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West Wing or Borgen? Trollope or Archer? And would Farage be the best Bond villain?

TOM PARKER BOWLES: Order! Korma! ...or why rowdy MPs love this curry house over the river from Parliament

This (near) Westminster stalwart is no mere curry house, with beer-sticky carpet, piped sitar and the constant, inescapable thud of cheap, powdered spices.

OLLY SMITH: The simple rules when it comes to buying wine as a gift

Big flavours are one option. Italian Amarone never fails for its high impact thanks to air-drying the grapes which get so powerful they're the wine's equivalent of Mickey Rourke.

From Glastonbury to T In The Park: Best of the festivals - summer starts here!

From big music blockbusters to black-tie belters, history happenings and literary legends... there really is a festival for everyone. Here's our pick of the best places to pitch up in 2015.

'Festivals are my drug of choice': Edith Bowman on being an open-air music obsessive

For the past 20 years, the DJ has taken in four or more festivals each summer, but after 80 festivals, 1,500 bands and two children, her passion for dancing in Britain's muddy fields is as strong as ever.

Order! Korma! ...or why rowdy MPs love this curry house over the river from Parliament

The simple rules when it comes to buying wine as a gift

Celebrate St George's Day with a glass of English fizz

My personal collection of English sparkling wine stretches back beyond the year 2000 and I've been a believer for many years that we can produce bottles to rival the world's best fizz.

Why Picpoul de Pinet belongs in your life this summer

It has a light, lemony and breezy style with prices remaining favourable at £5-£10. My general rule is to drink the freshest and most recent possible and serve it chilled on its own or with shellfish.

Socket to me! Plug these into the Lightning port on your iPhone - and you'll be upgraded to seriously awesome sound

The Porsche 911 Carrera is one of the greatest 'things' the human race has ever created

Up and Adam: He had a whimpering start but Vauxhall's perky little terrier has now got a feisty growl... and a bit of bite about town

After a stuttering start, the Adam has changed - in fact, there are lots of Adams now, like the Adam Rocks, the Adam Jam, the Adam Glam and this all-new racy model, the Adam Grand Slam.

If Herbie rode again... he'd probably be a Smart car. So is this new model the sexiest runaround on wheels - or just an overgrown tuk-tuk?

This new Smart Fortwo remains in a class of her own. A class that unfortunately also includes only two seats and very little luggage space. I didn't always enjoy being in the car.

'What if I don't like the film?' I asked Kevin Costner. 'Keep your mouth shut'

'Retire? Me? I'm going to keep going as long as people want me': Bruce Forsyth is back on stage - at the age of 87

The slap must go on: The dressing room secrets of the West End's hottest musicals

'David Bowie came in and started brushing my hair. He didn't say a single word, then walked out the room': Inside the head of... Patsy Kensit

Saved from a childhood of poverty by her starring role in the Birds Eye TV ads, she was then mocked as 'Patsy Peapod' by her public school pals.

'I'm not violent. I am interested in violence': Paula Hawkins on how her daily commute inspired this year's Gone Girl

It's what thriller fans have been waiting for... a sinister mystery with a troubled heroine to rival Gillian Flynn's monster hit of 2013. The Girl On The Train has already sold over a million copies.

Groundhog D-Day: Antony Beevor on why WWII has such a grip on our imagination 70 years after the end of the conflict

In the past year we've had Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game and Kristin Scott Thomas in Suite Française. Why is it that we replay the events of World War Two again and again?