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An Unexpected Love Affair With Bhutan

Travelling without expectations sometimes gives the best surprises.

Coming Face To Face With Kerala's Fierce Gods And Goddesses

In search of the terrifying, primal feminine energy in Theyyam.

Discovering A Forgotten Piece Of Portugal In Diu

Cultures collide and coalesce on the Indian island.

The Great Walk Of Africa: On Foot Through Kenya's Tsavo National Parks

Explore the heart of the continent’s largest elephant wilderness.

Jungle Fever: A Family Holiday In Pench National Park

Finding joy in the forests that inspired Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli.

Lessons In Spotting Ranthambore's Big Cats

Everybody in Ranthambore National Park has a tiger story to tell.

Braving A Swarm Of Bees In The Nilgiris With The Daredevil Irulas

Hanging from a cliff for sacred honey. 

In Search Of Paradise Lake

A quest in the wilds of northern Kenya, for a secret lake in the crater of an extinct volcano.

In Photos: Exploring The Hidden Charms Of Iran

It's surprisingly easy to feel at home in Iran; a place that stays with you after you leave.

In Search Of The World’s Cleanest Air

A quest for singular purity leads to a lonely cliff in Tasmania.