fe yu ke ri di yu ke ta esata

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Esata is a newly designed 'constructed language.' It is a bare bones version
of the English language, which has also been internationalized to a high degree.
In the target language, Esata is a 'phrase word' meaning 'know (how to) speak.'
In Esata a compromise is being sought between the now globally dominant English,
and the rest of the world's major languages. Many people have studied English
and can speak it well, but millions of others who do not have the time or the
educational background are also speaking it, badly. Less competent speakers of
English represent an ever increasing user group. Eventually, we can expect that
the numbers of those who speak some Creole or corrupted version of English will
predominate over those who speak it well. In this context Esata is proposed as
the basis for a standard internationalized 'creole English', an attempt to gain
control over the 'vulgarized' form of the language, and influence its future.

There are several features of Esata that should interest researchers in the area
of artificial languages. It is regular and highly compact, with text lengths
considerably shorter than those of English. A novel feature is the use of
'phrase words' abbreviated forms allowing definition of new vocabulary and
concepts, both from English and from all the world's major languages. Esata
also contains an (optional) new alphabet, which can represent up to 4 normal
letters in a compact yet easy to read matrix.

Words are formed from syllables of consonant plus vowel. The normal English
alphabet is used, but vowels have only one sound, and some consonants have
different sounds (c as ch, x as sh).

Here are some examples of phrases in Esata:

hubiyu who are you?
wobixi where is she?
vayuti what do you think?
bidara is that right?
hobihiko how is he coming?
weyovisa when will I know?
biherelanu Is it running like new?

wixuha tidafoda We should have thought of that
zekubiqi They could be here
minotavegu I don't talk very good
feyunosanose If you don't know, don't say
wikegotodexa We can go to the shop
mikarelanu My car runs like new.

for the primary list, short forms of English are used. When a word
from another language is more concise, it is usually preferred. Approximately
half of the vocabulary of Esata is from foreign sources, making the language
very international.

A special feature of Esata is the use of 'phrase words', which are contractions
of several one syllable words into a short form. Using a prefix syllable, which
serves as a language qualifier, up to 100 different language origens can be
defined, each with an associated list of 10,000 phrase words, so in principle up
to a million foreign phrase words are definable. Other phrase words based on
two syllable Esata words allow for definition of several million other
special purpose expressions, many of which can replace conventional vocabulary.

In the examples below, the prefix letter 'e' indicates English
egoge go get - fetch
emunu must new - urgent renewal
ejasi God see - omniscience
epama past man - predecessor
epoci power drink - alcohol
efasi far see - telescope
esohu some who - someone
emalu man place - eg. men's club
ewobi where be - location
ebagu bad good - pro and contra
ehogo how go - means of transport
ekuko could come - might happen
etiso think some - reflect

The grammar of Esata is quite straightforward, based primarily on English.
In the language description online there are complete details and an adequate
set of vocabulary. Anyone interested in trying the language can learn quickly
the 'primary meanings list' given below consisting of all the one syllable words.
From this list you can make your own sentences and phrase words as in the example
above, and experiment with the language. Esata is a 'personal language', meaning
you can use it to communicate easily with your friends, but others will not be able
to understand you.

This is the kernel of the Esata language, the primary meanings list.
In most cases syllables are close to their English equivalents.
In some cases no English word with a similar sound was found,
and so a foreign source word was adopted.

ba bad be but bi be bo boy bu boom
ca hello ce there is, are ci drink co there is not cu eat
da that de the di this do money du do
fa of fe if fi feel fo for fu future
ga girl ge get gi give go go gu good
ha have he it hi he ho how hu who
ja God je just ji high jo joy ju low
ka car ke can ki key ko come ku could
la like le let (object) li little lo love lu place
ma man me may mi me mo more mu must
na and ne a, an ni in no no nu new
pa past pe pay pi please po power pu put
qa there qe question qi here qo quote qu cool
ra right re run, work ri read ro wrong ru room
sa know se say si see so some su soon
ta talk te thing ti think to to tu too
va what ve very vi will vo or vu (esc/cntrl)
wa why we when wi we wo where wu woman
xa shop xe sure xi she xo show xu should
ya yes ye yeh, refl.pronoun yi you (formal) yo I yu you
za (escape/data) ze they zi easy zo so zu life

several changes in primary list were made on 09/06

Example Texts in Esata

Now we present a few sample dialogs, with translation. Esata is intended to be a
personal language, so most of these are typical conversations that you would expect
to hear at street level.

Dlog wan: Jono na Jeno

ca jono
hi John
ca jeno, hobiyu?
hi Jane, how are you?
yobigu, nayu?
I'm good, and you?
gutu dank, vayubidu?
good too, thanks, what are you doing?
yobida teka brek fom studa.
I was taking a break from studying.
mitu, fi lak mihed goha bu.
Me too, feel like my head is going to explode.
Sem witmi. Yola lerna beje nefew horz hetnetam.
Same with me. I like learning but just a few hours at a time
Ya, yura. Sovayu godu naw?
Yes, you're right. So what are you going to do now?
Nosa, ti mebi gonide cit.
Don't know, think maybe go in the city.
Nide cit, wano? Wonago togeti?
In the city, why not? Want to go together?
Ya, lezgo. Hir bije debus, hayu netik?
Yeh, let's go. Here is just the bus, have you got a ticket?
Nohane, hayune sper?
Don't have one, do you have a spare?
Tiso lemi xeka, yehane.
Think so, let me check, yeh have one.
hok, wike geni. Peyune kof ni cit, yohasudo.
OK we can get in. Pay you a coffee in town. I have some money.
Dis sitz bi feri. Yu wona dewen?
These seats are free. You want the window?
Yu sita dar. Yusa, bihepi siyu tud.
You sit there. You know, I'm happy to see you today.
Rili? mitu bi hepi renitayu la di.
Really? Me too, happy to run into you like this.
Ye, wike studa haft.
Yeh, we can study after.
No tulati, yomu pasa dates frad.
Not too late, I must pass that test Friday.
Yuvi pasa he, no wera.
You will pass it, don't worry.

Dlog tuh: Jimo na Wano

jimo, bidayu?
Jim, is that you?
Wano, yudama.
Juan, you're the man.
Vahup ma?
What's up man?
Note, je xuta sohupz.
Nothing, just shooting some hoops.
Yugobi dar tomar?
You going to be there tomorrow?
Yubeta yovibidar, daza fomi neve bigi dey.
You bet I'll be there, that's a very big day for me.
Ya, fayu dugu yubiko ne kayikin.
Yeh, if you do good you become a 'street king'.
Kayikinz, debes klan nide cit.
Street Kings, the best gang in the city.
Wi rula dipar fadetawn, nohuse difri.
We rule this part of the town, nobody says different.
Beno vehu gebi nekin, jedebes.
But not everybody gets to be a King, just the best.
Yo wonabi wan fadebes, dawa yo wona binekin.
I want to be one of the best, that's why I want to be a king
Yu gata xo yudestuf, hez nogobizi.
You got to show your stuff, it's not going to be easy.
Yu gata bi tofi na yu gota bi smari.
You got to be tough and you got to be smart.
Ya, lazese, suva nide cay yunida bof.
Yeh, like they say, to survive in the street you need both.
Biko nekin, wante, yu muta delang.
To become a King, one thing you must talk the language.
Yema, yo woka da halde tam.
Yeh man, I'm working that all the time.
Be yu ke hredi tagu Esata, yubi lera fasi.
But you can already talk good Esata, you're learning fast.
No bi tuhari pikupa, be yonida prak spika.
It's not too hard to pick up, but I need practice speaking.
Das va wita halde tam, hebi wide persi lang.
That's what we talk al the time, it's our personal language.
Yo ti dabi soqu ha yuyede pers lang.
I think that's so cool to have your own personal language.
No soli da, wiha nespexi dlek fodekinz tu.
Not only that, we have a special dialect for the kings too.
Yude dlek nobi parfa Esata?
Your dialect isn't part of Esata?
Norili, ni Esata vehu ke dfina hixiye dlek.
Not really, in Esata everyone can define his/her own dialect
wiha wodz fo lot tez, da nohu lel ke kapa.
We have words for lots of things, that no one else can understand
Wonz yu bi nidekinz wigoxoyuda.
Once you're in the Kings we're going to show you that.
No ke weta tilden.
I can't wait till then.

Dlog tih: Tomo na Debreno

skuzami yo hovhirda yu taha Esata, wulaka jonahin, bi hok wityu?
Excuse me, I overheard you talking Esata and would like to join in, is it OK with you?
Xur, yubi welki. Va yudenem?
Sure, you're welcome, what's your name?
It's Tomo, nayu?
I'm Tom, and you?
Yoye kala debreno.
I'm called the brain.
Mubi fo yudetelgen.
Must be for your intelligence.
Norili, bida miga hugidami denem.
Not really, it was my girl who gave me the name.
Gaz bigu fo giyu nedifri yemaj
Girls are good for giving you a different self image.
Ya yuzli nemo sili maj
Yes, usually a sillier image.
No lewi stara tabota gaz, ze breka mihed.
Let's not start talking about girls, they break my head.
sem witmi, note be trubz, mos fadetam.
Same with me, nothing but troubles most of the time.
Hoko yutazogu Esata?
How come you talk so good Esata?
Yone frin spikdahe na gedami ntresi tu.
A friend of mine was speaking it and got me interested too.
Yuzli hapina lak dat, dabida hoyo begda tu.
Usually happens like that, that was how I began too.
Hayumo frinz huketa Esata?
Do you have more friends who can talk Esata?
Honli wituh, yowula hamo pipl withuta. Only we two, I would like to have more people to talk with.
Mebiwiku mita hagn sowe na ta sumo.
Maybe we could meet again sometime and talk some more.
Yowulada. Hirbi mifonnum. Satde bi feri.
I'd like that. Here's my phone number. Saturday's I'm free.

Manlog: Wamigodu tud?

Hebi satd, vamigodu tud?
It's Saturday, what am I going to do today?
Tunat dabi degem hon tivu, nowona misa da.
tonight there's the game on TV, don't want to miss that.
Nide hafnun wona gofo nejog.
In the afternoon I want to go for a jog.
Dimor yoku klinupa dehapar, beduno fimula duhe.
This morning I could clean up the appartment, but I don't feel much like doing it.
Mivi pusu hodr nimikloz ni wax yesde dixz.
I'll put some order in my clothes and wash yesterday's dishes.
Yonogo swipupa vo vaka, lis no tud.
I'm not going to sweep up or vacuum, at least not today.
Hafda gonage dreza, ber xeva tu, luk laneklox.
After that gonna get dressed, better shave too, look like a bum (clochard).
Den godona konah na gesu befas.
Then go down (to the) corner and get some breakfast.
Ne bigi plet fa srambi hegz na tost.
A big plate of scrambled eggs and toast.
Dan mebi ri depapr. Nobimu nuz dizdez.
Then maybe read the paper. There's not much news these days.
Yosa, kuteka debic na gohova todepark waca de futbal prak.
I know, could take the bike and go over to de park and watch the footbal practice.
Ze gata sugu plerz diyir.
They've got some good players this year.
Mebi yoku kala fedo nasifa hiz duha sute, wiku mebi mitupa nide park.
Maybe I could call Fred and see if he's doing something, we
could maybe meet up in the park.
Wel dabi jebot nedeyfol tez todufomi.
Well that's just about a day full of things to do for me.

Manlog tuh: de hommeke

Dirmi, darbi tumeni tez yogotadu tud.
Dear me, there are too many things I've got to do today.
Wax dekloz, hagaze draha, hrana de klini kloz, puze nide klaz.
Wash the clothes, hang them to dry, iron the clean clothes, put them in the closet.
Pikupa dekedz het skul na tekema tode bertdey fest kros town.
Pick up the kids at school and take them to the birthday party across town.
Dan kuka dinr. Vawigona hit? Wihada spaget lasnat,
Then cook dinner. What are we going to eat? We had spagetti
last night.
mebi tonat kuha fix wit ris na vegez.
maybe tonight could have fish with rice and vegetables,
Ber stara tawa de fix laredi.
better start thawing the fish already.
Hoh, dabi defon, yoko, yoko.
Oh, there's the phone, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Helo, ca melo sava? Ya dugu, bizo bizi, noha tam xeta folan.
Hello, hi Emily how are you? (ca va?) Yes, doing good, am so busy, don't have time to chat for long.
Yowu lokoto yudehas Frad vniy. Pilemi xekwit hebo fe hiz feri.
I would love to come to your house Friday evening. Please let me check with Abe if he's free.
Yovi kalbeka na telyu fewikeko nibot hafhor, hok?
I'll call you back and tell you if we can come in about half an hour, OK?
So gled yu fonda Melo, na dank foyude vitx. Nas tawityu, xus.
So glad you phoned, Emily, and thanks for your invitation. Nice talking with you, tchuss.
Naw vabidati? Ya, vete yohadu. Dirmi darbi tumeni tez.
Now what was I thinking? Yes, everything I have to do. Dear me there are too many things.

Manlog tih: bekto skul

Bekto skul, ma hegobi tof ditam.
Back to school, man it's going to be tough this time.
Jes wanmo yir naden gubay redbrik skulhas.
Anyway one more year and then goodbye red brick schoolhouse.
Gubay meriku hist, jomtrih, na hangelu lit,
Goodbye American history, geometry, and English literature.
gubay jim, na taw fatz nidexar,
Goodbye gym, and towel fights in the shower,
na doz tupi bonhedz halwe pleya prakel jokz,
and those stupid boneheads always playing practical jokes.
fe yo nev size hagn hez tusun.
if I never see them again it's too soon.
Gubay weya nilayn folunx, na goha tode enbide simbliz
Goodbye waiting in line for lunch, and going to the
big-dumb assemblies.
na veki Miz Srit te vehu nota nidehalz.
and old Miss Street telling everyone no talking in the halls
Gubay viko yode teru lo, huje wona bi frinz
Goodbye Vicky, my true love, who just wants to be friends.
na gubay tode hoki tim woyoha kipda benx xod fo tuh yirz.
and goodbye hockey team, where I've kept the bench warm (chaud) for
two years.
Nosa feyoke teka hanoti yir falada trub, vane ways fatam.
Don't know if I can take another year of all that trouble,
what a waste of time.
Be den, vanobi neways fatam? Serti steya hom nobi ber.
But then, what isn't a waste of time. Certainly staying home
isn't better.
Hinwey, bi jebot dar. Hoh Ja, hirwigo.
Anyway, am just about there. Oh God, here we go.
Ca viko, vane spraz, hobigo?
Hi Vicky, what a surprise, how's it going?
Wana waka togeti na xera de lasi prexi mintz fa frid?
Want to walk together and share the last precious minutes of

For a complete description of the Esata language (PDF 650KB)