The £176,000 mega-safari! Incredible 200-day trip whisks wildlife-lovers around the world to visit the most endangered animals

Natural World Safaris new trip visits the world's  most endangered animals

If you've always dreamed of seeing orang-utans in Borneo (top left), polar bears in Arctic Canada (top left) leopards in Africa (bottom left) or lemurs in Madagascar (bottom right) - this could be the safari for you. But before you don your khakis, you'll need a whopping £176,000 going spare to take part in the world's most epic safari, featuring stays in luxury tents in Tanzania (centre), eco camps in Chile and aboard maritime vessels.

A village inside the crater of an active volcano, cliff houses made of clay and a tiny town that lives under a rock: Are these the most magical settlements in the world?

Are these the most magical settlements in the world?

Nestled in some of the most beautiful corners of the world, are hidden settlements of people who have adapted to live in some very unusual places. The settlement of Aogashima is in the crater of an active volcano in the Philippine Sea (main), the incredible cliff village of Bandiagara in Mali (inset, right) seems to defy gravity, while Monsanto, in Portugal (inset, left) sits among gigantic granite boulders.

Journey into the darkest days of the First World War: Taking a memorial tour of Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula to remember the heroes slain 100 years ago

Memorial tour of Turkey's Gallipoli to remember heroes slain 100 years ago

The Gallipoli peninsula was one of the bloodiest battlegrounds of World War I and resulted in close to half a million British, French, Irish, Australian and New Zealand casualties. One hundred years on its beautiful landscape draws visitors from all over the world to visit its war graves and explore what is the most south-easterly point of Europe,

From bikinis and beer swigging in Vegas to chic Paris breaks and tracing her roots in Armenia: How Kim Kardashian's holidays have evolved... and is it all down to Kanye?

This month, Kim and Kanye West made a high-profile tour of Armenia and Israel to retrace the Kardashian roots. Paris is now top of her travel-list and she's ditched sun loungers for skis.

17 miles, 93 bends and breathtaking views of the Douro Valley: The world's best road is in Portugal's wine region

The N-222 road from Peso de Regua to Pinhao in Portugal has been awarded the prestigious honour of World's Best Road. But there are some on the UK which came close.

Underwater hotels and flights through low-orbital space by 2050... and teleportation by 2080: What the future of travel will look like

Futuristic technologies will revolutionise the way we holiday. Many futurists predict that space travel will become far more common and underwater hotels mainstream - in as little as 15 years.

Sleep with the fishes! Inside Dubai's luxury underwater suites that come with private butlers and panoramic views into an aquarium filled with 65,000 sea creatures

Inside Dubai's underwater suites that come with views into an aquarium

With a base price of £5,500 ($8,200) a night the underwater suites - Poseidon and Neptune - at Atlantis, The Palm boast floor-to-ceiling views directly into the massive Ambassador Lagoon aquarium, creating the illusion of being under the sea. The views can be enjoyed from the bathroom (left), master bedroom (top right) and a living area (bottom right), and guests can even peer into their suite while scuba diving in the aquarium. Aquarium views are just one of the over-the-top features at a hotel that has become a symbol for extravagant luxury in the United Arab Emirates and a favourite of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Is this the best job in the world? The lucky woman who gets PAID to travel - reviewing luxury hotels around the globe

Photographer Rhiannon Taylor gets PAID to travel reviewing luxury hotels

Travel photographer Rhiannon Taylor, 29, from Australia travels the world reviewing the best hotels on her site, In Bed With. She gets paid to travel and write about pools, the best room service and just how comfortable beds in luxury hotels really are.

The 10 most expensive airports to land your private jet (and don't even try flying during the Super Bowl or Monaco Grand Prix)

If you want to land your private jet in Japan, expect to pay a lot, while Bristol Airport and New York's LaGuardia also make the top 10 list for landing fees.

Is this the cutest photo-bomb of all time? Friendly sea turtle crashes group photo in the Philippines at just the right moment

Tourist Diovani de Jesus was joined in his group photo in the sea by an unexpected addition after a green sea turtle popped up and stole the show.

The economy seats of the future: Radical designs offer more legroom, a better sleep and an end to elbow wars in cattle class

Being crammed into cattle class is one of the most dreadful experiences, but aeroplane seats of the future are poised to make it a little more enjoyable with extra legroom and space for belongings.

The world without icons: Pictures show cities stripped bare of their famous landmarks... so can you still recognise them?

DesignCrowd shows what cities would look like WITHOUT their landmarks

The most popular cities in the world are often recognisable thanks to their world-famous landmarks. But what would these cities look like if they did not have their prized attractions? From Sydney without its Opera House (top left), to an Eiffel Tower-less Paris (top right), Rome without the Coliseum (bottom left) to Agra without the Taj Mahal (bottom right) could you recognise these cities without their icons?

Why is New York known as The Big Apple and Venice The Bride of the Sea? Stories behind world's most famous city nicknames


Everybody knows that New York is called 'The Big Apple', that London is known as 'The Old Smoke' and that Paris is referred to as 'The City of Love' - but do you know why?

Bury your valuables, use the 'do not disturb' sign... and master the art of the selfie: Top tips on being a successful solo traveller


Holiday companies that run group tours in the UK and overseas are reporting that 35 per cent of their clients now travel alone and they expect this figure to rise to 38 per cent this year.

You won't have to fight for a sunlounger! The £2,500-a-night Brazilian island with its own heliport, a swimming pool carved into rock and an idyllic private beach

Brazilian island with its own heliport and an idyllic private beach

Holidaymakers looking for privacy can get away from it all on Ilha de Mana, a 15-acre outcrop that is tucked inside a picturesque bay and just 40 minutes by helicopter from Rio de Janeiro. The private island, shaped like a tortoise shell, boasts a main residence with two living rooms (top right), four chalets over crystal clear water (top left), air-conditioned guest rooms with stunning views (bottom right), and plenty of space to soak up the sun (bottom left). Intended for eight guests, Ilha de Mana is about a mile off the Costa Verde, near the colonial town of Paraty, where it is surrounded by stunning scenery.

Savvy traveller who never pays for flights reveals his top tips on how YOU can travel the world for free

Scott Keyes reveals his top tips on how YOU can travel the world for free

American writer Scott Keyes, 28, (pictured) shot to fame for cracking the system to travel worldwide without paying a penny. He is set to take a 13-country tour travelling 20,000 miles across the globe on 21 flights, for free. He reveals to MailOnline how anybody can do the same.

Moody staff, incomprehensible signs and a hub that's like a 'Third World country': Are these the most hated airports in the world?


While Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport, in Pakistan, is often cited as the worst in the world, there are a surprising number of complaints form travellers about LAX in Los Angeles.

Dune bashing, spa stops and DEER HUNTING: The weirdest ways to spend a layover around the world

From drinking at a swim-up bar in a hot spring in Iceland to seeing the world's largest fountain in Hong Kong, airports can be the gate-way to some of the world's most incredible attractions.

A terrifying soundtrack, a crash landing and water flooding into the cabin: The virtual reality experience that could be the future of in-flight safety videos

World's first emergency water landing virtual reality experience

A dramatic virtual environment has been created using a headset that shows how passengers would survive a plane crash landing on water.

Portable islands, a Grand Prix track and a (miniature) Monaco: Rise of the unbelievably opulent mega-yacht... the ultimate floating city for the super-rich

These breathtaking gigayachts are the future of over-the-top travel

The popularity of superyachts is on the rise and the designers of these gargantuan vessels are likewise getting more and more creative, offering replica city-states, floating island resorts, and sleek aluminum models fit for a Bond villain. It's hard to miss the sleek Sveti (bottom left) as it glides ominously through the water, the aptly-named Streets of Monaco (top right and left) replicates a city on the sea, complete with luxury balconied accommodation, while the Beach Club (centre and bottom right) comes with its own pool and palm trees.

Did a plane create this mess? Pennsylvania town claims aircraft flying overhead dumped toilet paper and plastic all over neighbourhood

Paula Viccica said she saw pieces of white toilet paper fluttering down from the sky for several minutes, and complained to the FAA after it landed in her garden in West Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Terrifying moment firefighters in full protective suits board Delta flight after 'smoky odor' detected upon landing in NYC

Passengers were still on board as firefighters walked through the cabin with a thermal imaging camera to locate a potential heat source, moments after the plane flew in from Tampa.

An in-room spa, private helipad and an £18,000 price tag: Inside the world's highest suspended hotel suite 656ft above ground... and yes, it's in Abu Dhabi

At the St. Regis Abu Dhabi, the 1,120 sq metre suite hovers a staggering 200m above the ground. Boasting three bedrooms and in-room spa facilities, the hotel is setting new standards in luxury.

More travel misery for holidaymakers as flight cancellations soar 20% and delays increase by 7%

Flight data specialist EUclaim has analysed flight cancellations and delays in the UK for the first quarter of 2015 and has found a rise overall. Among the worst offenders are Monarch and EasyJet.

46 countries, 3,350 write-ups... and 40,000 pictures: Meet TripAdvisor's most prolific reviewer (whose worst experience was 'a very bad milkshake' in New Zealand)

Brad Reynolds is TripAdvisor's most prolific user... with 3,350 reviews and counting

American expat Brad Reynolds, who lives in Hong Kong, has become the travel website's top contributor, with more than 60,000 contributions - including reviews, photos and forum posts - in just five years. He critiques every hotel, restaurant and attraction he visits during his travels around the world with his wife, Jill. He has posted reviews from 394 cities and 46 countries, with a map on his TripAdvisor profile claiming he has travelled more than 600,000 miles and visited a third of the world.

Nearly 100 holidaymakers fall violently ill with vomiting and diarrhoea amid norovirus outbreak at Eastbourne hotel

Almost everyone who has visited the Cooden Beach Hotel, in Eastbourne, East Sussex, in the last two weeks has come down with symptoms of the highly-contagious airborne bug.

Juice tomatoes for sunburn, carrots for dry skin and celery after a flight: Infographic reveals the smoothies that help combat common holiday ailments

Juicing For All Holidays.jpg

To reduce the impact of sunburn, watermelon, tomato and lemon is the perfect tonic, while ginger and parsley help with allergies.

Kim and Kanye's 18th-century honeymoon hotel declared the grandest in Ireland... and you can hire out the whole thing for £18,000 a night

Condé Nast have named Ballyfin, in the Co Laois area, as the grandest hotel in Ireland. Kim Kardashian-West and husband Kanye stayed at the five-star hotel during their honeymoon last year.

Freeze aloe vera for instant sunburn relief, store valuables in a suncream bottle and fix your flip flops with bread clips: The must-know summer hacks that will save any beach holiday

Ensure that you never wind up with a water-logged mobile phone again. MailOnline Travel looks at the top beach hacks to keep every summer seaside getaway worry-free.

Turkey has the most expensive passport, Canada's has hidden images and Sweden's dominates the black market: Bizarre passport facts revealed

Research by travel website GoEuro found that the British passport is the 11th most expensive of 51 countries included in a recent study, and it takes a worker earning minimum wage 11 hours to pay it off.

Is this the next stage of evolution? Tourist captures monkey casually unscrewing cap from bottle and swigging water on a hot day in Bali

Australian tourist Dirk Nienaber was amazed to see the primate unscrew the water bottle and take two gulps on a hot day, barely spilling any.

Instant Instagram envy! The globe-trotting Nordic couple whose photographs could come straight from a glossy magazine

Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale's jetsetting life has made them an Instagram hit

Photographer Samuel Taipale and his wife Hildegunn look like they have strolled straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine and love capturing amazing images as they travel the world. But the couple don't just pose as they jetset across the globe, they also like to take part in volunteer projects as they travel.

Body scanners, a ban on touching plants and 10,000 visitors a year: How Chernobyl's Exclusion Zone became a tourist attraction 30 years after nuclear disaster

April 26 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl reactor explosion and the tragic site sees more tourists now than ever before.

Flights delayed or diverted at Manchester Airport after possible drone sighting shuts runway for 20 minutes

All flights were halted while a police helicopter searched for the drone as the potential sighting raised fears that the unmanned aerial vehicle could collide with a passenger jet.

A helipad, submarine storage... and its own infinity pool: On board the £29MILLION superyacht dubbed the 'Range Rover of the seas'

The superyacht, from British designer Tony Castro, has been created as a luxurious way to circumnavigate the globe, with all your favourite toys to hand.

An illuminating night climb: Breathtaking moment aurora borealis lights up the sky behind daredevil glacier climbers

Photographer Paul Zizka captured climbers Mike Stuart and Takeshi Tani climb the Canadian Athabasca Glacier with the breathtaking Northern Lights shining behind them.

Private wine baths, sweeping views of Porto and a Michelin-starred restaurant: Portugal's first luxury wine hotel hits all the right notes

Private wine baths, sweeping views of Porto and a Michelin-starred restaurant: Portugal's

The Yeatman, a five-star hotel overlooking the Douro river, celebrates all things wine - Port wine, in particular - with a prime location, classic design and unblemished attention to detail. It has the feel of a place that is steeped in tradition, but has been open for just five years. The hotel boasts breathtaking views of Porto (inset), a stunning indoor pool (top left), guest rooms with private terraces (top right), imaginative dishes from its Michelin-starred restaurant (bottom right) and a luxurious suite with a copper Jacuzzi and rotating bed (bottom left).

Now passengers can bring even MORE hand luggage on board! Boeing unveils 'Space Bins' that can hold up to 50% more bags

Boeing said the redesigned bins for its 737 planes can hold six standard-sized bags - two more than the current set-up - making room for up to 62 more standard-sized carry-on suitcases.

No defecating! Spanish town posts graphic signs warning pilgrims not to use historic Way of St James as a public toilet

No one knows who put up the signs, which show a squatting figure defecating within a red circle with a diagonal line across it, in the municipality of Lastres in north-western Spain.

Better than Mallorca and Tenerife! Jersey named sixth best island in Europe by TripAdvisor users... but Providenciales in Turks and Caicos is world No 1

Caribbean's Providenciales voted TripAdvisor's most idyllic island on Earth

Jersey (top left), the largest of the Channel Islands, scored its highest ranking yet in TripAdvisor's annual Travellers' Choice Awards, claiming top gong in the UK and Channel Islands category, ahead of the Isle of Wight (bottom right). In the global top ten, the Caribbean island of Providenciales (bottom left), in Turks and Caicos, came out on top, while the Greek island of Santorini (top right) was named Europe's best and fourth best in the world.

A rusting Ferris wheel, a broken-down merry-go-round, and an eerie myth surrounding its demise: Inside Japan's haunting, abandoned theme park

The once-bustling amusement park, Kejonuma Leisure Land in Tohoku, Japan, is now a deserted, overgrown wasteland, which has become a tourist attraction in its own right.

Now you can book a five-star hotel by the HOUR: New company lets guests choose a London hotel for stays in three-hour blocks

While booking hotels by the hour may have a somewhat seedy reputation, one company is allowing guests to book well-known London hotels in three-hour blocks.

Virtual holidays, 3D videos and sharing 'experiences' online: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg predicts the future of travel

In a recent Facebook Q&A; on his profile, CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the future of travel, which he expects to have a greater emphasis on capturing and sharing 3D scenes and environments.

British trio drives 2,000 miles across India dressed as Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po... and yes, they call themselves the Delhitubbies

The group - Sean Newman, his son, Tyler, and friend, Philip Miller - endured 40 C heat while dressed as Po, Dipsy and Tinky Winky, respectively, from the BBC children's television series.

The luxury cabin crew beds that beat first class! New plane design unveils individual pods where staff can sleep in-flight

Zodiac Aerospace design unveils individual pods where staff can sleep in-flight

Zodiac Aerospace revealed new luxury cabin crew sleeping areas in a bunk bed design system (right). Each pod has a lie-flat area with a personal entertainment and air-conditioning system (bottom left) and the layered design (top left) means optimum usage of space on a secret lower deck of the plane.

The largest Buddhist settlement in the world: Inside the village where 40,000 monks and nuns are segregated and televisions are banned... but iPhones are allowed

China home to largest Buddhist settlement in the world

Despite its remote location the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in Sertar, China is the largest settlement of its kind in the world, with 40,000 monks and nuns who live in basic conditions. They use communal toilets and the tiny red and brown huts where they eat and sleep do not have modern heating systems.

British expats' bed and breakfast in Spain faces demolition order over illegal alterations made by previous owner 20 years ago

Patrick and Valerie Jubb are attempting to sell the four-bedroom property where they currently reside in Jimena de la Frontera, but it is now on the brink of being torn down.

Twirl your feet, lean forward in your seat and take it easy on the coffee: Infographic reveals how to avoid jet lag and stay fit on a long-haul flight

There are a few simple exercises travellers can do at the airport and on the plane - from going for a stroll inside the terminal to rolling their shoulders - to improve their health and fitness at 35,000ft.

Ruff riders! Daredevil border collies catch some waves at surfing competitions for DOGS in Australia

With the help of their owner, Zane Jones, the four-legged surfers, Anna and Indi, use their low centre of gravity to keep them stable while hanging ten off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

The hills are still alive in Salzburg... Sound of Music fan Sarah Turner follows the film trail and belts out hits with Australian fans

Each year, 300,000 people come to Salzburg to soak up the magic and visit the locations of the 50-year-old film - it's the reason three-quarters of all tourists head to the city.

Cornwall's Robinson Crusoe retreat: The magical island house that can only be reached by a 90ft-high suspension bridge (and costs £3,000 a week to rent)

Cornwall's The House In The Sea can only be reached by 90ft-high suspension bridge

The House In The Sea sits right on the beach in Newquay and can only be reached by crossing a 90ft-high suspension bridge. With sleek, neutral interiors (inset), a beautiful patio and barbecue area with views out to sea and even its own bar and games room, there is no need to leave the private island, except to stock up on food.


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