'I'm a woman': Tearful Bruce Jenner reveals he considered suicide while transitioning to his 'true self' in Diane Sawyer interview which will be his last as a man

'I'm a woman': Bruce Jenner reveals he is transitioning to his 'true self' in Diane Sawyer

Bruce Jenner has revealed that he identifies as a woman - his 'true self' and a childhood dream - in an explosive ABC interview with Diane Sawyer. The 65-year-old Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star sparked rumors about his gender identity last year after visibly altering his appearance. And last night, he confirmed that he is reinventing himself physically in a bid to transition from male to female in the highly-anticipated, intimate sit-down. Speaking in front of millions of viewers, including Kim Kardashian and her family, Bruce tearfully revealed: 'For all intents and purposes, I am a woman. 'My brain is much more female than it is male. That's what my soul is. Bruce lives a lie. She is not a lie.' He firmly added: 'I can't do it anymore.' During the interview, Bruce also admitted that he has been regularly taking female hormones - and plans to completely transform into a woman.But he said he was still attracted to females. 'I was never attracted to the guys,' he told Diane, explaining how he has always enjoyed a good sex life.

Inside Bruce Jenner's new life as a woman: Reality star shows Diane Sawyer the little black dress in secret closet of women's clothing and reveals plans for 'glam room'

Inside Bruce Jenner's new life as a woman: Reality star shows Diane Sawyer the little

Bruce Jenner gave Diane Sawyer a glimpse inside his secret life as a woman during his tell-all on Friday night. The reality star, who confirmed he is transitioning into a female during the tell-all, took the veteran host inside his closet, where he has two wardrobes for both men's and women's clothing. He declined to appear dressed as a woman during the interview and also decided not to reveal his female name, but he did give viewers a sneak peek of his new outfits. 

Bruce's second wife tells how he thought about having a sex change in the 1980s

Bruce Jenner's second wife reveals his 1980s despair when he thought about fleeing to

As Diane Sawyer's explosive tell-all with Bruce Jenner came to an end, his second wife, Linda Thompson, published a blog detailing their love affair, idyllic marriage and the gender dysphoria revelations that led to their divorce after two sons and a seemingly picture perfect Malibu life.

Furious Kris Jenner hits out at Diane Sawyer for claiming she did not provide a comment on Bruce - and insists he is her 'hero' 


Viewers of Bruce Jenner's highly-anticipated interview on Friday night were shown statements of support from his first wife Chrystie Scott and second wife Linda Thompson.

Husband and wife whose two dogs mauled father-of-three jogger to death as he begged for help could be freed from prison in just 19 MONTHS after reaching plea deal

Sebastiano Quagliata and Valbona Lucaj reach deal after dogs mauled Craig Sytsma to death

The owners of two dogs that got loose and killed a jogger in Michigan pleaded no contest on Friday to a reduced charge. Sebastiano Quagliata (right) and his wife, Valbona Lucaj (left), pleaded no contest to owning a dangerous dog causing death in the fatal mauling last summer of Craig Sytsma (center) of Livonia, The Flint Journal reported. 'I'm so sorry,' Lucaj told Sytsma's family.

The summer glow diet: Pioneering book by nutritionist the stars swear by reveals the simple steps to looking and feeling fab

Amelia Freer has been credited with the dramatic weight loss of a string of stars, and is the nutritional therapist A-list celebrities have on speed dial thanks to her revolutionary approach to eating.

Bruce Jenner reveals he is a Republican Christian who is 'not a fan' of Obama in interview announcing he is transitioning to a woman

bruce_0002_Layer 19.jpg

Bruce Jenner revealed he is a Republican and a Christian during the much-anticipated interview in which he revealed he is transitioning to be a woman.

Baltimore police admit Freddie Gray should have got medical attention before van ride - but commissioner won't resign over his death

Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Anthony Batts speaks about the investigation into Freddie Gray's death at a news conference, Friday, April 24, 2015, in Baltimore. Gray died from spinal injuries about a week after he was arrested and transported in a police van. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Baltimore police have come under intense scrutiny after Gray was taken into custody and suffered an unexplained spinal injury that led to his death.

NBC investigators look into Brian Williams interview on the Daily Show about his reporting from Arab Spring protests

NBC anchor Brian Williams, who was suspended in February amid allegations of exaggerated reporting, said he 'made eye contact' with an Egyptian soldier during violent protests.

University shuts down as hundreds gather in support of Playboy Air Force vet who was arrested for tackling flag tramplers

Hundreds rally in support of playboy air force vet who was arrested for taking on flag

Hundreds rallied (right) in support of Air Force vet and former Playboy model Michelle Manhart (left and center) who stopped students from trampling a flag at Valdosta state University in Georgia last week. At the protest, Manhart was detained by police when she refused to return the flag. She later was banned from the campus of 11,500 students. She was not a student at Valdosta State, according to the school.

How being attractive can ruin your career: Good-looking men get less job offers because they intimidate bosses, says study

Researchers at the University of Maryland found that if the interviewer saw the candidate as a potential competitor, the interviewer discriminated in favour of unattractive men.

Now conspiracy theorists say there is a 'hidden army' on Mars: Absurd theory suggests a bunker, people and missiles can be seen on the red planet

The radical claim was made by 58-year-old Canadian Andre Gignac who says he saw the 'bunker' in a photograph released by Nasa and taken by the Mars rover Opportunity.

Woman, 82, dies after 'sister and nephew failed to move her from her chair for six months'

Barbara Beam was being looked after by her sister and nephew when she died in Greenville, South Caroline on January 2. Prosecutors are deciding whether to charge them in her death.

Woman, 25, gave birth in office bathroom, cut the cord with cuticle scissors, then sealed the baby in a plastic bag... and hid it in her desk drawer

A woman no one knew was pregnant, gives birth at work and then tries to hide her dead baby.

Redford police are investigating to find out if the mother is the one responsible for the baby's death. 

The newborn baby was found dead in the mother's bag under her desk in the cubicle and police are working to find out if the baby had been born alive.

The discovery was made at about 10 a.m. Tuesday morning at Ceva Logistics on Glendale. 

It started when employees who declined to go on camera, told FOX 2 they heard moaning coming from the women's restroom.

A few people finally checked and discovered blood all over the bathroom stall. But no one knew why.

They rushed back to the office to find out if everyone was okay. Only one woman  at first didn't answer, a 26-year-old from Wyandotte. No one knew had been pregnant.

Redford police were called and discovered the young woman, who did have blood on her, had returned to her cubicle. 

She had attempted to resume her workday, but there was

Kim Pappas, 25, was two hours into her working day at Ceva Logistics in Wyandotte, Michigan, when she disappeared to the bathroom to deliver the child - and cut the umbilical cord with cuticle scissors.

Charles' and Di's 'secret daughter': Wills and Harry have an IVF sister living in hiding according to outlandish story gripping U.S... So is there a single scrap of evidence?  

Diana and Prince Charles had a 'secret daughter' living in hiding

In what must be one of the most far-fetched stories of recent times, an American tabloid is claiming Charles and Diana have a secret daughter called Sarah who was brought up in the States, the result of a doctor going rogue with a fertilised embryo. The Globe claims Kate - who is due to give birth to her second child in the coming days - even met the so-called 'sister' during her visit to New York last year (inset).

Missouri Senator personal assistant arrested for 'trafficking meth and date rape drugs from China to exchange for sexual favors'

A longtime personal aide to Senate Appropriations Chairman Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) was charged Thursday in Washington with possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

Fred W. Pagan, who is 49 and earned $160,000 last year as Cochran?s personal assistant and office administrator, was charged by criminal complaint in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

U.S. Magistrate Deborah Robinson released Pagan on his own recognizance after an initial court appearance Friday afternoon, at which Pagan said he would retain his own lawyer. Pagan could not be immediately reached for comment.

Later Friday, a grand jury indicted Pagan on one count of possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine, which is punishable by a prison sentence of at least five and up to 40 years, and one count of importation of a controlled substance, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. His next court date is May 14.

Cochran?s office said in a statement that the sen

Police launched an investigation after seizing a package with over a kilo of the date rape drug GBL addressed to Fred Pagan, office manager for Republican Senator Thad Cochran (pictured).

William and Kate's pre-baby shopping spree: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spotted relaxing with some retail therapy in London before arrival of child number two

The nation may be waiting on tenterhooks for the new royal baby, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have apparently been taking parenthood second time round in their stride.

Eric Holder waves goodbye to the Justice Department after six years as America's attorney general

Attorney General Eric Holder waves to Justice Department during a farewell gathering at the Justice Department in Washington, Friday, April 24, 2015. Holder was bidding farewell to the Justice Department on Friday after six years as the nation's top law enforcement official. Holder was addressing employees at an afternoon ceremony one day after his chosen successor, Loretta Lynch, was confirmed by the Senate following a months-long delay.  (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Holder took a victory lap in his farewell speech, but didn't mention being held in criminal Contempt of Congress for ignoring a subpoena related to the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

District Attorney demands investigation into allegations reserve deputy 'who shot and killed suspect with a gun instead of using his Taser' received preferential treatment from colleagues

Robert Bates, left, leaves his arraignment with his daughter, Leslie McCreary, right, in Tulsa, Okla., Tuesday, April 21, 2015.  Bates, a 73-year-old Tulsa County reserve deputy who fatally shot a suspect who was pinned down by officers, pleaded not guilty to a second-degree manslaughter charge.  (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Attorneys for Eric Harris have released a report they say outlines a 2009 internal investigation showing colleagues expressed concerns about Robert Bates when he joined an Oklahoma force.

The moment a hiker gets the shock of his life when the volcano he is filming erupts before his eyes

The moment a hiker gets the shock of his life when the volcano he was filming erupts

A hiker exploring Chile's natural wonders got the shock of his life on Wednesday afternoon when the Calbuco volcano erupted (pictured) before his eyes. 'There aren't many people here,' the hiker says in Spanish in the video. 'Beautiful, the volcano there...'he says just before the volcano begins to blow.

The baseball player who could be paid $70m to leave his team: After divorcing Real Housewife and drug relapse, Josh Hamilton risks being dropped by Los Angeles Angels 

The Los Angeles Angels are close to a deal sending the outfielder to the Texas Rangers. Hamilton, 33, relapsed in February and filed for divorce from Real Housewives of Orange County's Katie Hamilton.

Anti-gay bakers face ordered to pay $135k to lesbian couple who they refused wedding cake - but have already raised $100k online

Anti-gay bakers face paying $135,000 to lesbian couple that it refused wedding cake... but

Sweet Cakes by Melissa,(left) a bakery formerly in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Gresham, faces a fine of $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for lesbian couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer (bottom right) because of religious beliefs. Christian owners Aaron and Melissa Klein (top right) say that the amount will 'ruin' them and their five children financially, though they've already raised more than $100,000 on a fundraising page following the ruling. The Bowman-Cryers said that they suffered emotional distress because of the discrimination, including death threats and worrying about losing their foster children

Mayweather vs Pacquaio tickets sell out within minutes as thousands are expected to watch it illegally via Periscope 

Mayweather and Pacquiao will fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 2. Around 500 tickets for the welterweight unification clash sold out very fast
Periscope is a streaming app launched by Twitter.

Broken record or hit single? Research finds most popular chart songs repeat same words over and over again

Researchers have found songs such as Madonna's Papa Don't Preach and Taylor Swift's Shake If Off - which repeat entire phrases - are more likely to be commercially successful.

The end of an era: Abercrombie and Fitch vows to stop using shirtless models in its stores while promising it will 'diversify' its overtly-sexy image

According to new plans unveiled by Abercrombie and Fitch Co on Friday, the retailer will abandon many of the sexualized marketing ploys for which it is known in an attempt to lure back customers.

'She violated the law': Boehner says it's time for Hillary to turn her private server over to the federal government

The GOP leader said he hasn't decided yet whether to take legal action to force her hand, though. Clinton said last month at a press conference that she would not voluntarily hand over her personal property.

Syria's sexist insult to Angelina: Star Special Envoy rips UN's 'paralysis' over bloody civil war's four million refugees ... and the Syrian ambassador's response? 'She's beautiful'

Angelina Jolie attacks UN paralysis over Syria's refugee crisis in New York

Angelina Jolie briefed the council as special envoy for the U.N. on refugee issues on Friday morning at UN headquarters in New York. When asked about Jolie's planned briefing, Syria's U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari (pictured right) responded: 'She is beautiful'. What he failed to acknowledge was Jolie's blistering attack on the failure of the world's leaders to act on the country's refugee crisis. The 39-year-old mother-of-six, who said she has made 11 visits to Syrian refugees in the region since the crisis began in 2011, called the failure to help some four million driven out of Syria over the conflict as the 'world's lowest point' and blasted world leaders who are 'paralyzed' by disagreement.

Legal wife of polygamist cult leader Lyle Jeffs files for divorce 'citing rape and illegal practices within the church'

Nephi, left, and Lyle Jeffs leave the federal courthouse in Salt Lake City, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015. A federal judge says the brothers of polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs can cite their religion in refusing to answer questions about suspected child labor violations on a Utah pecan farm. Nephi and Lyle Jeffs, who are considered high-ranking members of the secretive sect, testified that their church doctrine bars them from talking about the group's dealings. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Charlene Jeffs, 58, is one of the reported nine wives of Lyle Jeffs, who stepped up to lead the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when Warren Jeffs was sent to prison in 2007.

'Today we move on': Comcast confirms it has abandoned bid to buy Time Warner Cable for $45billion

Brian Roberts, chairman and chief executive officer of Comcast Corp., arrives to a morning session during the Allen & Co. Media and Technology Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, U.S., on Thursday, July 10, 2014. Technology companies from Silicon Valley are expected to take center stage at this year's Allen & Co.'s Sun Valley conference as tech and media converge. Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts announced: 'Today, we move on.' The statement comes two days after it emerged that FCC regulators had decided the merger was not in the public interest.

Samsung takes aim at Motorola with a ROUND smartwatch: Firm teases circular device for its Gear range of wearables

Simply referred to as 'the next Gear', images (pictured) of the watch's circular face were unveiled as part of an announcement about the Korean firm's upcoming developer scheme.

Should sitting desks be banned in classrooms? Children pay more attention to lessons when standing, claims study

Scientists at Texas A&M; University found that children increased their focus by as much as 12 per cent when asked to stand during their lessons.

Angelina Jolie's film exploited my rape agony, says Ethiopian girl who 'wasn't told' Hollywood star was using her story

Angelina Jolie's film Difret exploited Ethiopian girl  rape agony who 'wasn't told'

Angelina Jolie's acclaimed film about the kidnap and rape of a 14-year-old girl in Ethiopia has helped burnish her image as a human rights campaigner. But the Hollywood star is at the centre of controversy after the makers of Difret were accused of exploiting the real-life victim at the heart of its story. Aberash Bekele (right, second left), 32, is angry at the filmmakers for using her story without her knowledge or consent, and failing, initially, to pay her compensation.

Did you get your Starbucks while it was free EVERYWHERE in America? Computer shutdown forces chain to give away coffee coast-to-coast

Did YOU get your Starbucks while it was free everywhere in America? Computer system

Caffeine addicts from California to New York rushed to their local Starbucks stores Friday evening to pick up a free cup of java in the wake of a nationwide shutdown of the company's computer system. A young barrista named Jaleel working at a Starbucks coffeehouse on 8th Street in Manhattan told Daily Mail their system went down at around 7.30pm. The computer glitch prevented staff from accepting credit cards or ringing up sales, but Starbucks workers at the East Village location were still accepting cash.

Psychiatrist of John Hinckley Jr testifies that Reagan shooter wants to start a BAND on his release

This is John Hinckley Jr., the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan, pictured for the first time since a court ruled he can spend 17 days a month away from a mental home where he has been for the last three decades.
Clutching a bottle of soda in his hand and casually dressed, the 58-year-old enjoys his freedom on a stroll on Easter Sunday near his mother's home.
Hinckley is rarely seen since his incarceration at a secure metal health facility following the assassination attempt in March 1981.
Scroll down for video
Smirk: Hinckley took a stroll on Easter Sunday near the home of his mother, Jo Ann, in Williamsburg, Virginia
Smirk: Hinckley took a stroll on Easter Sunday near the home of his mother, Jo Ann, in Williamsburg, Virginia
Freedom: Hinckley has spent three decades in a mental hospital. His family and lawyers have been fighting for his eventual re-integration into society
Freedom: Hinckley has spent three decades in a mental hospital. His family and lawyers have

Dr Giorgi-Guarnieri testified on Friday in Washington, D.C., that will ultimately determine whether and under which conditions John Hinckley Jr. will be allowed to live full time outside a mental hospital.

Man, 75, awaiting verdict in his felony sex abuse case shoots himself outside court 

Piano teacher John Goodwin, 75, of Atkinson, New Hampshire, was awaiting the verdict of six counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault. He had pleaded not guilty in the case.

Cops caught on video shooting ANOTHER unarmed black teen: Dashcam footage shows man shot in the back and left paralyzed while running away

Dontrell Stephens shot in Florida while running dashcam footage reveals

Dontrell Stephens (top right) was paralyzed from the waist down after the 2013 shooting (pictured left and right). He was shot by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Deputy Adam Lin in Florida. The then-20-year-old had nothing in his hand but a cellphone during the incident. State officials ruled the shooting was justified after an investigation. Lin returned to work just four days after the south Florida shooting. Stephens is one of 114 people shot at by a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy since 2000.

California man, 41, to stand trial on charges of raping and kidnapping his girlfriend's daughter who he later married and lived with for 10 years

Isidro Garcia mugshot

Isidro Garcia, 41, of California was ordered on Friday to stand trial on charges of kidnapping and raping a 15-year-old girl that he went on to marry and live with for a decade.

'I saved them': Military mom breaks her silence to say she has no regrets about shooting dead her two teen children in 2011

Julie Schenecker, 54, was convicted last May of shooting her son Beau, 13, and daughter Calyx, 16, in their upscale Tampa Bay, Florida home in January 2011 while her husband served overseas.

Strangers unite to save 'hopeless' dog stuck in tar pit, using grocery bags, car floor mats and their own bare hands to get him out

Dog stuck in tar pit by Great Salt Lake Spiral Jetty saved by strangers

Tom George's dog Shelby got stuck by the Great Salt Lake's Spiral Jetty (insets). Strangers who were planning to visit the famous sculpture instead spent over an hour getting the dog out while George, who had no cell phone reception, drove an hour out to get help at the nearest town. Veterinarians removed 40lbs of tar from Shelby (pictured), who has since recovered.

Two nuke launch officers face drug charges and could be court-martialed for having ecstasy, cocaine and bath salts at base with missiles armed with nuclear warheads

1st Lt Michael Alonso and 1st Lt Lantz Balthazar have both been charged. They are members of the Missile Squadron at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The base operates missiles armed with nukes.

One Navy SEAL killed and another critically injured while training in a pool at US base

The SEALS were at the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story in Virginia. They were found at the bottom of the pool by another service member around 3pm. Personnel use the facility for fitness.

Three former Florida A&M; band members found guilty of manslaughter in hazing death of drum major

FILE - In this Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011 file photo, Robert Champion, a drum major in Florida A&M University's Marching 100 band, performs during halftime of a football game in Orlando, Fla. On Monday, April 20, 2015, the final three former band members charged with manslaughter and felony hazing in Florida A&M University drum major Robert Championís beating death following a football game will go on trial for the November 2011 attack. (AP Photo/The Tampa Tribune, Joseph Brown III, File) MANDATORY CREDIT, MAGS OUT,  ST. PETE, LAKELAND, BRADENTON OUT

Benjamin McNamee, Darryl Cearnel and Aaron Golson were the final three defendants to be convicted in 26-year-old Robert Champion's death in 2011.

Don't get any ideas, Rand! Presidential hopeful Rand Paul takes poker lessons from notorious gun-toting 'King of Instagram' Dan Blizerian

Presidential hopeful Rand Paul takes poker lessons from notorious gun-toting 'King of

On Friday, the 52-year-old Republican lawmaker from Kentucky (left) shared a 10-second Snapchat video of himself learning how to play Liar's Poker - a game played with dollar bills - from the debauched social media star (right and pictured center at a party).

Killing of Oregon-born al Qaeda media frontman is a 'big blow' for militants

epa04719144 An video grab taken from an undated handout video released by the Al Qaeda, made available on 24 April 2015 shows American terrorist Adam Gadahn at an undisclosed location at Pak-Afghan border. The United States killed two Western hostages in an anti-terrorist operation on the Afghan-Pakistani border after surveillance of an al-Qaeda terrorist compound failed to show they were there, US President Barack Obama said on 23 April. The White House also announced that high-profile American terrorist Adam Gadahn had been killed in January, 'likely in a separate US government counterterrorism operation' in the same region. The FBI had put a one-million-dollar price on his head.  EPA/HO BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

American al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn, who faced treason
charges in the U.S., was killed early this year in a
strike on an al Qaeda camp in Pakistan, near the Afghan border.

Taliban launch failed rocket attack on US base as spring offensive starts with extremists claiming over 100 attacks in just five hours in Afghanistan

Former Afghan Taliban fighters are seen holding weapons before they hand them over, as part of a government peace and reconciliation initiative, at a ceremony in Jalalabad, on February 8, 2015 ©Noorullah Shirzada (AFP/File)

The Taliban annual "spring offensive"began today in Afghanistan with the jihadi group claiming responsibility for 108 attacks across the fragile country, targeting a US air base and checkpoints.

Italian police hunting Osama Bin Laden's former bodyguards and 16 other Pakistani extremists reveal Al Qaeda militants plotted terror attack on the Vatican

An ongoing series of raids largely focussing on the autonomous island of Sardinia is targeting 18 people, including two men thought to have worked for the late Al Qaeda leader, investigators said.

How two missing sisters survived on Girls Scout cookies, cheese puffs and melted snow inside their disabled SUV for TWO WEEKS before help finally arrived

How two missing sisters survived on Girls Scout cookies, cheese puffs and melted snow

Leslie Roy, 52, and Lee Wright, 56, had been visiting relatives in Michigan when on April 11 their Ford Explorer got stuck in snow on little-used road, setting the stage for a harrowing two-week ordeal. their SUV soon lost power and they had no cell phone service to call for help, Roy and Wright wore layers of clothes to stay warm as overnight temperatures fell to the 20s, and survived by rationing eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies and a bag of cheese puffs.

Dolphins may be putting their health at risk as they shout to overcome the background noise of passing ships, a study reveals 

Researchers believe the mammals could be putting their health at risk, because having to communicate loudly with each other to overcome background noise uses up far more oxygen.

How safe are the prawns YOU'RE eating? Farmed shrimp found to contain traces of E.coli, MRSA and salmonella

Experts at Consumer Reports tested 342 packages of frozen prawns from farms in Thailand, India and Indonesia. They found 60 per cent were found with traces of harmful bacteria.

My daughter was a beautiful size 10, so why did she buy killer diet pills online? Mother of girl who died after taking internet drugs gives stark warning to other parents 

Fiona Parry, English mother of Eloise, who was tragically killed at the age of 21 after taking diet pills she bought online warns other parents of the danger posed by dieting with unknown drugs bought on the internet.

Second ice cream company pulls all of its products from shelves and closes retail stores in listeria panic

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams of Ohio said on its website on Thursday that it recalled its frozen products after health officials found listeria in a sample of its frozen treats.

The determined herd of fifteen buffalo who fled their farm and SWAM across the Hudson in daring bid for freedom... only to be shot dead by troopers

State troopers chase escaped buffalo herd in NY after Hudson River crossing

Around 15 animals ran away from their pen in Schodack in Rensselaer County on Thursday evening and then swam across the Hudson River. They then started running down the Thruway, a series of toll roads which link up the major cities in the state, including Buffalo and New York City.

Daughter of Hitler's henchman Hermann Goering loses her bid to win back family money confiscated from father's estate after defeat of the Nazis

Edda Goering, 76, (pictured with Hermann Goering in 1940) wanted compensation for her father's legacy which was confiscated in 1948. The appeal was rejected by Bavarian lawmakers.

Crying toddler removed from international flight and met by police after being deemed a 'security breach'

baby thrown off plane
As agreed, this pic is free to use on condition that the article states "as reported by the Jewish News" - with "Jewish News" being a hyperlink clicking through to www.jewishnews.co.uk

After setting off from Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, bound for London Luton, nineteen-month-old Sarina Aziz became agitated after cabin crew asked that she sit on her parents' lap.

Director of Guatemalan juvenile jail is gunned down by young gang members in 'revenge' for abuses at the prison

Director of Guatemalan jail for young gang members gets out of his car to fight off attack

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Luis Andres Cuyun, 30, was riding to work in Guatemala City when two suspected Mara Salvatrucha members opened fired on him and his driver, who was injured in the attack (left). Salvadoran Juan Carlos Medina Luna, 29, and Mario Alfonso Aguilar, 18, (bottom right) were arrested following a short police chase. Medina Luna said that the pair were ordered to commit the killing by a man called El Travieso in 'revenge' for alleged abuses against Salvatruchas at Cuyun's Las Gaviotas facility.


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Hilarious moment monkey gets its revenge when teenager shows him his middle finger (but who taught it to understand the gesture was an insult?)

Flipping the monkey: Cheeky primate takes offence to teenager pulling the middle finger

The monkeys of northern India's Shimla region have a fearsome reputation - and as this video shows, for a very good reason. A teenager in the area discovered the hard way that the locals should not be toyed with after he pulled the middle finger at a monkey, which responded by jumping on his face and leaving him sprawled on his back (pictured clockwise from top left).

'She wouldn't have had had a life': Woman shares details of agonizing decision to abort her baby at 23 weeks after it was revealed she had a life-threatening defect 

An Ohio woman said that she and her Catholic husband made the difficult decision to get an abortion after a test revealed that their daughter had a defect 'incompatible with life outside the womb.'

Michael Schumacher's son Mick set for Formula 4 debut as 16-year-old protege follows in father's footsteps

The 16-year-son of Michael Schumacher, the seven-time Formula One champion, is set to make his debut in the same sport this weekend.

Revealed: Girl, 17, 'shot dead her stepfather and stabbed her mother to death' during argument over her older boyfriend

Ashlee Martinson, 17, made her initial court appearance in Wisconsin Friday in connection to the March killings of her mother, Jennifer Ayers, and her stepfather, Thomas Ayers.

Judge denies bail request to move Slender Man suspect to psychiatric hospital to be treated for schizophrenia

Morgan Geyser - May 10, 2014.jpg             
Morgan Geyser
CAPTION FROM ANGIE GEYSER : Early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa
Two 12-year-olds obsessed with online ghost stories 'lured classmate into woods and stabbed her 19 times' to prove 'Slender Man' myth was real
Authorities say the two girls lured another 12-year-old into the woods on Saturday after a sleepover  
Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier had allegedly spent months planning to kill their friend, whose identity has still not been released 
The victim survived the attack after crawling out of the woods and waving down a cyclist
She is in stable condition, but was 'a millimeter from death' after a stab wound nearly cut a major artery
The two girls were later arrested at a furniture store and will be charged as adults in the case
PUBLISHED: 12:03 EST, 2 June 2014 | UPDATED: 07:42 EST, 3 June 2014
   1,389 shares 211 View 
Two 12-year-old girls who

The Wisconsin judge ruled Friday that Geyser was a flight risk because, despite being her age, she was capable of plotting an elaborate murder in order to 'please' fictional online ghoul Slender Man.

Girl, 12, finishing 2.5 year battle with leukemia is dismissed from Catholic school for 'poor attendance'

Last week St. Joseph's Middle School in Michigan dismissed Rose McGrath, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2012, for missing too much school and for poor academic performance.

Love triangle ends with woman 'kidnapping rival girlfriend and her son' of the boyfriend who was two-timing her 


Alyssa Marie Chang, 56, from Seattle, was furious with the mother of Ronnie Tran because she thought the other woman had been circulating sexual photos of their mutual lover.

Images of transgender prisoner whose face was 'pulverized' by police after they stripped her and shaved her head spark outrage in Brazil 

Transgender woman stripped, shaved and 'pulverized' by police sparking outrage

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Pictures have emerged of Veronica Bolina (pictured left, before the incident) lying face down and partially naked on the ground in front of a group of policemen and other prisoners at a jail in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 25-year-old had previously been arrested over an alleged attack on her 73-year-old neighbor. But an investigation is now underway amid reports she was set upon by officers on three different occasions after being taken into custody, leaving her face unrecognizable (right). Pictures appearing to show her ordeal were leaked online and have sparked outrage across Brazil.

Diet Pepsi drops controversial sweetener aspartame after customer concerns about safety

PepsiCo has confirmed will now use sucralose, another artificial sweetener commonly known as Splenda, in US products. Despite repeated fears over aspartame, the FDA says it is safe.

Man 'grateful to be alive' after lawn mower shoots three-and-a-half inch rusty metal wire up his nose and into his head

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Bill Parker, 34, of Mississippi was mowing his lawn on April 19 when the rusty wire, as thick as a heavy-duty nail, entered his nostril but 'miraculously' dodged all of his important nerves and arteries.

Outrage over experimental 'body farm' in Florida where ten corpses will be exposed to the elements on two-acre site as part of crime research 

Information gathered at the possible Hillsborough County, Florida, site could help investigators solve crimes and cold cases by seeing what happens to bodies when they are left in Florida elements.

Rubio surges to the front of the GOP pack in two new polls as Hillary Clinton struggles with poor numbers

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio gestures while announcing that he will be running for the Republican presidential nomination, during a rally at the Freedom Tower, Monday, April 13, 2015, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

The first-term Florida senator is the only GOP candidate Hillary Clinton isn't beating in head-to-head polling matchups, reaching a statistical tie with her nationwide.

Construction worker killed after crane collapses at Manhattan work site 

The 40-year-old man was unloading supplies from his truck when the accident occurred. Officials said the collapse was due to a mechanical malfunction involving the crane's boom arm.

Revealed: Migrant boat 'captain' accused of sailing 850 people to their deaths is just a lowly 'nasty good-for-nothing' deckhand who boasted trip was worth $1.5million

Migrant boat 'captain' Mohammed Ali Malek, 27, is just a lowly deckhand who boasted to fishermen in his hometown of Sfax, Tunisia, that he would strike it rich on his maiden trafficking run.

'We never gave up': Mom ignored doctors' claims pregnant daughter only had a 2% chance of surviving car crash coma - now she's awake to meet her 'miracle' newborn

Sharista Giles' mom knew she would wake up from coma after car crash

Pregnant Sharista Giles (left), 20, of Sweetwater, Tennessee, was in a car accident in December that sent her to the hospital with injuries so bad doctors believed she would never recover. She woke up earlier this month and her mother, Anna Moser (right), believes that her daughter will make a full recovery and will be able to raise her son, who doctors were forced to deliver in January.

German language teacher is suspended in France for suggesting that panzer tanks should invade the country to subdue unruly pupils 

The Frenchwoman also used her classes to defend Adolf Hitler's domestic record, and his plans for overseas expansion.She's now been suspended from Auguste Remoir college in Limoges, France.

Pop star daughter of Mexican drugs lord breaks into court with gun-wielding bodyguards... to shoot a music video

Singer Melissa Plancarte (pictured), who goes by the stage name Melissa: Cartel Princess and has three pet tigers, sneaked into the courthouse in the dead of night.

Disgraced former headmaster of $27,000-a-year prep school given 50 year prison sentence for dealing child pornography

Christopher Wheeler, 54, who worked at Tower Hill school in Delaware, had more than 2,000 images and videos of boys engaging in sex acts at his mansion in Wilmington in October 2013.

Student who reduced elderly bus monitor to tears with bullying in 2012 'forced a special-needs classmate to drink urine and post the video on Snapchat'

A high school student in Greece, N.Y. who allegedly forced a special-needs classmate to drink urine out of a toilet was also involved in the bullying of an elderly bus monitor in 2012 which went viral.

Upon hearing news of the tormented special-needs student, the bullied bus monitor, Karen Klein, told WHEC, ?I don?t believe this is happening again.?

Earlier this week it was reported that three students at Greece Athena High School in upstate New York confronted the special-needs student in the bathroom and forced him to hold his crotch while drinking urine from the toilet. The students filmed the incident and posted video of it Snapchat, a social media site.

A teen who verbally abused bus monitor Karen Klein in 2012, has now been accused of forcing a special needs student to drink urine at Greece Athena High in upstate New York.

Time magazine's longtime film critic Richard Corliss dies at the age of 71 after major stroke

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 11:  Richard Corliss speaks onstage during a "Meet Me in St. Louis" Screening during the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival at TCL Chinese Theater on April 11, 2014 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/WireImage)

Corliss was 71 when he passed away after suffering a stroke last week. The film critic for Time magazine left behind a wife of 40 years. He was known for predicting Star Wars to be a dud.

California 17-year-old who went missing for four days survived by drinking from water fountains at high school, using Porta-Potty and eating from campus's pineapple guava trees

Connor Sullivan, 17, of Cupertino, went missing from school early Monday and is thought to have survived on pineapple guavas and pear-like quinces before coming home Thursday night.

HRT raises breast cancer risk up to EIGHT years after women stop taking it, scientists warn 

New findings from the Women's Health Initiative in Seattle, have shown women taking combined HRT of oestrogen and progesterone have an increased risk years after stopping treatment.

Teen driving fatalities dropped more than 50 per cent in the last decade thanks to new car safety features and graduate license restrictions

Between 2004 and 2013, the number of passenger vehicle drivers aged 16 to 19 involved in U.S. fatal crashes decreased from 5,724 to 2,568, per 100,000 people.

'We will be recognized by all soon': Kim Kardashian takes to Twitter to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide where 1.5million people were massacred 

Kim Kardashian marks Armenian genocide anniversary on Twitter

The 34-year-old began the social media postings on Friday by saying she is 'proud' to have finally visited, but admitted is saddened by the fact 'not everyone has recognized that 1.5 million people were murdered'. The reality star visited the eternal flame of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex on the outskirts of the capital Yerevan with her sister Khloe during an eight-day tour earlier this month. She is now back in the United States, but still wanted to mark occasion as foreign leaders including French President Francois Hollande, attended a flower laying tribute.

Never-before-seen photographs show horror of doomed Gallipoli landings through the eyes of the soldiers who fought there

Historian Stephen Chambers has collected more than 100 rare photographs, many taken by the troops themselves, which have been released to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Sour note: Leading Chinese opera singer lands in hot water for flaunting headdress made with feathers from EIGHTY kingfishers

Peking opera singer Liu Guijuan came under fire this week for showcasing her favourite headdress on Chinese social media - which is said to be made with feathers from 80 kingfishers.

Hi Curiosity! Mars Orbiter spies rover on the red planet's surface from almost 200 MILES away

Nasa scientists in California have revealed a distant image of Curiosity taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (shown). It was taken from an altitude of 187 miles (300km).

Baby girl born with webbed hands and feet in China faces more hardship after her father says he is going to look for a job - then disappears

Little Mengyu, pictured, hasn't seen her dad since he walked out four months ago. He said he was going to Binzhou City to get a job, so that he could pay for corrective surgery for his daughter.

Feeling glum? Move to Switzerland! Swiss nation is the happiest on Earth, with America 15th

The list is dominated by European nations, particularly Scandinavia, and measures a country's population by factors contributing to its citizens' contentment, rather than simple wealth.

Father defends decision to get a portrait of his toddler son tattooed on his FACE insisting that he has 'no regrets' about the distinctive ink

Texas father defends decision tattoo of son's face on his cheek

Christien Sechrist, a 20-year-old trainee electrician from Houston, Texas, made the decision to get a tattoo of his son's portrait on his face in July last year (pictured). He insists his son 'loves' the unique ink and says he has no regrets about it, particularly as he claims it hasn't stopped him from holding down a job.

Could Oculus Rift bring people back from the dead? Virtual reality app claims to reunite users with deceased loved ones

Created by Australia-based Paranormal Games, the app creates a 'personalised afterlife experience' by transforming a person's movement and memories into digital models.

Talk show host's niece sues Vegas cops after being smashed into glass table at The Mirage and scarred for life during arrest

Ariana (pictured) yesterday revealed she had filed a lawsuit against Officer Shawn Izzo and his bosses for using 'excessive force' while arresting her at The Mirage last year.

Chipotle tests out app-based delivery service in 67 cities - but it'll cost you

The fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain will work with the Postmates app to begin offering delivery for online and mobile orders in 67 cities, but will add a nine percent service charge for the luxury.

Taking the p***! Google Maps shows Android URINATING on Apple's logo when users navigate to Pakistan

The Android (pictured) covers a region near Shahpur, Pakistan - at coordinates 33°30'52.5"N 73°03'33.2"E. It is believed to have been added using Google's Map Maker software.

Women spend FIVE HOURS a week taking selfies... and one in five upload them to social media make an ex-partner jealous

A new study has revealed young women are the most prolific selfie-snappers, spending 48 minutes a day taking shots of themselves. 22 per cent said getting social media 'likes' was the main reason for posing.

Inbred and isolated: DNA analysis reveals demise of the mighty woolly mammoth

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada and the Swedish Museum of Natural History found that the last mammoths were isolated on an Arctic island for 5,000 years.

'Someone out there knows where she is': Elizabeth Smart appeals for public's help in finding Mormon missionary from Mexico who vanished in Utah a week ago

Elizabeth Smart appeals for public's help in finding Mormon missionary from Mexico who

Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado (right), 26, moved to Provo, Utah, a month ago to study English. There is no evidence of foul play, but she hasn't made contact with anybody since she disappeared April 16. On Friday, kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart (left) and her father staged a press conference in Sandy to bring attention to the week-long missing person case.

Jealous ex, 24, found guilty of murder after shooting her lawyer lover six times in his penthouse as he dumped her to date a Miss USA contestant

Jurors were shown a videotaped police interview with Hubers, in which the woman, then 21, said Poston was 'vain' and she gave him the 'nose job he wanted' by shooting him in the face.
Testimony got under way Tuesday in the murder trial of a 24-year-old Kentucky woman who is accused of fatally shooting her lawyer boyfriend in the face in 2012.
Shayna Hubers has been charged with murder in the October 12, 2012, of 29-year-old Ryan Poston inside his condominium in Highland Heights, Ohio.
Hubers, who was 21 at the time, claimed she was acting in self-defense because the young attorney was shoving and hitting her, but during an interview with police she was quoted as telling a detective she gave Posten 'the nose job he wanted.'

A Kentucky jury deliberated for five hours before convicting 24-year-old Shayna Hubers of first-degree murder in the 2013 slaying of 29-year-old attorney Ryan Poston.

Posters promoting 'straight pride' week at an Ohio university removed from campus

The posters, hung around Youngstown State University's campus, included profanity and promoted the event as a time to not highlight sexual orientation or differences among students.

ISIS leader's teenage cousin blows himself up in suicide mission

Abu Hafs al-Badri was one of several teenage suicide bombers who recently blew themselves up in Iraq. ISIS social media claim Badri was a cousin of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Wheel of Royal Fortune! Cheeky necklace charm enables commoners to predict which future King they will marry

Jet Set Candy's Marry British Royalty Spinner Charm comes in 14K gold vermeil and sterling silver and retails for $198 and $148, respectively. 'Future husbands' include Prince Harry and Prince George.

Secret of comedians' 'gift of the gab' revealed: Confident speakers use region of brain less, scans reveal

Scientists at University College London found that comedians and barristers showed lower levels of activity in an area of the brain known as Broca's region (pictured).

The frog with an underwater SEX DUNGEON: Species found that likes to mate in privacy - and hide its eggs 

A new species of torrent frog has been found in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Called Hylodes japi, it was found to mate underground in secret chambers. Shown is another torrent frog, the Waterfall frog.

'I know it's not an alien': Driver claims she found a dead chupacabra on Oklahoma roadside - with photos to 'prove' it

Driver found a dead chupacabra in Oklahoma with photos to prove it

An Oklahoma woman believes she has secured photographic evidence of the legendary blood sucking beast, el chupacabra. Vonda Thedford, 55, told Fox News that she was driving along a Pittsburg County rural road earlier this month when she spotted the mysterious carcass lying on the ground. When she stopped to look at the dead creature, she was disturbed to see it had 'a little truck' in place of a nose, 'little toes' and 'hair on its tail'. In a bid to document the unusual-looking beast, she whipped out her camera phone.

Best burger ever! Moment innocent man freed after 36 years wrongly imprisoned satisfies a well-earned fast food craving by tucking into Carl's Jr burger

Michael Hanline, 69, was convicted of murder for the fatal shooting of truck driver JT McGarry in 1980. Following his release last November, his moments of freedom after 36 years were captured on video.

American Horror Story actor Dalton Gray cheats death in horrific car crash... just weeks after co-star is killed on the roads

Dalton Gray injured in car crash. Images from the facebook page of his mother Lynnette Phillips Gray\n\nwww.facebook.com/lynnette.p.gray\n\n

He was also lucky not to lose his sight after sustaining severe cuts and bruises to his face. The actor, 20, shared a tweet with his fans that he was grateful for all their support.

Bicycle powered by HANDS set to beat speed record - and the aluminium frame is controlled using the cyclist's HEAD

Piloted and powered by paracyclist Liz McTernan, the bike was built by Plymouth University and will need to exceed 21.39mph (34.42 km/h) over 656ft (200-metres) to beat the current record.

What's your beef? Infographic reveals the different cuts of meat you SHOULD be buying and how best to cook them

The infographic also shows that rump, fillet and T-Bone are the most popular cuts of meat we order when eating out but when it comes to cooking at home it's mince or burgers we buy.

'I didn't know love was conditional': Artist reveals how she learned to embrace her own appearance by painting beautiful and powerful portraits of herself 

After years of trying to change her body to meet beauty standards, 18-year-old Syracuse art student LaNia Roberts found the secret to unconditional self-love through art and wants to share it.

J-awwww-s, the world's cutest shark! Tiny Rare Pocket Shark identified after being discovered off the Gulf of Mexico

Rare Pocket Shark is finally identified five years after its discovery

An extremely rare species of shark has been discovered off the Gulf of Mexico. However, this little critter is more likely to get you cooing rather than crying out in fear. The tiny nipper - measuring just 5.5 inches long - was caught during a 2010 government research trip and its body remained frozen while biologists went about identifying it. This week scientists revealed the dinky creature is a pocket shark - a miniature variation of the more popular kinds. The young male is the second of its species ever seen.

Heroic teenage Baskin Robbins worker PUNCHES gun-wielding robber in the head as he tries to steal money from her cash register

Rachael Bishop, 19, at first pleaded with the man when he ordered her to hand over the money in the Lynwood, Washington store. When he ignored he, she punched him in the head multiple times.

Viral video star who claimed God cured his homosexuality has frozen yogurt thrown in his face by a lesbian Fro Yo cashier who recognized him


Andrew Caldwell, 21, went viral in November after footage from a St. Louis megachurch showed his screaming 'I don't like mens no more' and claiming to be 'delivered', or cured of being gay.

Tibetan Mastiffs go from sought-after $1m dog to hotpot ingredient as Chinese corruption crackdown means hundreds of them can no longer be used to bribe officials

Just last year, Tibetan mastiffs were the most expensive dogs on Earth. But now they are being cheaply offloaded at abattoirs. The government's corruption crackdown is blamed.

Viva SPACE Vegas! Artist imagines fantastical future of spaceflight - complete with gambling, glitz and glamour

Concept artist Alex Brady from Cambridge has created beautiful pictures of what space travel might look like. He imagines a space station of tomorrow similar to Las Vegas (shown in image).

'Murderers' rounded up and burned alive by vigilante mob in South Africa after they had 'beaten a man to death in the streets' 

A harrowing video has emerged on social media showing five men being tied together and set on fire after they murdered a 30-year-old in a local bar in South Africa.

Young boy becomes a social media sensation after starring in a series dynamic dance videos which see him flaunting a variety of smooth moves 

Young boy becomes an online sensation after starring in dance videos

An anonymous hip-shaking young boy is making waves with his impressive dance moves in recently-surfaced videos, one of which already has over 23 million views on Facebook. The boy's identity and home country are not listed - many of those commenting on the videos indicate he is from Iraq - but the hilarious clips have nonetheless started to build the youngster a huge worldwide internet following.

Should we be cleansing our skin from the INSIDE to beat spots? Japanese women swear by tincture tonic they drink that cleanses blood and removes blemishes 

27 Nov 2012 --- Woman looking at self in the mirror, early in the morning --- Image by © amanaimages/Corbis

The women of Japan swear by the 'beauty from within' philosophy and prefer to sip on tincture tonics to cleanse the system internally to encourage clear, unblemished skin.

7,000 miles, 16 countries and one very tight budget: This Spanish couple is cycling around the world living on just €3 A DAY

Spanish Pablo Mandado, 27, and Latvian Ilze Zebolde, 31 are 356 days into their quest to travel the world on bicycles and have already covered 7,000 miles and spent less than €3 a day.

Is this the new Kim Kardashian? Amanda Oleander's every move is watched by millions of fans on Twitter's new video platform in the ultimate LIVE reality show

In just 29 days, the art graduate, 25, from LA has gained 7.5 million 'loves' on Periscope, Twitter's new live broadcasting mobile app, letting strangers see her home, her friends and join in with her social life.

'Politicians can use it to send nude images!' Senior citizens take a crash course in messaging app Snapchat and are horrified to learn it is used to send suggestive selfies

In the latest video from the Elders React series on TheFineBros YouTube channel, the clueless men and women are given their first introduction to Snapchat with hilarious results.

A chance to own your own AIRPORT for a dollar: Billion-euro terminal designed to cater for five million passengers a year goes up for sale with NO reserve price in Spain

Ciudad Real airport was built in 2009 at a cost of more €1billion - Spain's economy having taken off - but was closed three years later when its parent company fell into financial difficulties.

Underwater hotels and flights through low-orbital space by 2050... and teleportation by 2080: What the future of travel will look like

Futuristic technologies will revolutionise the way we holiday. Many futurists predict that space travel will become far more common and underwater hotels mainstream - in as little as 15 years.

Facebook post helps solve 34-year-old cold case murder of teen girl from Michigan found stabbed nine times and left under pile of leaves in Louisiana

Facebook post solves 34-year-old murder case of Michigan girl

Carol Cole was 17 years old when she disappeared without a trace after running away from a juvenile detention center in Texas in October 1980. For 34 years, Carol's family searched in vain for the troubled teen. At the same time, detectives from Bossier Parish never stopped trying to identity the body they found mutilated in the woods.



Daredevils film swirling 'landspout' tornado from just 100 yards away as it tears through Texas fields 

Iraq veteran Stan Cole films tornado 100 yards away in Texas fields 

Daredevil Stan Cole, an Iraq veteran, captured the wall of wind (top and bottom left) as it gulped up dust from the fields in Loraine, western Texas on Wednesday evening after it started battering his tractor with chunks of mud. Other pictures from that day (right) also show the wind formations - which can't be spotted with radar - causing havoc over farmland.

Barking mad! Californian creates 45ft seesaw that sends him 25ft into the air by placing enormous trunk between two trees

Californian carpenter Kyle Toth used a 45ft tree trunk to create what may well be the world's largest seesaw. Capturing his creation on camera, two users can be seen swinging to height of around 25ft.

'Come tour the home of our ancestors!': 'Vintage' space tourism posters reveal a colonized solar system - and Earth in ruin

Artist Frank McKeever from Florida created the posters. He hopes to encourage our presence into the solar system - especially as our planet is vulnerable to cosmic disasters.

17 miles, 93 bends and breathtaking views of the Douro Valley: The world's best road is in Portugal's wine region

The N-222 road from Peso de Regua to Pinhao in Portugal has been awarded the prestigious honour of World's Best Road. But there are some on the UK which came close.

Would you shell out $70,000 for this rare egg? Collectors' item laid by largest bird that ever lived goes up for auction

Laid by the elephant bird, the rare egg could be 800 years old and is expected to fetch up to £50,000 at auction at Sotheby's in London on Thursday.

Nevermind the mark-up! Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's graffiti-covered love nest revamped and rented on Airbnb for $163 a night

The perfect retreat for a Nirvana fan: Bedroom Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love shared in

Currently showing in cinemas, the new documentary Montage of Heck claims to offer the most intimate glimpse yet into the life of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. But one Los Angeles resident can offer fans an even more intense taste of the singer's life, by letting them sleep in his house. Cobain lived in this two bedroom apartment on Spaulding Avenue in L.A.'s Fairfax district during the height of Nirvana-mania, pictured top right. It is now being rented for $163 after undergoing a fancy revamp - and a lot of graffiti removal, pictured left.



Openly gay high school student without a prom date is rescued by straight male friend who wins over internet with epic promposal

Openly gay high school student asked to prom by straight male friend

Finding a prom partner can be stressful. And for openly-gay high school junior, Anthony Martinez, he'd reached his wits' end trying to find a 'boy date'. In a last-ditch attempt to find a suitor for his May 2 dance in Nevada, he tuned to social media and was over-joyed when his straight guy friend, Jacob Lescenski, stepped in to fill the spot. He was even more touched when his guy pal came up with an extra special promposal idea which has since garnered thousands of 'Likes' and retweets online. Lescenski greeted Martinez in the locker room at Desert Oasis High School on Tuesday morning with a huge pink banner reading: 'You're hella gay, I'm hella str8, but you're like my brother, so be my d8?'

Sunrise, surf and sea! Stunning pictures showcase Australia's coastline in all its glory... from above and below the surface

Warren Keelan ventures into the ocean in order to capture his breathtaking images of waves rising and falling along the coastline of south-eastern Australia.

The temple where the tigers are as tame as tabbies (but they just had a headcount and some have gone missing)

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua in Thailand's western Kanchanaburi province - commonly known as 'The Tiger Temple' - has long proved a hit among tourists.

Indian village where people are roasted above open fire... for GOOD LUCK: Dozens take part in Hindu festival in the belief flames help ward off famine and disease

Revellers in the remote village in Jharkhand state tie themselves upside down onto a wooden pole that hand hangs just feet above a raging fire. Seconds later they throw themselves into the flames.

Make keepsakes, do date night and be grateful for your children even when they're being unbearable: New parents reveal their top tips in heart-warming video

The short clip, made by Extra Storage Space, has been viewed more than 600,000 times. It features new parents, all US based, sharing the tips and advice they wish they had known before having a baby.

Sleep with the fishes! Inside Dubai's luxury underwater suites that come with private butlers and panoramic views into an aquarium filled with 65,000 sea creatures

With a base price of £5,500 ($8,200) a night the underwater suites at Atlantis, The Palm boast views directly into a massive aquarium, creating the illusion of being under the sea.

Honest Walmart worker finds $4,400 cash while picking up trash in the parking lot and helps return it to relieved owner

Walmart worker finds $4,400 cash while picking up trash and returns it

Brian Cassidy (left with a police officer) was picking up trash outside the store in Bangor, Maine on Thursday when he discovered the wet stack of money beneath a large piece of paper in the parking lot. He immediately contacted store security to tell them that some money had been found and, realizing it was a sizable sum, they then contacted the police department, Sergeant Tim Cotton said. Police learned that another nearby employee, Ou Chen, had lost the money as he cleared snow of his car over the winter and the cash has now been returned to him (right).