I got tired thinking in terms of pads of paper
Tired of fitting my mind in a little box
And tired of working in this artificially physical reality

So I made Sketchology
It’s bigger, it’s faster, and it’s better
A drawing app with no pixels, with no boundaries

It’s not about mimicking pen and paper
It’s about what can’t be done with them


A drawing app with no pixels, with no boundaries

Welcome to a new type of drawing app.

Instead of a virtual piece of paper, Sketchology gives you an almost limitless canvas to explore so you can do things like zoom down to an atomic level with no loss of quality. Instead of planning out thoughts, you simply start them.

This is a 1.5 gigapixel image, try zooming

Beautiful by Default

Beautiful brush options, with smoothing, shaping and responsiveness that’s the best in the world.

Advanced stroke modeling and dynamics fit lines to your hand movements better and faster than ever before. Less lag, more accuracy and beautiful results - always.

Create Worlds

The canvas is essentially unlimited. So you’re not zooming in to fill in details - you’re zooming in to capture new ideas.

It’s about being able to discover, to play, to explore and to not have your mind get held back by an artificial box. Start using it knowing that it won’t contain your thoughts.

Stop dreaming about what could be. Stop framing, boxing, and resizing your vision.

Start creating.


5 brushes, 4 tools.

Just the essentials, simple and unconstrained.


Sketchology is based on technology called vector drawing. Previously the sole domain of thousand dollar professional tools, algorithmic breakthroughs bring that power to something that’s useful, simple, and beautiful.