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Milwaukee by Bike map


Currently the Milwaukee by Bike map is only available online, printed copies are out of stock. The City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County staffs are working together to develop an updated map for 2015 publication.

Milwaukee County Map - North Side

Milwaukee County Map - South Side

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Bikeverywhere Milwaukee Bike Map

Bikeverywhere Milwaukee Bike Map

Map covers the Milwaukee region from the Illinois State Line to Port Washington and west to Oconomowoc. It directs cyclists to roads deemed by a local researcher to be the best route option in an area. These routes were selected and field-tested by one of Milwaukee's most avid bicycle explorers, then checked by other experienced bicyclists. You will find unique local roads and little-known bike trails for great recreational riding plus direct, bike-friendly routes to get you to work and back or through your daily errands. It is laid out in an easy-to-read network of roads and trails that will take you where you want to go.

Wisconsin Bicycle Map

Wisconsin Bicycle Map

The state is divided into four sections and rates the roads based on conditions like posted speed limits and the number of vehicles per day. It also shows off-street trails and rural roads with paved shoulders. The Southeast section covers an area from Madison to Milwaukee and from the Illinois border to Door County. This map offers the lots of information for cyclists to make their own choices based on road type. Note: It doesn't show roads within the City of Milwaukee

Milwaukee by Bike  

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