City of ash: Second spectacular volcanic eruption in Chile cakes towns 18 MILES away in eerie dust as thousands are forced to abandon their homes and flights are grounded 

Chile's Calbuco volcano eruption covers cities in ash

A second spectacular blast from the Calbuco volcano (inset) in southern Chile has covered nearby towns and villages in a thick layer of ash (pictured). Yesterday's dramatic explosion was the first time the active volcano had erupted in over four decades, shooting ash and smoke over six miles into the air. There are now serious fears the ash could contaminate water supplies and cause severe respiratory damage to locals. 4,000 people have already abandoned their homes in the cities of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt, 18 miles away from the source of the eruption which one local described as 'an atom bomb'.

Miliband will bring back uncontrolled migration: After Mail urges him to speak out, Cameron gives stark warning

'Ed Miliband will bring back uncontrolled migration'  warns David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has made a passionate plea to Ukip voters not to risk letting in a Labour government that will allow 'a return to uncontrolled immigration'. The Conservative leader has insisted that he understands people's 'fears and worries' about immigration, following a poll showing six in ten are unhappy with the Government's record. He promises to negotiate a 'new deal with Europe' that will address the most 'powerful draw' for EU workers, with a four-year ban on them claiming benefits. Shredding Labour's stance on immigration, he has warned that voters considering backing Ukip will increase the chances of Ed Miliband becoming prime minister. He said: 'If you're someone considering voting Ukip because you want a referendum on Europe and controlled immigration, remember that a vote for Ukip makes it harder for Conservatives to win ... Then you will get no referendum, and a return to uncontrolled immigration.'

Why you can only trust the Tories on migration, by DAVID CAMERON

Prime Minister David Cameron, speaks to workers at Dunster House during a Gemeral Election campaign visit to Bedford. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday April 22, 2015. Photo credit should read: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

I am not one of those politicians who says they 'get' how people feel about immigration then speaks differently in private. I know that fears and worries remain, writes DAVID CAMERON.


Lives at risk as firemen stand in for paramedics: Crews being forced to care for seriously ill despite many not having basic first aid training

The Fire Brigades Union say the practice is irresponsible and dangerous but is becoming increasingly common because the ambulance service is so overstretched.

Too much time indoors damages children's eyes: Lack of natural sunlight thought to be driving up rates of short-sightedness among the young

Young girl reading a book. Posed by model image
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Close-up view
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Human culture
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In China, where four in five teens are shortsighted, some schools are using translucent classrooms to expose children to more sunlight, after research showed it helped combat the condition.

Naked woman who opened her door to Nigel: On St George's Day, ROBERT HARDMAN joins the very frisky Ukip leader as he battles for his political life

On St George's Day, ROBERT HARDMAN joins Nigel Farage as he battles for his political life

Raising a pint to the patron saint of England, Nigel Farage (pictured on the campaign trail yesterday) is himself the toast of a considerable chunk of the electorate in Thanet South. His appearance on an impromptu walkabout down Ramsgate High Street causes even more head-turning, more selfies, more spilling out of pubs, more heckling and more chaos than the appearance of Boris Johnson a few hours earlier, writes ROBERT HARDMAN.

Tories take four-point lead... but one in five are still undecided: Conservative surge sees them take highest share of the vote in two years

The Conservatives have opened up a four-point lead over Labour with 36 per cent of the vote compared to Ed Miliband's party's 32 per cent, an exclusive new ComRes poll reveals.

I own Labour boasts Red Len: Union boss says party has 'been built to serve us' in another humiliation for Miliband 

Union boss Len McCluskey has told his members that their policies 'our now within our grasp' claiming that the rich and powerful have their own party in the Tories.

We will never walk away from EU vows Miliband: Labour leader pledges to 'restore commitment' in rare foreign policy speech

Britain's Labour Party leader Ed Miliband gestures during a speech on immigration at a campaign event in Pensby northern England, April 18 , 2015.  REUTERS/Phil Noble

In a rare foreign policy speech, Labour leader Ed Miliband will today pledge to 'restore our commitment' to the European Union and other international groups such as the UN.

PM plans English income tax rates: System that will allow England to set its own laws will be brought forward to within 100 days of a Conservative election victory 

The Tories are publishing a separate 'English manifesto' for the first time. David Cameron will today pledge that a top priority, if re-elected, will be to deliver effective 'home rule' for England.

Iron Chipmunk has a brass neck: ANDREW PIERCE with the stories the spin doctors DON'T want you to read

She has stood down as an MP, but Labour's Hazel Blears still seeks the people's vote - to put her on the board of the troubled Co-op, writes ANDREW PIERCE.

Thumbs up for Dave's first selfie stick photo: PM uses device during tour of local radio station in Cornwall 

Prime Minister David Cameron used the device after spending eight-hours on a sleeper train from London on a campaign visit to Cornwall where he announced the Conservative's plan for the south west.

TV channel E4 to be switched off on polling day to get young people to vote instead of watching US sitcoms 

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

Cult shows like The Big Bang Theory will be taken off air for 12 hours - with viewers tuning in on May 7 directed instead to an advert, featuring 'Darren' (pictured) telling people to go to the polls.

Bulgaria beats hotspots for best bargain breaks: Country's resorts named cheapest in Europe for a meal out, cup of coffee and sun cream

Bulgaria's resorts named cheapest in Europe for bargain breaks

Resorts on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast (pictured) offer the best value in terms of a meal out and other essentials, according to a study which used an 'imaginary shopping basket' of typical holiday purchases. The former Soviet state has gained the most from the strong pound, which has cut the cost of visiting the continent. Research into an imaginary shopping basket of ten typical holiday purchases showed a total price of £37.39 for Bulgaria, which is down by 13.6 per cent from last summer.

The holiday hordes home in on Skeggy: Lincolnshire town among most popular resorts for people to own a holiday home 

The Lincolnshire resort (pictured), famous for its giant Butlin's holiday camp and donkey rides, joins picturesque places such as St Ives and Windermere in the top ten league of towns for holiday property.

Dumbed down Proms: BBC's bizarre plan for Ibiza dance party at classical celebration

The late night prom will be presented by Tong, a fixture on the club scene and Radio 1 for decades, and celebrates 20 years of the station's coverage of music on party island Ibiza.

Apple smartwatch on sale from today... but not on the high street: Customers will have to wait until June to take delivery after ordering online

Although the Apple Watch is officially going on sale, none of its stores will have them in stock - instead, consumers have to pre-order the watches online and wait for their arrival until June.

Royal Mail issues new set of stamps to honour Anthony Trollope, father of the British post box, 200 years after his birth 

The Victorian novelist introduced post boxes to the UK in the 1850s while working for the Post Office. He had seen them in France. They were initially painted green to blend in with the landscape.

The '30 Janner victims': More come forward after peer escapes charges amid claims file on him is among 114 lost by Home Office

LORD JANNER at a dinner in London on 8th May 2002. OZS 29...Great Britain...2002

The new alleged victims have come forward as Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, dared her opponents to challenge her decision not to prosecute Lord Janner in court.

South Yorkshire police accused of missing 'intelligence and investigative opportunities' over child sex grooming in Rotherham 

A host of failings left gangs free to rape, traffic and sexually abuse at least 1,400 children in the town (pictured) between 1997 and 2013, an inquiry by the National Crime Agency (NCA) concluded.

Judges open the door for even higher parking fines: Court rules private firm's £85 charge is 'not excessively high' 

In a landmark ruling Barry Beavis from Chelmsford, Essex, has lost his High Court challenge over 'unfair, unlawful and disproportionate' parking charges on private land.

What have bankers ever done for us? Shareholder who spoke for Britain at Barclays AGM 

Barclays shareholders were angered at the generous pay packages handed to hundreds of its top traders. But chairman Sir David Walker (pictured) said the bank had to attract the best talent.

Pensioners on the rack as returns from annuities hit a new low: Income down 5.9% since the start of the year

Senior couple looking at bills, sitting at dining table. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.

Pension reforms allowing savers to withdraw their money in cash has driven down the demand for annuities, causing rates to drop to record lows in the process.

It's the three in one 999 service! Meet the fireman who has become first person to also be trained as paramedic and police officer to deal with all types of emergencies

Meet the fireman who is also a paramedic and police officer

He's a fireman, paramedic and police officer all rolled into one. Andrew Hichens has become the first person to be trained and equipped as a so-called first responder to all types of 999 call. Mr Hichens, 28, will be working with one PC and two Police Community Service Officers in Hayle in Western Cornwall where the emergency services have been brought together under one roof.

Living near busy roads 'can raise dementia risk': Exposure to sooty particles alters structure of the brain 

Exposure to small, sooty particles, mostly caused by traffic fumes and factory emissions, alters the structure of the brain according to US researchers who examined more than 900 people.

Cigars 'are worse than cigarettes': Warning after consumption doubled in a decade thanks to range of flavoured brands 

The risks for cigar smokers of dying from oral or lung cancer are at least as bad as for cigarettes, a new study claims. The news comes as cigar use rises in the US, where the research was carried out.

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New Tory poster shows how puppet-master Nicola Sturgeon would lead Britain by pulling Red Ed's strings 

It is the image which the Tories hope will scare floating voters into their arms - the prospect of Nicola Sturgeon forcing Ed Miliband to implement her radical policies.

Tories given £375,000 by millionaire boss of firm fined £30million for duping families in insurance mis-selling scandal


EXCLUSIVE: Richard Harpin, chief executive of maintenance firm HomeServe, has given the Tories £375,000 since 2008 - including £50,000 in the first week of the election campaign.

'Dangerous cocktail' of SNP-Labour deal would leave every family in Britain £350 worse off, Osborne claims

Chancellor George Osborne gives a speech on the economy at William West Distribution Ltd in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday April 22, 2015. See PA story ELECTION Main. Photo credit should read: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

With polls showing no party will win an overall majority, Mr Osborne claimed it would spark a 'constitutional crisis' if Scottish nationalist MPs held the balance of power in the UK government.

What a hypocrite! Labour candidate who campaigned against Iraq War now takes £1,000 donation from Tony Blair - and says she 'feels no shame' 

Rupa Huq, who is standing for Ed Miliband's party in a key marginal seat in west London, said fellow candidates who had turned down the cash were 'sticking their noses up' at Mr Blair.

How Danny Alexander could become a LORD if he loses his seat in the election to keep him in his Treasury job

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander holds his yellow budget box on the steps of the Treasury office in London, after presenting an alternative set of fiscal plans in the House of Commons. 

PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday March 19, 2015. See PA story POLITICS Budget. Photo credit should read: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

The high-flyer and close ally of Nick Clegg, who has won praise as George Osborne's second-in-command, is on course to lose his seat to the Scottish nationalists.

Schoolboy, 11, with rare illness that makes his skin super sensitive to sunlight is subjected to racist abuse in the street because he has to wear brown suncream

Salford schoolboy with rare illness is subjected to racist abuse over brown suncream

James Creag, 11, is so sick of being taunted that he has stopped putting on the special cream - meaning that it is not safe for him to go outside. He suffers from the condition Erythropoietic Protoporphyria, whose victims are nicknamed 'real-life vampires' because their skin cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. James (pictured left wearing the special cream and bottom right with the horrific burns he receives when exposed to sunlight), from Salford in Greater Manchester, was given Dundee Reflective Sunscreen, a thick brown paste which blocks out the light. But when strangers shouted out abuse such as 'chocolate face' and 'you're coloured' because of his unusual appearance, he refused to wear it any more. He is pictured again top right with his mother Claire and younger sister Grace, who does not have the condition.

Is this the world's smallest egg? Schoolgirl's pet hen lays egg smaller than a 5p piece

Shannon Hayes from Capel Iwan in Carmarthenshire, centre, believes that her hen, right, has laid the world's smallest egg, left, at a length of just 1.9cm long.

Community rallies round vulnerable man who was set upon by thugs who punched and kicked him more than 20 times as he walked home from buying chocolate bar

Gareth Blanks, pictured, was targeted by the group of three men and a woman because he suffers from autism according to his family. The 31-year-old from Truro in Cornwall was repeatedly punched and kicked.

'Half of me died': Identical twin tells of heartbreak as his brother was killed five days before their 16th birthday in high-speed crash caused by underage driver

INS News Agency Ltd...23/04/2015
Collect pic of identical twins Benjamin and Charlie Townsend. Charlie (right) was killed in a car driven by an underage boy driver who was today (Thurs) caged by a judge for 32 months after admitting causing death by dangerous driving in a crash at Enborne, near Newbury, Berks., last August. Today (Thurs) surviving twin Benjamin (left) told the judge how half of him had died too when he saw his brother killed in front of him.
See copy catchlined INStow.

Benjamin Townsend said he had lost his 'best friend' after his identical twin Charlie was killed when the car he was travelling in veered off the road and collided with a tree near Newbury, Berkshire.

Husband was so traumatised after botched surgery left his wife 'looking like Michelin man' he was awarded thousands in compensation as well as her

Julie Ronayne, was awarded £160,000 after the bungled hysterectomy at Liverpool Women's Hospital. Her husband Edward was given £9,000 due to the shock of seeing his wife's appearance.

For God's sake give them another chance: Surrey village plastered in mysterious signs begging for forgiveness

One hapless Romeo or Juliet appears to have resorted to desperate measures to apologise to his loved one after a series of hand-written cardboard signs appeared all over Milford in Surrey.

'Did my son eat himself to death?': Mother's heartbreak as 'lonely' obese teenager dies at just 18 - after years of gorging on junk food and playing computer games

Shaun Appleby's heartbroken mother Satish said her son's lifestyle should be a warning to others. The teenager, from North Tyneside, had been bullied and had no friends, she said.

'It was a floating shambles, a mass of corpses': Harrowing first-hand accounts of Gallipoli landings revealed in two never-before seen diaries

The diaries of Petty Officer David Fyffe and Captain John Dancy give a chilling glimpse of the First World War campaign on the Western Front, which will have its centenary marked tomorrow.

Teenage cancer survivors' anger after pictures they put on Facebook of their bald heads were reported for NUDITY

Tiffany Williams and Jessica Versey, both 19 and from Chester, Cheshire, became close friends during their treatment and went into remission around the same time.

Homeowner ordered to chop 50ft fast-growing leylandii trees down to just 13 feet after eight-year battle with neighbours 

The leylandii trees in Elizabeth Wilson's garden in Uddingston, Lanarkshire, were branded an 'eyesore' and a 'danger,' by neighbours who have fought for eight years to get them cut back.

Pictured: Drill Hatton Garden raiders used to break through wall to access deposit boxes as detectives offer £20,000 reward for information leading to their arrest 

Drill Hatton Garden raiders used to break through wall to access deposit boxes

The power tool (left) was used by the gang to cut a hole into the basement of the safety deposit centre (inset), where they raided 72 security boxes before escaping with wheelie bins full of precious gems. The photograph of the Hilti DD350 drill was released tonight by Scotland Yard as the officer in charge of the investigation said the crime had been carried out by an 'Ocean's 11 type team' (pictured in CCTV footage). Police are offering a £20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the raid.

Three men arrested on suspicion of murdering missing chef Claudia Lawrence are released on bail as detectives continue to search areas of York 

The men, who are in their 50s, were arrested near the chef's home in York. They were questioned over night while police searched their homes before being released earlier today on police bail.

Hairdresser who bit off another woman's ear after she was branded a 'homewrecker' in argument at hog roast party is jailed 

Victim Shelley Williams accused Kate Temple (pictured), of Seaham, County Durham, of having an affair with her partner. Temple bit off part of Miss Williams' ear after getting into a scuffle with her.

British 14-year-old boy to be charged with terror offences over alleged plot to attack Anzac Day commemorations in Australia

The boy from Blackburn was planning a 'Lee Rigby-style' massacre in Melbourne, Australia which involved hacking policemen to death during a ceremony (pictured) for fallen soldiers in the First World War.

Drunk Army bride who racially abused hotel guests and staff at Stansted Premier Inn after her own wedding reception is spared jail

STIAN_AARAN AND JADE BADLAND_IMAGE002\n\nA BRIDE has dodged jail after she racially abused hotel guests and staff at her own wedding reception.\nJade Badland, 29, and husband Aaran, 24, of Wimbish in Essex, were both 'very drunk' at the reception at the Premier Inn hotel at Stansted Airport on November 2 last year.\nChelmsford JPs heard this week how Jade was in her white wedding gown and how Aaran, a bomb disposal expert with the army, was in his military uniform.\nThe court heard how the incident took place during the height of the Ebola crisis and that a drunken Mrs Badland confronted an Asian family at the hotel and asked them: "Have you got the Ebola virus?'.\n\nAARAN AND JADE BADLAND\n\nSTIAN ALEXANDER 07528 679198

Jade and Aaron Badland asked an Asian family if they had Ebola and assaulted a Brazilian worker at the Stansted hotel, calling her a 'bloody foreigner'.

England star is charged over sex acts with girl, 15: Adam Johnson also accused of grooming

Adam Johnson, 27, who plays in the Premier League for Sunderland and has represented his country 12 times, faces a lengthy jail term if he is convicted.

Hospital bosses were warned about rapist nurse's inappropriate behaviour FIVE YEARS before he was convicted of 23 sex offences against patients

Andrew Hutchinson raped two patients while they were under general anaesthetic at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford where he worked in the A&E; department between 2011 and 2013.

Dramatic footage shows moment police officers smash down door in raid on booby-trapped cannabis farm

West Midlands Police smash down door on booby-trapped cannabis farm

This dramatic footage shows the moment police officers smashed their way into a booby-trapped home while carrying out a drugs bust. The video, released by West Midlands police, was one of eight houses searched yesterday in a series of dawn raids. At this property, police officers were faced with a booby-trap set up using a metal plate with a live electrical current running through it from the mains supply. They discovered a zipped-up tent full of cannabis plants and electric lights inside (inset).

Moment grinning conmen stole 80-year-old's savings from cash machine after tricking him into handing over bank cards and PIN 

The smiling fraudsters were caught by a pin-hole camera in the ATM in Coventry as they withdrew the pensioner's cash after convincing him to give them his debit cards.

Jilted lover who drunkenly assaulted paramedic as she tried to treat his head injury is spared jail 

Ben Thurlow admitted attacking emergency worker Rebecca Hudson while she tended to his head wound he sustained after being assaulted on a night out in Driffield, East Yorkshire.

What gave him away? Drug dealer was caught selling heroin by undercover officer who recognised him because he had his INITIALS tattooed on his face 

Patrick Revins, 49, was identified by undercover officers in Staffordshire because his initials - 'P' and 'R' - are tattooed on either side of his forehead.

Eager customers queue for up to TEN HOURS for new branch of Aldi to be one of the first 100 through the doors and get their hands on a free TV

Aldi customers queue for 10 hours to get a free TV in Derbyshire

Eager customers have waited up to 10 hours overnight to get their hands on prizes including 21inch TVs at the opening of a new Aldi store. The company gave away golden tickets to the first 100 people through the door when the store in Avlaston, Derbyshire, was officially opened at 8am this morning (pictured).

One foreigner Ukip are only too happy to welcome: Party says St George would get into Britain under their points system because of his skills as a DRAGON SLAYER

Today Ukip announced it would make St George's Day a Bank Holiday and its economic spokesperson insisted Turkey-born St George would be let into Britain due to his dragon slaying skills.

Town centre brought to a standstill after 15-foot sinkhole opens up in street - almost swallowing up cars 

Witnesses described a scene like 'something from a disaster movie' as the gaping chasm opened in the street in Northampton at about 2pm - just hours after part of a London pavement collapsed.

Let's hope they weren't planning to leave home too quickly! Residents baffled as speed camera is pointed at a house 

Mystery surrounds who has moved this bright yellow speed camera to angle it directly on the front door of this semi-detached property in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Coroner calls for 'dangerous' £300 cot to be withdrawn from sale after death of newborn baby who was strangled by her bed

Seven week old Grace Joy Roseman died after she managed to move herself over the edge of her cot and a 'safety' ridge cut off oxygen supply to her brain, West Sussex Coroner's Court heard.

The sun shines for England and St George: Country celebrates Britain's forgotten saint's day

Revellers enjoyed parades across the country as temperatures soared to 20.9C in parts. In Nottingham (pictured) around 200 people attended the annual St George's Day event.

Heartbreaking and horrifying images of West African communities torn apart by deadly Ebola virus take top prize at this year's Sony World Photography Awards

Images of Ebola outbreak take top prize at Sony World Photography Awards

A series of images showing the heartbreak, brutality and horror of the Ebola virus as it tore through West African communities (pictured left) has taken the top prize at the world's largest international photography competition. The Sony World Photography Award winners were announced at a gala in London last night, where dozens of stunning photographs showcased people, communities and landscapes from around the world. Pictured top right is a pyrograph on Mount Kenya, while bottom right is a group of children playing football in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Argentina.

What a transformation! Couple spent eight years and a small fortune turning ruined 600-year-old fortress they bought for £65,000 into £700,000 castle home 

Barholm Castle, in Dumfries and Galloway is on the market for £695,000, which means owners Janet and John Brennan will lose a six-figure sum after spending thousands on renovations.

I've a bone to pick with you! Crafty fox finds out the hard way why you should never steal food from an eagle 

Pic By HotSpot Media - FIGHTING FOX IS BEATEN BY EAGLES ñIN PIC- The unlucky fox is defeated, as he lands on his head in a battle against these eagles on a frozen lake in Furen, Japan  - A fox takes a tumble and lands on his head when he tries to fend off a pair of eagles in Japan. Having spotted a tasty looking deer bone, the red fox attempts to eat the eaglesí lunch, but he quickly discovers the birds are in no mood to share. Japanese businessman Sanin Alexandr watched the scene unfold when he visited a frozen lake in Furen, Japan. The 54-year-old, of Nemuro, Japan, says: ëTwo young Steller's sea eagles and a group of crows were quarrelling over a deer bone, which a red fox had also noticed..ÖÖSEE HOTSPOT MEDIA COPY 0121 551 1004

A young red fox l is pictured vying for a large deer bone as he crosses a frozen lake in Furen in Japan. But he is beaten back by a pair of advancing eagles, and tumbles on his head.

That's one big baby! Elephant seal pup weighing 200lb comes up for a cuddle with delighted tourist during trip to Antarctic

SNOW HILL ISLAND, ANTARCTIC PENINSULA - DECEMBER 2011: A baby elephant seal cuddles up to Canadian Charlene Fritz on the beach in December 2011 at Snow Hill Island, Antarctic Peninsula.
YOU'D think cuddles from an elephant seal would end in a full-on crush - but this pup is just about small enough for a hug. Canadian Charlene Fritz, 35, enjoyed the special encounter at Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. The baby was only two months old but already weighed a whopping 200lb. Fortunately the yoga enthusiast was able to perform a reclining hero pose to prolong the magical encounter. Charlene, who recorded the footage in December 2011 but has only just released it, made sure not to directly touch or approach the animal in accordance with advice. Baby elephant seals are often left unattended by their parents until they pluck up the courage to head out to sea.
PHOTOGRAPH BY Charlene Fritz / Barcroft USA
UK Office, London.
T +44 845 370 2233
W www.barcroftmed

Canadian Charlene Fritz, 35, had the surprise of a lifetime when a two-month-old baby elephant seal came in for a hug during an expedition to Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Water bargain! Room in London flat available for £400 a month - because it 'drips rain from the ceiling onto the bed every now and then'

A generous double room in the newly desirable Peckham, south-east London, close to amenities and a stone's thrown from public transport into the city, has been put up for rent for just £400 a month.

Is this the cutest photo-bomb of all time? Friendly sea turtle crashes group photo in the Philippines at just the right moment

Tourist Diovani de Jesus was joined in his group photo in the sea by an unexpected addition after a green sea turtle popped up and stole the show.

EXCLUSIVE: 'I'm lucky I made it': Eritrean woman in iconic picture of dramatic migrant shipwreck tells of her terrifying ordeal 

Eritrean woman in iconic picture of dramatic migrant shipwreck

Wegasi Nebiat is now on her way to Athens (pictured left) after she miraculously survived a shipwreck off the coast of Rhodes on Monday. The image of the 24-year-old being pulled from the sea (pictured right) was shared around the world, and speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail she has revealed how she feels lucky to be alive following the disaster. Her family paid more than $10,000 to smuggle Wegasi into Europe, but the boat crashed in rocky waters, throwing its passengers overboard and killing three people. After spending three days in hospital with suspected pneumonia, Wegasi says she now hopes to start a new life in Europe Two Syrian men were arrested after the shipwreck and prosecutors are considering whether the charge the men with manslaughter.

Boko Haram Islamists pose with guns and rocket launchers in first images since the crumbling group became Islamic State's 'West Africa Province' 

Taken somewhere in the forests of north eastern Nigeria, the images show a large group of jihadis casually posing in front of the terror group's sinister black and white flag while brandishing assault rifles.

ISIS say 'Just DON'T do it': Islamists ban Nike clothing because the sportswear firm's name sounds like the Arabic word for sexual intercourse 

The sports brand features prominently (circled) on a leaflet distributed in the terror group's de facto capital Raqqa warning ISIS jihadis about items of clothing they are no longer allowed to wear.

French Prime Minister reveals country has foiled five terror attacks since January's Charlie Hebdo massacre - including one just this weekend

The chilling revelation by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls' follows the arrest of a 24-year-old student who was allegedly preparing to storm Catholic churches in Paris with an armoury of weapons.

Air-kissing at an awards ceremony, former King of Spain Juan Carlos with the German aristocrat who was 'his lover for ten years'

The bombshell allegation is that Spain's Juan Carlos was romancing Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, and was so smitten he even contemplated divorcing his wife, Sofia, according to Final De Partida.



RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: With time off for good behaviour, he could be out in 300 years

John Betjeman would have loved the Hound of Hounslow, the suburban shares trader accused of crashing the Wall Street stock market from his bedroom in a West London semi.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: True cost of Red Ed's tax and spend fantasy

Ed Miliband has tried to convince voters they can have it all: deficit reduction, higher wages, more welfare and NHS spending - without the pain of major cuts and with tax rises only for the richest.