Move over Jamie Oliver, there's a new cheeky chappie in town! Irish chef gets his own cooking show after amassing 2.5 MILLION fans on YouTube

Irish chef Donal Skehan could be the new Jamie Oliver

At just 28, Donal Skehan, a chef from Dublin, has published five cookbooks and amassed an audience of 2.5 million on YouTube. Now he has been given his own cooking show on the Food Network. Tipped to become the next big culinary sensation, his new show takes him to Vietnam where he learned how to make (clockwise from left) banh mi sandwiches; fresh prawn spring rolls, sticky banana and sesame pancakes and Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk panna cotta.

Show cleavage, don't flirt TOO much and above all get served by a guy . . . what it really takes for a girl to get a free coffee at Pret

FEMAIL writer Deni Kirkova, 24, visited six Pret A Mangers in London - three while wearing everyday clothes and no makeup, and three in a short red dress. Here's how she got on...

Cadbury unveils jaw-dropping chocolate with SEVEN different flavours... but there are only 50 on offer

The seven-row Dairy Milk Spectacular will contain one row each of Caramel, Fruit and Nut, Whole Nut, Orea, Daim and Turkish. Only 50 of the special-edition bars will be created.

Would you drink beer made of URINE? US brewery plans to make ten barrels of ale out of human waste gathered from sewage treatment plant

Production of the world's most stomach-churning beer has been approved by alcohol regulators in Oregon and will be made from waste gathered by sewage treatment firm Clean Water Services.

Quince-flavoured Georgian Tbilvino, Brazilian Riesling, Greek retsina and British bubbly: The 17 unusual wines you SHOULD be drinking this summer

From Greece's signature tipple, which contains resin from the Aleppo pine, to a Georgian vintage made using ancient maturation methods, experts tell FEMAIL the wines we should look out for.

What's your beef? Infographic reveals the different cuts of meat you SHOULD be buying and how best to cook them

The infographic also shows that rump, fillet and T-Bone are the most popular cuts of meat we order when eating out but when it comes to cooking at home it's mince or burgers we buy.

Bubble and squeak with black pudding, roast chicken and rhubarb strawberry sorbet: Top chefs share their favourite English recipes

They may not be the most innovative meals but these national dishes remain firm favourites on the dinner table because of their classic flavours and the positive feelings we associate with them.

From removing nail polish to keep celery crisp... 20 surprising things you didn't know you could do with coffee FILTERS

Lint-free and tear-resistant coffee filters are good for a range of household tasks, from microwave-friendly temporary dish covers, to cleaning varnish off your nails when you've run out of cotton wool.

As carbs make a comeback, we reveal which breads are best... and the unhealthy loaves you should still avoid

Experts have warned against cutting out whole groups of food such as carbohydrates. Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell has revealed the best and worst five breads you can be eating.

Greek salad crackers, stuffed dumplings and tapenades: The incredibly simple work lunches that you can make at home... AND will save you money

The incredibly simple work lunches that you can make at home

The cost of a daily lunchtime takeaway can be crippling and yet instead of making lunches at home the majority of British workers still pop to the high street to grab their midday meal. Food website Food52 's 'Not Sad Desk Lunch' series demonstrates just how simple it can be to bring healthy, cost-effective, and delicious lunches to work. Clockwise from top left: Cheese, crackers and charcuterie; radish tartine; steamed Chinese mantou; olive tapanade with cucumbers; stuffed dumplings; pita bread with aubergine and egg.

Make your hair shiny, get rid of the smell of garlic and clean a dirty grill: The 20 surprising uses for coffee grounds

Used coffee grounds are even useful when it comes to beauty routines, proving to be an effective exfoliant for cleansing your face, and and can strip product build-up from your hair.

Organic porridge, sirloin steaks and coffee with coconut oil: What runners SHOULD eat to prepare for a marathon

FEMAIL has worked with  sports nutritionist Liam Mahoney to devise a seven-day eating plan that will take runners participating in the 26-mile course from today to Sunday.

You've been peeling potatoes wrong! Video reveals how boiling spuds FIRST is the quickest way to skin them

Dave Hax's YouTube tutorial, which has received more than 1.5m views since being uploaded five days ago, shows how to peel a pile of potatoes easily without the need for a peeler.

Shiraz with pizza, Pinot Grigio with nachos and Sauvignon Blanc with salty popcorn: Infographic reveals best wines to go with snacks

TV cook and author, Jo Pratt and Jacob's Creek wine maker Rebekah Richardson have revealed their top ten matches.

Choose frozen veg over canned, full-fat milk instead of skimmed and don't skip breakfast for brunch: Experts' surprising answers to common food questions revealed

When it comes to healthy eating how do you know what's best for you? A panel of experts helps give us tackle the maze of conflicting food and nutritional advice.

Aldi's cheap spirits range bags seven top awards... beating competition from drinks SIX TIMES more expensive

The budget supermarket's £10 bottle of Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin beat Beefeater (£63), small-bath Tanqueray (£32) and Hendricks (£28) at International Spirits Challenge awards.

An Amnesiac, a Situational or a Super? Take our quiz to find out what type of snacker you are... and how to stop your bad nibble habits

FEMAIL has worked with dietitian Lucy Jones to study how we snack in the UK, and identified the habits of three types of snackers and what can be done to change bad habits.

Baba ganoush with Kush and hummus to go with Lemon Haze: US restaurant unveils menu that matches food to MARIJUANA

Amsterdam Falafel Shop in Washington DC, US, has launched its pot-pairing menu which matches five falafels to different strains of weed.

Emu omelettes, scrambled ostrich and soft boiled gull: The 11 OTHER types of eggs you should be eating instead of hen's

The next time you're thinking of reaching for your usual six from the supermarket shelves, you might want to give these 11 a go instead.

That's not going to fill anyone up! Japanese baker creates the world's smallest Victoria sponge in a tiny kitchen using miniature tools

Cooked on tiny hobs and in mini pans, the viewer of Miniature Space videos only sees the hand of the chef as they chop, dice, boil and fry various ingredients to create Lilliputian masterpieces.

Can pizza really be a superfood? Meet the £5 'fat-busting' pie that contains as much protein as three chicken breasts and FIVE times less carbs than a standard slice

'Fat busting' pizza contains FIVE times less carbs than a standard slice

With a base made from peas, this pizza, created by Nottingham-based has just 73 calories and 2.5g of fat per slice, less than half of takeaway versions which can sometimes contain more than 200 calories and 5g of fat per slice.

Is it time to stop popping pills? Swap pricey supplements for strawberries, sardines and Marmite for a virtuous vitamin boost

Eat the right foods in the correct portions and you won't need to supplement your diet with extra vitamins. Nutritionist and author Sarah Flower has shared her top vitamin-boosting foods.

Heston Blumenthal's recipe for success! 100 best restaurants in the world revealed... and the celebrity chef is named TWICE

Heston's Fat Duck in Bray and Dinner by Heston in Mandarin Oriental, London, were both honoured in Elite Traveler magazine's annual Top 100 restaurants in the world list.

Forget porridge and cereal, BERRIES are the latest hipster breakfast craze: Acai cafe to sell Brazilian superfood... for £6 a bowl!

The latest single-item menu restaurant to open in the capital this week is the Oshun Café, which will serve four different bowls of acai berries at £6 each. The vitamin-packed fruit is a favourite with celebrities.

Irish coffee with cheese, glazed doughnuts with Americano and marshmallows with a mocha: The best desserts to pair with your favourite caffeine fix revealed

From opting for a Chelsea bun with your latte to picking a blueberry muffin to eat with a flat white. Will Corby from Pact Coffee picks the best puddings and pastries to accompany every kind of coffee.

Constant hunger, mood swings, wrinkles and feeling even MORE tired: Ten ways sugar is bad for your body (and drinking juice just makes it worse)

With Brits consuming up to 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, nutritionist Sarah Flower tells FEMAIL the dramatic effect it has on our health and why the juicing trend is unhealthier than it seems.

Nine ingredients, three pans and seven simple steps: Infographic reveals how to make vegan Turkish Delight at home 

Recreate these fragrant Middle Eastern jellies with groundnut oil, a drop of beetroot juice, cream of tartar, lemon juice, rose syrup, icing sugar, pistachios, cornflour and granulated sugar.

The secret to reviving stale bread? Hold it under running water then stick it in the oven (just make sure it's not mouldy first)

Bon Apetit has come up with a genius way to revive your stale loaf and it involves running it under the tap - then popping it in an oven at around 150 degrees for up to 13 minutes.

Bottoms up! Huge $50 Bloody Mary features vodka, Worcester sauce, prawns, celery sticks... and a WHOLE fried chicken

Sobelman's Pub and Grill in Milwaukee Wisconsin, US, has created the $50 (£33) Chicken Fried Bloody Beast which comes with a chicken, cheeseballs, sprouts, tomatoes, prawns and celery.

Eat in luxury for less than £30: The UK's best-value Michelin-star menus revealed

The UK's best-value Michelin-star menus revealed

These menus - which all come in at less than £30 - feature impeccably cooked ingredients and intelligent pairings devised by some of Britain's top chefs. Clockwise from top left: A three-course lunch at Box Tree Restaurant in West Yorkshire will set you back £30; Terrace Restaurant in Hampshire offers two-courses for £25; the Pass in South Lodge, Sussex, offers four-courses for £27.50; and Winchester's The Black Rat has a weekend three-course lunch for £28.95.

Michelin-starred London restaurant becomes the first in the UK to ask diners to pay in ADVANCE

The Clove Club in Shoreditch is implementing a new ticketing system in June to reduce the number of cancellations. It will see diners having to pay before they eat.

Haddock is a footballer, cod grows in ponds and salmon filet is a pork chop: Infographic reveals how much children (and adults) REALLY know about fish

The survey by Asda found children's fish knowledge to be lacking, with one in ten thinking fish either grew in the supermarket or were caught in garden ponds.

Jamie Oliver's company says vloggers Zoella and Alfie Deyes must do more to ensure adverts for sugary foods do not appear alongside their YouTube posts

The chef and healthy food campaigner's company has urged influential vlogging stars such as Zoella to stop adverts promoting sugary foods from appearing next to their video posts.

'Eat it with your eyes closed!': Chippy dyes its fish BLUE to mark Tour de Yorkshire (but insists it tastes the same)

Audrey's Fish and Chips in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, is serving bright blue fish alongside normal coloured chips to mark cycling race Tour de Yorkshire's arrival on 1 May.

Use up leftovers, drink free booze and find the best table in the restaurant: The 10 apps that will change the way you dine

From apps which tell you where to get free cocktails to those that show you how to best use leftovers, Femail has picked the ten every foodie should have.

Britain's first 'holistic' pop-up restaurant for DOGS to open in London

For £20 your four-legged friend will be treated to a five-course meal at The Curious Canine Kitchen. All proceeds from the event will be donated to a street dogs charity in Peru.

Use muffins for pizza bases, talk about fruit and veg and let them plan their own meals: Nutritionist Annabel Karmel reveals how to get fussy children to eat healthy foods

Nutritionist Annabel Karmel reveals how to get fussy children to eat healthy foods

A new study has shown more than half of UK children don't eat any veg. Nutrition expert Annabel Karmel (left) has told FEMAIL the clever tricks that will make a child like greens, including healthy junk food and plate decorations (right).

Worn, scarred and behind London's best food: Artist captures raw black and white portraits of 50 top chefs' HANDS 

Fifty Chefs: The Hands That Feed London is an exhibition of images from photographer and artist Katie Wilson. It is the culmination of a ten-year project to tell the stories of London's kitchen staff.

Colouring lips with beetroot, conditioning hair with mayonnaise and moisturising with avocado: The cheap tricks A-listers like Blake Lively and Lupita Nyong'o swear by

Lupita Blake.jpg

From Shailene Woodley colouring her lips with roasted beetroot to Kate Moss submerging her face in cucumber water, it seems the stars' best kept beauty hacks start in the kitchen.

First it was wheatgrass, then kale and now it's KELP: Why seaweed is now at the top of the superfood table

The nutrient-packed seaweed contains 46 minerals, 16 amino acids (protein building blocks) and 11 micro-nutrients. It can be consumed in its raw form, in salads and sushi or added as a powder.

Salt and pepper squid, moules mariniere, and chocolate torte: The sophisticated restaurant children's menu created by a SIX-YEAR-OLD

The dishes served at Amélies in Porthleven were designed and approved by the restaurant owner's daughter Amélie Sheffield-Dunstan, after whom the restaurant is name.

Is this the poshest sweet EVER? Strawberry Champagne marshmallow with Belgian chocolate and 24-carat GOLD hits the shelves (but it only costs £10)

The luxurious confection is the creation of US-based confectioners Vivéltre. Dubbed 'The Golden Riviera', the squidgy treat is swirled with chocolate, flavoured with fizz and topped with a layer of gold.

Gourmet food start-up Flavourly raises £300,000 through crowdfunding in just three weeks... after turning down FOUR Dragons' Den investors

Scottish entrepreneur Ryan O'Rorke's gamble to turn down offers from TV's Dragons' Den investors has paid off as his gourmet delivery company Flavourly is now being funded by strangers.

Get a plastic bucket, some string and don't forget the grapes! How to make your own wine in FOUR HOURS (and save £2 a bottle)

How To Make Your Own Wine by lays out in simple graphics the steps you can take to produce your own bottles at home, helping you make long-term savings.

Watch how to crack open a bottle of beer using just an A4 sheet of PAPER

Rhys Morgan, who is UK-based, has solved a problem faced by many: how to open a bottle of beer without an opener. The ingenious young man simply folds a piece of paper and pops the cap.

The ten foods you didn't know could be frozen (and could help improve taste, too)

The ten foods you didn't know could be frozen

While most of us are aware of the benefits of freezing vegetables such as peas and beans, did you know that there are some other unusual foods which benefit from a stay in the freezer? From milk and bananas to cakes, crisps and eggs, here are the ten foods which you didn't know could be frozen.

Half of women admit their man is a better cook than them (and 25% of children would prefer a meal cooked by dad)

Traditionally considered a female domain, the fairer sex are now abandoning skillets and throwing down pans as their male partners don their aprons and slip on oven gloves, according to a survey.

Forget chicken tikka masala! Hairy Bikers reveal Sunday roasts and shepherd's pie top the list of the nation's food

BBC Two's Hairy Bikers and Lorraine Pascale: Cooking The Nation's Favourite Food, which airs on Tuesday 17 March at 7pm, is a countdown of what we love to eat in Britain.

The 10 supposedly unhealthy foods which are actually GOOD for you revealed... and the findings will surprise you

We've all heard the horror stories about these ten foods, which have been on the receiving end of bad press over the years. Nutritionist Sarah Flowers dispels the bad-food myths to FEMAIL

Why eating food raw is WRONG: The vegetables that see nutritional values rise when cooked revealed

Nutritionists now say that cooking some vegetables frees up more nutrients for your body to absorb. Tomatoes, spinach, carrots, asparagus and mushrooms all benefit from being cooked.

Insect salads, sprouting seeds, dehydrated meats and canned cat food: The meals America's 'Doomsday Preppers' will be eating on the day the world ends revealed

The meals America's 'Doomsday Preppers' will be eating on the day the world ends

In the US alone there are over 3 million people preparing for the end of time, this sub-culture is known as Doomsday Preppers. These stark photographs were capured by New York-based photographer Henry Hargreaves who visited the Doomsday Preppers and created meals for them based on their supplies. (Clockwise from top left): Insect salad with sprouting seeds; spaghetti with tinned tomatoes and anchovies; thyme-roast chicken; Campbell's chicken and noodle soup with a side serving of gourmet cat food; steak with buttered corn on the cob and salad, and a high-calorie ready-to-eat packet meal of reconstituted protein.

Steak with carrots, baked plantain and stuffed grape leaves with salad: What school lunches look like around the world (and the UK and US are the most unhealthy)

Schoolchildren in Spain, Ukraine, Greece, South Korea, Brazil, France, Finland and Italy eat a remarkable array of fresh foods for lunch, unlike the UK and US trays, which are full of processed items.

The pop-up restaurant serving deep-fried EVERYTHING... including tea cakes, pizza, burgers and even a whole crispy lamb joint

The calorific eaterie is a collaboration between chef Jim Thomlinson (pictured) of London Mess and freelance creative director Emma Thomas, better known as Miss Cakehead.

POT and pans: Canadian chef becomes web sensation with online cookery show making cannabis-infused dishes... and her mother is her sous chef

Canadian chef Mary Jean Dunsdon aka Watermelon cooks with cannabis

Canadian chef Mary Jean Dunsdon, who goes by the name Watermelon, hosts an online cooking show Baking A Fool Of Myself where she creates dishes which feature marijuana in their ingredients. The 35-year-old chef is helped in the kitchen by her 72-year-old mother. The chef has been cooking pot-infused treats for more than 13 years.

Hot dogs, broccoli and tofu: The 15 foods you must AVOID if you're planning on having sex tonight

The 15 foods you must AVOID if you're planning on having sex tonight

The food we eat can affect our sex drive in both a positive and negative way, so it's important to choose wisely before getting some action in between the sheets. Some anti-aphrodisiacs to steer clear of are obviously bad for you, such as hot dogs (bottom left) while others, like broccoli (top left), tofu (bottom right) and peppermint (top right) are far more surprising. (Centre picture posed by models)

Cooked to a TEE! Nifty gadget transforms boiled eggs into perfectly round golf balls (and, yes, it does promise to make breakfast more 'egg-citing')

The £9.95 Sports Huevos- Egg Shapers - invented by Israeli-based design company Monkey Business - transforms the appearance of eggs into dimpled golf balls.

Forget being loyal, don't buy pre-packaged and beware of BOGOFs: The 33 top tips to save pounds off your weekly shopping bill

Make savings with FEMAIL's 33 money-saving tips, from planning your meals in advance to buying certain meals in bulk and shopping for different products in different supermarkets

This man really DID eat all the pies! Author travels the UK eating nothing but pastries for 700 days in search for Britain's best

Martin Tarbuck, from Wigan, Lancashire, ate a total of 314 pies over 700 days as research for his book of British pies. The winner was from Greens Bakery and Confectioners in Barrow, Cumbria.

Hot dogs, broccoli and tofu: The 15 foods you must AVOID if you're planning on having sex tonight

The food we eat can affect our sex drive in both a positive and negative way, so it's important to choose wisely before getting some action in between the sheets.

Raisins, bran flakes and VEGETABLE juice: The most surprising foods with high levels of sugar revealed

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), we should be consuming no more than 12 teaspoons of sugar a day. But stealth sugars are sending our intake soaring above the limit.

Move over acai berry, this year's superfood is the humble PLUM! 'Jammy tasting' new variety of stone fruit hailed as the next big health trend

The Australian Queen Garnet plum, which was 'accidentally' created contains some of the highest levels of antioxidants ever found in a fruit and has just gone on sale in the UK.

Swap quinoa for rice, tuck into pineapple and sip on fermented milk: The best foods to eat to get the most out of your workout

The perfect post exercise foods revealed

FEMAIL has worked with Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at NutriCentre, to identify the perfect post-workout foods that will help burn fat and aid in muscle recovery. Some of the dishes that are beneficial to eat after exercise are (clockwise from top left): steak; sweet potatoes; quinoa, and fish and chips. 'What you eat post workout is extremely important. The aim of a healthy post workout snack/meal is to improve recovery, reduce muscle soreness, increase the ability to build muscle and to help with your immune system,' said Shona.

Football ace invents clever cup and bowl combination to stop fans spilling their food at matches

Hamburg midfielder Maxi Biester's new Maxicup carries a drink in a supersize cup while a bowl not only carries the snacks but also also seals the top of the cup, too.

Horlicks in crabcakes, Marmite spaghetti and algae porridge: The strangest secret ingredients top chefs swear by revealed

As odd as it sounds Horlicks makes it into more recipes than you might imagine, with Nigella Lawson including it in her Malteaser cake, and Jamie Oliver swearing by it for a killer hot chocolate.

Cranachcan, Faggots and Bedfordshire Clanger: 10 of the oddest sounding British foods revealed (but they all taste delicious!)

10 of the weirdest sounding British foods revealed

While their names may sound like fairy tale creations, these foods are very much rooted in reality and not only demonstrate the British love for unusual monikers but also its ingenuity when it comes to creating dishes with unusual, and sometimes off-putting, ingredients. Clockwise from top left: Stargazy Pie; faggots; Cullen Skink; Berwick Cockles; Bedfordshire Clangers and Spotted Dick.

Supermarkets go wild! Kangaroo meatballs, ostrich kebabs and crocodile burgers are the latest unusual foods to hit the shelves

Iceland is the latest high street store to offer a range of exotic creatures with ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, wild boar and venison all appearing in their freezers.

Oats so simple! Britain's latest single-item hipster restaurant opens in London serving breakfast staple PORRIDGE... for £7 a bowl!

The Porridge Cafe, which promises to turn the everyday food into a gourmet experience - with prices to match - has opened its doors in trendy east London today, serving 25 kinds of porridge.

Ten foods you can safely eat AFTER their use-by dates revealed

As one entrepreneur reveals he is making millions by selling out-of-date food, it's clear that when it comes to the timeline on our packaging, there is leeway. FEMAIL charts what's safe to eat.

Degrease dishes, keep pans rust-free, tenderise steak and freshen breath: 15 surprising things to do with used teabags

Think twice before throwing out your teabag next time you make a cuppa, as from soothing tired eyes and burns to tenderising steak and making hair shinier, they have myriad uses.

Smoothies, milk and steak: The 10 surprising foods with dangerous levels of sugar, salt and fat

Smoothies, milk and steak: The 10 surprising foods with dangerous levels of sugar, salt

Alongside the surprisingly unhealthy foods are more obvious items such as pork pies and pizzas. Just one of these treats would take you over the safe daily allowance for fat, salt and sugar. Clockwise from top right: Terry's Chocolate Orange; Mars Flavoured Milk, Pizza Express American Pizza; Pork Farms Original Pork Pies; Innocent Pomegranate, Blueberry and Acai smoothie and Ginsters Extra Large Cornish pasty.

Honey butter French fries, McKebabs, Prosperity burgers and chicken PORRIDGE: The strangest McDonald's menus around the world revealed

The strangest McDonald's menus around the world revealed

Don't be fooled into thinking that a meal in McDonald's in other countries is going to be the same as at home. Different countries have additions designed to appeal to local tastes. Clockwise from top left: South Korea's honey butter fries; Southeast Asia's Yin and Yang burger; Germany's Das Nürnburger with a triple Bratwurst sausage and mustard in a soft white bun; Hungary's McPumpkin Omelette; McRice from the Phillipines and McCurry Pan from India.

The snack that GROWS itself! 3D-printed food embedded with yeast, mushrooms, edible soil and sprouts makes its own filling... but would you eat it?

The self-growing food, part of the Edible Growth project by Dutch concept designer Chloe Rutzerveld, is made using a 3D printer and takes between three to five days to mature into an edible dish.

Fancy language, classical music, subliminal messages and 'cakeage': The shocking ways restaurants are TRICKING you into spending more money

Restaurateurs have devised crafty ways such as using overblown descriptions on their menus and charging to serve birthday cake, to ensure we spend more than we had planned to.

Futuristic pods, X-rated ornaments and video game urinals: The UK's strangest restaurant loos to spend a penny in revealed

The UK's strangest restaurant toilets revealed

Whether it's the incredible views at Aqua Shard, Sketch's futuristic pods or Abracadabra's X-rated sink ornaments, the loo is another chance for a venue to impress, and restaurants are grasping this opportunity with both hands. There has been an increase in restaurants providing much more than just a meal, and as these toilets show, restaurants are now fighting to make themselves more memorable. Clockwise from top left: Sketch Gallery Mayfair's alien pods; Nopi Soho's labyrinthine Hall of Mirrors lavatories; Shaka Zulu in Camden's zebra-striped toilet haven; trumpet urinals at The Bell Inn, Sussex and M Restaurant's Japanese heated toilet seats (inset).

You won't find these at McDonald's! Rare beef with fondant icing, the giant Crabzilla and oysters on rye with dill spray... the world's most bizarre burgers revealed

The world's most bizarre burgers revealed

Bored of the same old lunchtime sandwiches, Parisian duo Thomas Weil and Quentin Weisbuch started to create amazing burgers with ingredients like flying fish roe and oysters. The pair then post pictures of their crazy creations on their website Fat & Furious Burger. (Clockwise from top left) The Beerger bun is made with malt, barley and hops; The Head Burger features mandolined tomatoes, vegetables, beef patty, sausage slice and white cabbage; Crabzilla has spider crab, mango slices, curly lettuce, tomatoes, shrimp, lemon, fennel and chili mayonnaise; Go Green burger with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled courgettes, dill and mozzarella; The Mystery Box burger is composed of raw salmon, smoked bacon, mint, basil, garlic and yogurt sauce, rice cake, rice bun, black sesame seeds, salmon roe, mint and basil leaves and balsamic cream; and the oyster burger is made with sea rye bread, 'tsunami' butter, shallots, oysters, lemon drizzle, dill 'spray' and 'wrecked' wakame.

Peanut butter, ravioli, freeze-dried curry... and bubblegum: The combat rations of 20 armies around the world revealed

Combat rations of 20 armies around the world revealed

From Britain's sausage and beans to Sweden's chicken rogan josh, a new exhibition of army rations from around the world, K-Ration: Meals For Soldiers In Action, shows the sheer range of military chow. Italian designer Giulio Iacchetti arranged the contents of 24-hour ration packs of countries including (clockwise from left): the UK, USA, France and Germany for a series of stark pictures displayed at the 2015 Expo Milano, Italy, until February 22.

The ten foods you didn't know could be frozen (and could help improve taste, too)

The ten foods you didn't know could be frozen

While most of us are aware of the benefits of freezing vegetables such as peas and beans, did you know that there are some other unusual foods which benefit from a stay in the freezer? From milk and bananas to cakes, crisps and eggs, here are the ten foods which you didn't know could be frozen.


The 10 most awkward dates revealed... as more men than women say the bill should be SPLIT

A study into the nation's dating etiquette revealed that men and women both have their own dating bugbears and fears.

Would you eat DAHLIAS? Inspired by the Aztecs, growers produce edible roots which taste like asparagus

Swiss growers have spent two years developing six varieties of edible dahlia, each with their own taste.

Ten healthy supermarket lunch deals for under £5... and our cost-cutting tips to save £1,300 a year

Looking to make a bigger lunchtime saving? We've combed the supermarket chains for deals that can shave valuable pounds off your midday meal.

The fats that you SHOULD be eating and the ones you must avoid

Fats are now good for us but what are the right types of fat? Nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville tells FEMAIL what we should include in our diet.

Not another one! Best friends open Britain's SECOND cereal cafe in Leeds (and bowls are nearly half the price of London's)

Best friends Zoe Blogg and pal Jen Gibb have opened the breakfast-speciality joint Moo'd in Oatley Road, Hedingley, Leeds.

Is this Britain's fussiest eater? Engineer who 'hates food' and only eats 10 things says he is being kept healthy by his ONE KILO a month Marmite addiction

John Pearson, 48, from Burton-upon-Trent, Derbys, will only eat 10 bland foods - including plain crisps and chips - and has to top-up his vitamin intake by eating a kilo of Marmite.

Lean meat, papaya and apples: The ten guilt-free foods that burn MORE calories than they contain

Known as 'negative-calorie' food, according to nutritionist Daisy Connor, snacking on these items is the perfect way to give in to mid-afternoon cravings

Waitrose narrowly beats Aldi to be crowned the best UK supermarket... while Co-op is voted the WORST and 'shockingly behind everyone else' for value for money

The upmarket grocer gained a customer score of 73 per cent in the survey of 7,000 shoppers by Which?, gaining top marks for service, store environment and its own-label and fresh products.

Now you don't have to move from your sofa for a Double Whopper: Burger King rolls out new home delivery trial service in UK... but you'll have to spend at least £14 to use it!

Double_Whopper_1800px[1] (2).tif

The trial service is currently available in Romford, Truro, Hornchurch, Skegness, Hull, Northampton, Hayes, and Gants Hill. Deliveries are made within a two-mile radius of the restaurants.

Inside the ROLLER-COASTER restaurant where diners' meals are served via 12-metre tornado spiral

Diners tucking into dinner at Rogo's in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, will have their orders served via 30 tracks running throughout the room.

An 8oz sirloin steak, mashed sweet potato, kale, samphire, mange tout and broccoli: The perfect meal for athletes revealed

A balanced plate created by former Olympian Francis Agyepong has been named the perfect meal by British Athletics' performance nutritionist.

Too good to eat! Artist bakes intricate designs of Ninja Turtles, Snoopy and Van Gogh's Starry Night with COOKIES

Made from butter cookie dough and decorated with royal icing, the award-wining creations are the work of artist Mallory Mae who sells them at her family-run bakery, ButterWinks, in Florida.

Add pineapple to cheap plonk and open a bottle WITHOUT using a corkscrew: The 12 hacks for wine lovers revealed

From tricks such as opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew to simple recipes for wine desserts, this infographic detailspractical tips to make vino last longer.

Is this the most expensive food in the world? Caviar made from albino fish eggs and laced with 22-carat gold goes on sale... but a TEASPOON will set you back £27,000

Strottarga Bianco caviar was invented by Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell and his son Patrick. They are offering it at a discount£73,000 a kilo to selected customers to give them a taste of what's on offer.

Would you eat a meal made by a FIVE-YEAR-OLD? Restaurant offers free lunch of lime and chilli salmon, sea bass and sherry king prawns (but the chefs are children!)

Eight budding chefs as young as five will take over the kitchens of Soho-based Stephen St Kitchen restaurant to whip up four fish dishes for its brave customers.

Pizza Hut goes POSH: High street chain undergoes £60m makeover complete with cocktail bars (but don't worry, the all-you-can-eat salad bar is staying!)

Pizza Hut has introduced cocktails and hard shakes to its menu. The high street chain's £60m revamp will also see London branches fitted out in American-style designs with oak flooring and red leather seating.

Could YOU butcher a pig? From tackling the fat to slicing through bone, FEMAIL takes on the challenge

FEMAIL's Anucyia Victor learns how to butcher a pig at The Shed restaurant in Notting with some help from part-owner and head chef Oliver Gladwin.

That's one maze you wouldn't mind getting lost in! Artist creates edible labyrinth from 4,640 sticks of CHOCOLATE... containing 143,840 calories

Vlogger Doug Armstrong, from London, joined food artist Prudence Staite, from Gloucestershire, to create a homage to the Maze Runner, which took 56 hours to complete.

Watch a dog prepare spaghetti carbonara in supercute video

Masterchef Panda the Boston Terrier demonstrates just how easy it is to make spaghetti carbonara in this guide for cookery website Blue Apron.

New delivery service helps hangovers by bringing fast food, coffee, headache pills and even TOILET ROLL to your door the morning after

The Hangover Man is the brainchild of teetotal couple Luke Chequer and Charlotte Broadbridge, from Swindon, Wiltshire.

'When I arrived in Britain, I saw Indian food in the dark ages': Michelin-starred London chef who serves chicken tikka pie and Punjabi fish and chips reveals cooking tips

Atul Kocchar made history as the first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star for his London restaurant Tamarind in 2001. His second eaterie, Benares in Mayfair, was also awarded a star in 2007.

Cheesy grasshoppers, prawns with live ants and cricket rice cakes: Insect-eating is the latest culinary trend to hit the UK 

Insects are a sustainable form of high-protein that have long been eaten by humans in other parts of the world. They are now starting to appear on restaurant menus and in supermarkets in the UK.

A feast for the eyes! Artist creates hyper-realistic paintings of burgers, fried eggs and iced cakes that look good enough to eat (but the bill will set you back £90,000)

The stunning paintings of food are the work of Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay, who creates mouthwatering representations of everyday food such as fried eggs, iced cakes and mouthwatering pastries.

One-day marinated veal, slow-cooked lamb shoulder and za'atar dusted halloumi: Are these the poshest kebabs in the UK?

The much-maligned Turkish staple is now getting a makeover thanks to Nick Green and Matthew Kershaw, who have opened 'premium kebab destination' Chifafa on Clerkenwell Road, London.

'Grotty rundown boozer by the sea' crowned the best pub in the UK... serving seaweed butter, razor clams and Whitstable oysters

The Sportsman in Seasalter, Kent, beat Somerset's Pony & Trap and The Pipe and Glass in Beverly, East Yorkshire to take the crown at the Budweiser Budvar Top 50 Gastropub awards.

Champagne jelly, Madagascan vanilla bean, and gold leaf crumble... but would YOU pay £30 for Scotland's most expensive pudding?

The rhubarb and Champagne crumble takes up to five hours to make and comes with a glass of Dom Perignon at Restaurant Mark Greenaway, in Edinburgh.

Ikea reveals it will roll out VEGAN 'meatballs' across its UK stores from April after animal rights campaign

The Swedish furniture giant is planning to put a twist on its famous meatballs by introducing a meat-free version to its restaurants from April. Takeaway bags will be available later this year.

Traditional Bombay-style cafe beats Heston Blumenthal's Michelin-starred restaurant to be crowned the best in the UK

Dishoom Covent Garden beat Heston Blumenthal's Dinner by Heston, Gordon Ramsey's eponymous London restaurant and L Atelier De Joel Robuchon to be chosen as the best restaurant in the UK.

Breast Munchies, Cemen dip and cups of Urinal tea! The rudest food names from around the world revealed

From Australia's Breast Munchie chicken nuggets to Turkey's Cemen dip and China's Only Puke crackers, FEMAIL reveals some of the worst named foods in the world.

Eating lunch at your desk, drinking wine before bedtime and sipping fruit juice: The eight worst eating habits revealed

From eating lunch at your desk to skipping meals, these and six more bad eating habits are revealed in this new infographic, which also shares the dos and don'ts for healthy eating when dining out.

Forget India and China! Tea grown in the Scottish Highlands crowned the best in the WORLD... but it will set you back £10 a cup

The Wee Tea Company, Scotland's first tea company in Perthshire, came top at the Salon de The awards in Paris for its Dalreoch smoked white tea.

Use Agria potatoes, cook in rapeseed oil and DOUBLE fry: A step-by-step guide to how to make the perfect chip

So what does it take to cook the perfect chip? FEMAIL's Anucyia Victor heads to kitchens of The Fish & Chip Shop, in Dashwood House, Liverpool Street, London to learn from the masters.

Gin and tonic for Baileys, clementines for orange juice and French dressing for Balsamic vinegar: 20 surprising sugar swaps that could help you lose weight

You can still have your cake and eat it too with nutritionist Angela Dowden's surprising sugar swap plan for FEMAIL which includes swapping chocolate bars for Nutella and pancakes for tarts.

Do they TASTE as good as they smell? Mixologist creates cocktails based on L'Atelier de Givenchy fragrances

Carefully composed of items such as mandarin oil, bitter orange and Siberian pine needle extract, the flavours in these drinks - on sale in London - reflect the seven fragrances of Givenchy collection.

I'm STILL lovin' it! Man keeps McDonald's burger and fries for six years ... and they look the same as the day they were fried

Hjortur Smarason, 28, from Iceland, waited until the final day when his local McDonald's closed on 31 October 2009, and made sure he purchased the last cheeseburger together with a portion of fries.

Want to make a picture-perfect burger? Use pins to secure the salad, pump ketchup from a syringe and DON'T cook the patty

Tricks of food styling are revealed by Sydney-based videographer Minhky Le in a trio of short films, Real Food But Not Really, looking at the burger, ice cream and cocktail.

A crack on the bottom, a tap on the top and blow! The simple trick to peel a hardboiled eggs in just TWO SECONDS

A US-based YouTube user who goes by the handle KeepItFire2 has found the perfect way to peel a hardboiled egg. He taps both ends on a plate, holds it in his hand and blows it clear out of its shell.

Rising cost of the shopping basket! Quiz reveals how the price of eggs, milk, beer and bread has soared over 25 years (but how will YOU fare?)

Research conducted by financial firm Provident compares prices for food items, such as fish and chips, teabags and Mars Bars, over 25 years for its memory-lane quiz Back In The Day.

Cook bacon with an iron, cut cheese with dental floss and use your drawer as a cutting board: 50 culinary hacks to make you look like a pro in the kitchen revealed

Household items could soon become kitchen lifesavers for home cooks, claims a new infographic.

Is this UK's newest food trend? Bristol bakery is SECOND outlet to offer crisp sandwiches on its menu (with prices starting at £2.50)

Following in the footsteps of Belfast's Simply Crispy - which opened earlier this month - Stock Exchange Bakery in Bristol has now introduced the classic childhood snack on its menu.

No porridge on the menu here! Prison restaurant serving gourmet meals cooked by inmates crowned the best in Cardiff

The Clink Restaurant has been rated top on TripAdvisor out of 946 restaurants in the Welsh capital, after more than 380 satisfied customers left glowing reviews.

'You're crying!': TOWIE stars James 'Diags' Bennewith and Tom Pearce go head-to-head in the kitchen to woo mystery dinner dates (but struggle chopping onions)

Reality TV's Tom Pearce and James 'Diags' Bennewith grapple with knives and flipping pans with ease in the footage, getting hot and bothered as they cook up a storm.

It doesn't get batter than that! Remote chippie in the Shetland islands crowned Britain's best fish and chip shop

Frankie's Fish & Chips nabbed top spot the National Fish and Chip Awards. Simpson's Fish& Chips in Cheltenham, and Papa's Barn in Ditton, Kent nabbed the second and third places respectively.

Lamb salad, salmon fillet and honey-fried apple with cream: The mouthwatering three-course meals with ONLY 500 calories

It might sound too good to be true but restaurateurs are now offering three-course menus to cater to the growing number of diners keeping an eye on their calorie intake.

Foie gras on Mont Blanc, roast conch in St Lucia and Szechuan cuisine a hundred feet above the ground: Ten of the world's most amazing restaurants with stunning views

As well as tucking into their meals, diners at these restaurants will also be feasting on the to-die-for views, from France's Le Panoramic in Chamonix to St Lucia's Dasheene and China's Fangweng.

'We tried to raise money for the British Heart Foundation but they wanted none of it!' Pub creates gut-busting 2,500-calorie burger made with 15 types of bacon... for CHARITY 

The 15 Shades of Bacon burger, £15, is available from February onwards at Custom House, Barnstaple, Devon. Owner Matt Spencer will donate £5 from each burger sold to North Devon Hospice.

'No sharing, over 18s only and stop if you're sick': The 8,000-calorie 59-item breakfast diners have to sign a WAIVER before eating (that no one has managed to finish)

Harriet Crawford with the 8,000 calorie Monster Mega Challenge breakfast at The Corner Cafe, Portishead, Somerset.  See swns story SWCAFE. A cafe has launched a gut-busting challenge - an 8,000 calorie breakfast featuring 59 ITEMS of food. The 'Monster Mega Breakfast' contains six rashers of bacon, six sausages, six eggs, two thee-egg omelettes, four portions of fried potatoes and four portions of mushrooms.  It also comes with six slices of black pudding, six hash browns, one bowl of chips, four onion rings, four slices of toast, two fried bread, half a grilled tomato, two portions of beans and two portions of tomatoes. Challengers are given an hour to down the #15 meal, which they can wash down with either a pint of milkshake or a can of energy drink.  But it is so large that nobody has yet managed to complete the meal at the Corner Cafe in Portishead near Bristol. Despite the huge array of products in the feast, the cafe can whip up a Monster Mega Breakfast in just ten minutes.

Diners attempting the £15 meal at Corner Cafe in Portishead, Somerset, must first sign a waiver. Since the breakfast was launched last week, five people have attempted the meal and failed to finish it.

Forties fanatic lives off oatmeal with water, Woolton pie and corn beef hash for a month to mark 75 years since food rationing (and her shopping bill drops to just £10 a week)

Louise Rhucroft, from Acklam, Middlesborough, is living off a food rationing diet for one month, eating forgotten dishes such as Woolton pie and mince slices to raise money for The Royal British Legion.

Just the place for a well-seasoned meal! Inside Iran's newest restaurant ... made entirely out of SALT

Inspired by salt caves, the architects of Iran's Salt Restaurant Shiraz say the building material cleanses the two-storey bistro of cooking smells and creates positive ions in the atmosphere.

Want psychic powers? Eat watercress, fish and avocado (but steer clear of roast dinners if you'd rather not hear voices from beyond the grave)

'Psychic Cara', from Bury, Lancashire, who claims her clients include Les Dennis and Michelle Collins, believes a healthy diet can help with contacting 'another dimension'.

Quinoa cocktail, anyone? New breed of superfood drinks so packed with vitamins and antioxidants they are GOOD for you

With ingredients including kale, wheatgrass, and fennel, you might think you're about to tuck into a salad. But these foods are playing a lead role in a new generation of healthy cocktails.

He's finally met his match! Professional US eater with 200 challenges under his belt FAILS to finish 7lb meat feast in UK contest

Randy Santel, 28, who has competed in eight different countries and 22 states, crossed the Atlantic to attempt the Breaking Badass challenge at Longhorns Barbecue Smokehouse in Newcastle.

Wave goodbye to kale, cous cous, pancetta and pulled pork:The 10 hipster foods we've had enough of

A new survey carried out by YouGov has found that hipster foods such as kate, pulled pork and cupcakes are losing their flavour - and their fans as a result, Also unpopular are couscous and prosecco.

Is the future of food? Virtual reality experiment lets you eat anything you want without worrying about calories or allergies

Project Nourished, the brainchild of LA based Jinsoo An of Kokiri Lab, is a gastronomic virtual reality experiment using Oculus Rift headsets, cutlery with sensors and low-calorie foods.

Kim Kardashian's bestie Jonathan Cheban launches new 'fast casual' burger restaurant

Jonathan Cheban's Burger Bandit will open in Long Island, New York this week. The 40-year-old also owns Japanese restaurant Sushi Couture in Miami Beach and runs lifestyle website

Just add soldiers! The £4 timer that changes colour to deliver the perfect boiled egg using water temperature instead of time

The £4 Egg-Perfect timer absorbs heat exactly as an egg does. It has indicators on its curved front and changes colour as boiling eggs progress from raw to to soft, medium or hard boiled.

The simple gadget that promises to make the perfect cup of tea EVERY time ... and it even alerts you when it's brewed

At seven inches long and two inches wide, the 15-ounce Tealightful Timer, which costs $25 (£16), has a built-in mechanism - modelled on an egg timer - which beeps when your tea is brewed.

10 healthy office lunches that take less than an hour to make (and there's not a sandwich in sight!)

These ten recipes tick all those boxes, making them perfect for office workers.

Toaster has TRANSPARENT panels on the side so you will never have to bin your breakfast again

A designer in Thailand is behind the see-through toaster, which features clear glass panels on the side.

Gardener grows UK's hottest chillies by denying them water, pretending to be a predator and SHOUTING at the plants

Matt Simpson grew the 1,590,000 Scoville-unit chilli in poly-tunnels in Horningsham, Wiltshire. The mistreated chillies are so hot he has to wear two pairs of gloves when holding them.

England's only producer lands order to supply ONE MILLION tea bags to First Great Western Trains

Tregothnan estate near Truro, Cornwall will supply the cuppas for thousands of thirsty passengers on First Great Western Trains. The tea producer agreed a deal to supply one million teabags to the trainline.

What's your stomach trying to tell you? New Domino's app translates your belly rumbles into personalised pizza suggestions

The Tummy Translator mobile app works by positioning your phone against your stomach, in order for the vibrations to be decoded. Food is then recommended based on the rumbling produced.

Sausage casserole Pot Noodle anyone? Student favourite goes back to basics with British home-cooking classic

The just add-water ready meal has added a traditional new flavour to it's range. The Sausage Casserole Pot Noodle will arrive on the shelves in April this year, heralded by a £3m ad campaign.

The ice-cream that costs £530 a SCOOP (but you get to eat it from a Versace bowl)

The decadent dessert, which took five weeks to create and perfect, comes topped with 23-carat edible gold and is served in Dubai's newly-opened Scoopi Cafe.

The latest kitchen gadget that makes ice-cream in THREE minutes... using technology invented by the Victorians

The Shake and Make, £14.99, uses salt and ice to create an endothermic reaction that makes ice crystals form, an idea that dates from the Victorian era - but it only makes one serving.

Some like it hot! American brewers create fiery beer with chilli sauce... and say mouth-burning brew goes well with SPICY food

A spicy beer brewed to set mouths on fire has hit shelves in the US after alternative American brewers Rogue combined their favourite stout with renowned Thai chilli sauce Sriracha.

Stop brown sugar going hard, turn melted butter solid and keep the fridge fresh: The 22 kitchen hacks that will change the way you cook

FEMAIL has enlisted the help of UK food and drink experts to devise kitchen tips and tricks that will help make foods last longer.

The world's first FLAMING burger is made with six types of chilli and smothered in hot sauce before being set ON FIRE at the table (and you have to sign a waiver to eat it!)

The sizzling Hellfire Burger is the creation of Loren Gingrich, owner of Xtreme Smokehouse and Grill in Washington, Iowa.

Now there's no reason to cheat! Kitchen safe seals naughty snacks in a time-lock vault so you won't get tempted to fall off the diet wagon

The $49 (£32) Kitchen Safe, which was launched in the US and is now available in the UK, promises to help by sealing unhealthy food in a time-locked vault for up to ten days.

Bug burritos, fudge worm ice cream and cricket kebabs: Britain's first insect restaurant opens this summer... but will YOU go there?

Alternative chef Adam Holcroft hopes to 'normalise' eating creepy crawlies when he opens Grub Kitchen in Wales this summer, serving dishes like mealworm burgers and cricket pad Thai.

Have your cup and eat it! KFC to launch EDIBLE coffee mugs made from biscuit and chocolate (but they don't taste of chicken)

The entirely edible Scoff-ee Cup is made from a biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a layer of heat resistant white chocolate, which slowly melts. The cup is not yet available in stores.

The snack that GROWS itself! 3D-printed food embedded with yeast, mushrooms, edible soil and sprouts makes its own filling... but would you eat it?

The self-growing food, part of the Edible Growth project by Dutch concept designer Chloe Rutzerveld, is made using a 3D printer and takes between three to five days to mature into an edible dish.

The snack that GROWS itself! 3D-printed food embedded with yeast, mushrooms, edible soil and sprouts makes its own filling... but would you eat it?

The self-growing food, part of the Edible Growth project by Dutch concept designer Chloe Rutzerveld, is made using a 3D printer and takes between three to five days to mature into an edible dish.

Steak with carrots, baked plantain and stuffed grape leaves with salad: What school lunches look like around the world (and the UK and US are the most unhealthy)

Schoolchildren in Spain, Ukraine, Greece, South Korea, Brazil, France, Finland and Italy eat a remarkable array of fresh foods for lunch, unlike the UK and US trays, which are full of processed items.

Pound the beans, melt the chocolate and swirl it into shape: How to make an Easter egg in an HOUR revealed (and you can lick the spoon)

FEMAIL heads to Hotel Chocolat's School of Chocolate in Covent Garden to learn how to make an Easter egg from chocolatier Kiri Kalenko.

First cereal, then crisps now PORRIDGE! New single-item restaurant opens selling just luxury oaty breakfast... but you'll have to fork out £7 for a bowl

Serving 25 types of porridge, made from 11 different grains, London's latest single-item menu restaurant the Porridge Cafe is set to open its doors in March.

Top chefs' dining secrets: Kitchen stars reveal the neighbourhood spots where they REALLY eat (and you won't need a second mortgage to go there)

Top chefs including Neil Rankin, Giorgio Locatelli and Yotam Ottolenghi reveal their dining secrets including favourite places for cheap eats and undiscovered neighbourhood spots.

Stop drastic dieting, ditch sugar and load up on oysters, eggs, chicken: The 10 foods you should be eating for healthy and shiny hair

The 10 foods you should be eating for healthy hair

FEMAIL has worked with Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at NutriCentre to identify foods you need to incorporate into your diet to ensure your hair stays stays sleek, shiny, sexy and smooth. They include foods which are rich in iron, zinc and protein such as (clockwise from top left): spinach; poultry, eggs and oysters.

Forget oysters, asparagus and avocado, it's aioli, chorizo, honey, and ice you want: The 10 surprising foods that will REALLY get him going in the bedroom

The 10 surprising aphrodisiacs that will REALLY get him going in the bedroom

The first step to boosting your love life is to feed your biggest sexual organ - the brain. If you want to get your partner in the mood on Valentine's Day, these ten foods, including (clockwise from left to right): chorizo, chocolate, aioli, honey and ice) could provide the answer.

Rice the size of a tennis ball, a steak like a deck of cards and a chequebook's worth of fish: The graphic that reveals the food portion sizes you SHOULD be eating

Deciphering portion sizes no longer needs to be difficult with FEMAIL's food portions graphic, which shows you how to make sense of serving sizes by sight.

You won't find this in Greggs! Chef creates world's most expensive Cornish pasty with Japanese Wagyu beef, French onions and Indian peppercorns... with a £230 price tag

Dubbed the Very Important Pasty, the Cornish snack is the creation of chef Richard Shaw, from Southwick, Hampshire, who tracked down ingredients - which travelled 11,300 air miles.

Forget The Ledbury and Le Gavroche, this train carriage burger shack has been crowned the best place to eat in London

Three school pals who run Caboose restaurant in Brick Lane, serving £5 street food, were left astonished after their eaterie was voted the best in London by Trip Advisor users.

Feed your family for under a fiver: Crispy mash hash, spring chicken casserole plus a delicious pea and ham frittata (and there's not a spag bol in sight!)

Eating on the cheap might seem boring but it doesn't have to be that way with these four delicious (and affordable recipes) from - Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury's and Asda.

How do YOU eat yours? Nation reveals its perfect bacon butty... made on white bread with smoked rashers and BROWN sauce

While we generally prefer our butties unadorned with anything but bacon and sauce, eggs are the clear winners when it comes to additional additional ingredients, new research has revealed.

Would you dare to sample the world's hottest pizza? London restaurant creates ultra-spicy version with three types of hot sauce and raw Scotch Bonnet chillies

The eye-wateringly hot pie is the brainchild of executive chef Micheal Lecouteur of Mayfair Pizza Co. FEMAIL attempted to eat the pizza but threw in the towel after barely managing two slices.

Champagne in the City, Sauvignon Blanc for the counties and Grenache in Glasgow: Wine map reveals nation's favourite tipples

The dry white wine has been revealed as the most popular tipple in almost every British town, city and county, research conducted by merchants Laithwaite's Wine showed.