HE wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition! Six officers arrest 71-year-old Monty Python cameraman for lampooning politicians

Monty Python cameraman arrested for lampooning politicians

Former Monty Python cameraman John Wellard (centre), 71, told the uniformed officers who marched into his home on Friday night: 'I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition.' Police were responding to complaints that light-hearted posters appearing in Faversham, Kent, amounted to harassment of members of the town council who were being lampooned. For the last year residents have clashed with councillors over fears the town's historic creek area will be turned over to developers for expensive flats. For the past five months or so satirical images mocking some of the councillors and other public figures had been handed around pubs and posted through doors - as well as brown envelopes stuffed with copies of old Venezuelan banknotes (centre inset) bearing the note: 'If you find this message please return it to your councillor.' One image poked fun at Swale Borough councillor Mike Cosgrove, picturing the local Tory politician riding a toy donkey (right), while another showed town mayor Nigel Kay, and other local public figures being described as 'a growing problem in the heart of Kent' (left).

Ministers' shame on killer salt: Government sabotage of drive to cut intake has cost 6,000 lives, say doctors

Government sabotage of drive to cut salt intake has cost 6,000 lives

Experts accuse the Government of undermining a salt reduction programme which had saved thousands of lives. They say that replacing it with the controversial 'responsibility deal' - which was set up under Andrew Lansley and focused on health initiatives led by the food industry - was a 'major step backwards'. As a result, efforts to reduce the amount of salt in food stalled and thousands of lives may have been lost. The Mail has previously revealed how the food industry has been given unprecedented access to the heart of government in recent years. The Food and Drink Federation, the lobbyist for the industry, has had 16 meetings with ministers and 99 meetings with officials since the Coalition took over, official figures reveal. Yet health campaigners say they have been shunned.

Where are the affordable homes? New study reveals chronic shortage of two-bedroom homes is shutting first time buyers out the market 

Fewer than a fifth of homes on sale in England would be suitable and affordable for a working family trying to get on the property ladder, according to a new study by housing charity Shelter.


Are YOU an emotional eater? Find out in this quiz - then break the habit to boost your inner glow

All this week, AMELIA FREER - nutritionist to the stars and author of bestseller Eat. Nourish. Glow. - shows how to change the way you eat. Today, how to achieve grace around food...

Do you really want this clown ruling us? And no we don't mean the one on the left: 'Pathetic' Miliband savaged for Brand video stunt

Ed Miliband savaged for Russell Brand video stunt

Labour leader Ed Miliband has taken a high risk gamble with his election chances by being interviewed by comedian and self-styled revolutionary Russell Brand. In a trailer released tonight, Mr Miliband is seen walking up the stairs into Brand's loft-style home in Hoxton, east London. In the interview, filmed inside the comic's three-bedroom apartment (pictured), Brand challenges him to take action on global tax avoidance at a time when workers are paying 10 times as much tax as firms like Amazon.

Two phonies fighting to be the most mockney: QUENTIN LETTS is frozen in fascination as he witnesses a Leftie love-in

Ed Miliband went on an amazing telly offensive last night - amazingly saccharine and yankeedoodle, that is. It was so sugary, I felt a little diabetic high coming on writes QUENTIN LETTS.

Truth about Labour and immigration: 90% of households established at height of open-door policy headed by a migrant 

Thousands of Romanian immigrants queued round the block in a British city today - so they could vote in their country's presidential election.
They waited for hours in Portsmouth, Hants, to cast their vote in a run-off pitting the social democrat prime minister against a centre-right candidate.
Prime Minister Victor Ponta led in the first round with 40 per cent to 30 per cent for Klaus Iohannis, an ethnic German mayor.
Mr Ponta, 42, has promised to reduce the budget deficit and increase pensions and the minimum wage. SEE OUR COPY FOR MORE DETAILS.
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Between 1997 and last year, 65 per cent of the country's 2.7million extra housing units were headed by a foreigner. And in the peak period - 2005 to 2009 - the figure rose to a staggering 89 per cent.

The pottiest and costliest mistake of our times: Forget his tax and spend plans. Red Ed's climate change law in the Brown years will cost £50,000 per home, says CHRISTOPHER BOOKER

In 2008, it was Miliband who was responsible for pushing through the final version of the Climate Change Act - easily the most costly law passed by Parliament, writes CHRISTOPHER BOOKER.

Forget sexism. The real danger in the poster is the protein powder it pushes to women, writes JOHN NAISH

The ad campaign for Protein World's weight-loss range sparked angry complaints that women are being held to unrealistic physical standards with some posters in London being defaced.

Bomb threat over 'offensive' weight loss ad: Backlash over Protein World's diet supplements intensifies 

Protein World diet supplements is facing a massive backlash over its billboard campaign - including vandalised posters in London, a petition, a protest rally and even a bomb threat.

Why breastfeeding could reduce your chances of breast cancer: Scientists believe protective effect is caused by a reduction in oestrogen levels

Scientists found that breastfeeding protected against the most common genetic type of breast cancer - luminal subtype A, which accounts for 40 per cent of cases in the UK - but not the rarer forms.

Watch out Westminster! 'Selfie queen' Karen Danczuk reveals she wants to be an MP to bring Parliament 'back to reality'

Karen Danczuk wants to be an MP to bring Parliament 'back to reality'

The glamorous Labour councillor, who is married to the backbench MP Simon Danczuk, said Parliament needed people like her 'to bring it back down to reality'. Ms Danczuk was asked if she would go into mainstream politics and replied: 'Yeah, I would. I think in some ways women like me need to.' The 31-year-old said women were turned off politics because there was no-one in Parliament like them. She also defended her love of selfies which she posts on Twitter (right). The mother of two said they were her way of saying to others: 'I will not be ashamed about who I am'.

Miliband the Movie: Labour leader hires Bourne director to film intimate 'portrait' of himself to convince voters he is fit to be PM

Miliband the Movie

The five-minute party political broadcast was produced by the Labour-supporting Hollywood director Paul Greengrass, who teamed up with Matt Damon for the hit Bourne movies.

Why won't the Tories let Gove off the leash? ANDREW PIERCE on the stories the spin doctors DON'T want you to read 

Michael Gove, one of the most accomplished media performers at Westminster, was demoted from Education Secretary to Chief Whip... writes ANDREW PIERCE

Remember Elizabeth Shepherd, the 'poster girl' for Red Ed's push for apprenticeships? Nor do Labour - seven months later, they still haven't got in touch with her 

Elizabeth Shepherd was given two standing ovations when Labour leader Ed Miliband referred to her during his conference speech in Manchester back in September.

Media minister warns BBC over 'anti-Tory bias': Senior Conservatives express anger over left-leaning slant of broadcasters 

Senior Tories have been increasingly frustrated by what they claim is a Left-leaning slant to much of the BBC's coverage, which Mr Javid said sometimes left him thinking: 'What was that?

SARAH VINE: Sturgeon's wrong but I do admire her 

Everything about SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon (pictured) says makes my blood boil, and yet there is something about the woman that I find utterly compelling, writes SARAH VINE.

Marine recruits colleague to help ambush and batter man having affair with model wife: Pair face jail after 'military exercise' that left victim fearing he'd die 

Royal Marine Lee Craven and Steven Walters face jail over attack in Devon

Lee Craven, 34, and Steven Walters, 37, face jail after being found guilty of the attack in Kennford, Devon, on Kenneth Churchill (right) - another former Marine, who was seeing Craven's wife, Zara (left). Their plan involved surveillance, tailing 29-year-old Mr Churchill's car, then ambushing him in a car park with a beating so violent he thought he was 'going to die'. A court heard the attack was in revenge for Mr Churchill having an affair with model Mrs Craven while her husband was on an anti-piracy patrol in the Indian Ocean for a private security firm.

Fiona Bruce back on BBC payroll after broadcaster's pledge to clamp down on top stars being paid through private companies 

It emerged last night Miss Bruce, pictured, has issued a 'winding up' order to close Paradox Productions Two, which she set up in 2009, saying she is 'no longer required by the BBC to have a limited company'.

The man who loved a duck more than his wife: That's what four-time-wed Keith Harris joked about his love life. But then much of his humour with Orville drew on his own pain

Keith, who has died aged 67, had a sad end. But perhaps it was inevitable that a career built around a duck with a broken heart would be bittersweet, writes CHRISTOPHER STEVENS.

Tragedy of woman who couldn't cope with half a million pound lottery win: Friends describe windfall as 'the worst thing that ever happened to her'

An inquest into the death of Helen Ford, 54, (pictured) from Penarth, near Cardiff, was told she had struggled to manage her finances after winning £500,000 on a scratchcard in 2003.

FA Cup set to be renamed Emirates FA Cup as part of three-year £30m sponsorship deal

Arsene Wenger manager of Arsenal (R) lifts the trophy in celebration alongside Lukas Podolski (L), Mikel Arteta (2L) and Thomas Vermaelen (2R) after the FA Cup with Budweiser Final match between Arsenal and Hull City at Wembley Stadium on May 17, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

The FA are understood to have secured a three-year contract with Emirates Airlines to sponsor the oldest football knockout competition in the world, pictured here in the hands of last year's winning manager Arsene Wenger.

£8million Lotto winner turns up as usual for his 4am shift at food factory... to hand in his notice 

Philip Dunning 44, from Bo'ness, West Lothian, made the decision to give notice as shift manager at a food plant in his home town within hours after winning £8million in Saturday night's Lotto.

The forgotten Dambusters hero: Incredible tale of how 21-year-old who Guy Gibson called the 'best pilot in the squadron' sacrificed his life to try to save his crew 

The forgotten Dambusters hero: Incredible tale of how 21-year-old who Guy Gibson said was

Flight Lieutenant was just 21 as he began his attack on the Mohner Dam on May 16, 1943. , following his Squadron Leader Guy Gibson. His Lancaster bomber had already lost one engine and came under intense fire as it raced towards the dam, losing a second engine. The bouncing bomb was released a fraction too late and bounced over the dam destroying a power station. One of his wings was now fully alight, and Flt/Lt Hopgood, sixth from left, pulled back on his control stick and opened the two remaining throttles in an attempt to gain altitude to allow his crew to escape. Now his incredible tale of bravery has been told in a book by his niece Jenny Elmes.

Isis is developing sleeper cells in the UK using secret online terror guides that teach would be jihadis how to stay under the radar 

The document, hidden behind innocent looking websites on classic cars and art, details how to plan a strike in the UK without detection.

Take cash to Greece in case bank machines and credit cards stop working because of mounting debt crisis, tourists warned

Tourist take out money from a cash machine in the village Lindos on August 08, 2008 in Rhodes, Greece. Rhodes is the largest of the greek Dodecanes Islands. (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)

Travellers are being told to take three to five days' worth of notes and coins to pay for emergency expenses in case there is a run on Greek banks over the summer, leading to ATMs being turned off.

Rail workers spend £1.3million on flights in just two years because planes are cheaper than trains and not overcrowded

Packed commuter trains from Clapham Junction. Overcrowding is getting worse for London's rail commuters, and Evening Standard survey shows today. Almost three-quarters say they ahve to stand during their journey each day and two-thirds believe their train is more crowded than a year ago. Many commuters say they are angry at having go pay thousands of pounds for season tickets only to endure nightmare journeys. The findings
came as it emerged today that Network Rail bosses, including chief executive John Armitt, could be in line for bonuses of up to £1million after the compnay announced profits of £747million for the six months to the end of September, as well as improvements in timekeeping of services. It is the first time Network Rail, which controls tracks and signals, has made a profit. But commuters questioned by the Evening Standard complained that their trains were always packed and said the problem was getting worse. 

The company, which is responsible for maintaining Britain's train network, claims that staff - including highly paid bosses - always take the cheapest method of transport.

Dramatic moment group of 10-year-olds abandon game of cricket to help foil armed robbery on jewellers 

A group of 10-year-olds surrounded the jewellers in Oldham after hearing a commotion inside. When startled robbers fled, the youths gave chase and brought down one suspect with the help of two men.

Forget jeans, never take flip-flops and you only need three sets of underwear: What NOT to pack when travelling abroad

Most airlines should let you check-in 20-25kg (44-55lb), although that can drop to 15kg on certain carriers. Shaving a few kilos off your suitcase is easy with a little common sense and advanced planning.

Marathon runner still can't find where he parked his car more than a WEEK after finishing race 

Jason Matthews, 40, (pictured) has been unable to find his black Saab 93 since parking up to race in the Manchester Marathon on April 19.

The real-life Hangover weekend: Friends who went for few drinks at their local in Stourbridge end up 1,000 miles away in Marbella (and some of them are still there) 

Friends wake up in Spain after going for drink in their local bar

Matt Weyman, Adam Holloway, Jack Gough and Dan Griffiths headed out for a few beers in the West Midlands town on Saturday night before hatching a mad plan to fly to the Costa Del Sol. The four, all aged 23, caught a taxi to the airport with nothing but the clothes they were wearing and an iPhone charger between them. Two of the group are still out in Spain following the stunt, which friends have compared to the film The Hangover (inset).

'My bum spread across his back like a lump of melted cheese': Twenty-three stone horse lover loses HALF her body weight after becoming too fat to ride her beloved steed

Sam Lamb, 28, knew she had to lose weight when she became too heavy to ride her horse, Bob. The animal lover from Bishop's Stortford, Hertforshire, went on to lose 12 stone and is now a size 14.

Myleene Klass turns the air blue on Countdown when she comes up with an eight-letter word - 'gobs****' 

While the show's two contestants both put forward the same seven-letter word 'ghosted', the former Hear'Say singer beat them with the eight-letter sweary answer.

'You're a miserable old witch': Grandmother reveals heartache over being sent anonymous hate mail for EIGHT YEARS... and police are baffled as to who's behind it

Kathleen Fortun, 72, from St Brelades, Jersey, said the notes, which are typed in handwritten envelopes, started arriving in 2008, and are sent twice are year. Police have found no clues as to the sender.

Former England star Sol Campbell 'describes footballers as dumb and reveals he loved the sport but not the players he was forced to mix with'

The former Arsenal and Tottenham defender, who played for his country 73 times, is said to have claimed that most Premier League stars live up to the 'dumb footballer' label.

First cervical cancer drug for 10 years: Trial shows Avastin gives women around four months of extra life

Patients will have access via the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) until it is considered for routine NHS use. It has been available in England via the CDF since last March pending licensing.

Experts hail diabetes breakthrough: Eating fruit-based snack bar could reduce the risk in just eight weeks, scientists claim

Scientists in the US have developed a fruit-based snack bar which was found to cut the risk of Type 2 diabetes in just eight weeks and lead to significant health improvements for patients.

Vince Cable tells David Cameron to make him Chancellor if Lib Dems form another coalition with the Tories

Not only is Vince Cable ready to spend another five years helping the Tories run Britain, he wants to replace George Osborne as Chancellor.

Tories lead in third poll in a row as Ed's voters turn to Ukip: Threat of Nicola Sturgeon helps David Cameron to three-point lead 

David Cameron has gained a narrow opinio poll lead lead over Ed Miliband as voters consider the impact of a Labour government propped up by Nicola Sturgeon's SNP.

Look who holds the whip hand chez Sturgeon: Remarkable dominatrix painting said to hang in SNP leader's home... where husband cooks and cleans

Entitled 'Naughty Nicola', the painting allegedly hanging from the SNP leader's wall depicts her as a dominatrix in a short red dress, black suspenders on display and whip in hand.

Formerly Labour-backing Carphone Warehouse boss says voters would have to be crazy to get behind Ed Miliband

Businesses are starting in record numbers. I really believe David Cameron and George Osborne deserve much of the credit for this incredible turnaround, writes Charles Dunstone.

Now Sturgeon faces #dollgate: SNP leader forced to DENY hacking the hair off her sister's doll - but says that 'if' she did there must have been provocation 

According to her sister, Gillian Owens, the 44-year-old politician was prone to hacking the hair of from dolls as a child. The claims sparked a bizarre Twitter trend which Mrs Sturgeon acknowledged today.

Arctic blast blows away Britain's early spring: Temperatures plunge to -2C in some areas with sleet and rain coming in and May bank holiday set to be a wash out

UK weather see Arctic blast blow away Britain's early spring

Forecasters said cold air from the Arctic regions would send temperatures plummeting to 8C in some parts of Britain with heavy rain and even snow on higher ground forecast this week. Temperatures plummeted to -2C in Altnaharra in Scotland and -1C in Shobdon Saws, Wales last night with those on higher ground waking up to snow this morning (including in Hartside, Cumbria, bottom right). The mercury is set to stay below the average of 14C for this time of year, with temperatures reaching just 8-9C in the north today and 12-13C in the south. Experts have warned that the bad weather will last into next month, meaning those hoping to enjoy a spot of sunshine on the May Bank Holiday weekend will be disappointed. The wet and windy weather comes less than a fortnight after Britain enjoyed one of the hottest days of the year so far. Pictured main: The sun rises in Cox Green, near Sunderland, as cold air moves down from the Arctic bringing cooler temperatures to Britain.

Prince Harry disappointed as he flies out of UK to Australia without meeting his new niece or nephew as Kate Middleton is now five days overdue

With the Duchess of Cambridge now overdue for the birth of her second child, the prince will not be able to meet the new royal baby until he returns to this country in mid May.

How Kate can end the great baby wait: Pineapples. Housework. Cuddles with Wills. As she goes five days overdue...  

As crowds swell outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, midwives have been giving their tips on how the Duchess of Cambridge can induce labour after it is believed her baby is now overdue.

Revealed, the four ways to banish belly fat, from eating bread AFTER exercising to taking unflattering selfies

A flat stomach can be achieved by avoiding white bread and pasta and carrying out full body exercises that speed up the metabolism, says London-based personal trainer James Staring.

Shocking moment 'shoplifter' fell 20ft through second floor window of exclusive London store Molton Brown 'after being pursued by police' 

Suspected Royal Exchange shoplifter critical after falling 20ft onto street

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT -- The man, believed to be aged 60, dropped from a second-floor glass window onto a street packed with workers while he was allegedly being pursued by police in the City of London yesterday morning. He threw a chair through the window on Threadneedle Street before attempting to climb out onto the ledge of the Royal Exchange and falling onto the pavement outside a branch of Molton Brown. One witness revealed hearing smashing and screams, and saw 'quite a lot of blood' on the pavement - while another admitted the man 'looked in a bad way to me' following the fall.

Missing schoolgirl, 16, who vanished from her home two days ago is believed to be with a man in his 20s

Isobel Attwood, 16, has not made contact with her family since leaving her home in Winchester, Hampshire, on Saturday afternoon. She is believed to be in Southampton with a man in his 20s.

Can drinking organic milk in pregnancy cut baby's IQ? Normal milk contains a third more iodine vital to brain growth

Because milk is the main source of iodine in the British diet - providing 40 per cent of the average daily intake - switching to organic may have a significant impact on health, scientists warn.

Clarifications and corrections 

To report an inaccuracy, please email corrections@dailymail.co.uk. To make a formal complaint under IPSO rules please go to www.dailymail.co.uk/readerseditor.

For as long as you both shall live: Last photo of a smiling Andrew Chan marrying his fiancee just two days before execution - when he and Myuran Sukumaran refused blindfolds and sang 'Amazing Grace' as they were shot

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were tied to crosses with cable ties and refused

Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were shot by an Indonesian firing squad 25 minutes after midnight Wednesday local time (3.25AM AEST). Chan, Sukumaran and six other prisoners were taken to a jungle clearing on the island Nusakambangan. They were shot dead by firing squads comprising 12 police privates. Officials ignored pleas for clemency from the prisoners' families and Australian and international officials and an outstanding constitutional court hearing. Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, a Filipino drug mule, was spared at the last minute after new information emerged about her case. But questions are already being asked about why the Philippines was given the chance to lobby on behalf of their citizen but the Australian Government could not get Indonesian leaders to return a phone call.

Iran fires on and seizes cargo ship carrying 34 sailors for 'trespassing' in Gulf

Iranian patrol vessels fired warning shots across the bridge of the Marshall Islands-flagged cargo vessel the Maersk Tigris Tuesday morning and seized it for trespassing in territorial waters.

Has the Easter Island 'hat' mystery been solved? Red volcanic rocks were rolled up ramps to sit on top of the iconic statues

Experts at the University of Oregon believe it would have been relatively easy for the Rapa Nui people to place the distinctive pukao 'hats' on the head of the Easter Island statues (pictured) 700 years ago.



The pottiest and costliest mistake of our times: Forget his tax and spend plans. Red Ed's climate change law in the Brown years will cost £50,000 per home, says CHRISTOPHER BOOKER

In 2008, it was Miliband who was responsible for pushing through the final version of the Climate Change Act - easily the most costly law passed by Parliament, writes CHRISTOPHER BOOKER.

SARAH VINE: Sturgeon's wrong but I do admire her 

Everything about SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon (pictured) says makes my blood boil, and yet there is something about the woman that I find utterly compelling, writes SARAH VINE.

Two phonies fighting to be the most mockney: QUENTIN LETTS is frozen in fascination as he witnesses a Leftie love-in

Ed Miliband went on an amazing telly offensive last night - amazingly saccharine and yankeedoodle, that is. It was so sugary, I felt a little diabetic high coming on writes QUENTIN LETTS.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Mr Miliband, Russell Brand and a sick joke

In what must be a new low for British politics, Ed Miliband interviewed by that seriously disturbed narcissist, exhibitionist, ex-drug addict and sick abuser of Andrew Sachs, Russell Brand.