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Real Estate – it is a massive industry and many of our businesses in Social Agent are in this field.  It is extremely “human touch” and the importance of real-life relationships and trust is essential to close deals.  Our users – both the listing real estate agent, and the agent helping to close the deal – need to communicate clearly to each other to ensure that the deals close and the buyer (and often, large investor) is happy.

Using Social Agent, the real estate listing can be the center of attention between the 2 real estate agents.  Once it has been posted and approved, it alerts agents by location, speciality, and even can go global.

Once agents subscribe and/or apply, the realtor can approve one or more of them to be “authorized” real estate agents of the property or properties.

Approved agents can then send messages directly to the business listing, and it is all captured in the web and mobile app for record keeping as well as real agent management.


Solving Real Estate Global Communication


We know how massive the market is, but as the world goes global, local real estate agents need help to tap into the massive global network of other agents, share deals together, and help win more deals together.

By listing your property in Social Agent, you can rest assured that other real estate agents will:


  • Have an opportunity to apply to be an authorized agent
  • Be able to communicate you clearly and in an organized fashion in our system
  • Allow a network of agents (you approve) to be authorized realtors
  • Keep track of the potential deals they have submitted in our own real estate specific lead management software
  • Accept, or give feedback, to that specific agent, about the buyer leads they have sent
  • Pay commission or finder’s fee (you set your rules) through our software
  • Give the agents feedback for effort, for closing, or for lack of communication
  • Keep your real estate agent network up to date on new property listings via the follow button

Real Estate Agents Prefer Our Mobile App

As we all know, real estate agents are busy, they are outside, hustling from one deal to another, and normally cannot be bothered to sit behind a computer.  This is why we created a mobile app for both the android and the iphone – so that a realtor can quickly see new listings, apply, add new leads, and communicate with other agents.


Interested in Private Label Real Estate Management Software?

We understand some real estate agencies have large networks of agents and they would prefer to keep this agent network on their own “ecosystem” and brand.  This is why we have created a new private label package, where we can have our system catered for your specific needs.

Currently it is in private development, but welcome you to contact us and speak about your specific needs for your real estate agency!


Other articles we have published about the real estate investing industry

We try to keep up on the real estate industry and will post regular blogs and articles we publish below:

So sign up a Social Agent account and start getting Chinese real estate investors to buy your properties NOW!


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