Recommendation 86

This short video by PJ Starr highlights “Recommendation 86,” one of 200 recommendations the United States received from the Human Rights Council at the United Nations several years ago. Recommendation 86 calls on the Obama administration to “…ensure access to public services paying attention to the special vulnerability of sexual …

Lavern Cox supports Transgender Fight

“Orange is the New Black” actress taking part in open discussion Tuesday night (Aug 5, 2014) PHOENIX – A student and activist convicted under Phoenix’s “manifesting” prostitution ordinance plans to file an appeal, and she is getting support from an Emmy-nominated actress, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union …

Support Monica Jones

We Stand With Monica Jones.

Monica Jones is a trans activist and sex worker rights advocate who lives in Phoenix; she is also a student at ASU who recently gained entrance into the university’s School of Social Work. In May 2013 she was profiled and falsely arrested through a prostitution diversion program called Project Rose.

Monica is fighting for her rights and awaiting trial.

Police violence is the biggest danger faced by sex workers, and Arizona has some of the most harmful and it sex worker laws in the U.S. Trans woman of color are routinely profiled as sex workers by police and then jailed with men.

Join SWOP Phoenix in the fight to free Monica, stop Project ROSE, and end stigma and criminalization of sex work.