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Issue 1238: [ documentation request ] host file system
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Reported by, Mar 12, 2012

I am trying to debug my homebrew app PS24VJ ( within the emulator.
My app requires loading external files... That working fine on the real hardware using mass:/ but can't get it to work on the emulator.
I have ticked the host system option, tried with host:/, cdrom:/ but no luck.

Where can I find documentation about this host system feature?

Thank you

Mar 12, 2012
#1 ramapcsx2
It's been a while since I worked with homebrew but here goes:

-Did you put your external files in the same directory as the .elf?
-Make sure to use host:/ as we don't support USB or the hard disk well.

Here's code I found in some samples we used:


Mar 12, 2012
Thanks for your help, i made it work:

//test if file exists, works on pcsx2
char fileName1[255];
unsigned char data;
FILE* f;

strcat( fileName1, "./myfile.bin");
printf("testing is file exists: %s \n", fileName1);
f=fopen(fileName1 ,"rb");
if (f==NULL)printf("NO \n");
printf("YES \n");
fread(&data, sizeof(unsigned char), 1 ,f);
printf("data = %d \n", data);

but can't get content of dirs the same way it's working on the console. That's fine, just opening file through the emulator is fine for debugging.
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