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Hello everyone,

A few months ago we launched out first public version of the Vivaldi browser. Since then we have made a lot of improvements, added many new features, fixed tons of bugs, and created many new ones. At the same time we have seen great progress as far as localization of the browser goes. As localization manager I would like to say a few words about this part of the development process.

Few of you will remember how many languages we supported in our first public release. It wasn’t many, less than 10. Those translations were done by us internally. We are an international team so we were able to cope with it. However, it was far from enough supported languages. Right now the Vivaldi browser is used in the more than 200 countries! We do of course want to offer native support for all those users in their own language.

There are many ways to localize software. We have chosen a very effective one. We created the Vivaldi Translation Team and invited you, our users, to take part in it. Thus you got the opportunity to participate in the development process and get a browser with native support for most in return. Today we support 40 languages, including 10 languages not supported in Google Chrome! This have been possible thanks to more than 100 volunteer translators from 32 countries around the world.

The result is amazing, a we’ve only just begun hoping that we for the first stable release can offer many additional languages supported. This depend on you just as much as on us.

Below you can see the full list of supported languages. If you do not see your native language, and if you are able to help we will offer you a warm welcome to the team!

Supported locales in Vivaldi browser:

  1. Arabic
  2. Belorussian*
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Czech
  5. German
  6. Greek
  7. English
  8. Esperanto*
  9. Spanish
  10. Estonian
  11. Persian*
  12. French
  13. Galician*
  14. Croatian
  15. Hungarian
  16. Armenian*
  17. Indonesian
  18. Ido*
  19. Icelandic*
  20. Italian
  21. Japanese
  22. Lojban*
  23. Korean
  24. Latvian
  25. Macedonian*
  26. Norwegian Bokmål
  27. Dutch
  28. Norwegian Nynorsk*
  29. Polish
  30. Portuguese (Brazil)
  31. Portuguese (Portugal)
  32. Russian
  33. Slovak
  34. Slovenian
  35. Serbian
  36. Swedish
  37. Turkish
  38. Ukrainian
  39. Vietnamese
  40. Chinese (China)
  41. Chinese (Taiwan)

Note: languages marked by * are not supported in Google Chrome

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Ilya Shpankov

Have been working on browsers marketing during the last 12 years. Started in Vivaldi in 2013, working as Marketing, Localisation and Community manager.

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