'My life is a perfect example of an absolute waste': Andrew Chan's haunting letter to schoolchildren around the world, warning them about the dangers of drugs

Bali Nine's Andrew Chan's letter to schoolchildren around the world

A haunting letter (pictured bottom inset), read out by Andrew Chan (right) from inside his Indonesian prison cell, forms part of a short documentary 'Dear Me', which has been made available to high schools in Australia and the UK. Chan's hard-line voice can be heard warning students not to follow in his own footsteps. He reveals he began taking drugs at the age of 15 and allows a glimpse into his deepest regrets and his agony after spending a third of his life behind bars. The video comes as the bodies of those shot dead on Death Island on Wednesday arrived in Jakarta, and backlash surrounding the executions continued (top left). The bodies of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will be flown home to Australia on Friday with their families. One of the other death row prisoners executed, Brazilian man Rodrigo Gularte, lay in an open casket and was visited by family and friends in a Jakarta funeral home (main).

Don't worry about the death penalty: Abbott government quietly told AFP not to consider whether countries executed prisoners when tipping off foreign police about Australian criminals 

Tony Abbott's government quietly told the Federal Police not to consider whether countries

Justice Minister Michael Keenan left out an instruction in his ministerial direction to the AFP requiring them to take into account Australia's opposition to the death penalty. The previous document from Labor's Brendan O'Connor in 2010 noted the AFP should consider the opposition when dealing with foreign law enforcement. The AFP's conduct in death penalty cases is facing fresh scrutiny following the execution of Bali Nine drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran (pictured, bottom) in Indonesia on Wednesday. It comes as Indonesian attorney-general H.M. Prasetyo praised the firing squad that killed Chan and Sukumaran as Prime Minister Tony Abbott (pictured, main) announced he was withdrawing the ambassador to Indonesia as a result of the executions.

Let's not point any fingers just yet! Police are looking for answers after a severed PINKY is found in the back of a pickup truck... but nobody knows who it belongs to


NEW A Melbourne mechanic thought there was rust on the side of his vehicle but on closer inspection found it was blood, leading to the gruesome discovery of a digit tip which was jammed into a panel on his Ute.

Police drop assault charges against rocker Jon Stevens due to insufficient evidence and withdraw AVO application in wake of reported row with ex fiancée Jodhi Meares

Police have dropped assault charges against Aussie rocker Jon Stevens. Investigators have also withdrawn an AVO application involving his now ex-fiancee Jodhi Meares.

From 'Keep up with the house while you keep down your weight' to 'You OWE it to him': The shockingly sexist retro ads by household brands Palmolive, Mini Cooper, Kitchen Aid and Hoover

Major brands including Palmolive, Mini Cooper, Kitchen Aid and Hoover appealled to customers with what we would today see as shocking portrayals of men and women.

Five meals a day... secret of Jennifer's fab figure: 'Better living expert' reveals actress stays slim and healthy by ignoring fad diets 

The 46-year-old former Friends actress's personal trainer, Kathy Kaehler, says she has to find the time for five meals a day, then has to squeeze in five, five-minute exercise routines and a run.

'I knew there was a woman who needed my help. I didn't realise it was my daughter': Mother of student, 20, who penned open letter to her sex attacker speaks of moment she heard savage assault happen

Ione Wells, 20, was attacked outside her parents' home in Camden, north London, after getting the last train. Her mother Cindy Wells initially thought the screams were foxes.

It's not all about Hugh: Channel Seven and actor Hugh Sheridan under fire over staged reunion with his brother in devastated Nepal - even though he's safe and well (and Hugh's at the Shangri-La) 

Hugh Sheridan and Channel 7 under fire for trying stage reunion in devastated Nepal

Channel Seven and actor Hugh Sheridan (left) have come under fire for trying to rent a helicopter in Nepal as the country struggles with an enormous humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of Saturday's 7.8 magnitude quake. The station wants to film the emotional moment Hugh, 29, is reunited with his 20-year-old sibling Zachary (top inset) who was at Gokyo peak in the Himalayan mountains when the earthquake hit. Hugh arrived in Kathmandu on Tuesday and has been staying at the five star Shangri-La hotel, as his trip with the Sunday Night was slammed on social media. One Twitter user, @timmydownawell asked: 'Seriously @sundaynighton7 who gives a s**t about Hugh Sheridan flying to Nepal to find his wealthy globetrotting brother. 5000+ ppl are dead.'

Macerating, emulsifying, paring and braising: Everyday cooking terms revealed... but what exactly DO they mean?

From meat and vegetable cuts and cooking techniques to the difference between a dash, pinch and smidgen, FEMAIL explains all the kitchen terms you should be armed with.

Were The Block reserves too LOW? Winner Darren Jolly reveals Channel Nine assured he and Dea they'd clean up at auction before signing on to latest series

Were The Block reserves too low? Winner Darren Jolly reveals Channel Nine assured he and

Darren Jolly has revealed that Channel Nine told he and wife Dea (top left) they would win big on The Block: Triple Threat before they signed on for the series. After the couple walked away from last year's season with just $10,000 for months of hard work, Darren said Channel Nine assured them returning for another year would be a profitable move. 'We did say to [Channel Nine] after the last auction "Forget it, we're not coming back", you know, why would we put ourselves through that?' he told the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday morning. 'We had a long discussion with them and they said "We cannot have that same result again, it'd be bad for our brand and we've really gotta make sure that's not gonna happen"' he revealed. The couple sold Apartment 4 for $2.29 million - a ridiculous $835,000 over the $1,455,000 reserve.

'I bailed on her and she killed herself:' Secret Life Of Us actor Samuel Johnson opens up on his ex-girlfriend's tragic suicide

'I bailed on her and she killed herself:' Secret Life Of Us's Samuel Johnson opens up on

Samuel Johnson, best known for his role as Evan Wylde on the Secret Life Of Us, has opened up about the suicide of his girlfriend Lainie Woodlands, describing himself as 'the trigger' but not 'the cause'. The 36-year-old actor spoke about the night she died on February 5, 2006, which was so traumatic that he had to take some time away from the drama scene. 'I kind of bailed on her and then she killed herself, which was charming, so considerate,' he added with a lump in his throat. 'I was probably already not doing that well but when my girlfriend hanged herself, the night that I left her, s*** got pretty heavy.'

Revealed: Andrew Chan was wearing his Penrith Panthers jersey and was tied to a cross next to Myuran Sukumaran when they were executed... and prison guards wept as they led them from their cells

Andrew Chan wore Penrith Panthers jersey next to Myuran Sukumaran for execution

Andrew Chan wore his cherished Penrith Panthers rugby league jersey when he faced the firing squad on the prison island of Nusakambangan, his distraught brother Michael revealed. 'He told me he was going to wear his Panthers jersey, and he did,' said Michael. Reformed Bali Nine ringleaders Chan and Myuran Sukumaran (right) and their six fellow death row prisoners were tied to crosses with cable ties before being shot by a 12-member firing squad in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Priest Charlie Burrows said that some prison guards were crying at the end. The pair wore tunics with black marks over their hearts to guide the firing squad. The friends died next to each other at the one end of line at the execution ground (inset). Their bodies were brought to Jakarta on Wednesday after a 10-hour journey from Cilacap (left).

'All shots were done perfectly... much better than the first round of executions': Attorney-general boasts of 'smooth and orderly' firing squad... and shrugs off Tony Abbott's withdrawal of Australia's envoy

Indonesian attorney-general boasts of 'smooth' Bali 9 firing squad

Indonesia's Attorney-General has praised the firing squad that executed Bali Nine pair Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Muhammad Prasetyo said: 'All shots were done perfectly. These executions were carried out smoothly and in order - much better than the first round of executions in January.' He visited Nusakambangan on Wednesday, hours after Bali Nine pair were executed with other drug offenders. Prasetyo shrugged off diplomatic backlash from Australia after Prime Minister Tony Abbott (inset) slammed the executions as 'cruel and unnecessary' and announced he would withdraw Australia's ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson.

She's as grand as any royal-born, has won plaudits for her style and is mother to the heir (and soon the spare): How four years of marriage have transformed Kate Middleton

How Kate Middleton has transformed since her wedding to Prince William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married four years ago today but the intervening months have wrought quite the transformation on the middle class girl once known as Kate Middleton. Her wedding in 2011 (top right) kickstarted a royal career that saw her applauded at the London 2012 Olympics (bottom right), wow the inhabitants of New York (inset) and fulfil her main constitutional function - providing an heir in the shape of Prince George (left). But for all her love of high street fashion, very little of the ordinary girl who married a Prince now remains with the Duchess now doing royal life very much on her own terms.

Thigh-splits, block colours and flattering pleats: Who said that calf-length skirts have to be mumsy?

There's no harder length to get right than a midi-skirt, yet they're in every High Street shop this spring. But, this length can be great for lengthening legs, hiding ageing knees and skimming over hips.

Is this the best job is Australia? Ikea calls on YOU to test their famous meatballs and soft play areas... as they design the world's first customer built store

Is this the best job in Australia? Ikea calls on customers to test their famous meatballs

NEW Ikea are on the hunt for 30 lucky customers willing to spend the day tasting their famous meatballs and playing in their ball pits. The Swedish furniture store are calling on the public for their help in designing the world's first customer built store at their new Marsden Park premises in Western Sydney. To ensure it gets the thumbs up before it opens to the wider public on May 28, a series of uniquely Ikea roles are up for grabs including comfort coordinator, assembler and interior designers.

The original lady in red: Haunting collection of one-hundred-year-old images starring strawberry blonde teenager revealed to be among the earliest surviving colour photographs

Images currently on display at the National Media Museum, Bradford, show teen Christina O'Gorman, posing for her father, Mervyn O'Gorman back in 1913 at Lulworth Cove, Dorset.

Move over Amazon: Uber is about to launch a same-day delivery service for online shoppers, according to leaked documents

Sources claim that the San Francisco-based ride-sharing app is already in talks with Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's, Cohen's Fashion Optical and Hugo Boss to provide same-day delivery.

Incredible moment four-month-old baby is pulled ALIVE from the rubble after devastating earthquake hit Nepal killing more than 5,000

Nepal earthquake survivor is pulled from rubble after 82 hours trapped

The baby boy, who emerged from the wreckage covered in dust, was miraculously found amid the devastation after rescue workers heard the infant's faint cries. The military search team had already scoured the area near to the child's home in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, in the hope of finding the little boy. But they had moved on after believing the child had not survived. They only returned to the spot for the second time when the young boy's cries for help were heard from beneath the debris. An operation was then launched to pluck the baby to safety, 22 hours after the quake first hit. The boy was named locally as Sonit Awal and reported to be in stable condition. The whereabouts of his parents are unknown. The pictures emerged today as the first British fatality from the earthquake was confirmed.

Nepal's killer quake under the radar: Satellite images reveal how a huge area around Kathmandu has lifted up by more than 3 feet

Europe's Sentinel-1a satellite has produced an 'interferogram', which provides a colourful and highly detailed view of the the land mass changing around Kathmandu in Nepal.

'I can return home to a country with food and water... many don't have that option': How Australian woman and her mother, who cheated death in Nepal earthquake, are helping others while they await evacuation 

Sydney's Alice Forrest, 27, and her mother were on the trip of a lifetime in Nepal are now stranded in a disaster zone, after they survived a landslide on a bus. They are now helping the devastated Nepalese.

'My pastor is going to have a fit': U.S. 'mum of the year' who chased her son home from riots reacts to praise and reveals she recognised him from his baggy sweatpants

Baltimore mom Toya Graham who chased her son from riots reacts to praise

Toya Graham, a single mother-of-six from Baltimore, said on Wednesday (pictured) that she 'just lost it' (top left) when she saw her 16-year-old son Michael at Monday's riots carrying a rock and walking towards police officers. She has been praised across the country by other moms and even Baltimore's police chief for dragging him home. She poignantly added: 'That's my only son and at the end of the day, I don't want him to be a Freddie Gray. Graham (below left with son Michael) added: 'Is he a perfect boy? No he's not. But he's mine.'

Australia revealed to have invented the word 'selfie' as more than 2000 Aussie phrases and words are added to Oxford Dictionaries 

Mark Gwynn, from the National Dictionary Centre, revealed that 'selfie' is believed to have first been used by Australian man Nathan Hope, who shared an image of his busted lip in a forum post in 2002.

Hard-core porn, violent YouTube videos and online dating: A devastating new book reveals the terrifying truth about what teens really get up to on their laptops and smart phones

Do you know what your teenager looks at on their laptop or smart phone? Former teacher Chloe Combi spent two years finding out, and the truth will no doubt terrify parents everywhere.

'I'm allergic to cats': How injured Boston Bomber went from wannabe martyr to meek and mild detainee when medics quizzed moments after his surrender

The testimony came as his lawyers seek to spare him the death penalty, arguing he was a pawn in his older brother Tamerlan's al-Qaeda-inspired scheme to attack the Boston Marathon.

Maybe don't put another one on the barbie! Study finds frozen shrimp are riddled with deadly bacteria and antibiotics

The study published by Consumer Reports investigated 342 packages of frozen shrimp only to discover that 60 per cent carried bacteria that can cause disease in humans.

'I've had friends beaten and killed by the police': Teen who was filmed being told off by his mom for rioting speaks out - and says he now 'regrets' his actions

'I've had friend's beaten and killed by the police': Teenager, 16, caught rioting by his

NEW Michael Graham, 16, was caught on camera being clobbered by his mother for trying to join in Monday's rioting in Baltimore. He says he wanted to 'show respect' for friends of his that have been 'beaten and killed' by the police. He told Anderson Cooper he couldn't believe it when he saw his mother in the midst of Monday's disturbances and coming towards him. 'I was just like oh man! My mother. What is my mother doing here?' he said. 'When I heard "put that brick down" I was like "oh that's my mama!"

Pictured: The teen accused of raping and bashing to death a pregnant McDonald's worker - and then going home to watch Bad Boys II

Teen accused of raping and bashing to death pregnant Joan Ryther

The teen accused of carrying out a horrific sex attack on a pregnant woman and bashing her until she choked to death has been identified as Andrew Michael Burke (left). He was 17 when 27-year-old Joan Ryther (right) was assaulted, raped and murdered in Logan, south of Brisbane.  He was arrested for the gruesome crime on his 18th birthday. The now 19-year-old appeared in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Wednesday as the victim's disturbing injuries were described. Moments after Ms Joan Ryther's accused killer was committed to stand trial, her husband Cory (inset) fought back tears. He told the court that he is haunted by a recurring nightmare where he can't reach his partner and child.

Pope says young are too scared of divorce to get married: Francis says those who saw parents separate think marrying carries a huge risk of failure

Pope Francis told a crowd in St Peter's Square, Rome, that the decline of marriage is part of a cycle of family breakdowns plaguing the West and said it is causing young people to be scared of marriage.

Out of control Russian spacecraft is a 'total loss': Officials admit space station supply craft will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere

Progress M-27M will fall back to Earth in a matter of days, experts have said. The ISS-bound spacecraft suffered a glitch after launching yesterday and is now spinning out of control.

'I lost both my legs under a train - then the rail company sued me!' Diana Morgan-Hill was rushing to meet a friend when, in a split second, her life changed forever

Diana Morgan-Hill sued by British rail after she lost both legs in train accident

NEW Diana Morgan-Hill, 54, from London, has written a moving book about the devastating train accident which cost her both of her legs, and the injustice of her subsequent five-year legal battle with British Rail who publicly announced plans to sue her, just days after she emerged from an intensive care unit in St George's Hospital, Tooting. Diana's books also tells the story of her indefatigable battle against both disability and injustice. Left: Diana, now 54, has written a book called 'Love & Justice: A Compelling True Story Of Triumph Over Tragedy'. Right: Diana with her daughter Lara and ex-husband David after winning her court case in 1995; Center: Diana on the beach with friends before her accident; Inset: Diana with her friend Katie and Katie's son Billy, this picture was taken while Diana was undergoing rehabilitation at Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton.

Did one forget his gym gear? Prince visits sports centre as he prepares to become a grandfather for the second time

The Prince of Wales opened a sports centre at the Dumfries House Estate in Cumnock, East Ayrshire, taking part in a spin class and playing table tennis while he awaits the birth of his new grandchild.

H&M; left red-faced after T-shirt includes glaring 'GENIOUS' spelling error as famous Thomas Edison quote is given an extra vowel on the white top

Designers at H&M; failed to spot a serious spelling blooper on one of their men's tops. An 'o' has been added in where it isn't needed and the real kicker is that the misspelt word is 'genius'.

Caught in the act: Chinese teacher sacked after student films him kissing 16-year-old pupil in classroom 

Chinese teacher sacked after student films him kissing female student

A video of a middle school teacher hugging and kissing a schoolgirl in China has sparked nationwide outrage and resulted in Mr Xu teacher being fired from his job. Investigations were launched by the local government and education authority after the footage was shared online.

Apple's Watch won't work if you have TATTOOS: Claims heart rate sensor malfunctions when worn on some inked wrists

The Californian company has yet to comment on reports that some tattooed owners of the Apple Watch are experiencing problems with the heart rate sensor, which is used for various functions on the device.

Concerns grow for Paul Gascoigne as he misses opening night of his daughter Bianca's club after 'downing bottle of gin, then emptying minibar and passing out'

Paul Gascoigne misses opening night of Bianca's strip club Gaslight

The football legend (pictured) travelled to London yesterday to attend the glitzy event at the Gaslight club, but on the way he allegedly drank a whole bottle of gin. Sources said that when Mr Gascoigne arrived at his luxury hotel in central London, he drank everything in the minibar, then passed out and had to be watched overnight for his own protection. The former England player was seen this morning (right) chatting to staff outside the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair (left) as Bianca (inset) spoke of her sadness at seeing him relapse.


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Let's NOT go out to the ballgame: Baltimore hosts baseball's first ever game behind closed doors as protesters take to streets again

Let's NOT go out to the ballgame: Baseball's first ever game behind closed doors gets

The players of the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox lined up for the national anthem this afternoon in front of an empty stadium, in unprecedented scenes never before witnessed in the history of baseball. With the National Guard posted outside Camden Yards and debris still being cleaned up off the streets, the Orioles played the first ever MLB game behind closed doors. Just before the players took the field The Beatles 'Day Tripper' blared out the PA system to an eerie stadium and 45,000 empty seats. The game was held behind closed doors, and the Orioles and Chicago White Sox played because it was the best time to fill out the schedule for both teams.

Saudi king removes his half-brother as crown prince and replaces him with counterterrorism czar following arrest of 93 suspected ISIS members 

Saudi Arabia's King Salman named counter terrorism czar Prince Mohammed bin Nayef (pictured) as his new crown prince, following news 93 people were arrested for links to ISIS.

Baby 'Lily Grace', found buried on a beach, given loving funeral attended by couple who 'adopted' her and dozens of locals

Newborn 'Lily Grace' found deceased and buried on a Sydney beach last year has been farewelled through a somber funeral celebrating her short life by the family who 'adopted' her to give her a memorial.

The classiest (and cleverest) kettles money can buy... you can even switch them on with your phone on the way home! 

Peter Hobbs invented the automatic electric kettle 60 years ago, and now there are a wide variety of high-tech models on the market, some of which can even be controlled by a mobile phone.

Can future riots be quelled using STINK BOMBS? Police are testing foul 'skunk' liquid to disperse crowds, claims report

NEW Maryland-based group, Mistral, is providing Skunk to police departments in the United States, including at Ferguson, according to a Defense One report.

'Lonely' pensioner cuts his family and friends out of his will - then leaves entire $1 million fortune to a BUILDER who cleaned his gutters for free

'Lonely' pensioner left entire fortune to builder who cleaned his gutters for free

When he cleared the gutters at a pensioner's bungalow, builder Daniel Sharp (right) waived the fee and said it was a 'nothing job'. But it resulted in an unexpected windfall six years later when Ronald Butcher (left), 75, left him his entire £500,000 estate, disinheriting his relatives. His family are disputing his will in the High Court, claiming it does not reflect Mr Butcher's 'true last wish'. But Mr Sharp says the document, drawn up two months before Mr Butcher's death, is valid and that he must have 'fallen out' with his family. Mr Butcher's body was found in his home (centre) in Enfield, north London, two months after he died in March last year.

Woman's obituary notes she's survived by 'a s***load' of grandchildren

A Pennsylvania woman who died last week was subsequently honored with an obituary that noted she was survived by exactly a 's***load of grandchildren.'

Wallpaper made from employee doodles, 'no rules', and interns who bank $7,000 per month: Why Facebook is the best company to work for in America

epa04699444 US founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, participates in the closure of the II CEO Summit of the Americas, in Panama City, on 10 April 2015. The Americas Summit will be held on 10 and 11 April.  EPA/Alejandro Bolivar

Facebook's employee benefits and high salaries make it the best company to work for in America, according to Business Insider's 50 Best Companies To Work For in America list.

Can't resist the chocolate aisle? Eating an apple before going to the supermarket primes shoppers to buy healthy food

People who ate a bit of apple before going shopping bought 25 per cent more fruits and vegetables and more low calorie foods, researchers from Cornell University discovered.

'China doll' bride who has broken every bone in her body - some triggered by a SNEEZE - defies odds to walk down aisle

'China doll' bride Rebecca Dinsdale has broken EVERY bone in her body

Rebecca Dinsdale, 31, from Somerset, was born with brittle bone disease and doctors warned she would never sit up or walk unaided, and would be lucky to live beyond the age of two. She was born with every bone in her body broken, and over the years has suffered hundreds of fractures - some being triggered by an act as simple as a sneeze. The condition prompted Mrs Dinsdale's parents Patsy and Andrew Dixon to nickname their daughter, their 'china doll'. And it was with a huge burst of pride that Mr Dixon walked his daughter down the aisle on her big day. It was the furthest the 3ft 7in bride had ever walked without her zimmer-frame supporting her. Her husband, Norman, 35, was taken aback, having expected to greet his bride in her wheelchair.

Microsoft opens up Windows to Android and Apple apps in bid to attract developers

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivers his keynote address at Microsoft Build in San Francisco, California April 29, 2015. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Microsoft hopes to lure more people to use its new Windows 10 software by making it easy to use apps they're already using on Apple or Android phones, it has announced in San Francisco.

Woman slave who was tortured and chained by the neck to a desk for two years by Mexican family got so hungry she would eat POLYTHENE wrapping on clothes she was forced to iron 

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Known as Zunduri, 22, (pictured) she was forced to work in a dry cleaning business in Mexico City for 12 hours a day and beaten when she tried to take a break.

Keep your background blurry, never use a flash and DON'T overuse filters: How to turn your dull food images into Instagram food porn in 12 simple steps

From simple tips such as transforming the shape of your food, to the slightly more complicated method of framing your picture, FEMAIL speaks to photographer Franz Vitulli to get some pointers.

From black and lacy to hipster cut, Company unveils new line of SEXY incontinence underwear... and now their customers are asking for G-strings!

The first 'sexy incontinence knickers' range has launched thanks to New Zealand company ConfiTEX, who noticed a gap in market for lacy incontinence underwear.

The saddest owl in the world: Bird looks miserable after getting caught in the rain

Owl looks miserable after getting caught in the rain for Duggak Photo Contest

Move over grumpy cat - a wildlife photographer's picture of a miserable owl forced to stand in the pouring rain has gone viral, with internet users nicknaming it the 'world's saddest owl'. Shamma Esoof, 28, took the photograph at Penang Bird Park in Malaysia and it went on to win first place in the Duggak Capture the Moment Photo Contest.

What DOES 100 calories look like? From a third of a muffin to a sliver of cheese - we reveal how much of your favourite foods you can eat...

We reveal what 100 calories looks like in snacks

EXCLUSIVE: Research shows most people underestimate the calories in food and what constitutes a portion. Here, dietitian Helen Bond reveals a range of 100 calorie snacks. Pictured, from left to right, is a quarter of a pain au chocolat, a sliver of cheese, an apple and a handful of grapes, a third of an American blueberry muffin, four peaches, four and a half Brazil nuts, 27 strawberries, three tablespoons of low fat hummus and crudites, three quarters of a can of Coke, eight apricots, an oat cake smeared in a tablespoon of low fat hummus and cucumber slices, and half a bar of chocolate.

'Any larger and she will burst': Doctors refuse to operate on surgery-obsessed transgender woman who wants 38MMM breasts so she can look like a blow-up doll

Katella Dash, 38, from Minneapolis, revealed during last night's episode of Botched that she has already spent close to $100,000 on plastic surgery in order to look like a blow-up sex doll.

Could we be waiting until next week for the royal baby? Westminster Council confirms parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing have been extended for another five days

The world is holding its breath for the latest addition to the royal family but could the renewed parking restrictions outside the exclusive Lindo Wing mean that we could be waiting a little longer?

Baby-faced killer jailed for 40 YEARS for sexually assaulting and then stabbing Morgan Huxley to death in his apartment

'Worthless psychopath' jailed for 40 YEARS for sexually assaulting and then stabbing

Daniel Jack Kelsall (pictured, left), the 'worthless psychopath' who sexually assaulted Sydney man Morgan Huxley (pictured, inset) before stabbing him to death in his apartment has been sentenced to 40 years in jail. The 22-year-old was given a 30-year non-parole period and a further one-year sentence for indecent assault backdated to October 8 2013. Dressed in a grey suit, the man who Huxley's girlfriend (pictured, right) described as a 'worthless psychpath', stared straight ahead and made no expression as Justice Robert Allan Hulme sentenced him to a maximum term of 40 years, saying 'this is a chilling case of murder'.

Hell hath no fury! The shocking moment a furious wife goes berserk and tears off the windscreen of her husband's car with her BARE hands to get to him as he cowers behind the wheel 

The alarming video, which was captured in the Jiangsu Province of China, shows the woman pulling the shattered windscreen back with bloodied fingers as her terrified husband hides inside the car.

It detoxifies, cleanses the liver and boasts an unbeatable amount of antioxidants: Forget coconuts... why ARTICHOKE water will be this summer's 'it' drink

The artichoke is is being deified amongst foodie trendsetters who insist just one baby heirloom in a bottle can offer life-improving immunity, inflammatory and detoxification benefits.

Rock School reality star Lil' Chris was found hanged at home by friend after struggle with depression, inquest hears

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Lindberg/REX Shutterstock (635444d).. Lil Chris.. Cheerios Childline Concert, Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland - 28 Jan 2007.. ..

An inquest into the death of Chris Hardman, better known as pop singer Lil Chris, heard his body was found hanged at him home in Lowestoft by a friend on March 23.

You CAN learn to love being alone: A widow's poignant testimony that will move and inspire you 

Widows poignant testimony about living alone that will move and inspire you 

Barney Bardsley (pictured left and centre), 58, was widowed aged 47 and has one daughter, Molly. Barney's husband, Tim (far right), died in 2004, at 47, after a long battle with cancer which was diagnosed just three years into their marriage. She says it's been hard to feel comfortable in herself as a single person since her husband died.

Having a challenging job could prevent dementia: It helps keep brain active and slows the rate of decline in memory and thinking, study says

According to a study by researchers at the University of Leipzig, those with challenging jobs such as being a doctor or nurse, had half the rate of decline in memory and thinking in later life.

The FART tracker: $120 sensor in your back pocket can analyse the gases you produce - and tell you how to improve your diet

CH4 is a wearable device that you can put in your pocket or attach to your belt and it helps you to reduce your gases.

The gadget, called CH4, is worn in the back pocket and analyses the gases produced when its owner breaks wind, according to its New York inventor.

The pornographic film all men are allowed to watch: New adult movie seeks to raise awareness about testicular cancer

The project is a collaboration between Victoria based testicular cancer awareness group Blue Ball Foundation and popular American adult film studio Digital Playground.

Tourist is trampled to death by a giraffe while cycling through South African game reserve during family holiday 

The body of Braam Bosse, 45, was found next to his bike near Bela Bela in Limpopo province with injuries police say are consistent with being trampled.

Size 18 woman dubbed the Naomi Campbell of the plus-size modelling industry lands major fashion campaigns and a starring role in Jay Z's music video

Size 18 Liris Crosse, 'the Naomi Campbell' lands major fashion campaigns

Liris, 32, who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, shared her journey to the top with FEMAIL and recalls how she wanted to break into the modelling world since she was a young girl who idolises Naomi Campbell, inset. After landing top campaigns Stateside, the UK is noticing her talents and she recently walked in plus size fashion week, where she was snapped up by Evans.

That looks familiar! New Chinese sports car looks suspiciously like the front of a Ferrari stuck onto the back of a Porsche 

The Suzhou Eagle Carrie was marketed as an all-electric sports car which is capable of 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds, when it was unveiled at a car show in Shanghai.

Parents left terrified by cruel new 'game' on Facebook that see children dare each other to vanish for 72 hours without telling relatives

An anxious worried concerned teenage girl reading her Facebook page on a laptop at home, England.

Authorities have been alerted to the game after a 13-year-old girl from northern France went missing for three days last week, and claimed to have been challenged to the 'Game of 72' dare.

'I wish he hadn't killed himself... I wanted him to suffer': House of Horrors victim Gina DeJesus on her struggle to come to terms with her ordeal at the hands of Ariel Castro - but says she has FORGIVEN him 

Gina DeJesus on her struggle to deal with Ariel Castro ordeal

Gina DeJesus (top left) was one of three women held captive by Castro in his Cleveland home where she endured years of rapes and was held in chains. Just a month after Castro was sentenced to life in prison after he admitted holding the Gina captive along with Amanda Berry (bottom left) he hanged himself in his prison cell. Gina, who was just 14 when she was taken, told ABC News 'I wish he wouldn't [have] killed himself because I wanted him to suffer.'

Forget jeans, never take flip-flops and you only need three sets of underwear: What NOT to pack when travelling abroad

Most airlines should let you check-in 20-25kg (44-55lb), although that can drop to 15kg on certain carriers. Shaving a few kilos off your suitcase is easy with a little common sense and advanced planning.

'I saw some of the most beautiful things and some of the most awful': Veteran shares remastered photos he took during Vietnam War as he went from fresh-faced recruit to hardened soldier 

Vet James Loesch shares remastered photos of Vietnam War in 1967

James Loesch, now 68, (inset) was only just out of his teens when he was flown from his home in suburban New Jersey to Phu Loi, South Vietnam, in 1967. As a young helicopter crew member (left) he set about capturing what he would come to call 'the longest year' of his life with his camera - from the children they met on their travels (top right), to a visit by Hollywood star Henry Fonda (bottom right).


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Wet and wild: Photographer spends decade documenting the weird and wonderful world of swamp buggy racing 

Malcolm Lightner spends decade photographing swamp buggy racing 

Malcolm Lightner now lives in New York but was brought up in a trailer park in Naples, Florida, just a street away from the first official race that started the sport. He started taking pictures in homage to his family as his great-uncle was one of the original swamp buggy drivers.

Flushed out! Hilarious pictures show drug dealer's unsuccessful attempt to get rid of his stash when police came knocking - down the TOILET 

Police officers executing a search warrant in Newham, east London discovered a bathroom floor covered in a green leaf-like substance which someone had tried to flush down the toilet.



Is this the most incredible picture ever taken on a smartphone? Photographer captures image of a model with huge fiery angel wings on a mobile WITHOUT Photoshop

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong snaps model with fiery angel wings on smartphone

Canadian photographer, Benjamin Von Wong, 28, captured incredible images of a model appearing to sport huge fiery angel wings using just a smartphone and some pyrotechnics in a fantastical European-style location in Shanghai. A Chinese phone company challenged him to shoot a picture in which a model was surrounded with fire, using only a Huawei P8 mobile phone and without digital doctoring.

A bird's-eye view! Pilots reveal the world's most beautiful cities from above... and where to sit for the best vantage point 

No matter what class you have paid for, sometimes the best part of a flight is the breathtaking view out of the window and there's no better guide to the sights than a pilot.

Swan ponds, an ampitheatre, sea on three sides... and Giorgio Armani as a neighbour: Inside the most luxurious holiday homes on the planet (which could be yours if you have a spare £24million)

From Italy to the island of Mauritius, the summer homes of the ultra-wealthy are simply the stuff of dreams for the rest of us. Here, MailOnline Travel takes you inside the ultimate luxury villas.

Antarctica's eerie 'Blood Falls' leads to lakes teeming with life: Bacteria under the ice causes water to turn a deep red colour

Scientists led by the University of Tennessee detected the subsurface by using a hoop-like electromagnetic sensor suspended beneath a helicopter to map the McMurdo Dry Valleys.

Camping gets comfortable: Insulated tent keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and blocks out noisy neighbours

Camping gets comfortable: Insulated tent keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and

Thermo Tent (main pictured) uses lightweight insulation inside to regulate temperature, as can be seen in the inset on the bottom right. Inventor Derek O'Sullivan, from Ireland, came up the idea after waking up cold on a family camping trip. The insulation (also seen around the bedroom area in the image bottom left) can also help to keep out sound from noisy campers nearby.