EFQUEL is the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning

EFQUEL is the leading international network in the field of quality in education and is open for individual members, academic & non-academic institutions, and corporations. EFQUEL’s services cover training, review services and conformity checks for higher education and other educational organisations and consulting, as well as certification through EFQUEL’s E-Quality Label.

EFQUEL has more than 120 institutional members from all over Europe and beyond – the members represent all educational sectors, schools, higher education institutions and vocational education and training organisations as well as adult learning centres.  In addition more than nine leading European associations and networks are members of EFQUEL. EFQUEL creates opportunities for exchange between its members and European and national policy makers in order to share concerns, organises best practices exchanges with worldwide leading professionals in various fields of technology enhanced learning and quality development, and organises the European community of quality professionals in the field of education, training and learning.

EFQUEL Services

EFQUEL has developed a service portfolio reacting to its members’ needs. The services are divided into three categories:

  1. Quality services: Quality Services are designed to help members to improve educational quality through using ICT
  2. Knowledge services provide members with comprehensive information and Knowledge about up-to-date developments in several areas of educational innovation, like quality for open education, MOOCs, social media or quality management for technology enhanced learning.
  3. Training services: EFQUEL organises workshops, expert seminars, as well as short courses and summer schools in many European countries and beyond

1. Quality Services

servicesEFQUEL Quality Services aim at assisting learning organisations embrace a quality culture focused on continuous quality improvement, transparency and innovation.

  1. E-Quality Review Services

The E-Quality Review Services are providing organisations with individual experts’ reviews and consultancy, as well as compliance checks for courses, programmes or departments. Often they are a first step into certification.

  1. E-Quality Label for Short Courses and Training Programmes

The E-Quality label for courses and short programmes is certifying excellence in using ICT in training courses, short courses and professional programmes in the field of vocational education and training, post graduate offers and lifelong learning. The certification process consists of a self-assessment and a virtual course review.

  1. E-Quality Label for Programmes: EFQUEL Certification for Higher Education Programme using ICT for Learning

The E-Quality Label for programmes is designed to certify excellence in using ICT to enhance academic programmes. The process consists of a self-assessment and a site visit.

  1. UNIQUe E-Quality Label: EFQUEL Certification for Higher Education Institutions using ICT for Learning

The UNIQUe E-Quality label is designed to review and certify higher education institutions or institutes within higher education institutions, e.g. a university or a school or faculty within a university. The review consists of a self-assessment and site visits and looks into excellence of using ICT to improve quality in higher education.

2. Knowledge Services

EFQUEL has a long-standing tradition of initiating and implementing research projects together with its members . Research projects are organized in areas in which EFQUEL members institutions can experiment risk free with new technologies and methodologies in the field of technology enhanced learning or quality development and assurance. Examples are „usages of web 2.0 in higher education“, „Quality management in Peer-Production“,  „Quality  for Open Educational Practices“ or „Usage of Open Eductaional Resources in higher education organisations“. Reports, articles, reflections and results are documented by EFQUEL and are provided to members through the EFQUEL knowledge portal.

3. Training Services

EFQUEL Training Services are targeted to professionals working in the field of quality services in educational organisations and e-learning practitioners who are interested to learn how to review, improve, benchmark  or certify courses, programmes or institutions. In general there are 3 different kinds of trainings:

  • Workshops and seminars on various topics in several European countries: About 40 different events per year in form of expert workshops, seminars, webinars, consultation workshops and events, as well as networking opportunities. All events are announced in advance and take place in Belgium and many other EU countries.
  • Training courses for Reviewers on quality review, benchmarking and certification of ICT for educaion, training and learning. Each year EFQUEL organises a reviewers training in form of a summer school in Turin, as well as an online course on quality review in cooperation with partners.
  • In-House trainings which are individually designed for EFQUEL members. Together with its network of experts and quality professionals EFQUEL has experience to organise tailor made seminar and summer-school offers to interested organisations all over the world.