Granny chic is back! Why going GREY is all the rage with celebrities and how you can rock the look

Lily Aldridge gets a 70's makeover: Victoria's Secret model dons a fluffy blue coat (and Jane Birkin style eye liner) for Spanish magazine shoot

This image of the new-look Lily appears on the cover of Spanish magazine, S Moda. The 29-year-old American model wears a blue fur coat, Seventies-style eyeliner and sports a new fringe.

What a difference a brow makes! As Taylor Swift is transformed by big eyebrows, how other stars like the Duchess of Cambridge, Gwen Stefani and Megan Fox got bushy

Taylor was transformed by bushy eyebrows on a magazine cover. She follows stars like Mila Kuni and Coleen Rooney. A larger brow looks more polished and a skinny brow has an ageing effect.



Kate was right on trend with pops of plummy hues. Dark colours can look OTT so pair them with a neutral wash and polished brows. Use an eye brightening mascara to make sure your eyes pop.

Kate worked a vampy look during the Wish I was Here screening in NYC Kate worked a vampy look during the Wish I was Here screening in NYC

Rub your face with silkworm cocoons to wipe away wrinkles. It sounds bizarre - but it works

Aged 46, there is nothing Frances Childs (right) won't try to keep the years at bay. Despite feeling a little disgusted by them, silkworm cocoons (left) improved her acne spots, UV damage and scarring

Berlin vs GHD: FEMAIL puts hair brand's 24 hour curl claim to the test in one of the world's hardest partying cities

Contributing Femail Editor TONI JONES spent 24 hours drinking in the sights and soaking up the nightlife of Berlin to come up with a whirlwind guide to the city. But how did the hair fare?

The rise of the 'Botox boob job': New treatment promises to boost your bust by a cup size...but it will cost you £1,000

The £1,000 'Botox boob job' involves having the cosmoceutical injected into the pectoral muscle. The relaxing effect forces the shoulder muscles to take the strain instead and results in perkier breasts.

Gwyneth Paltrow: 'I'm not the type to look in the mirror, I'd rather die than be studying my face!' Low-maintenance star is 'pretty content' with looks and 'likes her wrinkles'

Gwyneth Paltrow is 'pretty content' with her looks and 'likes her wrinkles'

The glamorous mother-of-two explains that she's been on a journey of self-acceptance and is happy with her looks. She said: 'I'm pretty content with my looks at this point. I like my wrinkles and you know, I like what I see.' Proving that she's just like the average women, Gwyneth admits that even she has down days where she feels self-critical but tries to see the positive side.

Binky beats the winter blues with a pamper evening and shows YOU exactly what you'll need for your own luxury night in 

Binky has been enjoying a few pamper evenings as the nights get colder and winter sets in. Here she shares her favourite products for the perfect girly luxury night in.

Binky does grunge glamour: The Made in Chelsea star on how to achieve an unfussy, understated beauty look

Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead has always favoured the uncomplicated look. Here she shows you how to incorporate it into your beauty routine with a touch of glamour.

Binky's after-dark beauty: Made in Chelsea star shows you how to recreate those famous black swan eyes for Halloween

Binky has been inspired by Natalie Portman in the film Black Swan for her look this week. Here she shows you how to recreate the famous exaggerated eye this Halloween.

FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Make-up that hides droopy eyes

Susie from Surrey has uneven eyelids and counter make-up assistants haven't been able to help make them look more even. Expert Lisa Potter-Dixon finds a solution

FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Dare you go for the big chop? 

life&style elsa McAnolan makeover monday sue caries long to short before

Sue, a mother of two grown-up children, was looking for a dramatic change. Since being made redundant she had slipped into something of a style rut (left) but a short cut (right) transformed her

FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Are those gift sets really worth it? 

As the present-buying season begins, many of us will be treating friends and relatives to beauty gift sets. ELSA MCALONAN asks the experts which are worth spending on this Christmas

FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Banish eye bags for good 

Even though we'll all be getting an extra hour's sleep with the clocks going back, it doesn't seem to make any difference to eye bags. ELSA MCALONAN (inset) suggests some products to help puffy eyes