Medicine Wheel
2015 Dates:

Ojai, California:

South: February 20-22

West: May 29-31

North: August 21 - 23

East: November 20 - 22

Tucson, Arizona:

South: March 13-15

West: June 19-21

North: September 11 - 13

East: December 4 - 6


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About us . . .

Tomas Bostrom: Lead Teacher

Tomas is a full mesa carrier in the lineage of the Q'ero Earthkeepers of the Andes and a graduate of the Four Winds Society's Light Body School. He served as a Four Winds Light Body staff teacher prior to becoming accredited to teach the Inka Medicine Wheel. He is also certified by the Institute of Energy Medicine to teach Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey.

His path as a teacher and energy medicine practitioner was revealed when he journeyed to Peru and traveled through the Sacred Valley with the Qero shamans.

Tomas specializes in the healing of the luminous energy field through the modalities of illumination, extraction and soul retrieval. Sessions focus on working at the energetic level to clear energy imprints and return balance and harmony. This work is conducted either in person or remotely. He can be contacted at

Orit Bornstein: Senior Teaching Assistant

Orit's journey into energy healing began when she realized that contrary to her previous training as a physical therapist, true healing occurs at the level of the energy field which permeates the physical body.

She embarked on the path of energy medicine in 1997 with the Integrative Manual Therapy Association. In 2004 she began her studies of CranioSacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute and has been practicing that modality since then. She has also studied with a Reiki Master teacher, and has been attuned to Reiki Master level.

Orit's life shifted profoundly when she was introduced to the Munay-Ki, the nine initiation rites of the Inka lineage. That lead to studying shamanic healing with the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society, and subsequently to assisting with the Inka Medicine Wheel.

Orit is a full Mesa carrier in the lineage of the Q'ero shamans of Peru, and a graduate of the Healing The Light Body School of The Four Winds Society. She is dedicated to creating space for others to connect to their healed self by stepping onto the Shamanic path. She offers healing sessions utilizing Shamanic Medicine tools such as Illumination, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Chakra and Luminous Energy Field Cleansing, and Despacho Healing Ceremonies. She also hosts regular Munay-Ki gatherings in Agoura Hils, California.   E-mail her at:

Celia Blackwood: Lead Teacher

Celia is a gifted healer and teacher. She has practiced as a Birth Doula for 15 years, is a Reiki Master, Psychopomp, and a Master Shamanic Practitioner. Celia has been initiated into the ancient Inca lineage of Earthkeepers and Lightbody healers directly transmitted by the Q'ero shamans from the high Andes in Peru, and through her studies with the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society.

In her work she acknowledges that dis-ease comes through disengagement from our internal source of wellness which is our Soul. Our Soul is our connection to Oneness and when what we do is in accord with Oneness we are healthy. When our way-of-life is in discord with Oneness, dis-ease follows. By using shamanic techniques and guidance from helping spirits she connects seekers to this inner spring and help to clear the patterns and blockages that may have caused the disconnection.

Celia resides in Tucson, Arizona, where she offers healing services as well as regular community fire ceremonies and a wide variety of classes. She can be contacted at or visit

Shannon Sosebee: Teaching Assistant - Ojai

Shannon is a person who walks in beauty every single day. She has been a massage therapist since 1996, graduating with 600 hours of training that focused on Swedish massage, reflexology, meridian therapy, sports massage, hydrotherapy, general wellness, kinesiology and business management.

Her initiation to Reiki began in 1999, and by 2003 she had received her Master Certification. She volunteers as a Reiki practitioner at the Cancer Center of Ventura County as well as hosting Community Reiki Shares at Community Memorial Hospital and Coastal Communities Cancer Resource Center in Ventura. She enjoys sharing this profound healing work with all who feel ready to experience it.

In 2007, she stepped onto the Shamanic path, receiving the initiation rites of the Munay-Ki. From there she learned to gift these rites to others and began to host gatherings for those who felt called to this journey of healing. In 2012, she began to teach and mentor rite givers. Along this journey, she became a full mesa carrier through the Inka Medicine Wheel, and has been blessed to assist others on this path of personal healing and transformation. Shannon hosts regular Munay-Ki gatherings in Ventura.
E-mail her at

Jen Shakti: Teaching Assistant, Ojai

Jen Shakti is a Tattoo Shaman, Visionary artist and spritual teacher from Orange County, California. She is known for her pioneering work called Sacred Tattooing which brings the tools of shamanic energy medicine, Kundalini Yoga and Reiki to her tattoo clients. This ancient rite of passage is reinvented in a modern context through collaborative ceremony and energy healing during the tattoo session.

Her Shamanic journey began in 2008 when she received the rites of Munay Ki. It was such an immediate powerful download of energy, I knew I had discovered a source of teachings that resonated with me. Jen is a Full Mesa carrier from the Inka Medicine Wheel tribe in 2012. A full circle happened for me between 2008 and completing the Medicine Wheel. My transformation has been completely empowering and given my life clarity and direction.

Her commitment to her personal path, a radiant heart, along with her ability to track and move energy, inspires change, and healing possibilities for those she works with. Her work is constantly evolving as she pursues growth through the highest integrity teachers and the loving gifts of an abundant universe.

Jen loves to travel and has received initiations from the Machi Medicine women of Chile, Ayahuascero shaman in the Amazon Jungle, the Q'ero of Peru, and the Qero Apache in North America. She is a Munay Ki and traditional (Quechua) rite giver, and offers creative Despacho ceremonies. Jen draws from a multitude of life experience including Reiki, teaching Kundalini yoga, massage school and a bachelors degree in fine art. Contact her at

Stacey Gray:  Teaching Assistant - Tucson

StaceyLulani Avel Gray is a body and soul massage therapist and a full mesa carrier. She is a graduate of the Four Winds Society Light Body School, and offers energy medicine healings for the luminous energy field.

Stacey bring joy and aliveness to every moment and every situation. She walks the shamanic path of the Medicine Wheel with power and grace. Her feminine wisdom is deep and she expresses it with a loving kindness and sense of humor that is irresistable.

Contact Stacey:

Pat Estes :  Teaching Assistant - Ojai

Pat Estes is a dreamer, a visionary, an established energetic-artist and storyteller. Around the age of four, she became aware of her gift of clairvoyance. Sine then she and has been diligent in bringing channelings, sacred symbols, messages, and Ancient wisdom to others. Instinctively, she infuses paintings and stories with"keys" and puzzles, to assist others on a conscious and subconscious level.

She began channeling Tarot Readings in 1990, after answering the call in a dream, and actively facilitates these readings, as well as, Akashic Record readings. Pat became a Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Lineage in 2008, and a licensed Massage Therapist and Healthcare Educator in 2014, graduating from the National Holistic Institute, Santa Ana, California.

In 2012 she received the nine initiation rites of Munay-Ki, and in 2013 she stepped onto the Shamanic path with Inka Medicine Wheel. She is a full Mesa carrier in the Q'ero tradition from Peru. Pat believes in empowering and supporting others as they embrace their own journey and inner knowing. She is available to those seeking healings, energywork, bodywork, readings, or those seeking to commission specific-functioning-works of art. She can be contacted at 




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