Labour will pay for £5,000 stamp-duty holiday for first time-buyers with landlord crackdown on tax avoidance

Labour will pay for first-time buyer stamp-duty holiday with new curbs on landlords

A three-year stamp duty holiday for first-time buyers would let them off paying the tax on homes up that value, potentially saving them £5,000. Labour said it's policy would cost £225million, which it says would be found through a series of tax-related measures.including tackling tax avoidance by landlords, which HMRC has calculated costs more than £550million each year.

The four key steps to mortgage success: How to secure a home loan this spring as affordability rules are relaxed

Carli Burke for financial. Pic Darren Jack

Applicants who play their cards right now could be on the first rung of the housing ladder by the summer. Carli Burke took advice to rebuild her credit record

IFS says giving housing association tenants Right-to-Buy their home could 'harm public finances and reduce social housing'

Cricklewood housing district - aerial photograph

The IFS said forcing local authorities to sell off their most expensive properties, with the proceeds used to compensate Right-to-Buy tenants, would ultimately cost the taxpayer.

House price growth in UK cities outpaces central London rises for the first time in ten years - and Oxford and Bristol are the biggest winners 

DG94CX Skyline of Oxford from St Mary's Tower, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Glasgow, Cambridge and Manchester also saw particularly high gains at 7.6, 7.4 and 6.8 per cent respectively, according to Hometrack. Prices in Oxford (pictured) grew at 13.4 per cent.

Rents have outpaced inflation since last general election - but have grown at just half the rate of house prices 

Rental costs in England and Wales have risen 15.2 per cent since the last general election - a pace faster than the rate of inflation, a monthly index shows.

The small deposit mortgages with a £1k sweetener, could you save money with Clydesdale and Yorkshire's home loan?

The lenders are offering a fee free range complemented by £1,000 back. The rates on offer are by no means the lowest, but could the cashback make them worthwhile?

Number of homeowners who believe year ahead will be a good time to sell hits a four-year high as house price confidence grows

More people could be tempted into putting their homes up for sale in the coming months amid strong expectations values will continue to rise, a confidence survey shows.

Two-thirds of estate agents say there are fewer house buyers since the start of tougher mortgage checks last year

People look at propeties advertised in an estate agent's window in Dulwich, London, England. 
The Government launched their 'Help to Buy' scheme today, which will enable eligible first time buyers to buy a home with only a 5% deposit, with the government guaranteeing a further 15%.  

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The National Association of Estate Agents said 65 per cent of its members were reporting a fall in buyer numbers since the Mortgage Market Review reforms were introduced, a year ago on Sunday.

Would you buy a home under the hammer? How to invest in property at auction - or even get on the housing ladder

How to invest in buy-to-let or get on the property ladder at auction

Record numbers of buyers are turning to property auctions where as long as you can finance a winning bid you can lock in a property purchase within minutes. But you need to brave and sometimes willing to enter a bidding war to secure your dream property, so is it worth buying a home under the hammer?

Inheritance and gifts the only way for many young people to get on the property ladder, as more struggle to raise deposits

A couple are pictured standing outside a house for sale in this posed by model image to illustrate property sales 

Buying Home Together --- Image by   moodboard/Corbis

Half think their children will be able to buy their first home only after receiving an inheritance, a survey of more than 1,000 parents suggest.

Ambitious sellers add £4k in a month to send asking prices to another record high, but lack of homes for sale squeezes buyers

Rightmove said that the challenge to meet the country's housing needs is greatest in the south of England and that a rise in interest from buyers was not met by an increase in homes for sale.

Home moving costs jump 20% in A YEAR to almost £12k as buyers and sellers hand more over to estate agents and the taxman

Home moving costs jump 20% in a year to almost £12k

The UK's booming property market has pushed moving costs higher with big rises in stamp duty and estate agents fees, that are worked out as a share of sale prices, helping to push the cost of moving home from £7,475 in 2004 to £11,894 last year. Much of the rise came in the last year when costs jumped 20 per cent from £9,948. Centre for Economics and Business Research said most home movers were left scrambling to pay the extra bills having underestimated their cost.

New EU rules could stall Britons buying homes abroad with foreign mortgages - and make it trickier for some to buy in Britain

New rules mapped out by the European Union could be about to make it much harder for thousands of Britons to snap up a holiday home on the continent from next March.

Boost for homebuyers as they could lock into a five year fixed deal at a new record low rate of 1.99%

The loan is likely to appeal to homeowners who fear the bank base rate could rise over the next five years with a new Government in power.

Annual house price growth has dipped every month since August - but property values still hit record highs

Property prices in England and Wales saw their smallest annual change in more than a year in March according to the latest monthly index from LSL Property Services.

Buying a home gets harder as house prices rise faster than wages - but low rates mean it's easier than 2010 

People look at propeties advertised in an estate agent's window in London, England on October 8, 2013. 
The Government launched their 'Help to Buy' scheme, which will enable eligible first time buyers to buy a home with only a 5% deposit, with the government guaranteeing a further 15%.  

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Briton's ability to buy a home is now 3 per cent worse than it was last year, with Londoners suffering the most.

Landlords race to remortgage and take advantage of record low buy-to-let rates amid 'political uncertainty'

More buy-to-let landlords are choosing to remortgage as rates become more attractive, data from a mortgage broker shows.

Britain faces a 'very real housing crisis': Homes shortage will continue to inflate property prices, experts warn

House prices are tipped to rise 2.5% this year and 4.5% a year for the next five years, by RICS, which has warned the next government must address the UK's property problem.

What next for mortgage rates? Fixed rates tumble to as low as 1.29% as lenders keep on cutting

Lock in a five-year fix now: The bank rate could rise as early as next year, which would send mortgage rates up

Homeowners can fix for two years at just 1.29 per cent and up to ten years at less than 3 per cent. We highlight the best mortgage deals and look at whether it is time to fix.

I'm not afraid to give things a go': How to boost the value of your home - and avoid a botch job - when tackling DIY

How to avoid a botch job when tackling DIY projects

Stefanie Danevoy went on the Goodlife Centre one-day DIY course last month after deciding she did not want to pay others to tackle basic DIY tasks around her new home. The Easter break is when many of us roll up our sleeves to tackle household projects. The Mail on Sunday offers advice on how to boost the value of your home - and to avoid a botch job. We also look at how to find professional help - and not to get conned by a cowboy.

From pitch to auction house: Dion Dublin makes his Homes Under the Hammer debut - and says it's far more daunting than football

Monday morning, football legend Dion Dublin will be presenting on BBC One show Homes Under the Hammer for the first time. Lee Boyce speaks to him ahead of his big debut.

Baby boomer home 'hoarding' means average property changes hands every 23 years compared to eight in the 1980s

PROMOTIONS...10/4/00   Scanned by PCD   photographer: agent

The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association said that on average buyers hold on to the same property for 23 years before selling it, almost three times longer than in the 1980s.

Bristol letting agent under fire for telling landlords to squeeze tenants for extra rent as 11,000 locals sign petition in protest

A Bristol-based letting agent has come under fire from angry locals after it sent out a letter encouraging landlords in the area to put up rents.

Estate agents intentionally overvaluing homes as sellers ask for around £74k more than property is worth

Are we becoming a nation of renters? Fewer young people are saving for a deposit amid high prices and low income

A stock photo of a couple looking for houses in estate agents window.

The proportion of people aged between 20 and 45 putting money aside to buy a house has dropped from 57 per cent last year to 43 per cent this year, Halifax said.

Got the keys to your new pad? Now here's how to trim back all those household bills

Glenn Day, pictured, decided he needed to cut back costs so he shopped around for a cheaper insurance deal - and saved himself £150 a year.

House price growth continues to slow - but the average home still earned a respectable £788 in March alone 

spt_halifax house prices march 2015.PNG

The average house price now stands at another record high of £192,970 - up another £788 over the past month alone, the latest figures from Halifax reveall

Put down 10% when buying a home: Scraping together a bigger deposit will open door to much better mortgage deals

First-time buyer Derek McGair, pictured with son Lewis, saved hard to put down a bigger deposit - and get a better mortgage rate - when he bought his home.

Ten tips for buy-to-let: the essential advice property investors need to consider

Why you need our help with Help to Buy: There is help available for hopeful home buyers - but which scheme suits you best?

Why you need OUR help with the myriad of Help to Buy schemes on offer 

Hopeful first-time buyers will not be short of support if they try to get on the housing ladder for the first time this spring. For the Government is now backing not one, not two but THREE quite different Help to Buy schemes to try to bring the first rung of the ladder a little closer. Unfortunately, the confusing nature of the growing Help to Buy world means some of the schemes may be far more effective than others - and it can be hard to work out which, if any, to use. Here is the latest state of play.

Should we move back in with parents to save for our first home - or will lenders look favourably on us meeting monthly rent payments?

My fiancé and I have reached a crossroads. We have been renting in London for the last few years but are now ready to buy our first property in outer commuter lands.

Now first-time buyers need to save only £8,000 to get a £200k home, but is a Help To Buy Isa worth having?

The tiny deposit required is possible because of a combination of the lucrative bonus from the new Isa and existing homebuyer schemes that offer interest-free loans.

As trackers come back into fashion... all you need to know about the super-flexible loans

Mark and Verity Horigan at home in Ripley , Surrey with their children Fergus(12) , Josie (10) and Alistair (6) right.
Pic: Keith Waldegrave         See story tracker mortgage story by Neil Simpson

Several banks are finally coming out of the shadows with super-flexible trackers with interest rates as low as 1.09 per cent. Here is what you need to know.

Live the dream and buy a home in the sun: As the pound trounces the euro, a property in the eurozone is 45% cheaper than before the crash

Harpal Bains in the London flat she uses for holiday swaps.
 George Jaworskyj 2015

Laura Shannon asks the experts where to buy a bargain and how to search for a deal. Harpal Bains (pictured) prefers to exchange homes when going on holiday rather than buying one.

Approvals for mortgage rise for third month in a row to hit six-month high, Bank of England says 

The Bank will release data showing mortgage approvals rose to 61,500 last month, economists said.

Average house price growth slows to 7.2% and London no longer leads UK property inflation league

Top ten UK property hotspots: Sutton, Cambridge and Watford are most sought-after areas while Bristol's popularity soars

With commuters put off by sky-high London property prices, buyers are flocking to the likes of Guildford (pictured) and Reading, according to the latest trends index from online estate agent eMoov.

Average UK house price just £30 below all-time highs at £281,753 in March, says Rightmove, with that peak to be breached

It said buy-to-let investors cashing in their pension pots to raise larger deposits may drive prices up further at the 'starter home' end of the market, meaning first-time buyers face tougher competition.

Does your home earn more than you? Map reveals the UK regions where house prices have risen by more than the average wage

Homes in a fifth of local authority districts across the UK have increased in value by more than the average employee's annual wages, according to Halifax research.

One in three homeowners lag behind their housing aspirations thanks to rising prices - but most still aspire to own a three-bedroom house by 45

A couple are pictured standing outside a house for sale in this posed by model image to illustrate property sales 

Buying Home Together --- Image by   moodboard/Corbis

First-time buyers' wings were particularly clipped, with almost half saying they expected to have moved up higher on the housing ladder by now than they have, according to Lloyds Bank.

Would you take a 110% mortgage for a place in the Spanish sun? UK buyers offered risky loans to buy unwanted properties

Free cash for first-time buyers: Help to Buy Isa makes gift of £250 for every £1k of deposit saved up for first home

for sale

If first-time buyers save £12,000 towards a deposit, it will be topped up with another £3,000, the Chancellor announced in the Budget today.

How getting a mortgage frightens three-quarters of home-owners and buyers: First-timers, the divorced and the Welsh are most worried

DKGNT2 A close-up of a REJECTED Mortgage Application document.

Despite rock bottom mortgage rates and support initiatives such as Help to Buy, many people still see the prospect of being able to get a home loan as a struggle, a study found.

'Every year our landlord hiked the price by £150': How to fight back against the dreaded rent increase

Can't afford a buy-to-let? Now you can snap up crowdfunding shares in a home instead - but beware the risks on these investments

In a bid to cash in on investors who like the idea buy-to-let but cannot raise the deposit, a string of crowd-funding endeavours have cropped up. We take a look at one and its dangers.

Tenants forced to fork out typical £1,700 when they move home - with almost £300 of this demanded in often questionable fees

Research by the house share website SpareRoom has found that almost half of all tenants are asked to pay so-called 'admin costs' of £298 - money then pocketed by agents and landlords.

I can't get planning permission for my loft conversion - but if a bed still fits in, can I call it a bedroom anyway? 

Do we have the right to ask for a dummy CCTV camera or alarm box for our rented home - and would it make it safer?

Last month, I had my car stolen from outside the rental house I live in with my partner. We have asked for our landlord to up security with a dummy camera or alarm - but he isn't keen on the idea.

We are thinking of using our life savings to start a B&B; after we retire: what are the pitfalls and how do we maximise our chances of success?

My husband and I are on the cusp of retirement. We have been talking about our future and have decided we want to run a bed and breakfast. Where do we start?

From building a conservatory to getting a new kitchen - which home improvements deliver the best return?

Splashing out on home improvements not only makes your house a more enjoyable place to live, but it if done right it is also likely to give its value a boost.

I'm moving in with my boyfriend and want to rent out the flat I own - do I have to inform my mortgage lender?

Moving in: I'm about to move in with my boyfriend and want to let the flat I own. Do I have to notify my lender?

I have been living in a flat for seven years which I bought for residential purposes. I have a mortgage with Nationwide which is on a standard variable rate.

On the hunt for a home? The first-time buyer's guide to getting a mortgage

The first-time buyer's guide to getting a mortgage

Are you hoping to get a foot on the property ladder? This Is Money's step-by-step guide explains how first-time buyers can get the best deal on their mortgage, make sure they pick the right choice for them and avoid the market's traps. We explain what new buyers need to know, and how they are being offered assistance from the Government in the form of Help to Buy.

How to pay off your mortgage early

House made of money

Paying off your mortgage early is one of the best investments you can make, slashing thousands off what is likely to be your biggest debt. See our guide

Mortgage affordability calculator: How much you can borrow - and the cost of interest-only vs repayment

Sold Sign

Find out how much you can afford to borrow with This is Money's mortgage affordability calculator, and see the difference between capital repayment and interest-only deals

How to avoid mortgage arrears

Act now: If you feel yourself slipping into the red, do something before you have to sell your home

Read our steps for avoiding mortgage arrears if you feel you are about to fall into the red

How to get the cheapest life insurance: tricks of the trade

Woman using calculator

Choosing the right way to buy life insurance can save you thousands of pounds. We explain the trick to getting the best deal



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