The brightest climbers: Now is the time to plant clematis for a dazzling summer show 

Good enough to eat: Grow vegetables that will add colour to your plot and plate

A general view of the Vegetable garden with raised beds and greenhouse at Four Seasons (NGS) in Staffordshire, England.

The roots of the gaudy perennials can be tasty and nutritious and beautiful food plants are more abundant than you might think. Runner beans were first grown as ornamental plants.

How to deal with Daffs: All varieties have their merits, if you put them in the right place 

USA, California, San Bernardino National Forest, Running Springs, daffodils

Daffodil shapes vary from tiny 'hoop petticoat' bulbocodiums to trumpet types, you will see different varieties of Daffodil flowering in coming weeks.

Tropical favourites: Keeping orchids alive is easy - provided you follow the rules  

Moth orchids

Orchids have become Britain's favourite house plant but die within weeks. Moth orchids are easier to nurture and can flourish for years. With more than 22,000 species, orchids' needs differ widely.

Prickly, but pretty: you can neglect cacti in winter but they'll stay gloriously loyal 

C7TCY7 Mixed Potting Plants

Cacti, and other plants, have evolved to cope with the toughest climatic conditions. Such resilience makes them ideal for pot culture. They will thrive on neglect in a conservatory or on a sunny windowsill


Now THAT'S a green house! Semi-detached home on suburban street is engulfed by foliage after owner lets bushes grow up to its roof

Warwickshire home engulfed by foliage after owner lets bushes grow to its roof

A green-fingered pensioner's attempt to grow shrubs and flowers in his front garden has spectacularly back-fired - after the foliage grew so fast it engulfed his entire house.Colin Melbourne's £240,000 semi-detached property in posh Leamington Spa, Warks, has become consumed by rampant ivy and conifers, leaving it invisible to passers-by.His front garden is so overrun with plants the windows, front door and even the garage are hidden beneath the sprawling greenery.

How plants in the office help workers to flourish: Greenery in the workplace can increase production by 15%

Benefits: Psychologists found that introducing greenery to spartan workplaces led to a 15 per cent rise in output

Staff said the air quality had improved when plants were introduced to a workplace. This may be because foliage absorbs pollutants, dust and bugs from the air.

Guy Hands 'weighing up options' for Wyevale garden centres after surge in profits

Cashing in: Britons spend more time gardening and spending in its restaurants and coffee shops

The chain is owned by Guy Hands' private equity business Terra Firma, which is understood to be looking at various options including a refinancing of its debt.

Twice as quackers! Gardener grows not one but TWO tomatoes shaped just like rubber ducks 

George Wall, of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, picked the bizarrely-shaped fruit forming from a tomato plant in his back garden.