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What is Project Fit?

PROJECT FIT is a fitness challenge like no other. It is a new, revolutionary and innovative interval training workout. Using our years of knowledge and expertise we have formulated the best body transformation exercises, combined with treadmill intervals, to create the ultimate workout experience.


We are opening our first studio in the City of London, located 50 metres from Bank Station on Cornhill. We have a state of the art urban studio, fully equipped male and female changing rooms and a retro juice bar and lounge area.


In just one hour you can burn up to an incredible 1000 calories. Interval Training shocks the body and dramatically boosts the metabolic rate, forcing the body to draw out fat stores and use them for fuel. This aids weight loss, improves body tone, body shape and muscular endurance. Train our way and your metabolism works harder for days afterwards. This is called ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ or ‘afterburn’.

High intensity exercise can boost your metabolism up to 10% more, and when the body is pushed and tested during exercise it can take 3 days for your metabolic rate to return to its normal level. Project Fit will guide you through the ultimate workout that will give you the results you have always dreamed of.