Loathe your legs, ladies? You're in great company: As Helen Mirren parades her less than perfect pins, ex-model SANDRA HOWARD sympathises 

Helen Mirren parades her less than perfect pins, SANDRA HOWARD sympathises 

The 69-year-old actress appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers, looking every inch the sexagenarian glamourpuss - and showing off her less-than-perfect pins, writes SANDRA HOWARD. Her ice-blonde hair was beautifully coiffed and her make-up immaculate, but the stunning effect tapered off as the camera panned down. For once it wasn't Helen's beauty that caught the eye - sadly, it was her somewhat disappointing legs.

How to get Kylie Jenner lips safely! Woman mocks #KylieJennerChallenge using tube of PRINGLES to get a perfect pout... in a video watched four million times in just a day

In footage posted by Elihudi Justin Urassa, from Brighton, on Facebook a young woman can be seen sucking on to the tube before removing it to reveal her new pout... made of crisps.

Mother in polyamorous relationship insists she's not jealous of boyfriend having sex with another woman... because she gets to join in

Brooke Shedd, 26, from Texas, said on today's This Morning that she does not 'share' boyfriend Adam Lyons, 34, from London, with Russian-born Jane Shalakhova, 25.

Women spend FIVE HOURS a week taking selfies... and one in five upload them to social media make an ex-partner jealous

A new study has revealed young women are the most prolific selfie-snappers, spending 48 minutes a day taking shots of themselves. 22 per cent said getting social media 'likes' was the main reason for posing.

'I'm going to turn your negativity into positivity': Sofia Abramovich reveals healthy eating plan after Instagram trolls criticise her weight

Sofia, the middle child of Chelsea FC owner Abramovich's five offspring with second wife Irina, revealed she had been bullied by users of the site about her appearance and weight.


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Show cleavage, don't flirt TOO much and above all get served by a guy . . . what it really takes for a girl to get a free coffee at Pret

What it REALLY takes to get a free coffee from Pret

FEMAIL writer Deni Kirkova, 24, paid a visit to six different Prets across London. On three of the visits, she wore no make-up, her glasses and a casual outfit consisting of jeans and a plain top. Before paying a visit to the next three coffee shops, she amped up the glamour by removing her glasses, applying a full face of make-up and donning a little red dress with a fair share of cleavage and leg on show. Deni charmed her way to a free coffee at Pret in Victoria station (right); had to pick up the bill in High Street Kensington (left); but returns looking glamorous to be handed a free cookie (centre).

What's your beef? Infographic reveals the different cuts of meat you SHOULD be buying and how best to cook them

The infographic also shows that rump, fillet and T-Bone are the most popular cuts of meat we order when eating out but when it comes to cooking at home it's mince or burgers we buy.

What would a MONTH without sex do to your marriage? We challenged three couples to find out - with intriguing results

The average couple has sex on average three times a month, meanwhile, an estimated one in 20 marriages are completely sexless. Femail challenged three couples to abstain from sex for a month.

Thin hair? DON'T layer it. Thick hair? Wash it less: The surprising styling tricks to help you get the best out of your tresses

Those of us who possess thin locks would give anything for a bit of volume, while those of us with thick tresses get thoroughly fed up of how wild and unmanageable it can be.

'Breathe, mummy!' Six-year-old boy helps his mother give birth after she goes into labour at home in the middle of the night 

Left with no time to get to the hospital, Michelle Madden, 30, of Rhos on Sea, Conwy, Wales, went into labour at home - and Ruben assisted in the birth.

Size 16 student who forked out £5,000 a year on pizza shocked into losing three stone after being told 'boys don't fancy fat girls'... by her FATHER

Amelia Morton, 23, from Birmingham, was shocked into a post-graduation diet after her dad's comments. A year on, she wears a size 8 and helps others to lose weight using the Cambridge Weight Plan.

Student left with 'vile' lump of scar tissue the size of a nut after getting an oversized ear piercing as an act of teenage rebellion

18-year-old Remmie was left with a hazelnut-sized keloid scar on her ear after a bar piercing went badly wrong. The teen, who says she had hoped to stand out of the crowd, describes the scar as 'vile'.

Would you drink beer made of URINE? US brewery plans to make ten barrels of ale out of human waste gathered from sewage treatment plant

Production of the world's most stomach-churning beer has been approved by alcohol regulars in Oregon and will be made from waste gathered by sewage treatment firm Clean Water Services.

Bubble and squeak with black pudding, roast chicken and rhubarb strawberry sorbet: Top chefs share their favourite English recipes on St George's Day

They may not be the most innovative meals but these national dishes remain firm favourites on the dinner table because of their classic flavours and the positive feelings we associate with them.

Raising the bar! Cadbury unveils jaw-dropping chocolate with SEVEN different flavours... but there are only 50 on offer

The seven-row Dairy Milk Spectacular will contain one row each of Caramel, Fruit and Nut, Whole Nut, Orea, Daim and Turkish. Only 50 of the special-edition bars will be created.

Go to bed naked, ditch the evening cigarette and eat bananas: 20 surprising ways to get a better night's sleep

With the increase of everyday distractions, getting some decent shut-eye can be more troublesome than expected. Here are FEMAIL's top 20 tips to getting a better night's rest.

Take a close interest, make sure they eat a good breakfast and DON'T offer rewards: Top headteacher reveals the best ways to get your children to study for exams

As new research reveals a direct correlation between exam stress and grades, FEMAIL asks Michael Ribton, principal at Burlington Danes Academy in West London, to offer his essential tips.

Show cleavage, don't flirt TOO much and above all get served by a guy . . . what it really takes for a girl to get a free coffee at Pret

FEMAIL writer Deni Kirkova, 24, visited six Pret A Mangers in London - three while wearing everyday clothes and no makeup, and three in a short red dress. Here's how she got on...



Emma Watson showed what it meant to travel in style as she touched down in JFK airport on Tuesday. A blazer helps to smarten up joggers for perfect off-duty chic. Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Emma Watson kept it casual at the airport Emma Watson kept it casual at the airport

Superwoman in her sixties, Iron Man tucking into fast food and a pregnant Batwoman: What superheroes could look like AFTER retiring imagined in gritty photos

Photographer Martin Beck imagines how superheroes could look AFTER retiring

Photographer Martin Beck has snapped Captain America, Iron Man and the Green Lantern taking a step back from fighting crime and portrays how they are instead focusing on the struggles of getting through the week. The Dubai-based snapper produced the series of gritty portraits laced with melancholy humour in his latest project called We Can Be Heroes. The female Captain America seems to have lost her mask and is using face paint instead, while smoking on the New Zealand sidewalk (main photo); not too bothered about the Joker these days, the Bat family have a little one on the way (inset).

Groomed to be a sex slave and branded a racist for bringing my sex abusers to justice: One woman reveals her horrific ordeal in a tell-all book

In her harrowing new book Lara reveals how at 13 she was trapped in a Oxford-based sex trafficking gang, raped, forced to take drugs and later accused of being a racist because the defendants were Muslim.

The fathers who only see their children on a computer screen: It's a heartbreaking sign of our times, the divorced dads relying on video calls to keep contact with their children miles away 

Following a legal ruling in 2011, British courts now consider video calling a sufficient way for fathers to keep in contact with their children, even when they might be living on different sides of the world.

'This doesn't happen every day!' Sydney chef Dan Churchill has US audiences - and Blake Lively - eating out of his hand during TV appearance on Good Morning America

The former Masterchef contestant from Sydney is touring the US to promote his cookbooks, and it looks as though his star is on the rise.

Beyonce is the latest celebrity championing this cult Aussie label beloved by the A-list

Australian label Bec & Bridge is already beloved by local fashionistas, but photographs of the Single Ladies hitmaker wearing one of their dresses is sure to result in a surge in interest for the brand.

As Justin Timberlake puts the first photo of his baby on Instagram, the celebrity snaps posted straight from the delivery room (and the newborn with 28,000 followers) 

Justin Timberlake has become the latest celebrity dad to post a shot of his newborn on Instagram. FEMAIL looks at other celebrity parents introducing their adorable newborns on social media.

Don't throw them away! From removing nail polish to keep celery crisp... 20 surprising things you didn't know you could do with coffee FILTERS

Lint-free and tear-resistant coffee filters are good for a range of household tasks, from microwave-friendly temporary dish covers, to cleaning varnish off your nails when you've run out of cotton wool.

Mum who's making buckets of cash out of sea water... and the baby food tycoon inspired by her own VERY picky toddler 

Mums with businesses and children is a very inspiring trend these days and the Daily Mail wants its readers to send in nominations for their first Mumpreneur Of The Year Award.

Now there's the #Milifans! Ed Miliband's unlikely fanbase spark Twitter storm as teenage girls declare their undying love for the Labour leader

Ed Miliband is enjoying a taste of what it might be like to be in a boyband after a group of mostly teenage fans tweeted about their affection for the Labour leader under the hashtag #milifandom.

Could YOU recognise your mum while blindfolded? Watch what happens when children are asked to pick their mother out of a group without seeing them in heart-warming new video

In a heart-warming video that will have you reaching for the tissues, six real-life women and their children are gathered to find out the answer.

Moisturise ten times a day, avoid cats and DON'T open jars: Hand model earns thousands posing in TV ads and magazines but has never shown her face... until now!

Emily Grimson, 25, gets paid up to £100 an hour to pose with designer bags and electrical appliances on television screens and in glossy magazines but says it's hard work keeping her mitts in top condition.

Webcam model uses her EIGHT FOOT belly to find love... and she claims she had her pick of doctors, lawyers and bodybuilders

Gayla Neufeld, from Texas, said she uses her large size to entice men from around the world, including latest hubby, Lance, who she now lives with in Manitoba, Canada.

Widow reveals nightmare of 'jealous' neighbour who tormented dying husband and attacked her son with secateurs all because she wasn't her ONLY friend

Pauline Bruce's neighbour Yvonne Ireland Evans plagued her in Ludlow, Shropshire, with silent calls, taunted her dying husband and attacking her son with secateurs, before finally being evicted.

Battle of the biscuits: From Sarah Wilson's sugar-free to chocolate-coated, and even RAW... Can these spins on the traditional Anzac cookie compete with the original?

FEMAIL asked well-known food authors to contribute their spin on the classic Anzac biscuit recipe, from sugar-free, to a pimped-up chocolate and macadamia version... and even a raw recipe.

'I'm now looking at him like a man': Married at First Sight star admits she is FINALLY ready to consummate her marriage with the husband she said was too 'unattractive' 

Jaclyn Methuen, 30, and Ryan Ranellone, 29, moved into their marital home in Astoria, Queens, where they shared a bedroom together on last night's episode of the reality show.

Heartbroken bride-to-be who spent thousands on Turkish toyboy has pledged to remain single after his OTHER girlfriend reveals his two-timing ways on Facebook

Karen Reidy, 40, met Sakir Candan on holiday in Marmaris, Turkey, in 2012. After getting engaged she was horrified to discover that he was seeing another woman and has sworn off relationships for life.

Is the BOWL CUT back? As requests soar by 200%, the Nineties' mushroom hairdo is staging an unlikely resurgence among hipsters thanks to Robert Pattinson

BOWL CUT staging an unlikely comeback thanks to Robert Pattinson

The statement chop, made famous by Jim Carrey's Lloyd Christmas in Dumb & Dumber, is the new choice of fashion-conscious men like Robert Pattinson (left) and hip celebrities including (clockwise from top, centre) Miley Cyrus, Jessie J, Estelle and Rihanna. Customers flocking to the hairdressers to have the cut are even bringing their own bowls with them in an added retro touch.

Mwah! But will a £30 'thimble' really give you Angelina Jolie's swell pouting lips?

The 'Fullips' device, that works by creating a mini-vacuum while you suck on the apparatus, was created by Arizona-based inventors Linda Gomez and her daughter Krystle.

Horsetail for stronger nails, cinnamon to plump lips and honey for beating acne: How the kitchen cupboard can give your beauty cabinet a run for its money 

From slicing an orange and using it as a facial toner to slathering strawberries on your face to beat age spots, FEMAIL has rounded up the best all-natural beauty tricks.

Is the tuning fork facial the daftest beauty fad EVER? Vibrations are said to tighten sagging skin and eradicate dark circles

Offered at the upmarket Hale Clinic in London and other clinics nationwide, the scary sounding tuning forks are pieces of metal that make different pitched sounds when struck and made to vibrate.

From a tiny waist to over-sized breasts: Woman Photoshops her physique 126 times to highlight 'impossible' beauty ideals

Kelsey Higley, who studies Art Media at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, created a fascinating self-portrait, digitally enhancing into shapes considered beautiful.

Is this a lipstick commercial or a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey? Revlon's racy new S&M; clip gets viewers hot under the collar

The scene opens with a woman in just a bra and flared mini skirt sashaying over to a man in a shirt. It could be the opening sequence of a very sexy film; but it's just Revlon's new lipstick advert.

Ella Henderson bags her first brand collaboration as she stars in glossy new campaign for Batiste dry shampoo

X Factor finalist and pop star Ella Henderson has joined forces with dry shampoo brand Batiste for their 2015 'Ready for it' campaign. The TV advert will feature the singer's latest single, Mirror Man.