ups on the runway after loading up a plane. read

Photographs offer look at female soldiers tackling ISIS to fighting in Ukraine

The photographs show female soldiers and fighter pilots in action among the ranks of armed forces around the world, including in Syria, Pakistan and North Korea. read

Meet the fireman who is also a paramedic and police officer

Andrew Hichens, 28, has become the first person to be trained and equipped as a so-called first responder to all types of 999 call in Hayle, in Western Cornwall. read

Mac on...the Hatton Garden heist 

'You heard me, Colin. As well as my big drill I want our TV and my wife's jewellery back!' read

You shall go to the ball! Mother's enchanting pictures of her daughter dressing up as a different Disney princess each month

A little girl with Down syndrome named Giselle is every bit a Disney Princess when visiting the Florida theme park and modeling the beautiful dresses her mother Kristina sews for her. read

Schoolgirl's pet hen lays egg smaller than a 5p piece

Shannon Hayes from Capel Iwan in Carmarthenshire, centre, believes that her hen, right, has laid the world's smallest egg, left, at a length of just 1.9cm long. read

Meet Dusty the kangaroo who is so sure he's a dog he even hates cats!

Dusty the kangaroo was rescued by the Stewart family, from Western Australia, two years ago and now the little joey believes he is one of the couple's dogs. read

Elephant seal pup weighing 200lb comes up for a cuddle with tourist in video

Canadian Charlene Fritz, 35, had the surprise of a lifetime when a two-month-old baby elephant seal came in for a hug during an expedition to Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. read

Africa's 'electronic graveyards' where the West dumps PCs, laptops and more

'Millions of tonnes' of electronic waste from western nations like the UK are being exported to African countries like Ghana where they are dumped in huge landfill sites (pictured). read

Woman hospitalised after 'disappearing' through hole in Fulham pavement

Onlookers reported hearing a loud scream before the woman, who has not been identified, 'vanished' down the gap in the pavement outside a cafe on North End Road in Fulham, London. read