Would you drink beer made of URINE? US brewery plans to make ten barrels of ale out of human waste gathered from sewage treatment plant

  • Beer made from waste gathered by sewage treatment firm in Oregon, US
  • Alcohol regulators in the state approved production of up to ten barrels
  • Beer brewed to 'raise awareness of the reusable nature of all water'

We've had an ale made from yeast grown in beard hair, a beer that features barley from the International Space Station, and a 67.5 per cent alcohol brew that comes with a warning tag. 

And while the craft beer revolution has seen connoisseurs knock back their interesting ales and small batch brews, news of the latest offering might put off even the biggest of fans. 

Promising to make the hardiest of stomachs turn before even a sip is supped, this new craft beer will be brewed from human sewage.

Recycling gone too far? US alcohol regulators have approved plans for beer brewed from human waste 

Recycling gone too far? US alcohol regulators have approved plans for beer brewed from human waste 

Production of the beer has been approved by alcohol regulators in Oregon, US, and will be made from waste gathered by sewage treatment firm Clean Water Services.

The company will treat the effluent before handing it over to microbrewers who will turn it into a tasty tipple.

According to a 50-page report which was handed to alcohol regulators, the sewage would pose 'very low human health risk' and would be treated to 'very high standards'.

There will only be ten barrels of beer made and it won't be available in shops but there is talk of mass production if the drink proves popular.

In the report, Robert Baumgartner, an assistant director at Clean Water Services, told regulators it was designed to 'raise awareness of the reusable nature of all water'.

'By highlighting craft beer, a product Oregon is known for around the world, the project will seek to engage... people everywhere in a conversation about water,' he continued.

The scheme, which is backed by The Oregon Brewers Guld and Oregen Brew Crew, is proving to be highly unpopular with state residents.

According to The Mirror, Resident Dorothy Shoemaker said: 'The water meets drinking water requirements, but does it smell and taste good?'

Elizabeth Graser-Lindset added: 'There is plenty of clean water in Oregon.

'Let's let the ground do the purifying as water sinks a hundred or more feet to the water table.

'DON'T use recycled water in alcoholic beverages.'


1. Snake Venom beer brewed by Brewmeister's Brewery Armageddon which contains 67.5 per cent alcohol. The beer comes with a warning tag telling you not to drink too much and costs $80 (£54) a bottle.

2. Brewdog's End of History - a special limited edition Belgian blonde ale - is a 50 per cent ABV which sold for $765 (£510) a bottle. There were only 12 bottles made, and each was encased in a taxidermied body of a weasel or squirrel.

3. Sapporo Space Barley made with barley that was on the International Space Station and sold for $100 (£68) for a six pack.

4. Starting them young, Hello Kitty beers - which were aimed at the younger market - have half the alcohol of a Budweiser and come in fruity flavours such as passion fruit, banana and peace. 

5. Rogue Ale's The Beard Beer is made from yeast grown in the beard of the company's master brewer, John Maier. 

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