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The Big 5

5 Ways To See India From The Skies

This summer, go up in the air.

By Fabiola Monteiro

Wild Things: 5 Islands Dominated By Animals

For when you’re tired of all the humans.

By Fabiola Monteiro

Leagues Ahead: 5 Things That Owe Their Existence To Jules Verne

We celebrate the birthday of the father of science fiction with the real creations he inspired.

By NGT Staff

5 Cycling Holidays To Take Around The World

See these locales in a different light as you cycle through their landscapes.

By Kamakshi Ayyar

5 Retro Holidays That Bring Back The Good Old Times

Trip Ideas: Pick an old-school caravan or a vintage festival for a blast from the past.

Snag a vintage car or a restored camper and party like the 1970s.

By Saumya Ancheri

Graves, Train Tracks & Beaches: 5 Of The Strangest Things On Runways

You wouldn't expect to find these on the tarmac. 

By Kamakshi Ayyar

5 Strange Prisons From Around The World

Luxurious rooms, gourmet meals and more – lock-ups you’d kill to spend a night in.

By Kosha Deliwala

Last-Minute Getaways From 5 Indian Cities

Holiday Special: Where to go when everything is booked out.

By Fabiola Monteiro

See More For Less With These 5 Travel Passes

Holiday Special: Cut costs with these smart travel cards.

By Saumya Ancheri

5 Places Made Historic By The Power Of Speech

"Give them hope..." Places that witnessed the most powerful speeches in history.

By Fabiola Monteiro