Child star of Everybody Loves Raymond commits suicide at 19: Sawyer Sweeten shoots himself dead ten years after show ended 

Everybody Loves Raymond's Sawyer Sweeten commits suicide at 19

A child star who appeared on the hit show Everybody Loves Raymond has died of an apparent suicide. Sawyer Sweeten, 19, (left on his motorbike in March of this year, circled in red and right in the white striped shirt) took his own life while visiting family in Texas, shooting himself on the front porch. He played Geoffrey Barone on the hit show alongside his twin brother Sullivan, who played Michael, for 139 episodes. Their older sister Madylin also played their older sister on the show, Ally. 'This morning a terrible family tragedy has occurred. We are devastated to report that our beloved brother, son, and friend, Sawyer Sweeten, took his own life. He was weeks away from his 20th birthday,' said Madylin in a statement. 'At this sensitive time, our family requests privacy and we beg of you to reach out to the ones you love.' Sawyer and his brother did not continue to act after the Raymond wrapped in 2005. The show was a rating's smash for CBS and competeted with Friends in the ratings for the majority of its nine year run.

Why ISN'T there a public holiday for Anzac Day this year? The obscure agreement that denied workers a long weekend on the Gallipoli centenary (but bosses brace for a wave of sickies on Monday)

Why ISNT there a public holiday for Anzac Day this year Mass sickies expected on Monday to

An obscure agreement struck by state governments in 1993 means that when Anzac Day falls on a Saturday, no additional public holiday is given on the Monday. But despite the agreement, which was designed to provide uniformity of public holidays across the nation, Western Australia and some government departments in Canberra have decided to go it alone and have Monday off. For the rest of the country, it's back to work on Monday. And because of this, bosses have been warned to expect a 25 per cent spike in sick days from those who want a three-day weekend.

'I was keeping a stiff upper lip until tonight, it just overwhelmed me': Richard Wilkins breaks down while remembering his grandfather's time at Gallipoli

NEW Veteran TV presenter Richard Wilkins is rarely lost for words but could not hold back the tears when he retraced his grandfather's steps at Gallipoli.

Come in winner! How you can beat the odds and (maybe) not lose all your money playing Two Up on Anzac Day

Spinner at the ready with the wooden Kip which is used to toss the coins. 'The thing to remember is that each time you lose, the probability of winning the next bet in the example given is still even money' warn professional punters

Professional punters say they have found the secret to beating the odds in the iconic ANZAC Day game of chance Two Up, giving once-a-year punters the chance to walk away winners.

The day a poltergeist attacked me: Skeptical about the supernatural? So was the Mail's MICHAEL HELLICAR - until he saw events so chilling they still haunt him to this day

Michael Hellicar was sent to report on the 'Enfield Poltergeist' in 1977 - a malevolent presence which was witnessed terrorising the Hodgson family by some 30 people over the course of that summer.

Irish tourist escapes prison for one-punch assault on his brother which almost killed him

Barry Lyttle, 33, has been given a 13-month suspended jail sentence after he pleaded guilty earlier this month to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm to his brother Patrick in Sydney.

'Aussie's our hero... He saved their lives': The brave puppy who sacrificed his life to save two children from electrocution in this week's wild storms

'Aussie's our hero... He saved their lives': The brave puppy who sacrificed his life to

Aussie the Blue Heeler (centre) had always been very protective of his owners Kai (left), seven, and Sophie (right), 10. But now their beloved pet is being remembered as a hero after he saved the two children from being electrocuted in a puddle in the aftermath of the New South Wales storms. Their family home at Caves Beach, near Lake Macqurie, had lost power so on Wednesday the children's mother Natalie Crane-Hayes decided take Kai, Sophie and Aussie for a walk in a nearby park. The park was full of large puddles and they didn't know it at the time, but the wild weather had caused a live power line to fall into one of the puddles, making the water live with electrical current. Five-month-old Aussie was walking just ahead of the kids and when he stepped into the first puddle he was killed instantly. Pictured inset is devastation on the Central Coast caused by three days of severe storms.

'It was like a sick cycle of three months of hell': Ex-wife of disgraced Queensland MP Billy Gordon claims he was a 'monster' and treated her like a 'hostage'

Kristy Peckham, the ex-partner of disgraced Queensland politician Billy Gordon has opened up about the years of abuse she suffered, including three months essentially living as a hostage.

The IKEA relationship curse! Experts warn trips to the store can spell doom for couples and say loved-up patrons must avoid hard-to-build item known as the 'Divorcemaker' 

A psychology expert warned that shopping at IKEA causes serious friction between couples, particularly when it comes to building one particularly unit known as the Liatorp, which retails for $1,199.

'I was a survivor and I LOVED my life': Young mother writes heartbreaking obituary for herself before she passes away after long battle with cancer 

Beth (above with Brendan) wrote her own obituary

Beth O'Rourke, 44, of Paxton, Massachusetts, has spent the past 7 years fighting stage four biliary cancer, and on April 16, the mother of Courtney, 11, and Seamus, 8, lost that fight.

Dr Pimple Popper will see you now! Meet the dermatologist whose videos of ruptured zits and cysts have turned her into a YouTube star 

Dr Sandra Lee, from Upland, California, has nearly 60,000 people subscribing her YouTube channel, in which she posts videos of herself extracting her patients' pimples and cysts.

#MyKidCantEatThis: From toast that's too crunchy to blueberries that aren't purple - The frustrating (and hilarious) excuses fussy kids give mum and dad for not eating their food

#mykidcanteatthis: The frustrating (and hilarious) photos parents post of the reasons

They're the frustrated parents whose picky kids refuse to eat their food for reasons as trivial as 'it's on the wrong plate'. But now the parents who can't persuade their stubborn children to eat are getting their own back - by posting pictures of their tantrums on social media with the hashtag #mykidcanteatthis. From toast that's too crunchy, to blueberries that aren't purple, to muesli bars that come in strange new packaging - the explanations their children give for why they can't eat their meals range from the silly to the downright irrational. Pictured from left: Children throwing tantrums because the pizza has 'red thingies' on it, the muffin is cut in half, and the drink bottle has a lid on it.

Washing machine repair man and person of interest in William Tyrrell's disappearance 'raped a three-year-old girl in a caravan' and has links with a local paedophile ring, court told 

Bill Spedding, the person of interest in the disappearance of William Tyrrell, is accused of being linked to a paedophile ring, as well as raping two girls, aged six and three, in a Sydney caravan.

EXCLUSIVE: 'I saw men half rise and fall again... there were ghastly wounds': The horrors of the Anzac landing revealed in the previously unseen diary of the man who commanded Simpson 

'I saw men half rise and fall again... there were ghastly wounds': The horrors of the

A diary hidden in the Australian War Memorial gives a cinematic account of the Gallipoli landing from the 'beautiful clear day' to the 'ghastly wounds' at Anzac Cove. Alfred Sutton, best known for allowing Private Simpson to carry out his heroic but unlawful acts rescuing the wounded on a donkey, reveals in a never before published account what went on at Anzac Cove and how British commanders sent young Australians into an insurmountable position saying 'you must fight to the finish. The whole world is watching'.

Battle of the biscuits: From Sarah Wilson's sugar-free to chocolate-coated, and even RAW... Can these spins on the traditional Anzac cookie compete with the original?

FEMAIL asked well-known food authors to contribute their spin on the classic Anzac biscuit recipe, from sugar-free, to a pimped-up chocolate and macadamia version... and even a raw recipe.

Sorry sisters - getting drunk DOES make you more vulnerable, writes JAN MOIR 

We cannot shy away from the fact that alcohol has a part to play in the safety of young women. To keep denying this only puts more girls in harm's way, writes JAN MOIR.

Who was the Anzac buried as Frederick Biddulph? Fossicker with a metal detector finds a missing Gallipoli medal... and unearths a 100-year-old mystery

Who was the Anzac buried as Frederick Biddulph? Fossicker with a metal detector finds a

NEW The family of one ANZAC veteran were thrilled to receive news from a stranger this week that the soldier's war medal had been unearthed in an east Melbourne Park. Ashley Manzie was combing the park with his metal detector when he discovered a medal belonging to Frederick George Biddulph, who served with the 23rd Australian Infantry Battalion at Gallipolli between 1914 and 1915.

British 14-year-old boy to be charged with terror offences over alleged plot to attack Anzac Day commemorations in Australia

The boy from Blackburn was planning a 'Lee Rigby-style' massacre in Melbourne, Australia which involved hacking policemen to death during a ceremony (pictured) for fallen soldiers in the First World War.

The loved ones left behind: Widows of fallen heroes make emotional trip to Anzac Cove to remember the men they lost 

Ten Australian war widows have travelled to Gallipoli to honour late husbands who served in the World War I. The women are guests of honour at the Gallipoli dawn service this Saturday.

Chilling by the pool, mani pedis and shopping trips: #RhiannonGetsRhino blogger sharing her 'Bangkok Nose Job' holiday on social media lives it up post-op in Thailand

#RhiannonGetsRhino blogger sharing her 'Bangkok Nose Job' holiday on social media lives it

Rhiannon Langley, from Melbourne, is keeping her 191,000 followers updated on her recovery from surgery (inset) as she tans by the pool (left and right), gets pampered and hits the shops. The 24-year-old social media star made headlines this week for sharing her plastic surgery 'journey' with fans on Instagram and Snapchat, even creating a special hashtag for the occasion.

Public service jobs rank as among the most desired in the country... though HALF of Australians want to work for Virgin 

A survey of 12,000 working age Australians showed while half want to work for Virgin airlines, many also want to work in government departments - long considered an easy ride.

'Someone drove into my car and now MY premiums have gone up': Drivers' insurance costs soar after accidents that weren't their fault - even if they don't make a claim

Peter Hardey

The policy, adopted by the majority of car insurers, means that cautious drivers end up paying for the mistakes of other more careless drivers through their car premiums.

Teacher 'found dead in the boot of her car' recently found out the boyfriend she was in a 'tulmultuous relationship' with was living a secret double life, with a wife and kids in Fiji

Boyfriend of young public servant found dead in the boot of her car charged with murder...

A 27-year-old man arrested (centre) after fleeing a car with a woman's body in the boot is thought to have been living a secret double life with a girlfriend in Australia while he had a wife and children back in Fiji. Police are investigating whether the body found in the car on Wednesday in Bermagui, on the NSW south coast, is missing Canberra woman Daniella D'Addario (left). The 35-year-old and her boyfriend Josaia 'Joey' Vosikata (centre right), 27, were reported missing by her concerned family members in the ACT on Monday. Her friend has revealed: 'When she found out he had a wife and kids in Fiji she left him but then, unbeknown to us the reasons, she got back together with him.'

Cigars 'are worse than cigarettes': Warning after consumption doubled in a decade thanks to range of flavoured brands 

The risks for cigar smokers of dying from oral or lung cancer are at least as bad as for cigarettes, a new study claims. The news comes as cigar use rises in the US, where the research was carried out.

Worried about missing a tweet? Twitter rolls out twice-daily 'Highlights' to help users catch up on the best of their feed

The San Francisco-based social network said its 'Highlights' service will initially be rolled out to English speaking users who use Twitter on an Android phone.

The disguise didn't work: Man who 'held up a store with a fake machine gun while dressed as a woman' arrested and charged with armed robbery 

Man who held up a store dressed as a woman charged with armed robbery

Wearing a blonde curly wig, red lipstick, a mauve skirt and wide brimmed hat, the man allegedly robbed the Taylors Hill store with a fake machine gun last month, police say. The 23-year-old Taylors Hill man was arrested on Thursday and charged with one count of armed robbery. He was remanded in custody to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court at a later date. A police statement said that investigators were told the cross-dressing robber entered the service station on Taylors Road in Taylors Hill just before 7.30pm, confronting a female staff member and producing what appeared to be an imitation machine gun.

Go to bed naked, ditch the evening cigarette and eat bananas: 20 ways to get a better night's sleep

With the increase of everyday distractions, getting some decent shut-eye can be more troublesome than expected. Here are FEMAIL's top 20 tips to getting a better night's rest.

How Lenin's corpse looks better with age: Scientists reveal experimental embalming methods used on the Soviet leader

The revolutionary's body, which is on display in a mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square, is immersed in a bath of glycerol and potassium acetate for 30 days every two years.

Pictured: The controversial moment contestants on Bear Grylls survival show The Island killed protected American crocodile

Male contestants kill and eat endangered American crocodile 
dmvidpics 2015-04-23 at 22.40.22.png

The male contestants slaughtered the animal after two days without food, while the show's producers believed it was a more common species, only to later discover it was endangered.

Barely alive and covered head to tail in terrible mange, Hero the Husky brings animal welfare workers to tears

Dog, named 'Hero', treated by animal welfare after it was found extremely underweight with

An injured and diseased Husky has been picked up by RSPCA inspectors in Adelaide. The RSPCA says the Husky has an injury to his right rear leg, possibly the result of being hit by a car. He is also extremely underweight and is suffering from a long-standing case of mange, which has caused secondary skin infections. The Husky has been named Hero by his carers and is now being treated by RSPCA vets.

Male student sues university over classmate who carried a mattress around campus and accused him of raping her

Male student sues Columbia University for failing to protect him as classmate publicly

A male student accused of raping his classmate has sued Columbia University for failing to protect him against backlash and harassment.  Authorities rejected Emma Sulkowicz's case that Paul Nungesser, a German citizen, was a 'serial rapist' who assaulted her after class. Nonetheless, the case gathered international attention as Sulkowicz, a senior majoring in visual arts, publicly paraded her mattress in protest, calling for his indictment. 

Too much time indoors damages children's eyes: Lack of natural sunlight thought to be driving up rates of short-sightedness among the young

Young girl reading a book. Posed by model image
close up
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Human culture
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In China, where four in five teens are shortsighted, some schools are using translucent classrooms to expose children to more sunlight, after research showed it helped combat the condition.

Mystery of the passing out passengers remains unsolved: Investigation finds NOTHING wrong with plane which was forced to dive 30,000ft as people on board lost consciousness

SkyWest Airlines flight 5622 was flying from Chicago to Connecticut when the pilot was alerted to a potential loss of cabin pressure. He dropped 30,000 feet in eight minutes over New York.

'I don't know what I would have done without him': Owner of five horses stranded in floods reveals how her surfer brother-in-law spent SIX HOURS diving beneath a freezing torrent of water to cut the animals free from barbed wire 

Owner of five horses stranded in floods reveals how her surfer brother-in-law spent SIX

The owner of five horses rescued from rising flood waters during this week's storm of a decade in New South Wales has revealed the amazing lengths her brother-in-law went to over six terrifying hours to save her horses. Steve Spowart (right) dived down into the freezing cold water to cut the barbed wire and free the horses that had become tangled in fences amidst the floods. The animals' owner, Sonia Sharrock (left), praised her 'absolutely amazing' brother-in-law, for his incredible feat, saying 'I don't know what I would have done without him and my sister'. 'Steve was cutting the wire, he had to dive right down into the deep water to cut it. It was really difficult and absolutely freezing,' Ms Sharrock told Daily Mail Australia. Ms Sharrock watched in horror as her stud farm in Woodberry, in Maitland in the Hunter Region of New South Wales - one of the worst affected areas by the storm - rapidly flooded.

New driver, 17, crashes a car into brick wall on the SAME day she got her P-plates, leaving five injured

The 17-year-old driver was travelling with four other passengers along Anderson Road in Glenning Valley on the Central Coast of NSW when she lost control over her vehicle on Thursday.

Great, five more mouths to feed! Cow in India gives birth to calf with ten lips that ALL open when he wants milk

The baby bull, who has been called Nandi, has a distorted head (pictured) with one mouth at the front and four others at the sides. He is being celebrated by local Hindus near his farm in Narnaul.

'Now I know he loves me': 300 kilo woman reveals how her husband STOPPED her from losing weight... over fears she would leave him if she slimmed

47stone Bettie Jo woman reveals how her husband STOPPED her losing weight

Bettie Jo, from Houston, Texas, tipped the scales at 47 stone (660lbs) but found it difficult to lose weight without the support of her husband Josh, she reveals on tonight's My 600lb Life on TLC. The 24-year-old (right) was housebound and unable to tend to her own needs and lived off a diet of fried chicken. Bettie Jo, who now weighs 35st 8lbs (500lbs) thanks to surgery, reveals on the show that Josh (pictured with her left) had become her 'caretaker' - helping her go to the toilet and into the shower, and putting powder between her rolls of flesh afterwards to stop her skin from chafing.

Aaron Hernandez's new life behind bars at maximum-security facility where he will stay for 'life'

A state prisons official says Aaron Hernandez, 25, was moved Wednesday to the maximum-security Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts.

Bride and ghoul: Ghostly figure photo bombs wedding couple... and some say it could be their unborn child 

A newlywed couple has been left bewildered after a photo taken on their special day revealed the 'creepy' face of an ghostly photobomber, which some believe could be their unborn baby.

Bali Nine duo's death orders sent: Indonesia issues letters to prosecutors of death row prisoners telling them to prepare for executions

Bali Nine's Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran one step closer to death

Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan (right) and Myuran Sukumaran (left) could face a firing squad within days after Indonesian officials sent letters ordering that preparations be made for their executions. Indonesia's head of General Crimes sent the letters to the prosecutors of 10 death row prisoners including Australians Chan and Sukumaran on Thursday. The Indonesian Attorney-General's spokesman, Tony Spontana, said the only thing left to announce is the execution date. The Australian Embassy has been summoned to Nusakambangan Island (inset) - where the executions will be carried out - on Saturday. Authorities in Indonesia give death row prisoners and their families 72 hours notice before they are executed, suggesting Chan and Sukumaran could face the firing squad as early as Monday or Tuesday.

WNBA star Brittney Griner, 6'8", arrested after argument with her 6'3" fiancee turned physical and relatives were unable to break them up

Brittney Griner and fiancee and fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson were arrested on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct following a fight at their home in a Phoenix suburb.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus will NOT go to jail for leaking military secrets to his mistress - and gets two years probation instead

The former U.S. Army General, whose career was destroyed when the affair with Paula Broadwell emerged in November 2012, was also fined $100,000 at the hearing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

'My kid has never eaten a hot dog because it's full of s***': Celebrity chef Curtis Stone slams parents who let their children eat junk food as he reveals his kids aren't allowed near a fast food restaurant

Chef Curtis Stone makes it clear only healthy food will do for his children

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone has said it is up to parents to expose their children to a range of healthy food rather than complain when their kids prefer the likes of junk food instead. Stone and his actress wife Lindsay Price have two boys, Hudson, 3, and Emerson, 7 months (main). 'Someone said to me on a TV show in America ''but how do you stop your kid from eating hot dogs?'' I'm like that's pretty easy, my kid has never eaten a hot dog because it's full of s***,' Stones says. He was back in Australia to promote his new cookbook, Good Food, Good Life.

Is this the most disgusting beauty trend yet? Salons in New York are using FORESKIN in their facials... and fans say treatment gives them 'Beyonce level confidence'

Woman getting a facial --- Image by © Mika/Corbis

Described as a 'multi-step treatment that promises to erase wrinkles, reverse sun damage and prevent acne', the key ingredient is the somewhat bizarre stem cells from an infant's foreskin.

The female SS Auschwitz guard who trained Alsatian to bite prisoners' genitals and the 'merciless' Nazi who relished picking who died: The women who revelled in Hitler's Holocaust... but will 'never face justice'

Female Auschwitz guard and 'merciless' Nazi will 'never face justice'

EXCLUSIVE: As the 'Auschwitz bookkeeper' Oskar Groening goes on trial for his role in the murder of 300,000 Nazi death camp Jews, here are the three female SS guards who revelled in Hitler's Holocaust and will never face justice. Pictured left is Charlotte S, a 'merciless' woman who trained an Alsatian to attack inmates' genitals. Pictured right is Gisela S who was in charge of the standing cells - small, dark rooms where up to 15 prisoners were crammed into for days at a time


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Three new women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault: Alleged victims say they were drugged by star in claims that bring total number of accusations to 38

Three new women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault: Alleged victims say they were drugged

Three new women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, bringing his total number of alleged victims to 38. Janice Baker Kinney (top right), Marcella Tate (bottom right), and Autumn Burns (bottom left) held a press conference on Thursday morning in Los Angeles, California, to announce their claims. Their attorney Gloria Allred (top left), who represents most of Cosby's accusers, said the event was timed deliberately to damage sales for the comedian's upcoming shows on his nationwide tour.

Apple smartwatch on sale from today... but not on Main Street: Customers will have to wait until June to get delivery after ordering online

Although the Apple Watch is officially going on sale, none of its stores will have them in stock - instead, consumers have to pre-order the watches online and wait for their arrival until June.

Teaching assistant suspended from primary school after she is found with amphetamine in her bag

Willowtown Community Primary School, Gwent.jpg

Lisa Heath, 45, an assistant at Willowtown Community Primary School in Gwent, was caught with Class B amphetamines after another member of staff found them in her handbag and called police.

Woman found guilty of murder for shooting her lawyer boyfriend six times as he tried to split up with her before going on date with beauty queen


Shayna Hubers looks back at her mother, Sharon, during a break in the trial on Thursday. (Photo: The Enquirer/Patrick Reddy)

A Kentucky jury deliberated for five hours before convicting 24-year-old Shayna Hubers of first-degree murder in the 2013 slaying of 29-year-old attorney Ryan Poston.

A hug of mercy from the executioner... who then stones two men to death for being gay: Astonishing scenes in Syria as ISIS murderers stage show of kindness for the cameras before brutal killing 

ISIS killers hug men accused of being gay before stoning them death

The shocking images were taken in ISIS-held territory in the province of Homs and show the two accused men being savagely executed by up to four jihadis. Huge, bloodthirsty crowds are seen in the desert clearing where the group of executioners made a display of hugging the blindfolded couple (top and bottom left) and telling them they were forgiven of their 'sins', before pummeling them to death with hundreds of fist-sized rocks (main image).

Revealed: The THREE slave-owning ancestors Ben Affleck didn't want you to know about - including one who bought a 'negro boy' called Tobe for 80 pounds

Hollywood star Ben Affleck has a slave-owning ancestor who bought a boy called Tobe for 80 pounds and used him on the wealthy family farm in Connecticut, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Google's billionaire chairman earned nearly $109 million last year...while the tech giant's stock slumped

Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt also pocketed a $1.25 million salary, a $6 million bonus and perks valued at nearly $1 million.

Did our ancestors have TENTACLES? 540 million-year-old relative may have been more complex than first thought

A Russian scientist says the distant ancestor of humans had tentacles (illustration of various organisms shown in image). They lived more than 540 million years ago and used them for food.

Living near busy roads 'can raise dementia risk': Exposure to sooty particles alters structure of the brain 

Exposure to small, sooty particles, mostly caused by traffic fumes and factory emissions, alters the structure of the brain according to US researchers who examined more than 900 people.

Four Swedish cops on vacation in New York answer the call of duty to stop a brutal assault on a subway train

Swedish cops on vacation in New York stop a brutal assault on subway

Samuel Kvarzell (top left), Erik Naslund (top right), Eric Jansberger (bottom left) and Markus Asberg (bottom right) subdued an enraged homeless man who was viciously beating another rider on the train. They stopped the violence and held the attacker until the NYPD could arrive. The friends sprang into action after a frantic conductor yelled over the intercom: 'Are there any police officers on the train?'

EXCLUSIVE: 'I'm lucky I made it': Eritrean woman in iconic picture of dramatic migrant shipwreck tells of her terrifying ordeal 

Wegasi Nebiat, 24, from the African country Eritrea said she's thankful to be alive after she was rescued by a Greek man when the migrant ship she was travelling on crashed off the coast of Rhodes.

Student charged with urging her friend to kill himself appears in court 'bewildered' as she attempts to have her case moved out of the county

Lawyers for Michelle Carter, 18, said Thursday that she's 'bewildered' over the involuntary manslaughter charges against following the suicide of her friend, Conrad Roy III last July.

Worried about missing a tweet? Twitter rolls out twice-daily 'Highlights' to help users catch up on the best of their feed

The San Francisco-based social network said its 'Highlights' service will initially be rolled out to English speaking users who use Twitter on an Android phone.

Is this the best job in the world? The lucky woman who gets PAID to travel - reviewing luxury hotels around the globe

Travel photographer Rhiannon Taylor, 29, from Australia travels the world reviewing the best hotels on her site, In Bed With. She gets paid to travel and write, but also for her professional photographs.

Meet Dusty, the kangaroo who thinks he's a dog: He eats, sleeps and cuddles with the pooches of the family who found him by the side of the road... and he even hates cats!

Meet Dusty the kangaroo who is so sure he's a dog he even hates cats!

Dusty the kangaroo was rescued by Ashley and Felicity Stewart, from Western Australia, two years ago and now the little joey believes he is one of the couple's dogs. Dusty rides around the property in the back of Mr Stewart's truck along with his dogs, Lilly and Rosie, sleeps with them on a dog bed, eats with them, asks for scratches, and even tries to sneak dog treats when he can.

Now THESE are muscles! The heavy-set man who found himself out-flexed by a woman on a football crowd cam

During a 'Flex Cam' break at a Philadelphia Soul game on April 12 a woman proved that she had bigger muscles than the man in front of her and maybe even all of Philadelphia.

'I love you so much. Please forgive what I said': Mysterious cardboard signs begging for forgiveness appear all over English village 

One hapless Romeo or Juliet appears to have resorted to desperate measures to apologise to his loved one after a series of hand-written cardboard signs appeared all over Milford in Surrey.

Nasa beefs up its team of 'alien hunters' - and says we may be on the verge of finding extraterrestrial life

The alien hunting team, dubbed Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (Nexss), will include scientists from 10 universities including Stanford, the University of California and Yale.

'We stuffed our underwear with sandbags': Ex-model reveals shocking tricks used by runway stars to break controversial weight laws that make too-thin catwalkers illegal 

Model reveals tricks used to break controversial runway weight laws

Former model Jennifer Sky, 38, from Brooklyn, New York, claims models are being asked to stuff their underwear with sandbags so they can clock in at a 'healthy' weight because of the laws banning ultra-thin models in Europe. Earlier this month France passed new law that bars models from walking the runway if their body mass index is too low in attempt to company anorexia. Agencies who employ too-thin models face a fine up to $80,00 and six months in prison.

Something to shout about! Watch nurse's ecstatic reaction when paralyzed patient surprises her by getting out of wheelchair and walking

VIDEO LIVE AND GRABS ATTACHED (NOT CLEARED, CREDIT: 'YouTube - ramurrill')  - Nurse yelps with joy as previously paralysed girl stands up - 1177807

Bailey Murrill, of Denton in Texas, had been inexplicably paralyzed for 11 days after losing all feeling and movement in her legs and was being cared for in hospital.

How did this owl and badger end up lying next to each other in a deathly embrace? Animal found with its paw laid on dead bird in Norwegian wood 

The animals were found by Gunn Lilleholt Bekkvik on a remote roadside near Kristiansand in Norway. Experts think the badger had been carrying back the carcass of the dead owl when it was hit by a car.

'Breathe, mummy!' Six-year-old boy helps his mother give birth after she goes into labour at home in the middle of the night 

Left with no time to get to the hospital, Michelle Madden, 30, of Rhos on Sea, Conwy, Wales, went into labour at home - and Ruben assisted in the birth.

Three new women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault... bringing his total alleged victims to 38 

Janice Baker Kinney, Marcella Tate, and Autumn Burns held a press conference on Thursday morning in Los Angeles, California, to announce their claims with their attorney Gloria Allred.

Women at war: From tackling ISIS to fighting in the Ukraine, photographs offer fascinating look at the female soldiers on the front line around the world 

Photographs offer look at female soldiers tackling ISIS to fighting in Ukraine

The photographs show female soldiers and fighter pilots in action among the ranks of armed forces around the world, including in Syria, Pakistan and North Korea. One image shows fighters from the Sawt al-Haq battalion (top right) of the Free Syrian army in Aleppo. Another shows female North Korean soldiers (bottom left) on patrol near the border with China. Pro-Russian rebels (bottom right) are also pictured in Donetsk, Ukraine, while another image shows US Army soldier Norma Gonzales (top left) waiting to be flown by helicopter to a base in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan.

Is Bikram yoga safe? Experts warn it raises body temperatures and heart rate to 'dangerous levels'

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse found the body temperature of some class participants reached 40°C/105°F putting them at risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Would you drink beer made of URINE? US brewery plans to make ten barrels of ale out of human waste gathered from sewage treatment plant

Production of the world's most stomach-churning beer has been approved by alcohol regulators in Oregon and will be made from waste gathered by sewage treatment firm Clean Water Services.

Self-driving 'taxibots' could replace 90% of cars: Study claims driverless cabs will dramatically ease congestion in major cities

Researchers used data from Lisbon, Portugal, and found that even with only one passenger per ride and no complementary public transport, the number of cars still dropped by 77 per cent.

Native American extras storm off set of new Adam Sandler film after barrage of offensive jokes about their culture and race (and the cultural adviser walked off too)

Native American extras storm off set of Adam Sandler's film The Ridiculous 6

The new Adam Sandler film ran into a huge problem on Wednesday when a group of extras stormed off the set. Native American actors appearing in The Ridiculous 6, a spoof of The Magnificent Seven that stars and was written by Sandler, left the set after they became offended by the script's jokes about their race and culture. It was so bad in fact that even the cultural adviser for the movie walked off the set.

Happy birthday Hubble! Stunning image of distant 'celestial fireworks' celebrates the telescope's 25th anniversary

Nasa scientists in California have released an image of distant giant cluster of 3,000 stars called Westerlund 2 (shown). Massive stars are seen feeding regions of dust and gas in the image.

Mooove it: Farmer faces pornography charges after he refuses to remove cheeky straw sculpture of cows making hay

Bruce Cook has been warned by police that he may face serious charges if he doesn't take down his 'offensive' hay bale structure in front of his property at Lake Charm, northwest of Victoria.

How it feels to be INVISIBLE: Virtual reality experiment tricks people into thinking their body has disappeared

Neuroscientists from Sweden's Karolinska Institutet asked participants to wear a virtual reality headset and showed them wither either the body of a mannequin or an empty space (pictured).

City of ash: Second spectacular volcanic eruption in Chile cakes towns 18 MILES away in eerie dust as thousands are forced to abandon their homes and flights are grounded

Chile's Calbuco volcano eruption covers cities in ash

A second spectacular blast from the Calbuco volcano (inset) in southern Chile has covered nearby towns and villages in a thick layer of ash (pictured). Yesterday's dramatic explosion was the first time the active volcano had erupted in over four decades, shooting ash and smoke over six miles into the air. There are now serious fears the ash could contaminate water supplies and cause severe respiratory damage to locals. 4,000 people have already abandoned their homes in the cities of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt, 18 miles away from the source of the eruption which one local described as 'an atom bomb'.

Is Samsung's Galaxy S5 'leaking' YOUR fingerprints? Flaw means hackers can intercept and steal biometric data

Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang from security firm FireEye are expected to discuss their findings at the RSA conference in San Francisco. Flaw has been tested and confirmed on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Astonishing image of intrepid motorist carrying a MINIBUS with tiny scooter (and he didn't even sweat about it)

An intrepid motorist has hit the highway to fame after hauling a van with his tiny three-wheel scooter in a city in eastern China. Image is released by traffic police to warn dangerous road stunts.

Dominatrix claims she shared 'hot, deep kiss' with Prince Harry on infamous Vegas trip where he was photographed playing strip billiards

Dominatrix claims she shared 'hot, deep kiss' with Prince Harry on Vegas trip

A dominatrix who claims she shared a 'hot, deep kiss' with Prince Harry (inset) during his infamous party night in Vegas three years ago says she felt 'overdressed' when she saw him playing strip billiards. Carrie Reichert (pictured left and right), 43, who has previously said she kissed the Prince and has a pair of his underpants she hopes to use in a strip-tease show, has now written a book about the night.

Want a bikini body like Kate Upton? Don't have any alcohol, bread or processed carbs, but if it flies or swims, it's GOOD 

Kate Upton, 22, has one of the best figures in the world, which she keeps trim on a very strict diet and exercise regime. She avoids alcohol, only eats certain fruits and has five smalls meals a day.

Going, going, gone! Sleepy puppy can't stay upright as he repeatedly drifts off

Shaheen Pirouz from Denton, Texas, filmed her tiny pet canine being propped up and repeatedly falling forwards.

Is this the daftest and most dangerous fashion trend yet? How girls as young as 16 are risking their health in agonisingly tight corsets in a bid to copy celebrities 

Girls as young as 16 are risking their health in tight corsets 

While preparing to take ten GCSEs this summer at one of Britain's most elite girls' schools, Gabriella, from Godstone, Surrey (right), is wearing a tight corset in an attempt to whittle down her already tiny waist. Like many of her peers who also follow the corset trend, Gabriella's inspiration is not to emulate the upright posture of Victorian ladies who wore corsets so tight they'd faint and permanently deform their rib cages. Instead, she's using one to try to force her body into the same extreme hour-glass shape as her favourite celebrity Kim Kardashian, who has posted pictures of herself on social media using corsets to 'waist-train' her body to ever more cartoonish proportions. Pictured left, 27-year-old Joanna Costa, who wears a corset for up to four hours a day.

How to beat men's problems: Why men MUST seek help if their love life's falling flat 

Around 40 per cent of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction and while the cause may be psychological, it's important to get treatment as it is 'very often' a warning sign of serious health problems.

What do the stars of YouTube's biggest ever hit look like NOW? Baby brothers from 'Charlie Bit My Finger' are unrecognisable eight years after the video went viral

Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr, 11 and nine, from Buckinghamshire, think it's 'odd' that a funny video of the boys as infants has amassed 816million views and beaten Taylor Swift, One Direction and Adele.

How to keep your crown jewels safe: The things you should look out for and why you should check them once a month 

Men should get used to checking their testicles once a month, a testicular cancer survivor has said, preferably after a shower. It's a focus that young men especially find uncomfortable.

'We all took naps': Astonishing claims of dozy baggage handler who fell asleep in cargo hold of plane and woke up screaming for his life mid-flight


The baggage handler who fell asleep in the cargo hold of a plane at Seattle-Tacoma airport earlier this month, and woke up as the plane was taking off, has come forward to identify himself.

Heartbreaking and horrifying images of West African communities torn apart by deadly Ebola virus take top prize at this year's Sony World Photography Awards

Images of Ebola outbreak take top prize at Sony World Photography Awards

A series of images showing the heartbreak, brutality and horror of the Ebola virus as it tore through West African communities (pictured left) has taken the top prize at the world's largest international photography competition. The Sony World Photography Award winners were announced at a gala in London last night, where dozens of stunning photographs showcased people, communities and landscapes from around the world. Pictured top right is a pyrograph on Mount Kenya, while bottom right is a group of children playing football in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Argentina.

How it feels to be INVISIBLE: Virtual reality experiment tricks people into thinking their body has disappeared

Neuroscientists from Sweden's Karolinska Institutet asked participants to wear a virtual reality headset and showed them wither either the body of a mannequin or an empty space (pictured).

Eyes down for a line: Increasing numbers of bingo halls testing positive for cocaine amid fears growing numbers of pensioners are turning to the drug

Gala Bingo Hengrove Leisure Park Bristol.JPG
Cocaine has been found in the toilets of Bingo halls.

Out of 17 bingo halls tested across the country, seven came back positive for cocaine in the toilets, while one in Bristol (pictured) tested positive for crack cocaine.

Malaria vaccine that will prevent millions of young children catching disease could be available within months after trial results find it reduces number of cases by half

09 Sep 2009 --- Female Mosquito engorged with human blood. Various species of Mosquitoes are vectors for a variety of human diseases, such as malaria. SEM --- Image by © Dr. Martin Oeggerli/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

The drug, known as RTS,S, has been developed by British firm GlaxoSmithKline over 30 years, and tests show that it could prevent millions of cases of the disease in very young children.

Is this the cutest photo-bomb of all time? Friendly sea turtle crashes group photo in the Philippines at just the right moment

Tourist Diovani de Jesus was joined in his group photo in the sea by an unexpected addition after a green sea turtle popped up and stole the show.

The horrifying moment 14-year-old girl was torn away from her family in Mexico and sent to Texas woman who thought she was her daughter

Moment Mexican teen Alondra Luna Nunez was torn away from family revealed

Alondra Luna Nunez is back with her real family in Guanajuato, Mexico, now after a DNA test proved that she was not the daughter of Houston resident Dorotea Garcia. Garcia says she found Alondra after she traveled to Mexico in search of her daughter who was illegally taken from Texas by her father ten years ago at age four.


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Fur-mily magic! Kit the cat becomes surrogate mother to four Chihuahua PUPPIES after they were found dumped in an old shoe box

Utah cat becomes surrogate mother to four Chihuahua PUPPIES

A rescue cat in Utah has become an unlikely mother to a litter of abandoned puppies. Video footage shows the friendly feline named Kit letting the four newborn Chihuahuas nuzzle her fluffy belly. The pups were apparently discovered in a discarded shoe box on Tuesday afternoon and taken to the Humane Society for immediate treatment.

French Prime Minister reveals country has foiled five terror attacks since January's Charlie Hebdo massacre - including one just this weekend

The chilling revelation by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls' follows the arrest of a 24-year-old student who was allegedly preparing to storm Catholic churches in Paris with an armoury of weapons.

First World War poet Rupert Brooke was a womanising cad, newly released trove of letters reveals

Poet Rupert Brooke

New letters, brought to light for the first time thanks to a £430,000 grant, show Brooke's lovers complaining about his refusal to take their relationships seriously.



NOT sleeping on the job! Baggage handler in New York uses free time to perform push-ups on the runway

LaGuardia Airport baggage handler performs push-ups on the runway

While it emerged this week that an airport baggage handler in Seattle fell asleep on the job and wound up flying in cargo - on the other side of the country it appears there's no slacking to be had. NBC journalist Jeff Rossen filmed an airport worker at LaGuardia Airport in New York doing push-ups on the runway after loading up a plane. Footage shows the employee wearing his high-visibility jacket and gloves while performing the aerobic stunt. Even after his 12th push-up, the fitness-enthusiast shows no sign of slowing down.

The student with a 'TWIN' growing inside her head: Surgeons extracting 26-year-old's 'brain tumour' discover embryonic growth with bone, hair and teeth

Yamini Karanam, 26, has dubbed the tumour her 'evil twin sister', adding 'she's been torturing me for the past 26 years'. She underwent surgery at the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles to remove the mass.

No need to go veggie: Bill Gates says you can eat meat and STILL care for the planet

The billionaire Microsoft founder and philanthropist has defended meat eating, saying some of the environmental impacts of raising livestock have been overstated.

The economy seats of the future: Radical designs offer more legroom, a better sleep and an end to elbow wars in cattle class

Being crammed into cattle class is one of the most dreadful experiences, but aeroplane seats of the future are poised to make it a little more enjoyable with extra legroom and space for belongings.

World without icons: Pictures show cities stripped bare of their famous landmarks... so can you still recognise them?

DesignCrowd shows what cities would look like WITHOUT their landmarks

The most popular cities in the world are often recognisable thanks to their world-famous landmarks. But what would these cities look like if they did not have their prized attractions? From Sydney without its Opera House (top left), to an Eiffel Tower-less Paris (top right), Rome without the Coliseum (bottom left) to Agra without the Taj Mahal (bottom right) could you recognise these cities without their icons?