Gadget review: Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

£89 (RRP)
Rating: 4 Star Rating

The Crusher does exactly what it says on the tin. Unleash an unrelenting torrent of deep bass through your eardrums.

And, true to their rather audacious claim of being able to ‘feel’ the music, it’s a quite wonderful sensation.

A large part of this is due to Skullcandy’s unique ‘dual driver’ technology.

Sensation55 drivers housed in each earcup deliver Attacking Bass while Supreme Sound is supplied via separate custom REX40 drivers.


Powerful: For the first time in headphones, The Crusher lets you 'feel' the bass, a sensation that may take some getting used to

A slider located on the left earcup grants the listener the ability to adjust the sensation levels to his/her preference or playlist. Users can even turn the bass off completely and still enjoy the
REX40 driver's premium acoustics, minus the powered bass boost.

Looks wise, The Crusher will divide opinion. At first glance, they would look more at home on aircraft carrier personnel, but you’ll soon warm to the contemporary, aggressive lines.

There’s a flexible headband, an amplifier and a battery in the ear cup to drive the level-adjustable subwoofer. Noise insulation is wonderful, while – although bass heavy – pitches are strong enough to cut through the deep thump with minimal distortion.

The bass also helps generate sound stage, but at the cost of more minor details. That makes them perfect for drum and bass tracks, but less comfortable dealing with classical music.

They feature collapsible earcups, removable/replaceable cables for easy stashing and come with a smart satin travel bag.

To save battery life, The Crusher is also equipped with an auto on/off smart circuit that senses when music has stopped playing and turns off the amp automatically.

The Skullcandy Crusher is out now. For more information visit:

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In the pink: as well as being stylish, the design of the Zip Headphones means that wires will never be tangled

While The Crusher delivers on all-out power, the new Zip Headphones focus on all-out on style. There are no wires meaning they are impossible to tangle and come in a range of colours, making them a perfect fashion accessory.

Sound quality for the price is admirable, too. Once broken in (this will take a few days), they make a welcome alternative to many similarly-priced offerings.

Bass suffers somewhat, and they could be more comfy, but they are guaranteed to turn heads more than headphones ten times their price.

The Zip headphones are available now priced £12.95 from

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