What Does the Bishop Do?

Bishops lead and coordinate the ward self-reliance efforts through the ward council. In particular, they do the following:

  1. Teach ward members principles of self-reliance
  2. Direct self-reliance efforts through the ward council:
    • Seek out and identify by name all members unable to meet the temporal and spiritual necessities of life.
    • Update the Adult Member Self-Reliance report each quarter at
    • Through quorum and auxiliary leaders, provide support, mentors, and assistance to those in need.
  3. Invite those in need to complete a My Path to Self-Reliance assessment and join a self-reliance group; follow up with them regularly.
  4. Call ward self-reliance specialists to facilitate groups as needed.
  5. Conduct PEF loan endorsement interviews (see
  6. Review and act on ward self-reliance progress reports and PEF loan reports. Bishops should not be involved in PEF loan collections.
  7. Seek additional assistance from the stake self-reliance committee as necessary.

How Can I Use My Path to Self-Reliance in a One-on-One Meeting?

Before meeting with the person:

During the meeting:

  • Greet the person warmly. Learn what he or she has been doing to try to become self-reliant.
  • Record the person’s full name, and date of birth (day and month, not year). After the meeting, go to and follow the instructions to register the person.
  • We will use the booklet called My Path to Self-Reliance to help you move further down your path to self-reliance.
  • Follow the material in the booklet.