Should investors worry about the election? Conventional investing wisdom is to hold your nerve despite poll uncertainty

Should investors worry about the election outcome?

Investors would be sensible to ignore the election drama, even if this time feels different because of the uncertainty hanging over the result so close to polling day. City pundits point out that changes of government don't tend to have a big impact on company profits, particularly since many London-listed businesses generate much of their revenues and earnings overseas, although some have voiced concern about the effect on the pound. There are two main worries - a hung parliament could lead to a multi-party coalition or a far more fragile minority Government, and an in-out EU referendum would be held if the Tories won.

Do cheap funds outperform more expensive ones? Tracker fund provider claims active managers mostly underperform

Its study of 6,500 funds available in the UK found that if they are split in half between high and low cost, the cheaper ones outperformed in 10 out of 12 investment categories.

Are UK supermarket shares now a bargain? Funds still stocking up on Britain's grocers - and stress that in the long haul it may pay

Supermarket City Graphic_.jpg

Fund managers and brokers continue to put the case for keeping your money invested in the nation's grocers - and stress that in the long haul it may pay off.

The Investing Show: Danger for cautious investors, trackers vs fund managers and what next for the pound

In the latest episode of our new series, we take a look at why cautious investing may be a risky option, the fund manager vs tracker debate and what next for company profits and the pound. This show features special guest Tom Becket, of PSigma IM, who highlights the dangers he sees for investors and where he'd invest right now.

Solar mini-bond offers the chance to do some daylight saving with a 6% annual return - but is that enough for the risk?

The Big60Milllion mini-bond, is hoping to raise £20.4million to refinance three fully operational solar farms. Open until 27 May, the minimum investment is £60 for a unit.

Stand out from the crowd: How to assess crowdfunding and peer-to-peer investing

Stand out from the crowd: How to assess crowdfunding and peer-to-peer investments

There is plenty of independent information when it comes to choosing funds and shares, but how do you know what to look for in a crowdfunding project? A new crowdfunding analyst firm called All Street has launched with the aim of plugging this gap, we reveal how to assess a crowdfunding project.

A bond that's worth a try? Wasps rugby club offers retail bond that will pay 6.5%

Wasps rugby club offers retail bond that will pay 6.5%

Wasps will become the first sports club to issue a retail bond on the London Stock Exchange on Monday. The rugby club will offer fans and investors between £25million and £35million of seven-year bonds paying 6.5 per cent per year. The minimum investment is £2,000 and bonds can be bought and sold in multiples of £100.

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Software group WANdisco's party could be about to start as notable clients join line-up

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Software group WANdisco's party could be about to start as notable

A company of great promise, it has so far failed to deliver on high hopes, there is no profit and the stock has slumped. But while the shares have plunged close to all-time lows, those hopes are still alive, so the shares could be a buy for those prepared to take a significant risk in the hope of good returns. The story of WANdisco, which is based in Sheffield and California's Silicon Valley, goes back to the turn of the millennium.

ALLIANCE TRUST: Can Dennis the Menace save Alliance's Katherine the Great?

Katherine Garrett -Cox Chief Executive Alliance Trust PLC

Investors in the £2.9billion fund, managed from Dundee, will on Wednesday decide if the trust's board should be infused with new blood.

SUNDAY NEWSPAPER SHARE TIPS: WPP, Asos, Advanced Oncotherapy, WANDisco

Financial research stock-market. Image shot 2001. 
Magnifying glass over share prices
Exact date unknown.

Every week we round up the Sunday newspaper share tips. This week, software firm WANDisco, cancer treatment company Advanced Oncotherapy, advertising giant WPP and online clothing store Asos.

Fund managers take bets on previously unloved countries such as Australia and Canada to boost your income

Funds bet on Australia and Canada to boost your income

Bonds are attracting masses of savers' cash - trade body the Investment Association reported that £130million flooded into these funds in February alone. But their popularity is making these precarious investments ever more risky. Jon Mawby, manager of the GLG Strategic Bond fund, is looking at countries such as Australia and Canada because they haven't had bouts of monetary stimulus skewing valuations.

Fat cat fund managers rake in rewards as savers plough more money into pension pots and investment funds

City Focus (Read-Only).jpg

Back-of-the-envelope calculations by campaigners suggest that the average FTSE 100 chief executive has seen his annual rewards rise by around £1million in the past five years.

Investors to be able to compare the best tracker funds thanks to new free tool

An office worker looks at a screen showing trading on the FTSE 100 index. The amount consumers have invested in shares has reached its highest level for more than three years as people's confidence in the stock market grows, research suggests. Private investors collectively had £233 billion invested in shares at the end of February, the highest level since November 2007, according to share registration group Capita Registrars. The group said the rise reflected both the recent stock market recovery, and the fact that people were increasing their holdings in equities, with £473 million of new money invested during the three months to the end of February. See PA story MONEY Investors. Photo credit should read: PA Wire. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Monday March 28, 2011. 
Embargoed to 0001 Monday March 28
File photo dated 15/09/08

Data website FE Trustnet today launches a free new tool that will allow savers to compare the performance of tracker funds.

As more music fans turn the tables in the vinyl revival...  here's the ten most valuable records in the world 

A scene from the film 'High Fidelity' (2000) starring John Cusack

With interest in vinyl records on the rise, the long-standing market for collectible records is being given a new lease of life. Is there a rare gem lurking in your collection?

Will you be safe with a Fortress Bond? New bond by Castle Trust promises to pay as much as 4.5%

BRECXY Fortress and City Walls, Republic of San Marino, Italy

Money Mail gets to grips with the Castle Trust fixed-rate bonds.

Investor confidence is wobbling due to election uncertainty - even as Footsie notches up record highs

Investor confidence is wobbling due to election uncertainty

The FTSE 100 hit a closing record of 7096.78 on Wednesday, but a survey shows just 36 per cent of investors expect the London stock market to be higher in six months' time. The findings come as opinions polls show the election race between Tories and Labour is still extremely tight, with neither able to gain a decisive edge that would give them an overall majority on May 7. But a Hargreaves Lansdown commentator says the UK stock market is 'packed to the rafters' with global companies, for which the election is a parochial issue and in the long term company profits are not in thrall to any political party.

The Diary of a Private Investor: Biotech stands accused of being a bubble but I'm holding on for now - and making money

Before the dotcom bubble I had only really heard of two bubbles before - Dutch tulip mania of the 17th century and the South Sea Bubble a hundreds year later. Now they are everywhere it seems.

Is 2015 the turning point for a 100 years of rising prices? The investments that perform best during periods of low inflation and deflation

spt_chart 2.png

History suggests we may now be about to enter a period of near-zero inflation. This is going to have major implications for many aspects of life, but especially managing wealth.

Would you invest in this forest? Investors and pensioners promised 20% returns from an eco village in Norway... Here's the truth

Investors promised 20% returns fromeco village in Norway

The advert for the Convent in the Hills sounds appealing: 'A new exclusive eco village development investment opportunity providing homes in Norway.' Investors need to put down a minimum of £15,000, for which they'll get shares in a UK company, which owns this 3,500-acre plot. For their cash, investors are promised a 20 per cent profit within a year. We set out to find out if it was too good to be true.

TONY HETHERINGTON: I spent £29,950 buying 'fishing village' land in Brazil -now I can't track down the salesman

TONY HETHERINGTON: £29,950 for 'fishing village' land ... but there's a big catch 

In 2011 I was persuaded to buy a plot of land in Brazil, followed by a larger plot a few weeks later. The salesman was a silver-tongued broker named Jacob Stone from Land Asset Group. I had regular calls telling me all was fine, with the World Cup on its way, followed by the Olympic Games. Now I want to sell my land, but BT says the company's number has been 'disabled', and a recorded delivery letter has been ignored.

Star fund manager Neil Woodford increases size of his new fund by £300m after strong savers' demand

Fund Manager, Neil Woodford, founding partner of Woodford Investment Management.

The Patient Capital trust, which will invest in start-up science firms, was originally supposed to be only £200million in size.

'I invested £4k in peer-to-peer lending': Fed-up savers turn to riskier investments - we weigh up the alternatives tempting them

Savers fed up with miserly interest rates can be tempted to shun deposits in favour of riskier investments. David Goodall (pictured) lent £4,000 through Trillion Fund.

SALLY HAMILTON: They've even got peer-to-peer loans in Ambridge on radio soap The Archers!

The fact P2P - where ordinary folk lend direct to other individuals or businesses - is worthy of a mention in the script surely means this newest form of lending has reached the mainstream.

INVESTMENT CLINIC: Strategic bonds offer good returns, but is the money protected?

CPYH92 Businessman holding plant sprouting from a handful of coins - good investment and money concept

I'm thinking about investing in strategic bonds, as I hear they give a good regular return. But is the money I put into them guaranteed?

We're ditching the child trust fund for a Junior Isa: Should you raid your child's piggy bank for a better rate?

Parents who hold Child Trust Funds for their children can now move them to Junior Isas - but experts warn not to rush to take on too much risk with the nest eggs. George King is switching.

TONY HETHERINGTON: Half my money vanished in a murky tangle of 'binary options'


I opened an account with a 'binary options' trading website called I then asked for a withdrawal but more than half my money had been lost.

Couple face £25k bill after Capita posted £1.5million of share certificates by second class post - and they never arrived

Couple face £25k bill after Capita posts Compass share certificates second class

Deryn and Derek Hemment were told by Capita they must buy an 'indemnity' against their lost Compass share certificates being used fraudulently - though they are innocent of mislaying the documents or of any wrongdoing. The pair can't trade their shares in the FTSE 100-listed catering giant until they get replacement share certificates, but they are being refused them until the indemnity issue is sorted. The Hemments insist Capita should foot the indemnity bill, because the loss of their certificates was down to the firm posting such valuable documents second class.

Which party do investors do better under? How the stock market fared under 45 years of Labour and Conservative government


The stock market has performed twice as well under a Conservative government as it has under Labour, according to performance statistics dating back to 1970.

THE MINOR INVESTOR: An honest look at a year's investing - and the mistakes I made

Film....'Return of the Pink Panther'(1974)
Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau 
magnifying glass.

In the spirit of learning from mistakes, I decided the latest column should deliver an honest appraisal of how my investments have fared - and the mistakes I've made along the way.

As pensions revolution unlocks billions... How the new silver spenders can help make us all rich

Silver spenders can make us all rich in pension revolution

Investors willing to take a punt on companies set to cash in on the over-55s' retirement bonanza could also reap the rewards. Back the right shares and you too could make a profit from the anticipated £1.5 billion spending spree as the first nest eggs are unlocked.

INVESTMENT EXTRA: Japan is still home to some of the world's greatest companies, but has yen to innovate

INVESTMENT EXTRA: Japan is still home to some of world's greatest companies, but has yen

Investing in Japanese companies is clearly high-risk for British investors. So funds, as always, offer the best access point. Often retail investors access markets too late and miss the big surge. In the case of Japan - where equity values have been depressed for so long - there is still a long way to travel.

Dragon finally roars at Fidelity China Special Situations, as Bolton's successor Dale Nicholls drives flagship trust up 38%

p110 This Is Money Graphic
Growth in China
Dale Nicholls

Dale Nicholls has spent the past 12 months stepping out of a very large shadow, after replacing Anthony Bolton as manager of the flagship Fidelity China Special Situations trust.

'My war chest has served me better than any Isa could': Waterloo memorabilia fans let fly into battle

Jim Lees of Snettisham, Norfolk with his collection of Waterloo medals and a pistol.
 George Jaworskyj 2015

Jim Lees, 65, believes his collection of Waterloo and other military memorabilia has performed better than a tax-friendly Isa.

Would you pay 10% of your cash just to invest it for five years? Failure to understand charges means many do just that

A8DJMP Seven Sementov Russian Dolls

We learn at school about compounding. A lender earns interest, and then earns interest on the interest. What we don't always see is that the same power applies to costs, but in reverse.

INVESTMENT CLINIC: What are the best funds I can invest £5,000 of my Isa allowance in?

All of your money is invested in company shares, so it might be worth investing in a bond to give some ­balance to your Isa investments.

The Footsie is back to square one but some Asia-Pacific funds are up more than 1,000%: The 20 best performing investment trusts of the century so far

The 20 best performing investment trusts of the century

Asia-Pacific equities, British companies of all sizes and healthcare and technology: these are the areas showing the biggest returns of the century for investment companies. The Association of Investment Companies has taken a look at the 20 top performing investment companies from the last trading day of 1999 to the end of February 2015 and found that certain themes dominate.

Where should you invest your Isa? Expert Holly Mackay's view of the top ten platforms she has road-tested


Holly Mackay is a leading expert in analysing the advantages - and disadvantages - of platforms that allow people to hold all their investments under one roof.

Income tax relief of 30% upfront and no CGT: Should you invest in small businesses through an EIS?

Marek Czarnek on the left and Martin Hender (owner) on the right from Castle Combe Brewey
Image via Sally Hamilton Mail on Sunday personal finance reporter

Investors who commit up to £1million in a scheme in any one tax year receive tax relief up front, as well as when they cash in their investment.

INVESTMENT EXTRA: Small caps rustle up big profits as US stock market enjoys another record high

INVESTMENT EXTRA: Small caps rustle up big profits as US stock market enjoys another

Another week, another record high for the US stock market. Last week it was the turn of the technology-oriented Nasdaq index to follow other US stock markets in hitting a peak - climbing above 5,000 points for the first time since the dot-com bubble. In recent months, the US has been repeatedly branded as a bright spot on the global horizon. Its economy has recovered more swiftly than rivals and the Fed looks set to be the first central bank in developed markets to raise interest rates this year.

How to be a DIY investor and take control of your money to build a richer future

How to be a DIY investor and take control of your money

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to make more of money you've already put aside, there has never been a better time to become a DIY investor. We explain how to get started on a road that will hopefully take you to riches.

How to choose the best (and cheapest) DIY investing Isa - and our pick of the platforms

Couple Painting Together --- Image by © Michael A. Keller/Corbis


Choosing the right DIY platform is crucial but a wealth of choice and changes to charges have left many investors scratching their heads. We pick some of the best.

Clean funds guide: Is it time to put your dingy old funds through the wash?

Laundry day: Clean funds include no commissions for financial advisers, supermarkets or brokers - just the fee levied by the fund manager

What are clean investment funds, how do you find them, and should you convert your old funds to the new kind?

Six simple steps for wiser investing - and a better chance of higher returns

How risky is your fund? Two out of five sold in the UK are given a high risk rating due to volatility levels

How risky is your fund? Two out of five given high risk rating due to volatility

Higher volatility is thought to indicate greater uncertainty about performance, and all funds have to use a standard measure to help investors grasp the risks. This ranks funds from band one for the lowest risk to band seven for the highest - but research by Rplan has found some 40 per cent or 1,016 of the funds available in the UK are bunched up together in band six. A further 50 per cent or 1,275 of funds are split almost exactly between bands five and four.

How the art of regular monthly investing can help you ride out market storms and boost your returns

Research shows that your money can do better when invested regularly as you don't have to worry about market timing and can ride out the bad times..

Investors plough record amounts into investment trusts - but DIY investing flaw means they may miss out on best deals

Investment trusts are booming, generally outperforming their fund counterparts since the financial crash - but investors may be missing some crucial information.

Are you paying too much for funds? The best DIY investing platforms for four different types of investor

Man sitting at table with two piles of U.S. coins in front of him.

Investors are pouring record amounts of money into funds and trusts - but have you chosen the best broker to help you buy your investments? We explain what to consider.

More and more investors are using them, but can you trust your broker's list of favourite funds?

Major sites: They are rated on ease of use and clarity

DIY investors increasingly use free best-buy tables to pick a fund. But all the lists offer different funds, so are investors being duped?

Please help me decode gibberish fund names! There are several versions of the fund I want - how do I know which one I need?

How to decode confusing investment fund names

Why are there half a dozen or more versions of the same fund listed on the performance tables, followed with abbreviations like Acc, Inc, No Trail, R, I, and Z? What do these all mean? How do I know which version of a fund I want to buy?

Investors who buy direct from fund houses warned they risk paying more after being overlooked in charges shake-up

Wrong direction: People who buy funds straight from providers almost always pay more in charges than those using brokers and advisers, warn industry experts

Direct customers of fund houses are not covered by new rules that will see people using brokers or advisers get investments placed into 'clean funds'.

The fund supermarket price war: How lower investing charges could boost your pension by thousands

Fund supermarkets: Investors can now see how much they pay in fees, but choosing is far from simple

New rules have forced fund managers to make their charges clearer. Knowledge is power and the fear of losing customers is forcing supermarkets to compete as never before.

Open now but for how much longer? Six top funds that might 'soft close' - and what to do when a popular fund shuts its doors

SIX top-performing funds that might 'soft close' in future

Some popular investment funds are so big that providers are actively obstructing keen investors from putting in more money. Why do managers 'soft close' their funds, and which are most likely to shut in future?

How do I know a DIY investing platform is safe and what happens to my money if it collapses?

Safety: All platforms should be registered with the FCA

DIY investing platforms are competing to win customers but many investors rarely stop to think about how safe their cash is.

What should you know before buying a fund? The DIY investors'guide

DIY investing guide: A financial expert explains which bits of a KIID document are actually important, the parts investors are free to skim, and what important information they leave out

Investment companies have to produce a checklist of important details like charges and performance for each of their funds - but what do they leave out?

Six steps to get your investments to bloom: How to carry out an annual health check - and then relax

How to carry out an annual healthcheck on investments

Do it ONLY once year, but do it at exactly the same time, and don't get distracted shopping for new investments before you've reviewed your old ones. So how precisely do you go about an investment health check? Follow our six-step guide, which is packed with expert tips.

If you could only have one fund, what should it be? Experts pick six of the best investments to tick all the boxes

If you only want to buy one investment fund which should it be?

Plenty of investors would prefer to keep it simple rather than bother to build and maintain a portfolio - they want to buy one decent fund that does everything for them. But is this a wise move and if you do decide to put all your money in one fund, how do you choose a good one. We get six experts to deliver their one fund picks.

How to find clean funds: Free-for-all over names leaves investors in the dark - we list 30 top-sellers and show how to find the rest

How to find clean funds: We name 30 top-sellers

Investors have the opportunity for higher returns with commission-free 'clean funds', which are mostly cheaper than the old kind. But fund providers have given their clean funds a baffling array of new names - so how do you track them down?

How many funds should you invest in? Rookies can start out with one but aim for 10 to 16 - and 20 at the most

Balancing a portfolio: How many baskets of eggs is it sensible to carry at once?

Assuming you heeded the investing lesson not to put all your eggs in one basket, that still begs the question of how many baskets it is sensible to carry at once?

Web calculator finally exposes true size of investment fund costs - but is cheapest always best?

Reduced returns: Calculator focuses squarely on costs, which mount up over the years and can leave a big hole in your savings pot

A simple tool for totting up investment costs is now available: the True and Fair Calculator, launched by campaigners for more transparent fund charges.

Is drive to make fund charges cheaper and clearer working? Top investment firms hiking fees on commission-free 'clean funds'

Charges shake-up: Clean funds are simply versions of existing investment funds that include no commissions for middlemen - just the basic fee levied by the fund manager

The extent of a commission clawback by fund providers is laid bare by a breakdown of 'clean' fees and the equivalent 'dirty' ones from a leading fund supermarket.

Fund managers told to stop charging investors for bogus 'research' - including talking to bosses at firms they invest in

Industry overview: FCA is also looking at the investment banks and brokers which provide 'bundled' research services to fund managers

The new regime is intended to stop fund managers splashing out client's cash on services they might not pay for if it was coming out of their own pocket.

Is your fund a 'closet tracker'? How to find out if you're paying an active fund manager just to hug a benchmark index

Is your investment fund a 'closet tracker'?

Financial advisers warn so-called 'closet trackers' are all too common, and investors need to stay alert to avoid shelling out high fees for passive performance. We look at how to spot these index-huggers masquerading as active funds - and whether you're better off just buying a real tracker fund anyway.

Apply now to invest in the science stars of the future as Neil Woodford launches a start-ups fund

Apply now to invest in the science stars of the future as Neil Woodford launches a

For more than 20 years, Mr Woodford has been a renowned investor in big FTSE 100 firms, but now he is turning his attention to a fund for smaller companies. Based in Oxfordshire, the Patient Capital Trust will help finance early-stage firms, many of which will have a science and medical bias. This makes the trust quite a risky punt since many start-up firms fail.

Growth in China has slowed but will the Year of the Sheep deliver for investors? We get some fund tips

China is entering the Year of the Sheep, which has traditionally brought some of strong returns for investors, so will this year follow the herd or buck the trend?

The handbags that are as good as the stock market: Why that designer bag isn't just a luxurious accessory - it's an investment too

Are the glory days of the FTSE 100 stalwarts a thing of the past? The iconic names for investors to watch

INVESTMENT EXTRA: Britain can still prove to be best... Don't dismiss big name stocks 

The UK has produced some of the world's most powerful companies and best-known brands. But are the glory days of the FTSE 100 stalwarts a thing of the past? From Rolls-Royce to Centrica to Burberry, we look at some iconic names for investors to watch.

MARK SLATER: Six undervalued shares with the potential to become takeover targets

It is always best to be positioned in a stock before it becomes the subject of takeover rumours, says leading fund manager Mark Slater. He reveals six shares he likes and explains why.

'Nollywood is a hit with me': Spice up your shares as a frontier investor as emerging markets bring risks but also rewards

Former Oxford triple blue Don Kayam of Croydon who invests in funds in Africa and Brasil.
 George Jaworskyj 2008

The Mail on Sunday looks at whether the argument for investing in emerging markets and aspiring 'frontier' economies remains as compelling as ever. Don Kayum likes to invest in Africa.

Which drugmaker should you buy? US predators are pouncing on British pharma firms - should you enter the fray?

Which pharmaceutical stock should you buy?

How can you tell where the best investment opportunities lie amid all this controversial deal-making in the pharma sector? Stock experts explain the main issues that potential investors need to know about the industry and offer their share tips. For those lured by the money-making prospects of pharma but who prefer not to invest directly in stocks, we also profile a specialist healthcare investment trust.

Rule Britannia: Five 'Best of British' shares to invest in - from high fashion to manufacturing

Rule Britannia: Five 'Best of British' shares to invest in

As the Queen celebrate one of her birthdays this week, we pick some crown jewel shares that could give your investment portfolio a taste of the best of Blighty. The are star names picked from the many British companies that have developed world-renowned businesses and products.

Which oil explorer should you buy? How to pick a winner in the high risk, high reward world of oil exploration

TV oil baron: JR Ewing remortgaged Southfork Ranch to invest in risky Asian prospects - but he made one of the biggest oil strikes in the world

Investing experts explain what criteria to use when selecting stocks in such a volatile industry, and how to decipher jargon-filled company updates.

Ten of the best FTSE 100 shares with a Buffett-style moat to protect them from enemy invaders

Buffett: The veteran investor is renowned for picking long lasting shares

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett selects businesses based on their economic moats. We screen for some top UK shares that fit the billl and explain why.

The ten shares experts have lined up for the best growth, but can these story stocks fulfil their potential?

Growth: Will Stockopedia's tips live up to expectations

City analysts are supposedly some of the smartest stock pickers in the the market, so can the ten shares they see as having the best potential deliver?

Can e-cigarettes relight investor's fire for tobacco shares - and which of the British 'big two' BAT and Imperial should you buy?

Can e-cigarettes relight investor's fire for tobacco shares | BAT and Imperial

The tobacco industry is as controversial as ever, with rows raging about plain packaging and these new-fangled 'e-cigarettes'. The shares of British giants BAT and Imperial have struggled over the past year or so, but is there now a case to invest - and which one should you buy?

The top 10 income-paying shares in the FTSE 350 revealed: Nice yields but watch out for the dividend trap

Traps: A decent dividend isn't always a good sign

The very best dividend yielding shares tend to be a fairly predictable bunch, but be warned, a frothy yield may be a sign of trouble ahead.

Should you invest in the best of British? A magnificent seven UK shares that could bolster your portfolio in 2014

Wheel of fortune: How will shares fare in 2014

No one knows how 2014 will turn out but in the investing world quality usually shines through, so here are a broker's seven tips for 2014.

Twelve of the best fund managers to watch: Inspired, determined, sometimes just sheer bloody-minded - should you back high conviction investors?

Twelve of the best high conviction fund managers - and how to invest?

We profile the leading lights, up-and-comers and popular survivors among Britain's small band of high conviction fund managers. Even if you are unconvinced by their ideas, it's still worth giving them a hearing.

Bargain hunting, following the herd or being a contrarian: what is the best investing strategy?

Tough tactics: There are many investment strategies that will work in different market environments

Like a football team, investors and their investments will have different tactics or strategies such being defensive, cautious or adventurous. We outline the main styles

How to choose the best investing Isa and boost your returns from funds, shares and investment trusts

Play your cards right: Picking the right investment Isa is essential to boosting your long-term returns

Investment clubs: How sharing ideas and pooling money can help investors

Founder Joe Davis, left, with other members of the Nottingham University investment club

Investment clubs, where friends get together to research and buy shares, have held up surprisingly well through the financial turmoil of the past five years.

Scared of the stock market? Six top tips that will make you a safer and better investor

Guidelines: Adviser Claire Walsh is a firm believer in controlling risk

October 19, 1987 remains the day on which the world's major stock markets suffered their biggest crash. We speak to long-term investors who offer advice, such as Claire Walsh, who is a firm believer in controlling risk

How to invest in funds, investment trusts and ETFs - and save money as a DIY investor

How to invest in funds | unit trusts, oeics and investment trusts

Fund investing helps many small investors strike it rich and it helps balance your risks. Find out what funds and investment trusts are, how to invest - and save money with a DIY investing platform.

Low-cost investing: How to find the cheapest fund supermarket

shopping basket

The cheapest way to buy funds, including Isas, is via a fund supermarket or discount broker. We show you how to find the supermarkets with the best discounts

Finding higher income: The options, including funds, shares and 'social lending'

Wallet and money

With the base rate and savings rates at historic lows, savers are becoming desperate in the hunt for income. Our round-up points you to the best advice

Pension vs Isa: The big debate

Which is best? We take a look at the merits and minuses of pensions and Isas

Which is better, an Isa or a pension? Over the last few years, it's become the big debate among retirement savers. We take a closer look

M&G; OPTIMAL INCOME FUND: 'The only game in town' for those in search of a winning bond strategy

M&G OPTIMAL INCOME FUND: 'The only game in town' for those in search of a winning bond

These have the flexibility to switch between investment-grade corporate bonds, high-yield debt and government bonds, depending on the weather in a particular market. Jason Hollands of broker Tilney Bestinvest believes 'they are the only game in town' for bond investors. Hollands likes the colossal M&G; Optimal Income Fund

BARINGS GERMAN GROWTH: German fund hopes for boost from super Mario's bond plan 

E4G4TG The German flag flying outside the Reichstag building in Berlin Germany

Robert Smith, manager of investment fund Baring German Growth, agrees that bond buying across Europe by the ECB will push up the price of other financial assets.

Fidelity Global Dividend: Fund trawls for opportunities worldwide and has returned 56% since its 2012 launch

Companies that make it into the 50-strong portfolio are not necessarily exciting - they tend to be cash generative, resilient in tough times and have strong balance sheets.

MONKS INVESTMENT TRUST: Old managers ousted and half the portfolio jettisoned in new drive for growth

Edinburgh-based Monks Investment Trust has just undergone an overhaul to boost returns for shareholders - and new boss Charles Plowden has taken the helm.

LIONTRUST ASIA INCOME: Pair aim to serve up lion's share of Asian dividends

CXF5JR bronze lion in the forbidden city. Image shot 06/2012. Exact date unknown.

Though it has yet to attract much investor interest, co-manager Mark Williams is confident that despite an uncertain economic backdrop globally, the £29million fund has a good 12 months ahead.


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