Culture and Creativity

In the past decade, Toronto has undergone a dramatic cultural renaissance. New opera and ballet houses have been built, landmark museums and galleries have been made over to stunning effect, the Toronto International Film Festival has been given a contemporary new home and a host of festivals have been added to an already rich roster of cultural events. Add to that list the bold architecture that appears around most every corner and it’s easy to see why Toronto has become the go-to city for the arts.

Home to artists and art appreciators alike, Toronto is a hotbed of art, performing art and architecture. Indeed, in a global survey of 60 cities across 40 countries, Toronto was ranked the fourth-best city in the world to experience culture (behind only New York, London and Paris).

The streets of the city are populated with 125 galleries, as well as museums, theatres and world-famous festivals like Luminato, Caribana and, of course, the Toronto International Film Festival. Some critics have called this critical mass of culture unprecedented. Indeed the streets themselves frequently become cultural showcases—sculptures and installations delight and surprise around most every corner and at the city’s numerous cultural festivals artists of all stripes transform pedestrian pavement to art extraordinaire.

But it isn’t just the quantity of artists, art installations and art houses that earn Toronto its reputation as a cultural fount. The quality of the city’s productions—both large and small—have put it on the map as a top destination for cultural experiences.


Green Toronto

Most visitors to Toronto are struck by the number of parks that dot the urban landscape. And it’s true that Toronto is rich in green spaces. But in Toronto, the green movement is about more than parkland. The City of Toronto is recognized around the world as a leader in environmental stewardship ... Learn more >>