KAFA event was hosted at Karaj on Friday April 19 to launch the Lebanese video of the “One Billion Rising” international campaign to stop violence against women. The video “Rah Oum, Rah Osrohk”, sang by Siwar Rohana, was shot with the help of volunteers who danced on Alexandre Paulikevitch’s choreography. Nada Abou Farhat, a […]


…Skip to minute 16:10 On March 20, Lamasat, a show on Future TV, arrived to Karaj to shoot some footage of the space, interview the founders/directors of Lamba Labs and take part in “Build Night”. The shoot lasted almost 4 hours. The interviews first started with the Lamba Labs members who talked about the hackerspace’s […]

Uprising of Women in the Arab world

All through the previous night, a group of dedicated Lamba Labs members completed the third and final iteration of the silk-screen at Karaj, etching a design that portrayed a woman’s head within the geographical boundaries of the Middle East and North Africa- a woman in the Arab world. This creative design made by Hassan Al […]


On wednesday 30th of January Lamba Labs decided to join the  global hackerspace community with this memorial hackathon and build night at Karaj in memory of Aaron Swartz. Aaron was a talented young man who wielded his programming and writing skills as an internet activist. Demand Progress, the online group he founded, is known for its […]


By Hind Hobeika and Joanne Hayek Beirut Global Shapers’s hub has finally launched! On December 21st, around 80 people came to Karaj Beirut celebrate Beirut Global Shapers’ Launch and to discuss and contribute to our upcoming projects. Fares first started by giving a brief overview of what the Global Shapers are and what they do. He then introduced the Beirut Shapers […]

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Another workshop, another packed space as Karaj was full of people last week for Lamba Labs’ illustration workshop! Patrick Sfeir, aspiring animation director, came down to teach the Lambas and over 30 attendees about the basics of drawing. More and more people started coming in as The Lambas ran out of tables and chairs to […]


Type of Theater class: Drama Date of class: TBA Time of the class: from 6pm-10pm Price of  the class: $50 UPDATE: the class has been postponed to a later date (TBA soon) so stay tuned! UPDATE: Dunkin Donuts has just signed on as a sponsor! Act on Spot performance teaches you how to be spontaneous and […]

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Last Monday was a special day for a few special little people! Wellspring Learning Community brought 9 talented children to Lamba Labs to learn about hackerspaces, the hacker community and the do-it-yourself attitude that the Lambas pride themselves on. After a great interactive presentation about hacker culture, the space was divided into 5 stations, each […]


It’s finally time for another “spotlight” post! We asked Hind Hobeika,  one of our favorite roomies to write about what she has been up to for the past year and a half  and how Karaj helped her meet her goals. Hind, an engineer/inventor is one of the very first people to apply for a membership […]

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The Laser Harp instantly grabbed everyone's attention

Lamba Labs never misses a chance to make an impact on the big stage, and this time it was the biggest one yet. Over 1200 people attended this year’s TEDxBeirut, to watch amazing talks by the country’s most inspiring speakers. Hidden in one of Unesco Palace’s corners however was where all the fun stuff was […]

Al Arabiya article

You read that title correctly. Lamba Labs, Beirut’s first Hackerspace has been featured on Al Arabiya News! During the “Bristlebot Roborace Workshop” back on October 18th, two representatives from Reuters visited Karaj and interviewed some of the members. The result is this article where Karaj, the members, and the mission of Lamba Labs are discussed. […]

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Halloween 2

This Halloween, Karaj was the place to be as Lamba Labs hosted an amazing “Glow in the Dark Socializing” party. Over 50 guests, many of them meeting the Lambas for the first time, came and enjoyed the attractions on show at the geeky haunted house. The main room was pitch black apart from neon lights […]

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The BristleBots

Ever wonder what you can do with an old toothbrush? Lamba Labs has the answer! Last thursday, the labs held their weekly workshop at Karaj, this time showing guests and members how to create “BristleBots”. BristleBots are those cute little things in the picture above. Using the vibration motor from cell phones, the toothbrush heads […]

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Everyone loved Clara's cyborg dance

Friday the 5th was a great night for Lamba Labs and Karaj. Over 50 people came to Karaj to attend Lamba Labs’ Chaos Maker Party, the hackerspace’s Share conference pre-party. Food, drinks, robots and an amazing dance performance by Clara Sfeir were all on show during the event; and guests also lined up to have […]

Lamba Labs' Double Pendulum

Lamba Labs will be holding a Share Conference pre-party event at Karaj Beirut on Friday the 5th at 7:00 pm. Meet our creations and pimp your profile pictures with our dynamic light painting installations. Also on show is an amazing dance performance that combines electronics, sound and movement at 7:30 pm. Be sure to drop […]

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Lamba Labs POV display

Lamba Labs is Beirut’s first hackerspace and we’ve partnered up with them for a month of awesome activities. A hackerspace is a collaborative community space focused on helping people connect and work on projects. We’re happy to be a part of bringing this movement to Beirut! GEMSI is here helping to document some of the […]


On wednesday June 27th, Karaj hosted the Making Beirut v1.0 event which was part of the Beirut Design Week 2012. For four consecutive days, the rooms of Karaj were filled with electronics and robotic gadgets made by local electronic developers. This event was the first of its kind in Lebanon that showcased the work of  local […]





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Making Beirut v1.0 poster

  Karaj and Beirut Design week invite you to Making Beirut v1.0, a show opening on Wednesday June 27th featuring flying copters, weird robots, surfaces turned interactive, social RFID and many more oddities. The show consists of an open studio and is the first showcase of some of Lebanon’s up and coming hardware hackers, and […]

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  On Saturday April 21st, Karaj ran a 3D printing workshop and 10 people from different backgrounds partipicated. Our host ( for the 2nd time) was none other than the wonderful Bilal Ghalib. Bilal gave the attendees an overview of 3D printing and even helped a couple make their own models. The workshop was a […]