Terrifying video shows the dramatic moment Nepal avalanche hit as desperate climbers ran for their lives at Everest base camp

Video of Mount Everest avalanche emerges after Nepal earthquake

Amateur video footage (left) shows how a huge wall of snow and debris hurtled towards Everest Base Camp, moments before it flattened part of the camp in the Himalayas yesterday. Climber Jost Kobusch, who worked in the Special Forces in the German Mountain Army, took the video and said he felt the ground shaking and saw people sprinting away from the cloud of snow. More than 2,500 people died in the quake as buildings collapsed raining down debris on the streets below. As many as 18 climbers, including three Americans, and sherpas are feared dead after a series of avalanches buried Everest Base Camp following the tremors. Also pictured (left inset and right): Climbers emerge from their tents to find Everest Base Camp flattened.

Police ignored child sex abuse gangs to chase Labour targets for car theft: Whistleblower says money was directed away from protecting children in order to pursue 'priority crimes' 

Police ignored child sex abuse gangs to chase Labour targets for car theft

Police ignored the sexual abuse of hundreds of young girls because they were too busy chasing Labour crime targets that would earn bonuses for senior staff. Whistleblower Tony Brookes, a former detective who tried to investigate the abuse, said money was diverted away from protecting the children from rape, trafficking and beatings in order to pursue so-called 'priority crimes'. The offences, which included car crime, were considered crucial for satisfying a target culture introduced by the last Labour government.

Over 75? Sign here if you're ready for death: GPs to ask ALL older patients if they'll agree to a 'do not resuscitate' order

New NHS guidelines urge GPs to draw up end-of-life plans for over-75s, as well as younger patients suffering from cancer, dementia, heart disease or serious lung conditions.

'I support Ukip,' says Moors murderer Ian Brady as he brands Cameron a 'public school millionaire' and Miliband a 'refugee, privileged German Jew' in bizarre letters

The 77-year-old, who was jailed for life after torturing and killing five children between 1963 and 1965, wrote the letters from his bed at Ashworth psychiatric hospital in Merseyside.


FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: Looking to make the most of your eyes? Discover the lashes that flatter at any age

Just as bigger brows have become fashionable for women of all ages, so fuller lashes are this year's must-have beauty trend. Falsies aren't the only option, lash enhancing products are effective too.

Do you have a male or female brain? The simple test that investigates your 'gender personality'... and the answer will surprise you

From a young age, males and females often have different to each other and automatically have gender-specific interests. Is this a result of nature or nurture? Is your brain more male or female?

'I know I will die, I won't grow old with the man I love or see my girl grow up': Mother with terminal cancer so rare it has no name in race against time to marry long-term love

Mother with rare terminal cancer in race against time to marry

Courtney Terry, 27, from south east London has a rare kidney cancer, which also killed her 23-year-old brother. She is now asking strangers to fund her wedding to her boyfriend before she passes away. Pictured: Courtney with her childhood sweetheart Billy Webb and their daughter Dolcie (right).

Is being dehydrated really as bad for you as being drunk? A new study says drinking too little water is just as hazardous as alcohol

A stock photo of a woman drinking water.

Water makes up 78 per cent of our brains and two-thirds of body weight. Women should drink 1.6 and men should drink 2 litres of fluid a day.

Broccoli breakthrough in fight to treat arthritis: Artificial version of ingredient found in vegetable can prevent inflammation

UK drug company Evgen Pharma has developed a stable synthetic version of the chemical sulforaphane that offers the potential of a pill treatment which could help the condition.

Aged 42 and listening to Taylor Swift and One Direction? Then you are likely to be having a musical midlife crisis

If you're in your early 40s, own a flash car and have started listening to Taylor Swift and One Direction, you are likely to be having a mid-life crisis.

Paula's final marathon...as Romeo runs his first: Stars turn out for the biggest London marathon in its 35-year history

Beckhams among thousands cheering on London marathon runners

Paula Radcliffe's final competitive marathon was always going to be one to remember. But it was made extra special when she was presented with a lifetime achievement award by Prince Harry (top left). He was waiting for the women's world record holder - along with her husband Gary Lough and children Isla, eight, and Raphael, four - at the end of the 26.2-mile London course. The 41-year-old athlete was not the only one to turn yesterday's race - believed to the biggest in its 35-year history - into a family affair. Cheering among an estimated 750,000 spectators were David and Victoria Beckham, supporting their 12-year-old son Romeo (bottom right). Stars, such as Christy Turlington (middle, right), Formula 1 driver Jenson Button (top right) and Chris Evans (middle, bottom) all took part in the biggest London marathon in its 35-year history.

How teachers help pupils to cheat in exams: Tactics used to bend rules revealed by more than 500 whistleblowers 

Teachers are helping pupils to cheat by giving advice during exams, wrongly bumping up marks and even writing coursework, it has been revealed.

Science graduates could stand in for your family doctor: Academics urge government to train an army of 'physician associates' to allow GPs to spend more time with patients

A study has found these graduates, who would have two years' specialist training, are just as competent as GPs at diagnosing and managing patients who don't have complex medical problems.

Always seeing the same GP raises risk of missed cancer: Doctors who know patients well could mistake warning signs for ongoing medical problems

The study of 18,500 patients found that people with bowel cancer who saw their normal GP were diagnosed, on average, a week later than others. It did not apply to breast or lung cancer.

Bad back? Blame it on the chimps: Some human spines less well adapted for walking upright because they are shaped like chimpanzees 

Scientists at Aberdeen University found that those who suffered from disc problems tended to have spines that were closer in shape to those of chimpanzees, who mostly move around on all fours.

E-numbers from Annabel Karmel! Child nutrition guru challenged over new range of ready meals

Child nutrition guru Annabel Karmel has been challenged over her new range of ready meals - after analysis found some have added preservatives and sweeteners.

The bathroom shelf snoopers: Four out of 10 women admit to rummaging through friends' cabinets to uncover intimate secrets about their health or love lives 

The study of 2,000 women, also found a third have peeked in a potential boyfriend's cabinet to search for female-related products - a sure sign of another woman on the scene.

We can't stand the wait, Kate! Our VERY revealing A to Z of all you need to know about the (one-day late!) royal baby 

Mail on Sunday's A to Z of the royal baby reveals all

Can't wait to catch a glimpse of the new arrival? Here we bring you The Mail on Sunday's indispensable guide to the second Royal birth - from the souvenirs (top left), the nanny (top right) and the all important presents (bottom left). We also reveal why you need to make sure you get a glimpse of the little prince or princess before they are whisked off to Norfolk - and what animal impression Prince George (bottom right) is likely to be entertaining his new sibling with.

Will Kate be induced? Duchess 'up to four days overdue' as source claims doctors at hospital 'don't normally wait more than a week'

The 33-year-old royal's baby is due before the end of April - with the date initially reported to have been yesterday, although it was later claimed to actually be as early as Wednesday last week.

Those rosy cheeks, a mum called Kate... it's Prince George II: It's royally difficult to tell these two little boys apart thanks to a similar hairstyle and the same cheeky smile 

One is HRH Prince George of Cambridge, third in line to the throne and born into a life of palaces and privilege - while the other is plain old Tommy Cox from Colchester, Essex.

Cameron backs William and Kate's decision to use private medical care instead of NHS for birth of their second child

Asked if the royal couple's decision was disappointing, David Cameron said he supports peoples' right to choose treatment options - but also ensured he praised the NHS.

Pippa Middleton's gift for a pampered royal baby? Eco-nappies flown in from Switzerland (at a cost of £4 each) 

Pippa was spotted in Geneva buying up the mill-cloth nappies - which are bio-degradable and likely to be a hit with environmentalist Prince Charles - ahead of the arrival of the new royal.

Princess Diana? Brits hope Kate and William will name the royal baby after his late mother if they have a daughter

In a new poll, Diana was revealed as the favourite name for the second royal baby, followed by Alice and Charlotte if it's a girl. If it's a boy, then the favourite name is James, followed by Alexander.

Hospital where Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth is forced to close ward after eight patients hit by superbug 

A 20-bed surgical unit at St Mary's Hospital, London, has not been accepting new admissions for more than a week after a number of patients were found to be suffering from potentially fatal CPE.

At last, some election passion...love triangle of sex-change candidate and lesbian lovers. And who do they represent? The Liberal Democrats, of course

Lib Dem love triangle of sex-change candidate and lesbian lovers

Zoe O'Connell (left), 37, is bidding to become Britain's first transgender MP. She lives in a three-way lesbian relationship with her two canvassers Sarah Brown (centre) and Sylvia Knight (right). Her two lovers, Ms Brown, 41, and Ms Knight, 39, were once a straight married couple - when Ms Brown was a man. The two are now in a civil partnership. When Miss O'Connell, who has three children, was a man, he split from his wife in 2005. She met transsexual Ms Brown online later that year and struck up a friendship. After marrying when she was a man, Ms Brown's sex change had forced her to divorce Ms Knight - because the law then prevented marriage between two women. But the couple were still in a relationship and living together. Ms Brown eventually told Ms Knight about Miss O'Connell - and was amazed when her partner welcomed the idea of a three-way relationship. The women have lived in a three-bedroom home in Cambridge for the past seven years.

Will Labour lose its Co-op millions? ANDREW PIERCE on the stories that spin doctors DON'T want you to read

With the polls suggesting a hung Parliament, and possibly a second election within a year, the last thing the cash-strapped Labour Party can afford is to lose any financial supporters, writes ANDREW PIERCE.

Ukip's deputy chairman vows to step up to party leadership if Farage is forced out through ill health 

The party's rising star Suzanne Evans (pictured) has said she will take over from Nigel Farage if the Ukip leader is forced to quit his role because of ill health. He has a recurring spinal injury.

Estate agents now offering home-buyers a 'Cameron price' and a separate knock-down 'Miliband price' to cover the cost of Labour's mansion tax

Wealthy buyers are demanding a lower 'Ed Miliband' price to compensate for any future mansion tax bills introduced by the Labour leader if he becomes Prime Minister.

Theresa May: SNP-Labour pact would spark biggest constitutional crisis since the abdication of Edward VIII

Home Secretary Theresa May has questioned whether English voters would accept the 'legitimacy' of an SNP-Labour Coalition as a new poll suggests one in three would not.

Exposed: EDL thug in South Thanet backing Nigel Farage's Ukip as rival candidate receives sickening abuse online 

Gary Field, pictured, who is a former regional organiser for the English Defence League was spotted in South Thanet in advance the the planned arrival of Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

Labour candidate accused of launching 'vile rant' after he was challenged over his £1.5 million home by rival at local hustings 

Michael Foster, pictured, denied launching a verbal attack on a rival political candidate during a public hustings in the Camborne and Redruth Constituency near Falmouth in Cornwall.

Rail firms under fire for planning fare hikes of up to 87% that are due to come in just ten days after the election despite main parties vowing price freeze 

The planned changes have caused David Cameron to write to First Great Western, asking them to 'urgently review' their decision to hike up prices on trains operating in his Witney constituency.

Britain will be run down, weakened and broken up by Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon, says ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER 

Don't sleepwalk to disaster, argues UK's top impresario - only one party can guarantee our security, and its not the most dangerous double act in British politics.

Ukip 'hates modern Britain' and is infected with the 'virus of racism', says Labour's Chuka Umunna

Britain's Labour Party Business Secretary Chuka Umunna speaks during a press conference to launch their education manifesto in London, England.
Britain goes to the polls in a General Election on May 7.  

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

The shadow business secretary said Nigel Farage had 'a problem with race' following his remarks last about 'fully black' and 'half black' Ukip supporters.

The bullying British officer 'murdered' by his own side: Never seen before, a brutally vivid memoir of Gallipoli - and a stark case of battlefield justice 

A brutally vivid memoir of Gallipoli by Norman Woodcock and Susan Burnett

One officer in Gallipoli (inset) made himself highly unpopular by handing out all sorts of punishments. The men were muttering that he would be the first to be killed, when they got 'up the line', writes NORMAN WOODCOCK (left and right, on his horse Timbuc). Next day, I was in the signals office when casualty reports came in from their section, assaulting the Turkish village stronghold of Krithia. One of those killed was the adjutant. I wondered who had done it.

Janner's thank you note to detective who was forced to drop case by bosses: Peer sent Christmas card after learning he would escape child sex abuse charges 

Lord Janner's note thanked retired detective Kelvyn Ashby, of Leicestershire Police, for how he had dealt with the issue, and even invited him and his wife to dinner at Parliament.

British policeman left paralysed after breaking his neck during family holiday in Portugal

PC Luke Stanwick, 30, from Hailsham, East Sussex, is fighting for his life in a medically-induced coma and may never walk again after the 'horrendous' accident in Portugal.

Family of woman whose dismembered body was discovered in a flat say she was a 'kind-hearted and selfless person' as man is charged over her murder

Christopher May, 50, will appear at Pontypridd Magistrates' Court tomorrow charged in connection with the murder of Tracey Woodford, 47.

The parking wardens told off for being too lenient: Two Welsh officers accused of creating a 'free for all' by letting locals gets away parking offences

The investigation was carried out by officials from Powys County Council, who could not understand why the council was losing money on enforcing parking restrictions.

Teenage Aldi worker, 18, went the extra mile when he helped pensioner, 95, with his shopping and carried it while he walked him all the way home to his front door 

Christian Trousedale, a teenage Aldi worker from Horwich, near Bolton, has become an internet hit after a picture of him carrying a 95-year-old pensioner's shopping home went viral.

Rail firms under fire for planning fare hikes of up to 87% that are due to come in just ten days after the election despite main parties vowing price freeze 

The planned changes have caused David Cameron to write to First Great Western, asking them to 'urgently review' their decision to hike up prices on trains operating in his Witney constituency.

From one-shouldered scarlet sensations to a draped crimson nightmare: How to wear summer's RED-HOT trend

How to wear summer's RED-HOT trend

Shops are full of red dresses this year, so should you be tempted to trade in your LBD for an LRD? It's a colour that radiates energy and sexiness, but that can all be wrecked if the style doesn't suit you. From left to right: this lacy number isn't a success thanks to it's unattractive orangey-red colour, this ruched, deep red dress is reminiscent of Herve Leger and a real hit, this figure-hugging failsafe fits beautifully while the cowl neck on the fourth dress is very flattering. This one-shoulder superstar is incredibly glamorous and scores 5/5 for style and fit but unfortunately the ultra-plunge neckline and bright crimson of this final dress fails to impress.

Who needs beer goggles? That rosy glow and confidence from drinking a large glass of wine makes us look MORE attractive (but more than one reduces pulling power)

A 'reverse beer goggles' study of 40 heterosexual men and women by the University of Bristol finds booze-induced facial flushing and confidence is perceived as 'healthy and attractive'

Is Scotch whisky about to go Dutch? Farmers in the Netherlands growing barley to help Scotland meet huge demand for the drink in China and Russia 

Huge demand for Scotch whisky in markets such as China and Russia has led to claims that Scotland cannot grow enough barley to keep up.

How a real bed makes Archers love scenes more convincing: Writer reveals secret to Radio 4 show's 'realistic' bedroom scenes

Veteran scriptwriter for the Radio 4 drama, Keri Davies, said that having a divan to hand is vital to make post-coital conversations sound convincing.

Made In Chelsea's Ashley James poses with skinned 'fox' in shocking campaign aimed at Harvey Nichols... after store ditches its decade-long anti-fur policy

A hard-hitting new ad from PETA proclaims: 'Harvey Nichols: Here's the Rest of Your Fur Coat,' alongside an image of the 26-year-old animal lover brandishing a model that looks like a skinned fox.

Watches that let you leave your phone in your handbag... and they'll even screen your calls and let you surf the web! 

Last week the Apple watch went on sale to British tech fanatics, but it's not the only one of its kind on the market, there are many more. There's a watch for everyone and we've had a look at what's on offer.

'This child will be a risk to you not just us': ISIS blamed for sick picture of newborn baby sleeping next to a handgun, hand grenade and an Islamic State birth certificate

ISIS blamed for sick picture of newborn baby sleeping next to a handgun

A sickening propaganda image has surfaced of a newborn baby sleeping beside a grenade and a gun and what appears to be an Islamic State birth certificate. The image, which has not been verified, was posted by anti-ISIS activists in Syria with the caption: 'This child will be risk to you not just to us'.

Traumatised Yazidi girls are having secret abortions and operations to repair virginity after months of being used as sex slaves by Isis fighters

Members of the minority Yazidi sect who were freed by Islamic State militants hug each other on the outskirts of Kirkuk on April 8, 2015. 

More than 200 elderly and infirm Yazidis were freed on Wednesday by Islamic State militants who had been holding them captive since overruning their villages in northwestern Iraq last summer. 


Yazidi girls who have been released after being kept as sex slaves by Islamic State fighters are secretly undergoing abortions, banned in Kurdistan even in cases of rape, thanks to brave doctors.

Clarifications and corrections 

All our journalists are required to observe the Editors' Code of Practice and The Mail on Sunday is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), the new regulatory body for the Press set up in response to the Leveson inquiry

British jihadi fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria films militants celebrating capture of a small town...just hours before regime warplanes blitz their bases and kill 20 terrorists

The video, which shows a convoy of jihadist insurgents triumphantly celebrating their capturing of the northwestern Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughour emerged yesterday, shortly after their victory.

First DIY test for HIV goes on sale in UK: Self-testing equipment has a 99.7 per cent accuracy

The 99.7 per cent accurate BioSure HIV Self Test enables people to test themselves when and where they like.

Millions ignorant of chicken danger: Fewer than one in three have heard of UK's biggest cause of food poisoning 

Research for trade magazine The Grocer found that just 32 per cent of UK consumers have heard of campylobacter germs found on raw chicken.

'Take-away food... now I wanna behead some kafirs': Tower Hamlets schoolgirls who travelled to Syria to become Jihadi brides tweet about their new lives with ISIS

Teenager Amira Abase from Bethnal Green in East London, a former school runner, 'A' Grade student and college hopeful who is one of the three schoolgirls who ran away to Syria, believed to have joined IS.  She is pictured here in September 2014. See Sue Reid Story.

London schoolgirl Amira Abase, 15, has tweeted from inside the Islamic State for the first time, bragging about a western-style takeaway dinner of including fried chicken, chips, pizza and kebab.

Vince Cable tells David Cameron to make him Chancellor if Lib Dems form another coalition with the Tories

Not only is Vince Cable ready to spend another five years helping the Tories run Britain, he wants to replace George Osborne as Chancellor.

Tories lead in third poll in a row as Ed's voters turn to Ukip: Threat of Nicola Sturgeon helps David Cameron to three-point lead 

David Cameron has gained a narrow opinio poll lead lead over Ed Miliband as voters consider the impact of a Labour government propped up by Nicola Sturgeon's SNP.

Look who holds the whip hand chez Sturgeon: Remarkable dominatrix painting said to hang in SNP leader's home... where husband cooks and cleans

Entitled 'Naughty Nicola', the painting allegedly hanging from the SNP leader's wall depicts her as a dominatrix in a short red dress, black suspenders on display and whip in hand.

Formerly Labour-backing Carphone Warehouse boss says voters would have to be crazy to get behind Ed Miliband

Businesses are starting in record numbers. I really believe David Cameron and George Osborne deserve much of the credit for this incredible turnaround, writes Charles Dunstone.

Now Sturgeon faces #dollgate: SNP leader forced to DENY hacking the hair off her sister's doll - but says that 'if' she did there must have been provocation 

According to her sister, Gillian Owens, the 44-year-old politician was prone to hacking the hair of from dolls as a child. The claims sparked a bizarre Twitter trend which Mrs Sturgeon acknowledged today.

British family stranded in Benidorm for three months after mother gave birth to baby weighing just 2lbs three months early 

British family stranded in Benidorm for three months after mother gave birth to baby

Karla Hornby (pictured left with her partner Jordan Jackson and daughter Charlie), from Bolton, said she thought she was going to die when she gave birth to baby Freddie (right), weighing just 2lbs, three months early while on holiday in Spain with her partner. The couple have now been told they will have to stay in Spain for at least three months while Freddie builds up his strength. But Mr Jackson, 21, a soldier in the army's Royal Logistics corps, who has served in Afghanistan, is meant to report back for service tomorrow.

UK could 'decline and fall just like the Roman Empire' because Britons have lost a desire for innovation 

Australian historian Dr Jim Penman has compared modern day Britain with 100BC Rome, led by Julius Caesar (pictured), which while prosperous was edging closer towards the collapse of society,

Are Alice Temperley's frocks on the rocks? British fashion designer in talks with the Kardashians after losses tripple to £3million a year 

Alice Temperley, a favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa, was spotted discussing business with the reality TV stars in LA - as company accounts reveal huge losses.

Prison has so many packages of drugs hurled over its wall that wardens bring in cherry picker to clear them from roof

The amount of drugs being thrown over the fence into a Liverpool prison is so high that warders have been forced to deploy a cherry picker to remove them.

How the Qataris bought Britain: Top hotels. Ascot. Prime Mayfair mansions... the sheikhs have rolled into the UK - for only £11.6bn

The Qatari ruling family have been buying up prestigious properties - including the Shard - over the past eight years in an attempt to win a place in the British Establishment.

Britain's Got Talent's Top Dogs! Dancing pooch Pudsey and his owner Ashleigh give their verdicts on the best canine to have appeared before judges 

They've had boy bands, girl groups, crooners, a contortionist and even a funky chicken. But when it comes to the new series of Britain's Got Talent, this is the year of the dog.

Did exaggerated records make global warming look worse? Scientists to investigate whether 'adjusted' temperatures skewed data 

The panel, convened by the climate sceptic think tank Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), will include experts from all sides of the debate on global warming.

Could SPACE LASERS heat our homes? Scientist wants to build satellites which harvest sunlight - then shoot beams of energy down to earth 

Dr Adrian Quarterman, of Dundee University, believes his mirrored satellites could make solar power feasible in Scotland - but admits you might need to be worried about who is in control.

US regulators could 'scupper' move by HSBC to Hong Kong over assets of £190bn

HSBC's headquarters are pictured in the Canary Wharf financial district of London. HSBC launched a 12.5 billion pound ($17.7 billion) rights issue on Monday to shore up its balance sheet after annual profit more than halved and as bad debts soared in the United States.  Despite plunging profits, five of their highest-paid bankers have received £32.4 million in bonuses last year.
REUTERS/Andrew Winning    (BRITAIN)X00802

Senior lawyers and accountants said the US would try to block such a move out of concern over Chinese influence on the bank as it has major US operations.

Wife of man charged with doorstep acid attack on property developer is accused of perverting course of justice 

Andreas Christopheros, 29, (pictured) was attacked outside his home in Truro, in December and husband and wife David and Nicole Phillips from Hastings have now both been charged over the incident.

British gymnast, 21, left paralysed after plunging four floors from a hotel balcony in Spain while she was talking to her mother on the phone 

Dina Amos-Larkin left paralysed after falling from Salou hotel balcony 

Dina Amos-Larkin, pictured, was attending a four-day sports festival in Salou, Spain when she fell while talking to her mother on the phone on April 3. The 21-year-old law student, who represents Great Britain at trampolining, was taken to hospital from Hotel Jaime 1 (road inset) and was placed in a medically-induced coma for two weeks before being brought round last week. She said she doesn't remember anything after falling, adding: 'The balcony rail was lower than my waist and I think I just leaned back too far.'

Lesbos...the first Magaluf! New programme finds Ancient Greek 'lesbian island' was really a magnet for SEX-MAD men

Lesbos may be inextricably linked to the idea of female homosexuality - but in ancient times it was a notorious sexual playground for straight men, who found the local women irresistible.

Hundreds of babies are born with brain damage every year because their mothers drank during pregnancy 

Last year 272 children were admitted to hospital in England after being born brain damaged following exposure to alcohol in the womb, alarming new figures have revealed.

Miracle of the Mengele babies: Truly astounding story of how three women cheated demon doctor of death by hiding their pregnancies... and raised their newborns in the very cradle of Nazi horror

Dr Josef Mengele conducted experiments at Auschwitz and sent thousands to their deaths. Anka Nathanova (pictured) lied about her pregnancy and raised her baby in the death camp.

One-eyed police killer Dale Cregan sent to same psychiatric hospital as moors murderer Ian Brady after second hunger strike in Strangeways 

Dale Cregan, 31, was reportedly moved to Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside, where patients can enjoy art and music workshops, after going on hunger strike at his Category A jail.

Honey, I'm home! Shocking image shows moment red Mazda careered off the road and smashed into house's front door 

The vehicle hit the property in Crossgates, Leeds with such force that the car, which has its front end completely destroyed int he crash, became stuck in the wall.

Operation save dad: He was overweight, diabetic and on the verge of losing a leg, but Geoff Whitington refused to change the lifestyle that was killing him. Until his sons intervened

Geoff Whitington, 63, from Ashford, Kent, was made so sick by obesity-related type 2 diabetes that he was told he may need a leg amputated. His sons helped the father-of-four shed six stone.

Could you survive as a Victorian pauper? Yes, that is Ann Widdecombe, in a new reality show that sends six celebrities back in time to endure the poverty of yesteryear

Historian Ruth Goodman sent six celebrities back in time to the early Victorian era to live and work as the poorest people did in a new BBC1 series called 24 Hours In The Past.

Married maths teacher at Max Clifford's old school faces jail for groping 15-year-old pupil in his car

Paul Shorter had a series of liaisons with the schoolgirl, who he was giving one-to-one tuition in a 'serious' breach of his position of trust at Rydens School in Hersham, Surrey.

Tony McCoy's tears as the greatest ever jockey rides his 17,630th and final race after breaking every record in the book... and every bone in his body

Tony McCoy's rides his final race at Sandown Park after 20 years

Jump jockey legend Tony McCoy picked up his 20th Champion Jockey trophy with his wife Chanelle and children Eve and Archie, top left, after he completed his final ride of his record breaking career, with an unbelievable 4,348 wins. The champion, right, was clearly emotional as he waved goodbye to 18,000 race fans today at Sandown Park, bottom left.

Was he doing 88 miles an hour? Police pull over Back to the Future-style DeLorean 

Police officers patrolling a motorway between Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe pulled the replica Delorean time machine over on suspicion of having a 'leaky flux capacitor' while travelling along the A500.

Father tells of his 40 seconds of terror as he fought off masked knife-wielding raider who was trying to rob his shop 

Shopkeeper Mohammad Ali Akhtar (pictured) was stabbed as he bravely grappled with an armed raider who had jumped over the counter of the convenience store in Flixton, Manchester.

Former soldier, 73, appears in court charged with attempted murder of man with learning difficulties who was shot dead in Northern Ireland more than 40 years ago

John Cunningham, 27, was shot by the Army in a field in Benburb, Co Armagh, in 1974. Dennis Hutchings appeared at Omagh Magistrates Court in Co Tyrone today charged with attempted murder.

Patient being treated for suspected rabies in Belfast hospital 

A patient at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast is being tested for suspected rabies

The patient had recently travelled to an area affected by the infection and is now being tested for rabies and a number of other diseases at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

'Sorry to hear you've DIED': Horrified father-of-two gets letter from the tax man telling him he's dead 

Peter Moore, from Stoke-on-Trent, was shocked after receiving the document, which apologised for the family's 'recent bereavement', from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Father severed his hand with electric angle cutter... then picked it up and took it to hospital for surgeons to reattach 

Gary Lincoln (pictured), 48, from Port Talbot in Wales, was working in a house in Cardiff when his jacket sleeve got caught in the blade and his hand was severed at the wrist.

'Legend has it, the blood stains come oozing through the stairs': Phones 4U billionaire claims his 50-room Jacobean mansion is haunted by ghost of a child who was killed in the English Civil War 

Phones 4U's John Caudwell says his Staffordshire mansion is haunted by a ghost

Business tycoon John Caudwell (inset) said visitors to his 50-roomed Jacobean manor in Staffordshire have felt their bed vibrate and a ghost brushing past them on the stairs. He thinks the presence is a young boy, killed during the English Civil War as he shouted 'We are for the king' as anti-monarchy troops came to the house in the 17th century.

A corn mill for less than a million: 700-year-old building has four bedrooms, open plan kitchen, paddocks AND the original water wheel all for just £795,000

Melin Esgob, the Grade II listed mill in Llannerch-y-Medd, North Wales, was mentioned in King Edward III's Extant of Anglesey in 1352.

Downton Revisited? Not quite...but Julian Fellowes' adaptation of Trollope classic could be just what grieving Abbey fans need

Lord Fellowes, 65, has revealed he is to turn Trollope's 1858 novel Doctor Thorne into a new three-part historical drama for ITV.

Don't mention the Waterloo! Guests celebrating 200th anniversary of Wellington's famous victory are told not to gloat

Guests attending a service in London to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo have been told not to act in a 'triumphalist' way - to avoid upsetting the French.

Forget feta, Brie or Camembert, we're still crackers for Cheddar: More than 80 per cent of Britons prefer local cheese over more exotic varieties

The study by Branston also revealed that Britons turn their noses up at Wensleydale, Stilton and Camembert. The least popular is cream cheese, which was first invented in Philadelphia, US.

Ronnie Barker's paedophile son has made more than £500,000 this year in royalties from his late father's work 

Adam Barker, who was jailed after admitting to making indecent images of children in 2012, is an equal shareholder in Handles for Forks Ltd. The company made £501,319 in the year to last June.

Paedophile author, 70, flees across the Channel to avoid being jailed for sex attack on six-year-old girl

Colin Shearing, 70, who is published under the name Colin King, failed to turn up for sentencing at Swansea Crown Court yesterday after being convicted of indecent assault on the child in the 1980s.

Will secret tunnel inside the bowels of Aztec pyramid reveal long-lost tomb of Teotihuacan's first king? Archaeologists find 'large quantities' of liquid mercury used in primitive burial

Mercury found in Mexican pyramid could lead to finding king's tomb

Archaeologist Sergio Gomez found the liquid mercury in a deep tunnel of Teotihuacan, an ancient city that was once the largest in the Americas. He thinks it will lead him to the king's tomb. The chamber in which the mercury was found had been sealed for nearly 1,800 years.

Next in line for the firing squad: British drug mule granny on Bali's 'Execution Island' tells friend 'I just want to get it over with' 

Lindsay Sandiford from Cheltenham has been told that all foreign drug smugglers like herself in Bali will be executed by the end of the year, according to the hard-line government.

Terrifying video shows the dramatic moment Nepal avalanche hit as desperate climbers ran for their lives at Everest base camp

Video footage shows a huge wall of snow and debris hurtling toward Everest Base Camp, moments before it flattened part of the camp in the Himalayas.

Traumatised Yazidi girls are having secret abortions and operations to repair virginity after months of being used as sex slaves by Isis fighters

Members of the minority Yazidi sect who were freed by Islamic State militants hug each other on the outskirts of Kirkuk on April 8, 2015. 

More than 200 elderly and infirm Yazidis were freed on Wednesday by Islamic State militants who had been holding them captive since overruning their villages in northwestern Iraq last summer. 


Yazidi girls who have been released after being kept as sex slaves by Islamic State fighters are secretly undergoing abortions, banned in Kurdistan even in cases of rape, thanks to brave doctors.

'He just stood and took it': George W. Bush was once yelled at by the mother of a dying soldier, his former press secretary reveals  

Dana Perino and Bush were visiting families at the Walter Reed military hospital in Washington D.C. in 2005 (pictured in file photo) when they met the devastated mother of a soldier from the Caribbean.



PETER McKAY: Warped logic of trying to brainwash three-year-olds

Children have been asked to sign a contract pledging not to use racist, homophobic or 'transphobic' language at Turnham Primary School in South-East London, writes PETER McKAY.

DOMINIC LAWSON: If Ed has his way, people who rent will end up living in crowded slums

Ed Miliband argues his rent price freeze is in the interests of 'Generation Rent' - one of those weird phrases that he, but no one else, uses in everyday conversation, writes DOMINIC LAWSON.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Chilling question no GP should have to ask 

In a deeply chilling development, doctors and nurses are instructed to ask all patients over 75 if they wish to be left to die should they become terminally ill.