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The slap must go on: The dressing room secrets of the West End's hottest musicals

'I'm not violent. I am interested in violence': Paula Hawkins on how her daily commute inspired this year's Gone Girl

It's what thriller fans have been waiting for... a sinister mystery with a troubled heroine to rival Gillian Flynn's monster hit of 2013. The Girl On The Train has already sold over a million copies.

Groundhog D-Day: Antony Beevor on why WWII has such a grip on our imagination 70 years after the end of the conflict

In the past year we've had Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game and Kristin Scott Thomas in Suite Française. Why is it that we replay the events of World War Two again and again?

OLLY SMITH: Celebrate St George's Day with a glass of English fizz

My personal collection of English sparkling wine stretches back beyond the year 2000 and I've been a believer for many years that we can produce bottles to rival the world's best fizz. We're still no doubt learning a lot from farming our local vineyards, but there's enough quality already out there to show that we can produce age-worthy classics.

A pizza in my past: Serving up a reliable taste of a childhood long passed

Celebrate St George's Day with a glass of English fizz

Why Picpoul de Pinet belongs in your life this summer

It has a light, lemony and breezy style with prices remaining favourable at £5-£10. My general rule is to drink the freshest and most recent possible and serve it chilled on its own or with shellfish.

Wine with lamb: Red blends and for under a tenner

Alongside the meat itself, there may be sauces, jellies, gravy and a host of other flavours to think about when picking the perfect bottle to crown your table over Easter. Here's how.

It's gorgeous and smart... but what's it for? For now, Apple's terrifyingly expensive toy lacks that killer app

Up and Adam: He had a whimpering start but Vauxhall's perky little terrier has now got a feisty growl... and a bit of bite about town

If Herbie rode again... he'd probably be a Smart car. So is this new model the sexiest runaround on wheels - or just an overgrown tuk-tuk?

This new Smart Fortwo remains in a class of her own. A class that unfortunately also includes only two seats and very little luggage space. I didn't always enjoy being in the car.

Forget your Mercs, Audis and Jags. It's the sheer affordability of this five-star marvel that means... I really am a Mondeo man

It really does take a leap of faith to keep your hands off the wheel for the first few times, even more so in a bigger vehicle, and the new Mondeo is massive. This really is a hunk of motor.

'What if I don't like the film?' I asked Kevin Costner. 'Keep your mouth shut'

'The kids know the fame is a result of hard work': Gordon Ramsay on swearing, feuds with other chefs and how his 13-year-old daughter landed her own cooking show

From the most expensive painting to the most loved: All artworks great and small!

'My greatest achievement? Posing naked with a large cod': Inside the head of... Greta Scacchi

The actress would like to turn back the clock to a world where it was the children - not adults - who stood on buses, where there were no supermarket loyalty cards.

'After I've gone, generations to come will still laugh at Dr Nookey': Jim Dale on Carry On and Hogwarts

He's been a Fifties pop star, top of the bill at the National, and is the voice of Harry Potter for millions of audio book fans. And we thought he was just Dr Nookey from the Carry On films!

Burly, clumsy, but one of our literary greats... my friend for 60 years, Anthony Trollope by John Major

A generation ago the author of the Barsetshire chronicles and the Palliser novels had fallen from favour. Now, 200 years after his birth, Trollope rivals Dickens in the nation's affections.