'Australians at our best': From the historic sands of Gallipoli to the streets of Sydney, the nation comes together as one to salute our Diggers - 100 years to the day since the Anzac invasion

The nation comes together as one to salute our Diggers

Australians have turned out in record numbers on the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings to honour the soldiers that fought and died for their country. Dawn services have been held in cities and town across Australia and on battle sites where Australians fought across Europe. More than 10,000 people travelled to Gallipoli for a ceremony to pay tribute to the Anzac troops who fought and died there century earlier (centre and bottom left). 'Today, all of us who have not been tested in war salute all of those who have,' Prime Minister tony Abbott told the crowd. In Sydney, a quarter of a million people lined George Street to wave flags and cheer veterans and current troops (top and bottom right) passing by the traditional Anzac Day parade, events that were repeated in cities and towns across the country. Earlier in the day, tens of thousands of people attended dawn ceremonies to commemorate our troops.

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside: Sydney smashed by fierce hailstorm and flash flooding in dramatic downpour just days after 'storm of the century' wreaked havoc

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside: Sydney smashed by fierce hailstorm and

Streets and backyards were transformed into snowfields (top) on Saturday afternoon as a freak storm made its way from the Blue Mountains to Sydney (bottom right) before moving off the coast. Lightning (bottom left) and thunder surprised the state after clear skies all day, with heavy rainfall, flash flooding, damaging winds and large hail stones causing havoc across the city. Two factories have collapsed in western Sydney due to the damaging weather, with no injuries reported.

Woman, 25, gave birth in office bathroom, cut the cord with cuticle scissors, then sealed the baby in a plastic bag... and hid it in her desk drawer

A woman no one knew was pregnant, gives birth at work and then tries to hide her dead baby.

Redford police are investigating to find out if the mother is the one responsible for the baby's death. 

The newborn baby was found dead in the mother's bag under her desk in the cubicle and police are working to find out if the baby had been born alive.

The discovery was made at about 10 a.m. Tuesday morning at Ceva Logistics on Glendale. 

It started when employees who declined to go on camera, told FOX 2 they heard moaning coming from the women's restroom.

A few people finally checked and discovered blood all over the bathroom stall. But no one knew why.

They rushed back to the office to find out if everyone was okay. Only one woman  at first didn't answer, a 26-year-old from Wyandotte. No one knew had been pregnant.

Redford police were called and discovered the young woman, who did have blood on her, had returned to her cubicle. 

She had attempted to resume her workday, but there was

Kim Pappas, 25, was two hours into her working day at Ceva Logistics in Wyandotte, Michigan, when she disappeared to the bathroom to deliver the child - and cut the umbilical cord with cuticle scissors.

The summer glow diet: Pioneering book by nutritionist the stars swear by reveals the simple steps to looking and feeling fab

Amelia Freer has been credited with the dramatic weight loss of a string of stars, and is the nutritional therapist A-list celebrities have on speed dial thanks to her revolutionary approach to eating.

Loathe your legs, ladies? You're in great company: As Helen Mirren parades her less than perfect pins, ex-model SANDRA HOWARD sympathises 

The 69-year-old actress appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers, looking every inch the sexagenarian glamourpuss - and showing off her less-than-perfect pins, writes SANDRA HOWARD.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: How Nigella hypnotised away a STONE in weight 

How Nigella hypnotised away a STONE in weight by SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

The Domestic Goddess is back. After the divorce, the trial and flirtation with American TV, Nigella Lawson is enjoying life once more and has a spring in her step. According to friends, she is at least a stone lighter than she was last autumn, which is remarkable even by her standards. This autumn will see the 55-year-old publish her first cookery book for three years and there'll be a BBC2 series to accompany it, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

'I'm a woman': Tearful Bruce Jenner reveals he is transitioning to his 'true self' in TV interview that will be his last as a man

'I'm a woman': Bruce Jenner reveals he is transitioning to his 'true self' in Diane Sawyer

The 65-year-old Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star will likely confirm tonight that he is reinventing himself physically in a bid to transform from male to female. The program, simply titled 'Bruce Jenner: The Interview', will be watched by millions of viewers, including Kim Kardashian and her supportive family. Many hope it could be a giant leap for the transgender community, while others have expressed concern that it may make transgenderism a spectacle.

'The shark had his leg and was swimming around with it': Witnesses describe the horrible moment a 'monster' Great White mauled a surfer as he is pictured being strecthered into hospital

The shark had his leg and was swimming around with it Witnesses describe the horrible

Onlookers have described the horrifying moment they saw a surfer being mauled by a 'monster' Great White shark on South Australia's west coast. The man, who is now fighting for his life in hospital, was surfing about 350 metres offshore near Right Point at Fishery Bay (inset) in Port Lincoln National Park, when he was attacked at 9.50am on Saturday. Shocked witnesses recall seeing what they believed was a six-metre great white shark swimming away with the surfer's leg and a surfboard in its jaw. He was initially taken to Port Lincoln Hospital with life-threatening injuries but been been airlifted to Adelaide for further treatment.

Should sitting desks be banned in classrooms? Children pay more attention to lessons when standing, claims study

Scientists at Texas A&M; University found that children increased their focus by as much as 12 per cent when asked to stand during their lessons.

BEL MOONEY: I can't bear the pain of my cruel husband's double life 

This week, BEL MOONEY advises a woman who has discovered, after 22 years of happy marriage, that her husband has been having an affair for four years after finding evidence on his phone.

'I wish I'd come sooner': Blue-eyed Australian doctor revealed as the face of latest propaganda campaign for terror group Islamic State in Syria... and he urges others to join him

Australian doctor is the latest face of the propaganda campaign for evil terrorist

An Australian doctor has been revealed as the face of the latest Islamic State propaganda video, in which the terrorist organisation announces the launch of its own health service in Syria. The video shows an an man with an Australian accent who calls himself 'Abu Yusuf' cradling a baby and describing himself as a paediatrician. He also calls on Muslim foreign doctors to travel to the ISIS stronghold Raqqa to help launch the ISHS (the Islamic State Health Service), which appears to be mimicking Britain's National Health Service.

THE MIND DOCTOR MAX PEMBERTON: Is being mindful just a bit of a fad? 

Mindfulness - a form of meditation and therapy based on Buddhist teachings - is the latest craze to sweep the medical world.

Broken record or hit single? Research finds most popular chart songs repeat same words over and over again

Researchers have found songs such as Madonna's Papa Don't Preach and Taylor Swift's Shake If Off - which repeat entire phrases - are more likely to be commercially successful.

Nightclub slammed for interrupting Anzac Day service by blasting dance music during the minute's silence

Ivy nightclub interrupts Anzac Day service by blasting dance music during the minute's

A contractor doing a sound check inside Ivy Nightclub club (bottom right) in Sydney's CBD is believed to have been responsible for turning the music on at least five occasions during Anzac Day memorial service. Father Arron Cutugno (top right) described the decision to play music while the minute's silence was being observed as 'disguising'. Many of those in the record crowd of 30,000 (left) took to Twitter to express their anger at the club (centre) for interrupting the minute's silence. The club, on George Street in Sydney's CBD, is close to the Martin Place War Memorial.

Never-before-seen photographs show horror of doomed Gallipoli landings through the eyes of the soldiers who fought there

Historian Stephen Chambers has collected more than 100 rare photographs, many taken by the troops themselves, which have been released to mark the centenary of the First World War.

Don't duck. It upsets the men, said Great Grandad before being shot dead: A very personal story from HARRY MOUNT in Gallipoli

When my great-grandfather Brigadier-General Lord Longford, pictured, came to fight - and die - at Gallipoli a century ago, he was deeply excited at the thought of sailing to Troy.

Anzac Day through our eyes: The stirring photos taken by Australians at dawn services around the country

They will not be forgotten: Australians post stirring pictures from dawn services around

Australians have taken to social media to remember the sacrifice of the Anzacs, as record numbers gathered at dawn services held across the country to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. Proud Aussies came together in huge crowds in Sydney's CBD (bottom left) and Bondi (top) - the eastern suburbs - while more paid their respects in Queensland's regional and coastal towns of Gympie (bottom middle) and Coolangatta (bottom right).

Galloping into carnage: Newly discovered account by a boy sent to Gallipoli with his beloved horse brings the disaster to life, 100 years on 

The attack began at sea, before we could even spy land. The 15in guns on our flagship, the Queen Elizabeth, opened fire and what a noise it was, rather like an express train going through a tunnel, writes, Norman Woodcock, pictured.

'For so many, the rising sun that day would be their last': Thousands stand in silence to mark the moment our Anzac troops waded ashore into the horror of Gallipoli, 100 years on 

More than 10,000 Australians and New Zealanders are sitting in reverence on the shores of the Gallipoli peninsula, as a formal ceremony begins to honour the diggers who fought a century ago.

'It was actually sign language for clapping': Columnist apologises for tweeting rugby star is a 'tosser' for celebrating a try with 'jazz hands'... when he was actually signalling to a deaf friend

Columnist calls a rugby star a 'tosser' on Twitter for doing a 'jazz hands' celebration

Miranda Devine (right) was quick to apologise to Brumbies player David Pocock (left), for assuming his sign language, following a hat-trick try at Canberra Stadium on Friday night, was 'jazz hands'. Despite the columnist calling him a 'tosser' on Twitter, the flanker gracefully explained that he had actually been signing to a friend (bottom centre). Social media erupted over the exchange on Saturday morning, with not everyone accepting Devine's apology as well as Pocock.

My daughter was a beautiful size 10, so why did she buy killer diet pills online? Mother of girl who died after taking internet drugs gives stark warning to other parents 

Fiona Parry, mother of Eloise, who was tragically killed at the age of 21 after taking diet pills she bought online warns other parents of the danger posed by dieting with unknown drugs bought on the internet.

William and Kate's pre-baby shopping spree: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spotted relaxing with some retail therapy in Kensington before arrival of child number two

The nation may be waiting on tenterhooks for the new royal baby, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have apparently been taking parenthood second time round in their stride.

'Show respect to superior woman who actually had what it took to get the job done': Mothers who give birth by C-section shamed in vile social media campaign claiming they 'didn't really give birth'

Show respect to superior woman who actually had what it took to get the job done Mothers

Doctors have condemned an offensive social media image (pictured) which accuses mothers who have a caesarean as being 'too lazy to have a baby.' The vile image is believed to come from firebrand American religious group The Disciples of the New Dawn. Professor of Gynecology Hans Peter Dietz said the image represents a broader anti-caesarean sentiment which is widespread n Australia and needs to be addressed. 'They are suggesting that it's women's own fault if they need a caesarean. That's like saying it's your fault that have an inflamed appendix, or bowel cancer,' he said.

They sleep in beds, go for family holidays and even attend WEDDINGS: Pampered kangaroos Crash and Wally are treated as one of the family (and better than any pet dog ever was!)

They sleep in beds, go for family holidays and even attend WEDDINGS: Meet pampered

Meet the Australian families who take their pet kangaroos on walks to the beach, go away on holidays and even add them as their plus one to wedding events. They eat and live like cats and dogs, let their owners give them regular baths, sneak into the kitchen for snacks, take naps and mingle with other pets. Samantha Wills, from South Australia, and Suzie Nellist, from Queensland, both welcomed their pet kangaroos into their families after they were rescued from the side of a road. Crash (left and right) goes on family adventures and sleeps with his owners after a long day while Wally (centre) hangs with his family's cat.

How being attractive can ruin your career: Good-looking men get less job offers because they intimidate bosses, says study

Researchers at the University of Maryland found that if the interviewer saw the candidate as a potential competitor, the interviewer discriminated in favour of unattractive men.

Parents anger after children as young as THREE told to sign contract promising not to use 'transphobic language' at nursery 

Parents have labelled the document sent out by Turnham Primary School, in London, as 'bonkers' - questioning how they explain transphobic to children 'barely able to hold a crayon'.

'Thankfully she didn't win the role model category': Magazine editor says cancer faker Belle Gibson will keep her award so that people don't 'gang up on her'

'Thankfully she didn't win the role model category': Magazine editor says cancer faker

Cosmo Australia editor Bronwyn McCahon says she regrets that her magazine didn't more thoroughly investigate Belle Gibson before presenting her with its Fun Fearless Female Award last year. But she says the award won't be taken off Ms Gibson, despite the Whole Pantry founder's admission of lying about her cancers

Feeling glum? Move to Switzerland! Swiss nation is the happiest on Earth, with Australia 10th... behind New Zealand

The list is dominated by European nations, particularly Scandinavia, and measures a country's population by factors contributing to its citizens' contentment, rather than simple wealth.

'The girls are known as my Cambodian daughters': Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart reveals she has NINE adopted children 

'The girls are known as my Cambodian daughters': Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart

Billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart (right) has revealed she has nine adopted children from Cambodia. Known as Australia's richest person, the usually private 61-year-old told the Herald Sun that she has been supporting nine orphaned girls by sending them to prestigious Asian universities. She added that her girls are often treated to luxurious overseas trips and black tie events (pictured left along with youngest daughter Ginia). Ms Rinehart says she sees a great future ahead for her adopted daughters, as she believes they will become 'leaders' of Cambodia.

Angelina Jolie's film exploited my rape agony, says Ethiopian girl who 'wasn't told' Hollywood star was using her story

Aberash Bekele, 32, is angry at the filmmakers for using her story without her knowledge or consent, and failing, initially, to pay her compensation.

How your THOUGHTS can fuel brain tumours: Scientists reveal how cancer hijacks the process of thinking

Stanford University in California found that tumours hijack a process known as myelination, which insulates nerve fibres, allowing them to carry thoughts more quickly.

Father, 20, defends decision to get a portrait of his toddler son tattooed on his FACE insisting that he has 'no regrets' about the distinctive ink

Texas father defends decision tattoo of son's face on his cheek

Christien Sechrist, a 20-year-old trainee electrician from Houston, Texas, made the decision to get a tattoo of his son's portrait on his face in July last year (pictured). He insists his son 'loves' the unique ink and says he has no regrets about it, particularly as he claims it hasn't stopped him from holding down a job.

Could Oculus Rift bring people back from the dead? Virtual reality app claims to reunite users with deceased loved ones

Created by Australia-based Paranormal Games, the app creates a 'personalised afterlife experience' by transforming a person's movement and memories into digital models.

Images of transgender prisoner whose face was 'pulverized' by police after they stripped her and shaved her head spark outrage in Brazil 

Transgender woman stripped, shaved and 'pulverized' by police sparking outrage

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Pictures have emerged of Veronica Bolina (left, before incident) lying face down and partially naked on the ground in front of a group of policemen and other prisoners at a jail in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 25-year-old had previously been arrested over an alleged attack on her 73-year-old neighbour. But an investigation is now underway amid reports she was set upon by officers on three different occasions after being taken into custody, leaving her face unrecognisable (right). Pictures appearing to show her ordeal were leaked online and have sparked outrage across Brazil.


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Charles' and Di's 'secret daughter': Wills and Harry have an IVF sister living in hiding according to outlandish story gripping U.S... So is there a single scrap of evidence?  

Diana and Prince Charles had a 'secret daughter' living in hiding

In what must be one of the most far-fetched stories of recent times, an American tabloid is claiming Charles and Diana have a secret daughter called Sarah who was brought up in the States, the result of a doctor going rogue with a fertilised embryo. The Globe claims Kate - who is due to give birth to her second child in the coming days - even met the so-called 'sister' during her visit to New York last year (inset).

'We will be recognized by all soon': Kim Kardashian takes to Twitter to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide where 1.5million people were massacred 

The 34-year-old began the social media postings on Friday by saying she is 'proud' to have visited, but admitted is saddened by the fact 'not everyone has recognized that 1.5 million people were murdered'.

US Army colonel's wife says she does not regret shooting dead her two children in 2011 and insists she 'saved' them

Florida mom Julie Schenecker has no regrets for killing her children

Julie Schenecker, 54, (right) was convicted last May of shooting her son Beau, 13, (top left) and daughter Calyx, 16, (bottom left) in their upscale Tampa Bay, Florida home in January 2011 while her husband served overseas. Now in an exclusive jailhouse interview, she has claimed she pulled the trigger to 'save' her children, despite previously admitting to authorities that she had shot them for being 'mouthy'. When asked by ABC Action News in the interview if she regretted the shooting, Schenecker, a former military linguist, shook her head. 'I saved them,' she said.

Psychiatrist of John Hinckley Jr testifies that Reagan shooter wants to start a band on his release

This is John Hinckley Jr., the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan, pictured for the first time since a court ruled he can spend 17 days a month away from a mental home where he has been for the last three decades.
Clutching a bottle of soda in his hand and casually dressed, the 58-year-old enjoys his freedom on a stroll on Easter Sunday near his mother's home.
Hinckley is rarely seen since his incarceration at a secure metal health facility following the assassination attempt in March 1981.
Scroll down for video
Smirk: Hinckley took a stroll on Easter Sunday near the home of his mother, Jo Ann, in Williamsburg, Virginia
Smirk: Hinckley took a stroll on Easter Sunday near the home of his mother, Jo Ann, in Williamsburg, Virginia
Freedom: Hinckley has spent three decades in a mental hospital. His family and lawyers have been fighting for his eventual re-integration into society
Freedom: Hinckley has spent three decades in a mental hospital. His family and lawyers have

Dr Giorgi-Guarnieri testified on Friday in D.C., that will ultimately determine whether and under which conditions John Hinckley Jr. (pictured) will be allowed to live full time outside a mental hospital.

Revealed: Migrant boat 'captain' accused of sailing 850 people to their deaths is just a lowly 'nasty good-for-nothing' deckhand who boasted trip was worth $2MILLION

Migrant boat 'captain' Mohammed Ali Malek, 27, is just a lowly deckhand who boasted to fishermen in his hometown of Sfax, Tunisia, that he would strike it rich on his maiden trafficking run.

ISIS leader's teenage cousin blows himself up in suicide mission as depraved jihadis continue shocking strategy to use vulnerable teenagers as suicide bombers 

Abu Hafs al-Badri was one of several teenage suicide bombers who recently blew themselves up in Iraq. ISIS social media claim Badri was a cousin of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Make keepsakes, do date night and be grateful for your children even when they're being unbearable: New parents reveal their top tips in heart-warming video

The short clip, made by Extra Storage Space, has been viewed more than 600,000 times. It features new parents, all US based, sharing the tips and advice they wish they had known before having a baby.

Special Envoy Angelina rips UN's paralysis over Syria's four million refugees, blasts their treatment as the 'world's lowest point' and demands action. And the Syrian ambassador's response? 'She's beautiful'

Angelina Jolie attacks UN paralysis over Syria's refugee crisis in New York

Angelina Jolie briefed the council as special envoy for the U.N. on refugee issues on Friday morning at UN headquarters in New York. When asked about Jolie's planned briefing, Syria's U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari (inset) responded: 'She is beautiful.' The 39-year-old mother-of-six, who said she has made 11 visits to Syrian refugees in the region since the crisis began in 2011 (inset), called strongly for the political will to act.

The end of an era: Abercrombie and Fitch vows to stop using shirtless models in its stores while promising it will 'diversify' its overtly-sexy image

According to new plans unveiled by Abercrombie and Fitch Co on Friday, the retailer will abandon many of the sexualized marketing ploys for which it is known in an attempt to lure back customers.

Windswept wonder! Seemingly ageless Princess Mary has heads turning in form fitting fuchsia frock as she takes wild weather in her stride

HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark attends, as patron, the official opening of the Festival of Research and presented this year's Research Communication Award at DTU, Technical University of Denmark, in Lyngby April 23 2015...Code: 07542HJU..Photo: Hanne Juul / All Over Press Denmark....Pictured: Crown Princess Mary..Ref: SPL1007108  230415  ..Picture by: Splash News....Splash News and Pictures..Los Angeles: 310-821-2666..New York: 212-619-2666..London: 870-934-2666..photodesk@splashnews.com..

She went through a wardrobe for Queen Margrethe's week long birthday celebrations but it appears Princess Mary still has a couple show stopping ensembles up her sleeve.

Women spend FIVE HOURS a week taking selfies... and one in five upload them to social media make an ex-partner jealous

A new study has revealed young women are the most prolific selfie-snappers, spending 48 minutes a day taking shots of themselves. 22 per cent said getting social media 'likes' was the main reason for posing.

Mother in polygamous relationship has HER say but insists she's not jealous of boyfriend having sex with another woman... because she gets to join in

Brooke Shedd in polygamous relationship with Adam Lyons has HER say

Brooke Shedd, 26, from Texas, main picture on the right, said on today's This Morning, inset, that she does not 'share' boyfriend Adam Lyons, 34, from London, with Russian-born Jane Shalakhova, 25, main picture left. She said she's just as much in love with Jane as she is with Adam and there's no jealousy between them.

'I've always wanted to be famous!': Six-year-old boy's delight as video of his struggle to take FORTY-FIVE pills a day to treat cystic fibrosis hits one million views in just a week

The footage of Jesse O'Brien was taken by his mother Heidi, 37, from Suffolk, to encourage the youngster to take the vast volume of drugs he has to consume every single day to battle his illness.

Monster crocodile removed from storage dam... after officials say the four-metre beast started STALKING visitors

A monster crocodile has been removed from a water storage dam in Queensland after council officials decided it was becoming a threat to locals.

Crying toddler removed from international flight and met by police after being deemed a 'security breach'

Crying toddler removed from Transavia Airlines flight and met by police

A crying nineteen-month-old girl was removed from a plane and met by armed police and counter-terrorism officers after being deemed a security threat. After setting off from Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, bound for London Luton, Sarina Aziz became agitated after cabin crew asked that she sit on her parents' lap.

Playing with fire! Hilarious work prank sees white van man burn his unsuspecting friend using a magnifying glass

A plasterer from Fleetwood has gone viral after he filmed himself burning his unsuspecting work friend by holding a magnifying glass to his hand and concentrating a ray of sunshine.

The frog with an underwater SEX DUNGEON: Species found that likes to mate in privacy - and hide its eggs 

A new species of torrent frog has been found in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Called Hylodes japi, it was found to mate underground in secret chambers. Shown is another torrent frog, the Waterfall frog.

What's your beef? Infographic reveals the different cuts of meat you SHOULD be buying and how best to cook them

The infographic also shows that rump, fillet and T-Bone are the most popular cuts of meat we order when eating out but when it comes to cooking at home it's mince or burgers we buy.

Anti-gay bakers face paying $135,000 to lesbian couple that they refused wedding cake... but Christian couple already raised $100,000 in eight hours on fundraising page

Anti-gay bakers face paying $135,000 to lesbian couple that it refused wedding cake... but

Sweet Cakes by Melissa,(left) a bakery formerly in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Gresham, faces a fine of $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for lesbian couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer (bottom right) because of religious beliefs. Christian owners Aaron and Melissa Klein (top right) say that the amount will 'ruin' them and their five children financially, though they've already raised more than $100,000 on a fundraising page following the ruling. The Bowman-Cryers said that they suffered emotional distress because of the discrimination, including death threats and worrying about losing their foster children

Hi Curiosity! Mars Orbiter spies rover on the red planet's surface from almost 200 MILES away

Nasa scientists in California have revealed a distant image of Curiosity taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (shown). It was taken from an altitude of 187 miles (300km).

Mother who convinced thousands of online supporters that she had cancer by shaving her head and telling people she only had three years to live 'faked' the illness

Police have charged 31-year-old Belmont mother Elizabeth Edmunds with fraud after she allegedly faked a terminal illness to raise about $2500 from sympathetic strangers.

Man 'grateful to be alive' after lawn mower shoots three-and-a-half inch rusty metal wire up his nose and into his head

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Bill Parker, 34, of Mississippi was mowing his lawn on April 19 when the rusty wire, as thick as a heavy-duty nail, entered his nostril but dodged all of his important nerves.

A village inside the crater of an active volcano, cliff houses made of clay and a tiny town that lives under a rock: Are these the most magical settlements in the world?

Are these the most magical settlements in the world?

Nestled in some of the most beautiful corners of the world, are hidden settlements of people who have adapted to live in some very unusual places. The settlement of Aogashima is in the crater of an active volcano in the Philippine Sea (main), the incredible cliff village of Bandiagara in Mali (inset, right) seems to defy gravity, while Monsanto, in Portugal (inset, left) sits among gigantic granite boulders.

'I'm going to turn your negativity into positivity': Sofia Abramovich reveals healthy eating plan after Instagram trolls criticise her weight

Sofia, the middle child of Chelsea FC owner Abramovich's five offspring with second wife Irina, revealed she had been bullied by users of the site about her appearance and weight.

Viral video star who claimed God cured his homosexuality has a bowl of frozen yogurt thrown in his FACE by an openly gay Fro Yo cashier who recognized him


Andrew Caldwell, 21, went viral in November after footage from a St. Louis megachurch showed his screaming 'I don't like mens no more' and claiming to be 'delivered', or cured of being gay.

How to get Kylie Jenner lips safely! Woman mocks #KylieJennerChallenge using tube of PRINGLES to get a perfect pout... in a video watched four million times in just a day

In footage posted by Elihudi Justin Urassa, from Brighton, on Facebook a young woman can be seen sucking on to the tube before removing it to reveal her new pout... made of crisps.

I'll have a short, bark and sides, please: Pets have fur trimmed to make their heads square in bizarre new grooming trend

The shape of things to come for dog grooming: Pets have their fur trimmed to make their

In a method reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands's trimming of a hedge, canine hairdressers in the Taiwanese capital Taipei are giving particularly furry customers outlandish makeovers. Pictures of doe-eyed dogs with their shapely cuts have proved extremely popular online prompting more owners to seek out the custom salons. Many are now opting for the cuts simply to get more likes and shares on social media sites.

Was the Chilean volcano eruption so incredible it attracted observers from space? Mysterious white light seen hovering beside giant ash cloud that grounded flights 

Volcano Calbuco, in southern Chile, which has laid dormant for more than 40 years, suddenly erupted on Wednesday causing a thick plume of ash to cloud the sky while thousands were forced to flee.

Baby girl born with webbed hands and feet in China faces more hardship after her father says he is going to look for a job - then disappears

Little Mengyu, pictured, hasn't seen her dad since he walked out four months ago. He said he was going to Binzhou City to get a job, so that he could pay for corrective surgery for his daughter.

Heroic teenage Baskin Robbins worker PUNCHES gun-wielding robber in the head as he tries to steal money from her cash register

Rachael Bishop, 19, at first pleaded with the man when he ordered her to hand over the money in the Lynwood, Washington store. When he ignored he, she punched him in the head multiple times.

Sunrise, surf and sea! Stunning pictures showcase Australia's coastline in all its glory... from above and below the surface

Australia's coastline in all its glory from above and below the surface

Warren Keelan ventures into the ocean in order to capture his breathtaking images of waves rising and falling along the coastline of south-eastern Australia. The 39-year-old photographer has snapped a series of shots showcasing beautiful turquoise waves as part of his latest project, Waves Frozen in Time. Mr Keelan began his project because he wanted to capture the unpredictability of nature.

Bicycle powered by HANDS set to beat speed record - and the aluminium frame is controlled using the cyclist's HEAD

Piloted and powered by paracyclist Liz McTernan, the bike was built by Plymouth University and will need to exceed 21.39mph (34.42 km/h) over 656ft (200-metres) to beat the current record.

'I know it's not an alien': Driver claims she found a dead chupacabra on Oklahoma roadside - with photos to prove it

Vonda Thedford, 55, told Fox News that she was driving along a Pittsburg County rural road earlier this month when she spotted the mysterious carcass lying on the ground.

Is this the daftest and most dangerous fashion trend yet? How girls as young as 16 are risking their health in agonisingly tight corsets in a bid to copy celebrities 

While preparing to take ten GCSEs this summer at one of Britain's most elite girls' schools, Gabriella, from Godstone, Surrey, is wearing a tight corset in an attempt to whittle down her already tiny waist.

Would you shell out $100,000 for this rare egg? Collectors' item laid by largest bird that ever lived goes up for auction

Would you shell out £50,000 for this rare egg? Collectors' item laid by largest bird that

Laid by the elephant bird, the rare egg could be 800 years old and is expected to fetch up to £50,000 at auction at Sotheby's in London on Thursday. The elephant bird, the largest bird that ever lived, was more than 10ft tall and weighed 70st. Flightless and native to Madagascar, it was hunted to extinction some 400 years ago.

Duchess of Cambridge's uncle Gary and a bust-up with a headphone wearing cyclist who ran over his pet chihuahua

Gary Goldsmith, the controversial brother of Kate's mother, Carole Middleton, posted a picture of the alleged culprit who hit his chihuahua, Cheech, on social media.

Killing of Oregon-born al Qaeda media frontman is a 'big blow' for militants

epa04719144 An video grab taken from an undated handout video released by the Al Qaeda, made available on 24 April 2015 shows American terrorist Adam Gadahn at an undisclosed location at Pak-Afghan border. The United States killed two Western hostages in an anti-terrorist operation on the Afghan-Pakistani border after surveillance of an al-Qaeda terrorist compound failed to show they were there, US President Barack Obama said on 23 April. The White House also announced that high-profile American terrorist Adam Gadahn had been killed in January, 'likely in a separate US government counterterrorism operation' in the same region. The FBI had put a one-million-dollar price on his head.  EPA/HO BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

American al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn, who faced treason
charges in the U.S., was killed early this year in a
strike on an al Qaeda camp in Pakistan, near the Afghan border.

Legal wife of polygamist cult leader Lyle Jeffs files for divorce 'citing rape and illegal practices within the church'

Nephi, left, and Lyle Jeffs leave the federal courthouse in Salt Lake City, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015. A federal judge says the brothers of polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs can cite their religion in refusing to answer questions about suspected child labor violations on a Utah pecan farm. Nephi and Lyle Jeffs, who are considered high-ranking members of the secretive sect, testified that their church doctrine bars them from talking about the group's dealings. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Charlene Jeffs, 58, is one of the reported nine wives of Lyle Jeffs, who stepped up to lead the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when Warren Jeffs was sent to prison in 2007.

Time magazine's longtime film critic Richard Corliss dies at the age of 71 after major stroke

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 11:  Richard Corliss speaks onstage during a "Meet Me in St. Louis" Screening during the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival at TCL Chinese Theater on April 11, 2014 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/WireImage)

Corliss was 71 when he passed away after suffering a stroke last week. The film critic for Time magazine left behind a wife of 40 years. He was known for predicting Star Wars to be a dud.

Young boy becomes a social media sensation after starring in a series dynamic dance videos which see him flaunting a variety of smooth moves 

Young boy becomes an online sensation after starring in dance videos

An anonymous hip-shaking young boy is making waves with his impressive dance moves in recently-surfaced videos, one of which already has over 23 million views on Facebook. The boy's identity and home country are not listed - many of those commenting on the videos indicate he is from Iraq - but the hilarious clips have nonetheless started to build the youngster a huge worldwide internet following.


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Want to eat like a world champion? Here's the food Mayweather is tucking into a week before Las Vegas fight with Pacquiao made by his chef who charges $1,000 per plate

Floyd Mayweather invites Adrien Broner to his house for feast cooked by Chef Q... and each

He loves fast cars, big houses and flash clothes so Floyd Mayweather isn't one to hold back in the kitchen either, given that he pays up to $1,000 per plate when the food is cooked by Chef Q. The boxer invited compatriot Adrien Broner for a feast at his mansion, as he continues his preparation for the $300million mega-fight against Manny Pacquiao. Broner, a three-time world champion, took to Instagram to show off the food on show.

Underwater hotels and flights through low-orbital space by 2050... and teleportation by 2080: What the future of travel will look like

Futuristic technologies will revolutionise the way we holiday. Many futurists predict that space travel will become far more common and underwater hotels mainstream - in as little as 15 years.

Men do TWICE as much housework after they retire, according to new study (but they STILL don't do as much as women!) 

A study of 1,302 German couples found men upped their daily chores from just two hours to 3.9 hours a day after they retired - but their partners were still doing far more.



Strangers unite to save 'hopeless' dog stuck in tar pit, using grocery bags, car floor mats and their own bare hands to get him out

Dog stuck in tar pit by Great Salt Lake Spiral Jetty saved by strangers

Tom George's dog Shelby got stuck by the Great Salt Lake's Spiral Jetty (insets). Strangers who were planning to visit the famous sculpture instead spent over an hour getting the dog out while George, who had no cell phone reception, drove an hour out to get help at the nearest town. Veterinarians removed 40lbs of tar from Shelby (pictured), who has since recovered.

Woman, 82, dies after 'sister and nephew failed to move her from her chair for six months'

Barbara Beam was being looked after by her sister and nephew when she died in Greenville, South Caroline on January 2. Prosecutors are deciding whether to charge them in her death.

'Come tour the home of our ancestors!': 'Vintage' space tourism posters reveal a colonised solar system - and Earth in ruin

Artist Frank McKeever from Florida created these amazing posters. They show how we could colonise various worlds in the solar system - while also revealing Earth in ruin (shown).

Beautiful Ferrari just like the one in famous scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off set to sell for £10MILLION

The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider - considered by many the most beautiful convertibles ever made- as going up for sale at RM Sotheby's auction in Villa Erba, Italy.

Meet J-awwww-s, the world's cutest shark! Rare beast identified after being discovered off the Gulf of Mexico

Rare Pocket Shark is finally identified five years after its discovery

An extremely rare species of shark has been discovered off the Gulf of Mexico. However, this little critter is more likely to get you cooing rather than crying out in fear. The tiny nipper - measuring just 5.5 inches long - was caught during a 2010 government research trip and its body remained frozen while biologists went about identifying it. This week scientists revealed the dinky creature is a pocket shark - a miniature variation of the more popular kinds. The young male is the second of its species ever seen.