'We're in a race against time to get off': Desperate rescue mission to save dozens stranded on Everest - as terrifying video emerges of the moment giant avalanche engulfed climbers

Video of Mount Everest avalanche emerges after Nepal earthquake

Amateur video footage (left) shows how a huge wall of snow and debris hurtled towards Everest Base Camp, moments before it flattened part of the camp in the Himalayas yesterday. Climber Jost Kobusch, who worked in the Special Forces in the German Mountain Army, took the video and said he felt the ground shaking and saw people sprinting away from the cloud of snow. More than 2,500 people died in the quake as buildings collapsed raining down debris on the streets below. As many as 18 climbers, including three Americans, and sherpas are feared dead after a series of avalanches buried Everest Base Camp following the tremors. Also pictured (left inset and right): Climbers emerge from their tents to find Everest Base Camp flattened.

'If you don't return we'll know that you've already lived the equivalent of at least 100 lives': The heartbreaking letter from a friend Google engineer was carrying to read at Everest summit before avalanche killed him

Mount Everest avalanche victim Dan Fredinburg carrying letter to read at summit

Dan Fredinburg, 33, (right) who was three colleagues and had been navigating the area for Google Maps, was given the messages by his girlfriend just before he set off on the expedition, but it's not known whether he had a chance to read them. He was one of three Americans killed when a massive earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, causing a wall of ice and rock to engulf the base camp. His friend Max Stossel (left) posted a picture of the letter (inset) he wrote to his late friend on Saturday alongside a tribute. In it he said: 'Your story has already greatly impacted mine for the better.'

Cleveland 'house of horrors' survivors detail their decade of abuse and how Ariel Castro raped them up to 5 times a day - the only time they were released from their chains

Cleveland 'house of horrors' survivors reveal Ariel Castro raped them 5 times a day

NEW Gina DeJesus (top left), now 25, described the first time that Castro raped her after she was abducted in Cleveland, Ohio at the age of 14. Gina recalled: 'He seems angry, like he wants to hurt me as much as he can. I'm screaming and crying and beating him back, but it's useless. I'm crying and bleeding. I've been terrified he would do this. ... I want to die.' Both Gina and fellow survivor, Amanda Berry (below), said Castro raped them up to five times a day, forcing them to tell him that they 'want it' and that he's 'sexy'. When they were not being raped, the girls were kept in locked rooms with the light blocked out with doors bolted over windows (pictured).

Girl, 12, finishing 2.5 year battle with leukemia, is invited back to Catholic school that dismissed her for poor attendance

Rose McGrath, of Battle Creek, was dismissed from St. Joseph Middle School because officials said absences 'hampered her academic performance'. She is now at a public school.

NBC execs leaked new details of Brian Williams 'lying' to shame him into resigning - and taking a $30million golden parachute, report claims

Leaked information about eleven incidents where disgraced NBC newsman Brian Williams is thought to have lied was designed to pressure the Nightly News anchor to resign from the network.

New family tragedy for Nicole Kidman as former brother-in-law dies suddenly of a heart attack in New York at 46 - just seven months after death of her father 

Mr Hawley, who had four children with Nicole's sister Antonia, is said to have passed away en route to hospital and his devastated brother has described his death as 'sudden' and 'very unexpected'.

Firefighters rescue four children from basement after their mother 'locked them inside for 15 HOURS without food as punishment'

NEW The single mother of four children, ages 9 to 13 (three of them pictured), was arrested in Philadelphia Sunday on four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Oil exec and his son shot dead 'execution-style' by heavily- armed teen robbers in home invasion that has shocked New Orleans

Oil company manager David Pence and son shot dead 'execution-style' by robbers

A father and son were shot dead in an execution-style murder moments after party guests left their home in a quiet neighborhood. Nicholas Pence, 25, and his father David, 56, had been celebrating a victorious football game in their garage in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Wednesday. But moments after jovially waving goodbye to the last-remaining revellers shortly before midnight, they were both shot dead at close range in an attack that shocked and baffled the quiet community of Metairie.

Teenager driving a white Mercedes arrested after 'killing 49-year-old woman in a hit-and-run'

NEW Miranda Ashley Calvin (pictured), 19, was arrested on Sunday in Clackamas, Oregon, after she allegedly hit pedestrian Jerrie Ann Hornig, 49, with her car and fled the scene.

Church cancels pig wrestling event after complaints by advocacy group who said animals were 'punched in the face, body slammed and jumped on'

NEW St Patrick's Parish in Stephensville, Wisconsin said in a statement that the Original Pig Rassle will be replaced this August by a human mud foosball tournament.

Gunrunner has pleaded guilty to illegally supplying Aaron Hernandez with three weapons as he confesses he was 'awed' by the former NFL player

A Florida man who authorities suspect had a role in shipping weapons to accused killer and ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez was indicted Wednesday on charges of witness tampering, obstruction of justice and lying to a federal grand jury that is investigating interstate firearms trafficking.

Oscar Hernandez Jr., 23, was arrested late Wednesday in connection with a federal gun trafficking investigation that stems from the seizure last summer of weapons recovered during searches for evidence in the Odin Lloyd homicide.

Oscar 'Papoo' Hernandez Jr, 24, of Florida, has admitted to illegally shipping three guns to the NFL player a month before his namesake gunned down Odin Lloyd.

Have scientists found a way to banish hunger pangs? Breakthrough could help dieters lose weight - and make them less grumpy 

NEW Scientists in Boston and Edinburgh have identified the brain cells that control hunger - raising hopes of a drug that switches off the frustrating feeling and the irresistible urge to snack.

They need a bigger boat! Watch the terrifying moment a HUGE great white shark attacks New Zealand film crew in tiny boat

Lair of the Megashark crew attacked by HUGE great white during filming

Shocking footage has emerged of the terrifying moment two people stood in a tiny dinghy while a 6 meter great white shark charged them. A film crew shooting the documentary Lair of the Megashark were just off New Zealand's Stewart Island when they attempted to put a camera on the dorsal fin of the massive ocean predator who decided to nudge the boat and bite at the thin rope that tethered the dinghy to the main boat.

Detox your kitchen and GLOW with health: Want to look slim AND healthy this summer? Our major new series shows it's not you that needs a detox - it's what's in your fridge and cupboards... 

Changing the way you eat and what you buy can improve your vitality and the first step to healthy living is transforming your relationship with food. Here, Amelia Freer reveals how this can be done.

Revealed, the foods that keep you slim as you age: Cheese and yogurts are in, but red meat, potatoes and rice are out 

The type of food, not just the number of calories, affects weight gain, experts from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found.

Teacher on her way to supervise prom is killed when she was hit by two students also on their way to the dance

Lakeside High School teacher on way to prom killed when she was hit by students

Leah O'Brien, 33, a science teacher at Lakeside High School in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur, died at the scene. Her daughter, eight, was taken to hospital in a critical condition. The two students, a 19-year-old man and 18-year-old woman, who have not been named, were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Jay Z claims there is a 'multi-million dollar smear campaign' against his Tidal streaming app after 'delays by Apple hit downloads' 

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 30:  (L-R) Deadmau5, Kanye West, JAY Z and J. Cole onstage at the Tidal launch event #TIDALforALL at Skylight at Moynihan Station on March 30, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

The rap mogul's social media diatribe Sunday afternoon comes as reports claim Tidal is a flop and rumors swirl that it's being sabotaged by rivals such as Apple, which is launching its own service.

Casino suites, marble bathrooms and aquariums in the sky: Inside the booming industry of private jet design... where the super-rich splash out $90MILLION on luxury interiors

Private jet designers say there are no limits to what they can provide for customers, from reduced noise to chandeliers, aquariums and the ability to serve up a gourmet meal in the galley.

Jets, cars, money, booze... and LOTS of scantily-clad girls: Introducing the new King of Instagram - an American billionaire who brags 'I'm living the life every man wants' 

Tony Toutouni challenges Dan Billzerian for Instagram King title

With his infinite supply of supercars, private jets and beautiful women, billionaire businessman Tony Toutouni is threatening to become the new 'King of Instagram'. The 42-year-old entrepreneur, from L.A., chronicles his immensely extravagant lifestyle on the photo-sharing site and is usually seen surrounded by mountains of cash and bikini-clad women. Toutouni made his fortune after buying a nightclub in Hollywood, California, when he was just 19 years old and going on to run dozens of businesses.

'We had hundreds of family meetings': Kim Kardashian reveals how she, her mom and siblings dealt with Bruce Jenner's decision to become a woman

Kim Kardashian reveals how the family dealt with Bruce Jenner's decision to transition

The reality star (left and top right with interview Matt Lauer) told Monday how she, her sisters and her mother Kris Jenner would open their hearts to each other to process the emotional turmoil prompted by the 65-year-old former Olympian's decision to consider himself a woman. The two are pictured together (bottom right) in an Instagram photo Kardashian shared in the wake of Jenner's bombshell interview Friday during which he said 'for all intents and purposes, I am a woman'.

Top fundraiser opts out of Hillary campaign as Clinton Foundation hit by 'slush fund' verdict

The backlash comes as the acting chief executive of the global charity acknowledged over the weekend that the organization made mistakes in disclosing its donors.

For all your apocalypse needs: Hundreds flock to Prepper expo to stock up on bunkers, tactical bicycles and armored cars

Hundreds of 'Preppers' learn how to combat the apocalypse at Utah expo

Hundreds of survivalists and so-called 'Preppers', of all ages and levels of 'experience', descended on the Salt Lake City, Utah, suburb of Sandy on Friday for the nation's first ever PrepperCon. During the two-day expo, they were shown specially-equipped underground bunkers (left), learned new ways to store food, examined tactical weapons (top right) - and even dressed up as zombies (bottom right). They were also greeted by actors from the AMC hit show 'The Walking Dead', including Addy Miller, who took pictures with fans and acted as a judge in an emergency preparedness food cook-off.

Piano teacher, 75, kills himself outside courthouse just hours before mistrial declared in his sex abuse case

John Goodwin, of Atkinson, New Hampshire, was accused of sexually assaulting a former student, who alleged the abuse began when he was 11 years old and lasted from 2002 to 2005.

Have ISIS now established a stranglehold in Yemen? Terror group's slick new video claims it has set up a caliphate in war-torn country

Footage claims to show ISIS establishing Caliphate in Yemen - 1178758?

The 'establishing' of an ISIS-related 'caliphate' in Yemen comes after months of conflict which has seen Iran-backed Houthi rebels fight both the government and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

How new WNBA star took in her newborn niece after her sister fell ill and is still caring for her 20 months later

Basketball player Abby Bishop took custody of her baby niece en route to WNBA

At 24, basketballer Abby Bishop's life completely changed when she took in her two-day-old niece Zala (pictured right in both images). Bishop (pictured left in both images), who starts playing for the Seattle Storm next month, suddenly found herself caring for a newborn, juggling training with sleepless nights and adjusting to her new life. Now Zala is 20 months old and she follows Bishop as she travels the world playing for professional teams, and will go with her to the U.S. this May when she starts playing for the Seattle Storm in the WNBA.

Will Kate be induced? Duchess 'up to four days overdue' as source claims doctors at hospital 'don't normally wait more than a week'

The 33-year-old royal's baby is due before the end of April - with the date initially reported to have been yesterday, although it was later claimed to actually be as early as Wednesday last week.

Would YOU eat ice-cream made from breast milk? Campaigner joins forces with dessert makers to create controversial treat just in time for the royal birth 

Royal Baby Gaga ice cream, is the brainchild of breastfeeding campaigner Victoria Hiley, from the UK, and The Licktators, and is made with donated breast milk blended with cream.

Outraged mom claims baby son was 'taken from her arms while she was breastfeeding in dentist's chair' without her permission

Tayler Chaice Buzbee humiliated after son 'taken while breastfeeding in dentist chair'

Tayler Chaice Buzbee was forced to make an emergency appointment at an Aspen Dental facility in Alabama on Friday morning after developing agonizing toothache which would not go away. But after calling the dentist's office, she was informed that the only available appointment was in just 20 minutes - meaning that she had no time to find a babysitter for her infant son, Attley (pictured, left, with Tayler today, and right, with Tayler at a younger age). She was later left 'humiliated' and 'embarrassed' after her son was apparently removed from her arms while she was breastfeeding him in the dentist's chair. 'I was crying, and I felt just embarrassed to be there,' she said.

'The juice is too wet', 'it's on a green plate' and 'it's not made of pizza': Outrageous reasons why children refuse food revealed on Instagram's hilarious #MyKidCan'tEatThis 

Instagram's #MyKidCantEatThis reveals reasons why children refuse to eat food

Parents are taking to social media to reveal the hilarious reasons their children give for not wanting to eat perfectly good food - including how an orange is too juicy. (Clockwise from top left) This plate is too green for the child to eat from; these crackers have been contaminated - by other broken crackers; this banana wasn't peeled by the child's father - therefore it isn't good enough; this delicious-looking dish isn't made from pizza; the juice in these oranges is too wet; and this spaghetti is too noodley.

Germany was told of risk of flying over Ukraine just before flight MH17 was shot down - but FAILED to pass on warning

An emergency services worker photographs debris from an Air Malaysia plane crash on July 18, 2014 in Grabovka, Ukraine. Air Malaysia flight MH17 travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed on the Ukraine/Russia border near the town of Shaktersk. The Boeing 777 was carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew members. (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

German foreign ministry cables cited an incident from July 14, when a Ukranian air force plane was shot down at around 20,000 feet over rebel-held territory, but no warning was passed on.

Vladimir Putin's Stalinist biker gang 'friends' camp out on Polish border after authorities ban them from entering country for WWII memorial ride

Members of the Night Wolves biker gang were turned away at the border between Belarus and Poland. Poles are highly critical of Russian actions in Ukraine which the Night Wolves have celebrated.

Mother surrounded by armed police as she shopped in Walmart after customer reported her for scalding her son - who actually suffers from an ultra-rare skin disease

Mother reported for child abuse over son's rare skin disease Netherton's syndrome

RJ Jackson, four, from Las Vegas, is one of only 70 people in the world who suffers Netherton's syndrome, an extreme form of the disease ichthyosis. His skin appears red and inflamed, and is often covered in dry skin that appears like scales on his body. His mother Valerie Jackson (left) has to regularly cover him in creams to try and prevent his skin drying out. But while out shopping recently, Mrs Jackson was suddenly surrounded by armed police, who had been called by a member of the public. They reported fears Mrs Jackson had been abusing RJ. 'It just shows the extent of people's ignorance,' Mrs Jackson said.

Fewer than one in five Massachusetts residents think Boston Bomber should be executed, poll shows, as death would be 'too easy an escape' 

Less than 20 per cent of those asked believe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 21, should receive the death penalty, suggesting most would prefer he spend the rest of his life behind bars contemplating his crimes.

Has the Easter Island 'hat' mystery been solved? Red volcanic rocks were rolled up ramps to sit on top of the iconic statues

Experts at the University of Oregon believe it would have been relatively easy for the Rapa Nui people to place the distinctive pukao 'hats' on the head of the Easter Island statues (pictured) 700 years ago.

EXCLUSIVE: When Jessica Ghawl's mom got a 1am call in July 2012 she was sure it was her 24-year-old raving about The Dark Knight Rises. But it was the agonizing news her girl was gone, she reveals, as Aurora massacre trial begins

When Jessica Ghawl's mom got the 1am call in July 2012 she was sure it was her 24-year old

In the seconds before his high capacity 100 round magazine jammed, James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 others. Jessica Ghawl, a 24-year-old aspiring sports reporter, was among the dead. Sandy and Lonnie Phillips learned their precious daughter had been shot six times and had 15 other shrapnel wounds. They will be in the courtroom for the trial that starts today. Holmes, called The Joker because of his bizarre appearance the night of the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, faces the death penalty if convicted.

Lasers reveal what taste LOOKS like: Live imaging of the tongue shows buds reacting to flavours for the first time

A Harvard-led study has mapped taste buds on a tongue for the first time. Scientists examined the different cells used to identify taste. Receptor cells in a taste bud and shown in green.

40,000-year-old baby teeth belonged to the OLDEST humans in Europe - and the group may have helped wipe out Neanderthals

Researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy and colleagues have confirmed that two incisors (pictured) found in northern Italy belonged to modern humans from the Protoaurignacian culture.

'She has so many people who love her': USC sorority surprise stunned housekeeper with check for $21,000 to say thank you for her 24 years of service 

USC sorority surprise stunned housekeeper with check for $21,000 to say thank you for her

NEW The University of Southern California sorority Gamma Phi Beta wanted to help their housekeeper Fannie Randle, pictured right, purchase a brand new car because the one she drove to work was old and being held together with duct tape. Senior and former Gamma Phi Beta president Alicia Jewell called on her sorority sisters and alumni to raise the necessary funds before her graduation in May.


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Eerie pictures reveal decaying interior of notorious asylum that witnessed rape and suicide horrors... as campaigners call for it to be preserved and turned into museum and HOUSING 

Pictures show decaying interior of Greystone Park Psychiatric Center in New Jersey

Greystone Park Psychiatric Center, in New Jersey (center), was built to house hundreds of mentally ill patients, but it eventually became home to more than 7,500 people. The building was officially abandoned in 2003 but patients were moved out in the 1980s and the building quickly fell into disarray, with ceilings and walls left to crumble (bottom left) and paint peeling off doors throughout the building (top left). Broken and dusty chairs (top right) are just some of the remaining furniture alongside warped wooden bookcases and tables (bottom right).

Newlywed, 30, dies of cancer while on honeymoon road trip just weeks after his wedding 

John Sims, from Texas, who had Burkitt's Lymphoma, died on Saturday with his new wife Lindsey Sims by his side.

UFC star Jon Jones wanted on suspicion of hit-and-run accident by Albuquerque Police 

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - JANUARY 03:  UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones speaks to the media during the UFC 182 post fight press conference inside the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino on January 3, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

UFC light-heavyweight Jon Jones is currently wanted as a suspect in connection with a hit-and-run accident on Sunday morning, Albuquerque Police Department have confirmed.

As Hillary Clinton aims to become America's first woman president at 69, we reveal the other female powerhouses refusing to let age hinder their careers

Hillary Clinton will be almost 70 when she opens the White House doors if her campaign succeeds. Here, we look at other female big hitters for which age is nothing but a number.

Watch the moment shoppers are offered the chance to buy two euro T-shirts from a vending machine... and are then shown shocking images of where they were made by women paid 12c an HOUR 

NEW An experiment to mark Fashion Revolution Day forces people to question whether they'd buy a cheap T-shirt if they could see the conditions under which the super clothes were made.

Diddy and Mark Wahlberg strike $250,000 wager on Las Vegas mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

NEW Diddy certainly isn't pulling any punches when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is ahead of the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Second Navy SEAL dies after being found unresponsive at the bottom of a swimming pool following 'training accident'

Second Navy SEAL dies after being found unresponsive in swimming pool

Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Brett Allen Marihugh, 34, (right) of Livonia, Michigan, died Sunday after being found unresponsive Friday. The other SEAL, 32-year-old Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Seth Cody Lewis (left) of Queens, New York, died on Friday. While an investigation of the incident is continuing, Navy spokesman Lieutenant David Lloyd told Reuters Friday, 'They were working out in the pool...They were swimming. It was not dive training.'

The FM radio hidden in your SMARTPHONE: Mobile manufacturers are denying users the chance to listen to radio for free

Bestselling smartphones - including Apple's iPhone - come with built in FM chips but many are not switched on. Broadcasters are campaigning to have the radio capability activated.

Bashar al-Assad's uncle under investigation in France for $97m fortune despite being kicked out of Syria 'with nothing' 30 years ago 

Rifaat al-Assad is facing a criminal probe in Paris over how he has managed to amass a staggering $97million fortune. Activists say he stole money from Syria while part of the country's feared regime.

What the ancient world can teach us about binge drinking: How the party scene in Pompeii, Egypt and Greece 2,000 years ago was not too different from the average Spring Break

Ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians have had to deal with rowdy, drunken behavior in public for thousands of years, according to health experts.

Forced to smuggle cocaine at gunpoint, facing 14 years in prison for 'adultery'... and locked up for being gay: The dream vacations that ended in a jail cell

They were meant to be dream holidays, but ended up providing lifelong memories for all the wrong reasons. Travelers share their cautionary tales of dream trips going wrong.

Horrifying video shows man popping huge fluid-filled cyst using a needle, pliers and a SCREWDRIVER

The man, known only as Jason, from Vancouver, cries out in pain as his sister hammers a needle into a cyst on his arm using the handle of a screwdriver - a technique condemned by doctors.

Teen, 18, 'stabbed his friend's nine-year-old brother to death during sleepover at family home'

Teen, 18, 'stabbed his friend's nine-year-old brother to death during sleepover at family

NEW William Schultz (inset) was arrested Sunday afternoon, hours after Jordan Almgren (right) was stabbed to death in his home (left) in Discovery Bay, Northern California. Deputies put out an alert for Schultz after they said he got away in someone's truck. The motive for the stabbing remains under investigation.

The West could be crippled by cyber-attack on oil refineries, power plants and electric grids, warns former NSA chief

Former NSA chief General Keith Alexander has warned that the U.S. and her allies are at an ever growing risk of a systemic cyber-assault, with energy infrastructure likely to be hacker's prime target.

George Bush hits out at Obama's nuclear deal with Iran and says his successor is losing the war against the Islamic State

Speaking at a closed-door meeting with Jewish donors in Las Vegas, the 68-year-old ex-president suggestted that Obama's plan to lift sanctions on Iran was not plausible - and comes too early.

Babies as young as 6 MONTHS are using smartphones and tablets before they learn to walk or talk 

And by the time they are a year old, one in seven toddlers is using devices for at least an hour a day, according to research from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Sheer purrfection! More than 250 pedigree cats shown off at annual feline beauty contest that celebrates bizarre breeds (and moggies are NOT welcome)

Pedigree cats shown off at Romania International Cat Show

The world's most pampered pusses were put through their paces at Romania's International Cat Show this weekend. Unusual breeds including hairless Sphynx cats (top right) were up against petite Singapuras (bottom right) and fluffy British shorthairs (left, top and bottom) during judging at the annual feline beauty contest in Bucharest this weekend.

Massive tornado cloud caught on camera in Texas as the state is battered by storms

Stephenville Tornado

Large swathes of north and central Texas were hit with tornadoes and baseball-size hail Sunday night as part of a severe storm system sweeping the region.

'Goldilocks' mug keeps hot drinks at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop

The $39.99 (£26) Nanoheat Wireless Heated Mug (pictured) was created by Michigan-based Design HMI and Green Lama. It keeps hot drinks at between 68°C and 71°C (155°F and 160°F).

ESPN's controversial Stephen A. Smith DEFENDS Mayweather's history of domestic violence

On ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith said in the ring, he looks at Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a boxer, not a domestic abuser. He told co-anchor Cari Champion she doesn't because she's a woman.

Madonna's caterpillars, Marlene Dietrich's shocked shape, Pamela Anderson's pencil lines and Cara Delevingne's bushy brow: How eyebrows evolved since the 1920s

Madonna's caterpillars, Marlene Dietrich's shocked shape, Pamela Anderson's pencil lines

For more than a century, women have loved meddling with their eyebrows, with millions following a new style every decade. From slim in the 1940s to bushy in the 1980s and Scouse brows in the Noughties. Can you guess who these iconic eyebrows belong to?

From flabrador to labrador: Family pet loses a stone and a half thanks to going on a RAW FOOD diet

Celebrities and dietitians have been promoting back-to-basic diets and warning us off processed foods for years - and the trend is now taking hold in the animal kingdom.

'Crab' micro-car drives sideways, turns on the spot and can SHRINK to make parking in tight spaces easier

Engineers in Germany describe the EOssc2 (pictured) as an 'ultra flexible micro-car for mega cities' and plan on enabling it to drive itself. It is currently being tested in Bremen and Dalian, China.

Chipotle will stop using ALL genetically-modified food in its restaurants

Chipotle's rice, meat marinades, chips, salsa, and tortillas will not be made with GMOs, with non-GMO corn, sunflower oil and rice bran oil now featuring as ingredients.

The man who plans to take 1,000-YEAR exposure photograph of mountain to show how the Earth changes over a millennium

Jonathan Keats hopes to capture changes to the Holyoke mountain range near Amherst College, Massaschusetts with a small copper pinhole camera filled with paint.

The world's top detective for Nazi looted art: Sleuth has tracked down $380million worth of stolen art including priceless works by Picasso, Renoir and Matisse

Founder of Art Recovery International, Christopher Marinello, has worked undercover and set up sting operations to track down multi-million pound masterpieces looted by the Nazis.

For-profit Corinthian Colleges to shut down all 28 remaining campuses across America

Corinthian Colleges, which was one of the country's largest for-profit educational institutions, will close its remaining schools after being fined $30million for misrepresenting job data.

SEVEN women confront 24-year-old female catfish they had an online relationship with - all believing 'him' to be 'the man of their dreams'

SEVEN Utah women confront catfish on Dr Phil episode

The seven victims (right) believed they were involved in a relationship with a Mormon man who lived in Utah, but later found out a Texas woman named Kayla (top left) had duped them. Kayla, who had stolen the identity of a Montana student named Keagan (bottom left), apologized to the women and said that she was trying to figure out who she was - being both gay and Mormon - but did it in the 'wrong way'. The women had a chance to confront the woman, named Kayla, on Dr. Phil's show.

White House to stop prosecution of families who pay terror ransoms, report claims

Still image taken from video and released by the SITE INtelligence Group shows Warren Weinstein, a US contractor held by Al-Qaeda militants, on December 26, 2013

US officials are expected to stop prosecuting families of American hostages who communicate with kidnappers abroad or raise funds and pay ransoms, ABC news r...

Putin claims intercepted phone calls prove US helped Chechen Islamic insurgents wage war against Russia

In a documentary aired today on state-owned TV, Vladimir Putin said phone records from the early 2000s show direct contact between North Caucasus separatists and US secret services.

Is being dehydrated really as bad for you as being drunk? A new study says drinking too little water is just as hazardous as alcohol

A stock photo of a woman drinking water.

Water makes up 78 per cent of our brains and two-thirds of body weight. Women should drink 1.6 and men should drink 2 litres of fluid a day, according to Loughborough University.

Aged 42 and listening to Taylor Swift and One Direction? Then you are likely to be having a musical midlife crisis

If you're in your early 40s, own a flash car and have started listening to Taylor Swift and One Direction, you are likely to be having a mid-life crisis, according to Spoitfy.

The painful moment basketball star Kevin Love's shoulder was popped 'intentionally' in tackle by Boston Celtics opponent

Kevin Love's shoulder pops out and accuses opponent of 'intentially' hurting him

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love, who dislocated his left shoulder on Sunday, has critized opponent Kelly Olynyk of the Boston Celtics for what he has called a 'bush-league' play. Olynyk's right arm became entangled with Love's left arm while his shoulder suddenly popped out. He grabbed his arm and kept running toward the Cleveland bench before going to the locker room, where he iced his shoulder. 'I have no doubt in my mind that he did it on purpose,' Love said.

The sound of beauty: Men can tell if a woman is attractive simply by listening to her voice

The University of Vienna found women judged to have pretty faces also have voices regarded as appealing, after photographing and recording 42 women.

Furious 7 holds on to top spot at box office for fourth straight week with total of $1.3 BILLION

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage.. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Everett/REX Shutterstock (4604658ag).. Paul Walker.. 'Furious 7' aka Fast & Furious 7 - 2015.. ..

Furious 7 enjoyed a victory lap over the weekend, becoming only the third film ever to make $1.3 billion internationally and leading the domestic box office for four consecutive weeks

Cancer-stricken six-year-old boy who got thousands of birthday cards after his request hit the web dies of rare brain tumor

Danny Nickerson, from Massachussetts, who loved to receive mail, died after his battle with an inoperable brain tumor. He was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glimoma (DIPG) in October 2013.

Fugitive driving a MOTORHOME takes Alaska State Troopers on wild chase before smashing into several patrol cars

Eligah Christian, 49, was taken into custody Friday in Alaska after his unsuccessful bid to elude capture near Sarah Palin's home base of Wasilla.

Bali Nine condemned drug smugglers REFUSE to sign their own death warrants - as coffins and wooden crosses painted with Wednesday's date are laid out

Bali Nine pair to be shot after the stroke of midnight on Wednesday

Australians Andrew Chan (inset left) and Myuran Sukumaran (inset right) will be executed just after the stroke of midnight on Wednesday (3am AEST), it has been confirmed. The date - April 29 - became official when a local funeral director in Cilacap, the nearest port to Nusakambangan, or Death Island, was instructed to inscribe the names of those to be shot by firing squad and the date of their deaths on crosses. Chan and Sukumaran both refused to sign their execution warrants when they were given 72 hours notice of their deaths during official proceedings on Saturday, saying they believed it would be unjust to kill them. Sukumaran's brother Chinthu (left) said his brother had made peace with the situation, 'but he and we all feel that this is a grave injustice and it did not have to be this way and it still doesn't have to be this way'. Chan's brother Michael (left image, right) said mercy must be part of Indonesia's legal system and implored the president for his mercy. Pictured right are the coffins ready to received the death row inmates after they are executed.

JFK airplane cleaner 'stole nearly 1,500 unopened liquor bottles, 19 Kindle tablets and seven iPads from planes in a stash worth $15,000'

Juanette Cullum, 48, also allegedly stole two laptops and a 'large amount' of toiletries. Officials said she admitted to stealing from American Airlines planes for the last three years.

Husband, 95, dies of a broken heart just hours after his wife of 74 years passed away while he held her hand

Marcus Yensen, 95 and his wife Madelyn, 94, of Salt Lake City, died within hours of each other earlier this month after a romance that started when he took a lesson from her at a local dance studio.

'The joke's on you mate!' Spurned woman gets revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend by posting a video of herself naked in bed with a new lover

Woman gets revenge on cheating ex-boyfriend in Facebook video

An Australian woman has taken to a video-sharing website to exact revenge on her cheating ex-partner. The blonde woman, said to be Australian Lyn Kent, filmed herself in bed with another man, proclaiming to her former boyfriend: 'I cheated on you too!' Pictured: couple in bed addressing camera and inset, moving in for a kiss.

Washington Post journalist under fire after she's caught 'texting' during national anthem at Correspondents' Dinner

Helena Andrews claims she was 'taking notes' during The Star Spangled Banner, but that hasn't stopped her from receiving a deluge of criticism including being called unpatriotic.

Two new versions of Google Glass in the works at Italian company after tech giant stopped production of 'failed' wearable device

Massimo Vian, one of the heads of Milan-based Luxottica, said that his team was looking to improve on the Internet-connected device that stopped selling its first version earlier this year.

Goodfellas reunited! Stars of Martin Scorsese's classic gangster movie attend special 25th anniversary screening to close the Tribeca Film Festival

Stars of Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas attend special 25th anniversary screening

Stars Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Lorraine Bracco and Paul Sorvino were all in attendance for Saturday's special 25th anniversary screening of Goodfellas. Not in attendance were director Martin Scorsese, who was filming in Taiwan, and Joe Pesci who had won an Oscar for his role in the 1990 movie. 'Joe Pesci couldn't be here, but he sent this email: 'F***, f***, f***, f***ity f***, f***' read De Niro. Scorsese sent a video message and recalled now the movie upset the owner of his then favorite NYC Italian restaurant. Throughout the two-and-a-half-hour screening the audience cheered each major character's first appearance. Jon Stewart then held a Q&A; with the actors and Liotta recalled Henry Hill thanking him for 'not making me look like a s***bag'.

Russian gay rights activist publicly shames her trolls by posting their vicious hate mail along with photos on social networks to reveal their true identities

Activist Elena Klimova, 26, who runs an online support service for LGBT teenagers, posted vile messages from trolls along with candid photos of each sender to a Russian social network called VKontakte.

He gave voters a choice they couldn't refuse: Grandson of notorious crime gang boss becomes mayor of sleepy New York town

Philip Gigante, 41, whose grandfather Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante was the head of the Genovese crime family, was elected into the positions by residents of Airmont.

Woman calls police from the trunk of her own car after being kidnapped in Colorado shopping center parking lot

The kidnapping allegedly took place Thursday in a shopping center parking lot in Loveland, Colorado, police there said. The woman told authorities she wasn't hurt.

Police officer is reunited with the baby he saved from a dumpster 25 years ago

Robin Barton meets Santa Ana officer who saved him from dumpster 25 years ago

Now-retired Santa Ana, California, police officer Michael Buelna found Robin Barton behind a dumpster in November 1989. Last week the pair had an emotional reunion and embraced for the first time. Barton was just four hours old and weighed 4lb 2oz when Buelna found him. The retired officer now hopes to help Barton find his biological mother.

Millionaire who bought $2.3m Florida mansion for his 'stripper school' puts it back on sale after noise complaints from neighbors

Millionaire owner Gary Lowndes who purchased the property in Florida in 2013 for $2 million has put it back on the market after being found in violation of country zoning codes over noisey parties.

Bad back? Blame it on the chimps: Some human spines less well adapted for walking upright because they are shaped like chimpanzees 

Scientists at Aberdeen University found that those who suffered from disc problems tended to have spines that were closer in shape to those of chimpanzees, who mostly move around on all fours.



Painted skulls, gun gangs and cattle herders who could have come from the 19th century: Incredible photographic odyssey which takes you around the world in 1,000 days 

Incredible photographic odyssey which takes you around the world in 1,000 days

Award-winning photographer Uruma Takezawa spent 1,021 days on an odyssey to 103 countries on four continents to capture amazing pictures of locals living off the land. Pictured clockwise from left: Pantanal, Brazil; the Wodabbe tribe in Nigeria; a protest in Tripoli, Lebanon; hand-painted human skulls in Hallstatt, Austria; and a woman and her child in Mali (centre).

Wacky contest in China sees more than 500 people daydream with cuddly toys for hours to try and win Apple Watch 

Competitors in the bizarre contest in Hong Kong were not allowed to sleep, move or smile, while organisers tried to distract them by pulling faces, coming very close to their face or waving money.

Now that's a whitewash! Artist completely covers disused LA motel in white paint -including the PALM TREES

A passer-by photographs 'Projection', a public art project of French installation artist Vincent Lamouroux, drawing attention with everything painted white to a forgotten Los Angeles landmark, Bates Motel, on April 26, 2015 ©Frederic J. Brown (AFP)

Vincent Lamouroux publicly unveiled the project, named 'Projections' in LA's trendy Silver Lake neighborhood and it instantly became a hit with passers-by stopping to take photos.

Ventriloquist who splashes out $20,000 a year on her 16 PUPPETS that even have their own bedroom dumps her fiance... after he tells her 'it's them or me'

Ventriloquist April Brucker dumps fiance after he tells her 'it's the dummies or me'

Ventriloquist April Brucker, who lives in New York City, broke up with her partner after he gave her the ultimatum - and she picked the dummies, who she has spent $200,000 (£134,000) on in 10 years. The 30-year-old revealed that she considers her 16 puppets - who even have their own bedroom - to be her children, and she lives alone with them in her apartment. April works 60 hours a week as a singer, comedian, promotional model and freelance writer so they can have the best of everything - even if it means she goes short.



Camel carousels, hand-operated Ferris wheels and lots of laughter: The makeshift amusement parks bringing joy to children in the slums of Pakistan

The makeshift amusement parks bringing joy to the slums of Pakistan

On the outskirts of Pakistan's major cities, refugee families can escape their troubles with visits to these makeshift amusement parks. Children who have been forced out of neighbouring villages due to fighting between security forces and militants shriek with joy on camel carousels, merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels and swings. The collection of amusement parks, offer some light relief from their problems, even if it is just for a few hours.

Thailand seizes 500 elephant tusks worth $7million found hidden in stacks of tea leaves on ship from Kenya

Thai customs officers inspect confiscated elephant tusks during a press conference at the Customs Bureau in Bangkok on April 27, 2015.  Thai customs seized 511 pieces of ivory tusks, weighing some 3,100 kilograms and worth six million USD after it arrived from Kenya to Laos.     AFP PHOTO / PORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKULPORNCHAI KITTIWONGSAKUL/AFP/Getty Images

Three tons of ivory bound for Laos were discovered at a major port in Chonburi province in eastern Thailand in the second-biggest bust in the country's history, one week after the biggest seizure.

Two for the price of one! The disgusting moment two boys free a snake caught in wire netting... before it thanks them by regurgitating a frog 

Two teenage boys who thought they were doing a good deed by freeing a trapped snake were left with a nasty surprise as their reward when the reptile started regurgitating its prey.

Now that's some holy water: Half-submerged church is all that's left after Bulgarian town is flooded to create man-made lake

The St Ivan Rilski Church cuts a lonely figure in the reservoir and is the only remaining evidence of the community of Zapalnya, Bulgaria, where residents lived until they were forced out in the 1960s.

A bridge too far? Villagers risk their lives to rebuild ancient Inca walkway 100ft above the river using handmade grass ropes

Keshwa Chaca: The Last Inca Rope Bridge\\n\\nFive hundred years ago when the Incas were expanding their empire over the highlands of the Andes, they developed an incredible network of roads to move armies, people and goods quickly and efficiently over the mountains. But the landscape was treacherous comprising mostly of high peaks and deep valleys, which meant they needed bridges, and lots of them.\\n\\nThe bridges were an integral part of the incredible Inca road system that stretches for 40,000 kilometers, from modern-day Ecuador to Argentina. Depending upon the availability, the bridges were made of a variety of materials ¿ wooden logs, stones, floating reeds or hand-woven from straw and tall grasses that grew on the high Andes. These bridges had short lives and needed to be replaced every few years. After the last of the Incas disappeared in the early 17th century, so did almost all of these bridges. Only one has survived, thanks to the effort of the local villagers who rebuild it

Centuries after the end of the Inca kingdom, just one of their 200 rope bridges remain - the Keshwa Chaca that spans the Apurimac River near Huinchiri, Peru, in the Province of Canas.

Shell-shocked: Baffled cheetahs go hungry as they are outwitted by frightened tortoise retreating into its hard exterior 

Baffled cheetahs are outwitted by frightened tortoise retreating into its shell

The cheetahs were pictured surrounding the tortoise as it plodded across the sands of the Kalahari desert in South Africa. The big cats tried to frighten the little reptile out of its shell by snarling at it, but the tortoise kept well tucked up inside its shell refusing to pop its head out forcing the cheetahs to wander off disappointed.