Moses 5:1–15: Adam and Eve Were Taught the Gospel

The Pearl of Great Price: Teacher Manual, (2000), 21–22

Some Important Principles, Doctrines, and Events

Suggestions for Teaching

Media Suggestion. “The Atonement”

Old Testament Videopresentation 7, “The Atonement” (3:25), can be used to explain how the Atonement was symbolized in the sacrifice that Adam and Eve offered on the altar (see Old Testament Video Guidefor teaching suggestions).

Moses 5:1–2. Upon Leaving the Garden

Have students read Moses 5:1–2and describe the new struggles Adam and Eve had to face after they left the Garden of Eden. How are the struggles, temptations, and tests that the Lord allowed Adam and Eve to have like the struggles we face today? (see 2 Nephi 2:11; Abraham 3:24–26).

Moses 5:5–6. The Law of Obedience

Discuss various reasons why people obey the commandments. According to Moses 5:6, why was Adam obedient? You may want to read and discuss the commentary for Moses 5:5–6in the student manual (p. 16). What are some good reasons to obey the commandments?

Moses 5:7–11. Adam and Eve Believed in Jesus Christ

Write the following statement on the board: Adam and Eve were the first Christians.Have students find phrases in Moses 5:7–11that show this statement to be true. Tell students that most people think Christianity did not exist until Jesus Christ lived on the earth. List and discuss other people from before the time of Christ who were Christians (for example, see 2 Nephi 25:26; Alma 46:13–15; D&C 138:12–16, 38–46). Ask students why they think the gospel of Jesus Christ has been taught since the beginning.

Media Suggestion. “Sacrifice and Sacrament

Old Testament Symposium 1995 Resource Videocassettepresentation 2, “Sacrifice and Sacrament” (10:00), can be used to explain that all sacrifices made before the time of Christ were meant to be a type of His great sacrifice, just as the sacrament is today.

Adam and Eve offered sacrifice

Moses 5:10–12. Adam and Eve Knew They Could Be Saved

Ask students which phrases in Moses 5:10–12show how Adam and Eve felt about God and about life once they understood the plan of salvation. Invite students to read verses 10–11, substituting their own names for “Adam” and for “Eve, his wife.” Discuss how understanding the plan of salvation affects our feelings about God and about our experiences in this life.

Moses 5:13. Enemies to God

Read Mosiah 2:36–37and discuss how a person becomes an “enemy” to God. Have students read Moses 5:13and tell how and why these sons of Adam and Eve became enemies to God (see also Mosiah 16:3–5). Have students read Mosiah 3:19; 27:25–26and tell how we can become God’s “friends” (see also John 15:12–17; D&C 84:63).