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Site Purpose: Provide accurate and detailed Battleship Texas information of ever increasing depth and breadth with historic BB35 documents being the bedrock authority.  

The Challenge:  BB35 is a complex subject having a long operational history combined with extensive modifications.  The challenge carrying out my site purpose was further complicated by an almost complete lack of available information.  Secondary sources were woefully inadequate plus I found numerous errors on basic facts (time, date, geographic location, objects aboard ship) in several major secondary sources.  The aforementioned purpose and condition of available information necessitated original research using historic BB35 documents and without knowing what was available.

Site Content:  The primary focus is on What (was aboard, what was happening), When (times and dates aboard and geographical), Where (aboard and ship's geographical location), and Who (was aboard).  How some systems operated is explained.  The Why question I do not address..  

Because the ship is such complex and visual object, I use a lot images (maps, drawings, photos etc) in conjunction with text..

Primary documents came from the archives aboard BB35, BB35 veterans, various libraries and the National Archives.  

The site has gone through many changes in file structure, organization, and content.  Such alterations were a natural outgrowth of the expansion plus I was creating something that did not exist in a similar format that I could model from. As information was obtained, a skeletal foundation for various topics developed onto which details could be added.  The expansion has been time consuming to convert the massive quantities into digital form.

The Result:  A BB35 library of accurate and detailed information much of which is not available anywhere else.  

If you have a suggestion for data inclusion or formatting please contact me.  A fresh view is always welcomed


A symbol of America's coming of age as a world power, in the early 20th century.

Entering at the battleship height of supremacy, she was a witness to its decline. Replaced by a new idea..

Many ship areas today are as they were in 1914.

Major  changes between 1914 to Jan 1945

12,459 days from commission to decommission.

Sails over 633,000 nautical miles, 728,000 statute miles.

2,891 tons of coal, using 124,341 cubic feet

1,500,000 gals of fuel oil using 200,550 cubic feet.

16 Panama Canal crossings

4 different aviation arrangements, involving balloon, drones and 12 different airplanes

Makes 30,000 galloons of fresh water a day 

Oldest item aboard - Electric powder hoist motor, Turret 1, built 4 Dec 1904


Keel Started



24 June 1910

17 Apr 1911.

18 May 1912

12 Mar 1914

1914 Commissioning

  • all electric galleys.

  •  last coal fired US battleship (BB).

  • largest engines in a US BB (TX & NY).

  • 1st US BB built with a laundry

1918 - 3 German submarine encounters

1919 - 1st US BB to launch an airplane off a turret platform.

1925 - 1927 Modernization: $3,477,000

1927-1931 Flag ship of the US Navy.

1929 Sep - 500 Civil War Union veterans aboard

1930 -1st talking movies on a USN ship.

1939 - Radar testing.

1941 - submarine U203 incident.

1942 - 1945 only US BB to see combat in Africa,  Europe  and Asia.

Jan 1942 to Sept 1944 - 20 Atlantic crossings.

Dec 1988 - Feb 1990 dry dock.

World War I

06 Apr 1917
11 Nov 1918.

World War II

07 Dec 1941
02 Sep 1945







21 Apr 1948

Berthed in San Jacinto State Park, Texas




Chronology of changes with links to the changes

Obituary 14 Jan 2005, a chapter of TEXAS history came to an end with the death of Paul Elliott, the last BB35 veteran of World War One
Dry-Dock TEXAS dry dock date is suspended (20 Apr 2003)

BB35 model

by Derek Brown (of Denver) wins top-honor over 1,000 entries, at the 1998 IPMS meet.  Still a fantastic model




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Glenn Miller

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HISTORY All 1910 - 1945 Construction Jun1910-Mar1914 Apr 1917- Jan 1918 North Sea Feb-Nov 1918  Nov-Dec 1918 Modernization Jul1925-Aug1927  .
. N.Africa Oct -Dec1942 Normandy Apr-Jun 1944 Cherbourg Jun-Jul 1944 S.France   Jul-Sep1944 Iwo Jima Feb-Mar1945 .Okinawa Mar-May 1945 Dry-Dock 1988-1990
PHOTOS Off ship exterior main deck 2nd deck People Christmas Panama Canal .
. Other World War One-.Somers King Neptune. 1931 - 1934: Moss Color 1941 OS2U Operations . 1915


Crew Size

Marine Navy pay


1918 enlisted ratings

June 1944 organization 



.. Chaplain CPOs . .. .. ... ..



Movements - by date

Yearly Miles

Locations - by area

.Panama Canal Crossings

USNA Cruises


DOCUMENTS Publication articles 1910-1948 Operation ZZ 21 Nov 1918 War Diary 1944 - 1945 WWII Action reports Weekly newspaper 1920-1936 Christmas 1941  


Small Arms

Main armament

Other armament

Ammo Capacity 

WWII gun fire


Ammo Hoist

.. Fire Control .. .. .. .. .. ..




Building days

Jun1910 - Mar1914




DRAWINGS Deck plans  Compartments 1912-1916 Other . . . .


exterior time line

Mast  1913 - 1925


paint schemes

Changes 1910 - today


BB35 to BB34

 . loading data hull calculations . . .. .  .







Fresh water


. Anchor Coaling . . . . .


coal vs oil

Capacity & storage

Speed & distance

Quantity used





BB35 books

BB35 links

.Scale models


.Obtain copy- veteran's USN record

.Corrections to published sources


US Navy Navy summary - 1918 USN fuel usage 1906-1918 .. Construction time US BBs .US battleship fuel  usage  1918 Masts - cage vs tripod (HMS HOOD) .