This workshop gives you the tools to transform how you approach life.

The outworking of these skills can change the ethos and environment of a school.



Learn about the wonder-drug that’s more powerful than you can imagine

 As teachers and school leaders begin to understand and practice gratitude the flow-on to those around them, including students, is profound.


“When educators practice gratitude in the midst of time-poor and stressful conditions – where their self-efficacy, collegiality and self respect are most under threat – gratitude takes on dimensions that are far deeper than those that come out of most other academic discussions and clinical research.”

.Prof Kerry Howells – Author ‘Gratitude in Education’


“Though the field is still new, we’re already learning how gratitude does more than just make kids feel good; it also improves their mood, mental health, and life satisfaction, and it can jumpstart more purposeful engagement in life at a critical moment in their development, when their identity is taking shape.”

researchers: Jeremy Froh/Giancomo Bono


  • "Our entire staff participated in workshops facilitated by Toni around the theme of gratitude and it was fantastic! The information presented had depth and substance and the manner in which it was presented by Toni added credibility to what is ground breaking material. Amazing research and insightful storytelling worked together seamlessly and it is certainly a presentation that would greatly benefit any group who engages with it. "

    Patrick Toohey, Assistant Principal – Students Siena Catholic College
  • I wish it had been offered to me whilst still teaching. The one thing that really sticks out to me is how your course helps to build resilience in people. Rather than just focusing on the teaching/learning of school subjects it adds a new dimension of developing the whole person - a more satisfied, resilient and happier individual leading to a better society.
    Jayne Hoffman, Teacher 33 Years, NSW Public High School
  • “Excellent, Inspired, loved it. Exactly the wake up call I need as a husband and father and corporate leader. I want to ‘infect’ our business with gratitude.”

    Andrew Fisher, Head of HR, BHP Billiton Asset Group – BMC
  • “A totally engaging day that taught me simple skills I’ve already found very effective in the classroom.”

    Leigh Inglis, Co-ordinator Positive Learning Centre
  • “I would love to have made it mandatory for all my staff.”

    Marilyn Bradford, Divisional Administrator- University of Alberta


The benefits of Toni’s training days include:



Reduced staff complaint

More positive mindset

Solution oriented approach

Improved staff relationships

Emotionally and physically resilient workforce

Reduction in stress & depression rates

Increased job satisfaction

Longer deeper sleep

More adaptive to change



Increased respect for others

Decreased sense of entitlement

Improvements in creativity

Enhanced self esteem

Better emotional control

Increased retention of information

Better family relationships

Decreased anxiety and depression

More optimistic approach to difficulty

“For instance, a recent study of ours found that teens who had high levels of gratitude when entering high school had less negative emotions and depression and more positive emotions, life satisfaction, and happiness four years later when they were finishing high school. They also had more hope and a stronger sense of meaning in life. Another study of ours, which followed students over six months, shows that feeling grateful motivates adolescents to help others and use their strengths to contribute to society.”

Jeremy Froh/Giancomo Bono

Some of the things Toni covers in her workshops are:


•  How priming affects us each day  •  Understanding our brains • Why we are unhappy

•  The incredible science behind gratitude  •  Words that can change your life  •  How gratitude can reduce depression

•  How complaint affects your brain   •  How to take positive action in distressing situations.

•  How to turn negative stress into positive challenge •  The simple tool to increase focus and attention

•  Making your brain 33% more productive  and more..

This is the program that can

positively disrupt

how you do life, your job, and your relationships.


  • "The Gratitude workshop is a truly transcendent experience. To embrace a life worth living, to flourish in every facet of life, attend this course!"

    Matt Smith, Coordinator of Student Wellbeing Programs, Brisbane Grammar School
  • "The feedback from staff has been universally positive and there was so much 'takeaway'  for people, from personal reflection, to  greater understanding of group dynamics and potential for professional engagement with the material as teachers."

    Mr Patrick Toohey Assistant Principal – Students Siena Catholic College
  • "In this age of technology and instant gratification, children appear to lack the ability to be ‘present in the moment’. Learning the art of gratefulness is an essential part of maintaining good mental health. School communities  are an ideal place to introduce the concept of gratefulness, as children are still forming habits and consolidating neural pathways. Toni’s relational manner and thorough research makes her Gratefulness class  engaging and  life changing."

    Karen Hopping, School Psychologist, Our Lady of the Rosary, Sunshine Coast
  • "I loved that this was not a pumped-up “motivational” style presentation, but rather low-key, simple and (frankly) quite beautiful.  You kept my attention for the whole day. The sharing of your personal story Toni made the information and wisdom you had to share immeasurably more meaningful/powerful/acceptable."

    Matt Parr- Audio Therapist – Hear and Say
  • “Was not a marketing or selling of a concept, it was a palette, a brush and paint and the choice to do something. Very personal, humbling and thought provoking. A smorgasboard of real life, relatable concepts and ideas but underpinned by science.”

    Michael Rosengren, Asset President, BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group)

Happiness for Worrywarts is delivered in Toni’s famously cheeky, irreverent, style. Toni uses humour, stories, and  science, to create an engaging day.


Different to ordinary workplace training or staff development Toni brings less of a workshop and more of

a class in life



This is a program full of engaging, science-based content and simple, easy, practices


Much of the content in The Gratitude Workshop comes from four years of research into gratitude and happiness for a documentary called Goodness Gracious Me. Toni has travelled internationally to conduct face to face interviews with world leaders in various fields.





Toni offers staff development days, short sessions and evening workshops that teach your teachers and school leaders to find success & satisfaction in every area of their lives. Content can be adapted to parents, teenagers and families.

Toni’s popular programs can be individually tailored to suit the needs of your school. Shoot us an email and we can find a solution that will be wonderful.

Email: toniATtonipowellDOTme



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