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Your Guide To Hitchhiking Through The Galaxy In 5 Postcards

Don’t forget to bring your towel. And don't panic.

By Kamakshi Ayyar

Learning Holiday: Ignoring Murphy’s Law While Surfing In Varkala

Lessons from a graduation trip. 

By Fabiola Monteiro

Turtle Watching: How Many Baby Olive Ridleys Does It Take To Have A Good Weekend?

At Maharashtra’s annual Velas Turtle Festival.

By Kamakshi Ayyar

Travel As A Portal For Your Mind

The power of place.

By Saumya Ancheri

Why Road Trips Make For Great Reunions

These journeys are perfect for creating new memories while revisiting old ones.

By Saumya Ancheri

The Unexpected Wonders Of Travelling As A Kid

We don’t always recall holidays in the way that our parents thought we would. 

By Fabiola Monteiro

The Night I Saw a Galaxy Far, Far Away

What stargazing can teach you about travelling to infinity and beyond.

By Kamakshi Ayyar

Bright Nights: Immersing Yourself In A Forest Full Of Fireflies

Fireflies use nearly 2,000 patterns of light to attract the right partner.

Fireflies glimmered around the trees like fairy lights. Tiny pinpoints of yellow light bobbed, flashed and swirled down narrow lanes. Some blinked softly on the ground.

By Saumya Ancheri